Hopkins Needs Double OT to Outlast Princeton, 7-6

Hopkins Needs Double OT to Outlast Princeton, 7-6

Hopkins Needs Double OT to Outlast Princeton, 7-6

Hopkins Needs Double OT to Outlast Princeton, 7-6

Baltimore, MD - The Johns Hopkins Blue Jays needed 17 saves from senior All-American goalie, Jesse Schwartzman, in order to outlast Princeton in a game dominated by defense. Both teams tried to slow the pace of the game as both goaltenders played exceptional in net. The Princeton was well-balanced, as six different players contributed a goal apiece. For Hopkins, freshman Steven Boyle had a big day with three goals for his first career hat trick.

“We brought Steven Boyle here because we thought Steven could really help our program. He comes to work every day,” said Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala when asked about the contribution of the freshman today. “I thought there was a preview of what’s to come from him and Michael Kimmel the other day when the two roommates hooked up at a pretty critical time [in last week’s game against Albany]. Two freshmen gave us momentum going into halftime in a game that we were down 5-2, so we go in down just 5-3.”

The teams went back and forth all game and neither team ever led by more than two goals. Going into the fourth quarter the game was tied at five when Hopkins switched to a zone defense. With about nine minutes left in the game attack Michael Doneger found the back of the net for his only goal in the afternoon, but only minutes later Princeton middie Mark Kovler responded with a goal of his own.

In overtime, both teams battled back and forth as the clocked ticked down. With less than a minute left in the first overtime period, Hopkins possessed the ball. Swinging it around the defense in search of an open man Jim Weiss finally found an open shot and hit the back of the net, but the officials said he was literally a second late.

“The official came over to me and said it wasn’t a goal so I’ll take his word for it,” Pietramala said after the game. “I haven’t had a chance to see it yet. But the kids didn’t harp on it. They just said ‘OK, we have to get the next face-off.’”

With the motivation of the first overtime still pushing them forward, Hopkins put pressure on Princeton’s defense immediately. With 3:04 left in the second overtime, Hopkins’ Stephen Peyser found Paul Rabil open up top and Rabil buried it in the back of the net for the victory.

“You just can’t put the ball in a kid like Paul Rabil’s stick a couple times in a row and think that you’re going to stop everything he shoots,” said Princeton coach Bill Tierney. “He shoots a rocket.”

After the game, Rabil described the way his goal unfolded as a “scramble.”

“It’s almost like a loose ball and everyone had to check up and fortunately someone got confuse and Steve got it and I was open … and I got lucky,” Rabil said.

“[Rabil]’s a big powerful kid,” said Princeton goalie Alex Hewitt. “He came right over the top and it was a good shot. He’s one of the top guys out there so obviously he can shoot the ball better than some others … he’s a great player.”

Saturday’s loss brings Princeton to an even 1-1 record. Coach Tierney discussed the loss by saying that "Loosing a game at M&T Bank in March is tough, but at least we still got a shot at coming back.”

Tierney went on to discuss the “fabulous” play of both goaltenders. “Jesse [Schwartzman of Hopkins] crushed us early, especially in the second quarter. We had a lot of opportunities, you know, we changed a lot of things. We're happy that we got 40 shots. It's just discouraging when you work as hard as we do and as hard as we have and you can't throw the ball in the net. It's just really frustrating. But all the credit in the world to Hopkins and their defensive players, especially Jesse. They stopped us and you have to give them credit for coming off the week that they just had and coming back and beating us the way they did.”

When asked about restructuring their offence because of the high amount of shots with so few goals, Coach Tierney said "Well I think last year we scored six off of just 24 shots, you know, that's the problem. To get 43 shots – now granted we loosened the reins a little bit so some of those shots we're great, but I think we put them on goal. Again, Jesse made some great saves, but no, I think we're going in the right direction, but eventually we have to be able to put some more in the goal. We were a different looking Princeton team offensively, but we got the same results, six goals."

Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala used to play for Tierney when Tierney was an assistant coach at John Hopkins. “We’ve coached against each other for a lot of years now” said Tierney. “And to have a friend like David in this business is a rarity.”

