Hopkins Edges Navy 10-9

Hopkins Edges Navy 10-9

Hopkins Edges Navy 10-9

Hopkins Edges Navy 10-9

BALTIMORE, MD - The seventh-ranked Johns Hopkins men's lacrosse team got a combined six goals from junior midfielder Paul Rabil and freshman midfielder Michael Kimmel and junior Stephen Peyser polished off the effort of the Blue Jays' first midfield by winning a career-high 14-of-17 faceoffs in a 10-9 victory over ninth-ranked Navy Saturday afternoon at Homewood Field. The win is the 33rd straight for Johns Hopkins against the Midshipmen and the fourth straight by one goal. The Blue Jays improve to 6-4 with their second straight win, while the Midshipmen fall to 9-3 and have lost three of their last four (all by one goal).

Navy built a 5-4 halftime lead and had a golden opportunity to push the lead to 6-4, but Hopkins' Jesse Schwartzman stuffed Navy's Ian Dingman on the doorstep and the Blue Jays scored four of the next five goals to take an 8-6 lead early in the fourth quarter. Kimmel pulled the Blue Jays even when he scored off an assist from freshman Steven Boyle with 9:42 remaining in the third period. The Blue Jays had possession for over three minutes and fired five shots at Navy's Colin Finnegan before Kimmel finally beat him with his second goal of the game.

Navy answered 90 seconds later with an opportunistic goal. The Blue Jays had possession, but misfired on a pass in the Navy defensive end of the field. The ball shot through to midfield, where JHU's Eric Zerrlaut briefly had control while retreating towards his own goal. However, he quickly lost possession and Navy's Tim Paul deflected the bouncing loose ball past Schwartzman to make it 6-5. That lead was gone by the end of the third quarter as sophomore Brian Christopher scored off a dodge from behind the goal and senior Jake Byrne beat Finnegan with a seven-yard bouncer through the five-hole with 2:11 remaining in the third period.

The Blue Jays had all the momentum when Kimmel fired home his third goal of the game 92 seconds into the fourth quarter to give the Blue Jays an 8-6 lead, but Billy Looney's second goal of the game 75 seconds later and Tommy Wallin's tally just over four minutes after that drew the Midshipmen even at 8-8. Rabil took over down the stretch with his 14th and 15th goals of the season in a span of just under three minutes. It took him just 50 seconds to answer Wallin's goal as he surprised the Navy defense with a quick dodge and shot just inside the near post in an unsettled situation. A quick split dodge from the top with 4:20 remaining found him alone eight yards in front of the goal and he picked the right corner to give the Blue Jays what appeared was a safe 10-8 lead.

The Blue Jays milked a good part of the final four minutes off the clock, but Navy made things interesting when Paul scored off a failed Blue Jay clearing attempt with 24 seconds remaining. However, Peyser won the ensuing faceoff the Midshipmen didn't gain control again until less than five seconds remained as Hopkins secured its second straight one-goal win of the season.

Kimmel opened the scoring 81 seconds into the game when he spun inside a defender and beat Finnegan with a sidearm shot from 10-yards out. Navy scored three times in a span of just under six minutes midway through the first period to take its only two-goal lead of the game (3-1). William Wallace, Basil Daratsos and Looney all scored during the spree for Navy, which quickly saw the lead evaporate when Kevin Huntley scored late in the period and Byrne punched one home early in the second.

Rabil gave the Blue Jays a 4-3 lead midway through the second quarter with the first of his three goals, but Navy carried the 5-4 lead into halftime as an extra-man goal by Dingman with 4:46 remaining in the period and the first of Paul's three goals provided the Midshipmen with the one-goal edge. Dingman's chance to increase the lead came early in the third quarter, but Schwartzman's big save ignited the 4-1 spree that was just enough for Hopkins to extend its winning streak against the Midshipmen.

The three goals match Kimmel's career high, while Rabil's three goals push his career point total to an even 100. Byrne scored the two goals and is just behind Rabil with 99 career points, while Peyser bettered his previous career highs of 13 faceoffs won, 16 faceoffs attempted and eight ground balls (he had 11 today). The Blue Jays held advantages in shots (34-21) and ground balls (34-29) and won 15-of-23 faceoffs against a Navy team which entered the game ranked ranked fourth in the nation in faceoff winning percentage.

Paul entered the game with five goals to his credit, but punched up a career-high three to lead Navy. Looney added the two goals on three shots and Nick Mirabito added three assists. Finnegan made seven saves in goal for Navy, which forced 15 Blue Jay turnovers, but failed on 9-of-19 clearing attempts to offset that advantage.

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    by (#136419) on 4/22/07 @12:19PM
Hopkins-The Blue Jays are 6-4 now, and have 3 games left-Towson, Mount St. Mary's, and Loyola. As long as they win 1 of those games, which they definitely will, they will have a winning record and will be eligible for the tournament. Due to their tough schedule, quality wins, and their name, as long as they have a winning record, I think they are in. In fact, I think that Hopkins has improved a lot and will win their final 3 games. Each additional win could improve the Blue Jays' seed in the tournament.