“Walt Whitman, or one of those guys, said the highest compliment you can pay is for the student to beat the teacher. Well it still sucks,” laughed Tierney, “but we all know how hard he works. When you loose a game like this it takes away all the good things your team has done.”

Next week John Hopkins will battle UMBC away, while Princeton will have to take on another top-ranked competitor, Virginia.

Story by Matt McCarron, Photos by Joe Caulfield

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This Showed That Tierney Is Human In Overtime
    by (#136419) on 3/03/07 @6:37PM
As a lot of lacrosse fans know, when it comes to overtime and close games, Princeton coach Bill Tierney has been a genius throughout the years. When it came to overtime many times in the past, he and his teams almost made it look too easy at times. 4 of the 6 national titles he and Princeton have won have come in sudden death. In fact, in 1994 and 1996 against UVA, Princeton won the faceoff, called timeout, and scored on the following possesion. UVA didn't even touch the ball! In 2001 against Syracuse, Princeton won the faceoff, called timeout, came down and hit the pipe. Syracuse got the ball and called timeout, but they immediately turned it over and Princeton came down and scored to end the game!

Some other games Tierney has won in overtime are the 1994 Quarterfinal against Hopkins, a regular season game against Syracuse a few years later, a regular season game against Loyola in 2003, and a Quarterfinal against Maryland in 2004.

A lot of people say that a lot of it was luck, but I think that most of Tierney's success in close games and overtime comes from him being the best college coach ever. Tierney's teams are always so mentally prepared and poised. Supposedly, in most of those overtime wins throughout the years, Tierney didn't wave a magic wand or anything in the huddle before overtime started. He just said things like, "We're going to be fine, guys! We're going to get the faceoff, call a timeout, run a play and win this thing!" Also, throughout all these years in the 1 goal and overtime games Princeton has played in and won, I believe that Princeton has had a psychological edge, due to the belief that Tierney and his teams had in each other. Many times, I think they knew they were going to win because they were supposed to win. At the same time, I think the other team knew the same thing and was at a psychological disadvantage.

One must also remember how many other big games Princeton has won by 1 goal in regulation over the years:

1992-Quarterfinal vs Maryland
-Seminal against North Carolina-They won by 2, but they scored those 2 goals in the last couple of minutes to break a tie.

1996-Semifinal vs. Syracuse

1997-Semifinal vs. Duke

1998-Semifinal vs. Syracuse

2000-Semifinal vs. Virginia

2001-Quarterfinal vs. Loyola
-Semifinal vs. Towson

2002 or 2003-I can't remember which year-In a playoff game against Georgetown.

They only 3 playoff games I can remember Tierney losing in overtime or by 1 goal are against Towson in triple-overtime in the 1991 quarterfinals(after which freshman goalie Scott Bacigalupo said that, as long as he was at Princeton, he wouldn't lose another overtime game. He didn't.), against Syracuse in the 2002 final, and against Navy in the 2004 semifinals. Actually, that Syracuse loss in 2002 was the first 1 goal or overtime loss in the playoffs Tierney had had since that 1991 Towson loss!

Since that 1991 loss to Towson, Tierney and Princeton were in many overtime games, and I don't think they lost any. They actually may have, but if they did, those games weren't highly publicized.

Tierney is the best college lacrosse coach ever. I don't know if we will ever see a coach do so well in close games. Today, he showed that, as an overtime coach, he is at least a little human.

P.S.-For those of you who think Tierney has lost it a bit because his teams haven't done as well the past few years, I've got news for you. You are wrong! The reason he hasn't done as well is because the admissions have cracked down quite a bit, and this makes it impossible for him to recruit as many bluechippers as he did for so long. A lot of the players he would be getting now had they not cracked down are going to schools like UVA, Georgetown, and Duke. That is one of the reasons why it seems those 3 schools are recruiting better than ever.