Navy-The Midshipmen have a better record than Hopkins, but their schedule isn't nearly as tough and they really don't have any super quality wins. Yes, their 3 losses-to Georgetown, Maryland, and Hopkins came by 1 goal, but still, a win is a win and a loss is a loss. The closest thing Navy has to quality wins are their victories over North Carolina and Army. North Carolina has improved a lot and is now #10, but when Navy beat they, they weren't very good. I say that, if North Carolina beats Duke in the 1st Round of the ACC Tournament next weekend, it will definitely help North Carolina, and it will also help Navy. If Navy wins the Patriot League Tournament, they get an automatic bid. However, if they don't, due to the reasons I just gave, I think they could end up being on the bubble for making the tournament. Look for Navy to go into the Patriot League tournament fired up to win it!
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    by (#136419) on 4/22/07 @1:02PM
That was the play of the game, hands down. Navy was up 5-4, and had Dingman scored, Navy could have gone on a run an built a good lead. However, Schwartzman denied him and ignitied a 4-1 Blue Jay run. That must have been so sweet for Schwartzman. He had a rough 1st Half and was getting taunted by Navy fans. There is a picture in the Baltimore Sun of him jawing back at the fans. Boy, he shut them up! Way to go, Jess!
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   jesse by 4/22/07 @11:08PM
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    by (#136419) on 4/22/07 @2:07PM
I have praised him many times before for being a great assistant coach and running a great offense. However, after watching the Navy-Hopkins game on television, my thoughts of him went to another level. Listening to the Navy huddle, both Tillman and Richie Meade spoke a lot. It seemed like there were 2 head coaches. Tillman gave some great motivational talks, and I think he would make a great head coach somewhere. Here is my prediction. He will be offered many more head coaching jobs. He may end up taking one. However, I have a feeling that Navy will want him to stay so badly that they will offer him a huge raise and offer to promote him to associate head coach. If this happens, he may well stay at Navy until Richie Meade retires. Don't forget that Tillman is 10-15 years younger than Meade. What do you all predict will happen?
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   WHY cant navy win by 4/22/07 @5:12PM
      Meade is problem by 4/22/07 @5:26PM
         SHUT UP NAPTOWN FAN by 4/22/07 @5:31PM
            WELL, AT LEAST DON'T YOU LIKE TILLMAN? by 4/22/07 @5:45PM
            WELL, AT LEAST DON'T YOU LIKE TILLMAN? by 4/22/07 @5:45PM
            I DID PLAY THE GAME AND AM A LONGTIME FAN! by 4/22/07 @5:50PM
            you are by 4/22/07 @8:23PM
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         uh oh by 4/22/07 @6:16PM
    by (#136419) on 4/22/07 @7:44PM
With their strict academic requirements and requirements after senior year, I can promise you that Navy will never be a regular in the Final Four. Even Bill Tierney, the best coach ever, most likely wouldn't be able to do that. I think that, for what Richie Meade has to work with, he couldn't be doing much finer. The 4 tough teams they play each year-Hopkins, Maryland, Georgetown, and North Carolina, are all much, much easier sells for great players. Therefore, it is quite impressive that Richie Meade coaches Navy to victory over a couple of these teams and even has them CLOSE year after year. On paper, with what Navy has to offer, they shouldn't even be close to these teams year after year. Personally, I think that Richie Meade getting Navy to the title game in 2004 and losing by 1 goal to a much more talented and athletic Syracuse team when Matt Russell, their 1st Team All American goalie was out most of the game and the goalie who took his place didn't play real well was
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         HAVING HIGH STANDARDS IS GOOD, BUT..... by 4/23/07 @1:04PM
   i disagree by 4/23/07 @7:38PM
      haha no wayNAVY IS MUCH HARDER by 4/23/07 @11:22PM
         ummm by 4/24/07 @10:40PM
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when in doubt.....
    by (#143077) on 4/22/07 @8:21PM
buy new helmets, worked for syracuse, worked for hopkins. It seems to be the key to success.
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                  a great job of winning Pat titles by 4/23/07 @5:27PM
    by (#136419) on 4/23/07 @6:02PM
This is what their regular season schedule has been for this season, but it is usually very similar to this one each year. I don't have the dates, but this is who they have played this season, in order:

St. Joseph's
Lafayette-Patriot League game
North Carolina
Lehigh-Patriot League game
Holy Cross-Patriot League game
Colgate-Patriot League game
Bucknell-Patriot League game
Johns Hopkins

This is followed, of course, by the Patriot League Tournament and the NCAA Tournament.

Navy has to play everyone in the Patriot League, including a couple of teams who are not strong at all. Therefore, do you think that, if Navy dropped teams like Canisius and St. Joseph's and added teams like Delaware, Drexel, Towson, Hofstra, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Penn State, Denver, or even UMBC, it would help them in the long run in terms of decent competition?
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   yes by 4/23/07 @7:43PM
   Finally agree naptown!! by 4/23/07 @9:39PM
      IF NAVY IS EVER ON THE BUBBLE by 4/23/07 @10:21PM
      WOW! DUKE VS. NAVY!! by 4/23/07 @11:11PM
    by (#136419) on 4/24/07 @12:14AM
NAVY has 5 cupcakes on their 2007 schedule:

St. Joseph's
Holy Cross
Of course, Navy has to play the final 3 teams mentioned, because they are all in the same conference.

HOPKINS has 1 cupcake on their 2007 schedule:

Mt. St. Mary's

UVA has 3 cupcakes on their 2007 schedule:

Mt. St. Mary's

DUKE has 3 cupcakes on their 2007 schedule:

St. Joseph's
Air Force

Now, if Navy dropped St. Joseph's and Canisius and replaced them with 2 Top 10-Top 15 teams, their schedule would be just a little bit more similar to those other teams I mentioned.
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    by (#139861) on 4/24/07 @1:57PM
What I want to know is who figures out strength of schedule. I was looking at teams and their respective sos's, and Hopkins is number 1. No brainer there, they easily have the toughest schedule in college lax. But then I see Cornell with No. 2. How in the hell is Cornell number 2? Duke and UVa both have considerably harder schedules in my opinion (and a couple other schools for that matter), and they are like 26 and 29th in the nation I think. That just seems stupid.
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    by (#136419) on 4/26/07 @2:43PM
Congratulations, Billy!
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