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   Tierny's Skill by 3/03/07 @6:46PM
      Starsia Is The Best Recruiter In History, IMHO! by 3/03/07 @6:54PM
         The Magician is the best by 3/03/07 @10:46PM
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   Ham by 3/04/07 @6:01PM
Alot Of Lacrosse Fans Know
    by (#136211) on 3/03/07 @7:12PM
Alot of Lacrosse Fans Know that the kid below me is a total dbag/prick.......how bout you grow a set and then reply to this whent they drop...are you even old enough or man enough to have a strand of pubic hair!(:
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   Correciton;the first bulletin by 3/03/07 @7:13PM
Big Day
    by (#52032) on 3/03/07 @7:25PM
I listened to the webcast, and my reaction was that Schwartzman was back to his old form, equal to the Princeton goalie (no small praise). And it was great the frosh Boyle scored three; but I heard from a buddy at the game that Rabil drew some triple-teams. So great that somebody stepped up.
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   i didn't see by 3/04/07 @8:25AM
      It was Rabil by 3/04/07 @11:51AM
   he was by 3/04/07 @4:25PM
This was a huge win for Hopkins!
    by (#136419) on 3/03/07 @7:31PM
Absolutely! If they had lost today, they would really have been in a hole. Now that they won, they can put the loss to Albany behind them a little more. It is a brand new ballgame, now!
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Will this event be in Baltimore every year?
    by (#136419) on 3/03/07 @7:33PM
There is no doubt that this event will be held every year. However, just like for the Final Four, do you think they will move it around to various city to promote the game?
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   Probably by 3/04/07 @4:26PM
      Navy's Stadium Would Be An Awesome Place! by 3/04/07 @6:38PM
   Same place... by 3/04/07 @11:50PM
All the gamegoers are probably out partying!
    by (#136419) on 3/03/07 @7:54PM
I bet many of you guys are at Mad River in Federal Hill. That sounds like a very yuppy, preppy, young bar-perfect for a lacrosse crowd! Am I right?
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   . by 3/08/07 @8:18PM
      I Think Not! by 3/09/07 @1:57AM
    by (#97931) on 3/03/07 @10:13PM
their leading scorers only have like 5 points each. thats pitiful. Paul Rabil needs to step it up big time. And did i mention theyre both freshman
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   i think Rabil........ by 3/03/07 @10:23PM
      Hewitt is the best in the country? by 3/04/07 @12:22AM
          Schwartzman by 3/04/07 @8:29AM
            talking bout equipment by 3/04/07 @8:57AM
               helmets by 3/04/07 @9:52AM
Kickoff Weekend
    by (#103345) on 3/04/07 @4:28PM
I realized that in addition to the two awesome jhu-princeton and SU-Uva games, there was also duke-maryland and navy-north carolina this weekend. It would be cool if next year they could put together some kind of whole weekend, maybe a double-header on sunday two.
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   I Totally Agree With Your Idea! by 3/04/07 @5:33PM
   I agree... by 3/04/07 @11:51PM
    by (#154324) on 3/04/07 @6:03PM
a little doo doo in my mouth.u like that?
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(no subject)
    by (#154324) on 3/04/07 @6:04PM
u like that?
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(no subject)
    by (#154324) on 3/04/07 @6:04PM
u like that?
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(no subject)
    by (#154324) on 3/04/07 @6:05PM
huh huh? u like that? some of this. some of that. shart
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Larry Quinn is a great radio commentator!
    by (#136419) on 3/06/07 @1:19PM
Absolutely! His knowledge of the game is incredible, he is not afraid to say what he thinks, and he is so no nonsense! He was the same as a goalie back in the 80's. According to many, he is the best goalie ever in the college game. Personally, I think that Larry and Scott Bacigalupo are the 2 best ever. What does everyone else think?
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Hopkins Goalie... Ridiculous.
    by (#1884) on 3/06/07 @5:16PM
Watching Jesse Schwartzman in person was incredible. The kid played out of his mind. He was the "x" factor in this match-up. After the hurried possesions and numerous turnovers for Hopkins in the first half, Schwartzman's stops in the cage kept the Blue Jays in the game at the end. Props to Paul Rabil's game winning upper 90 as well. Overall, it was an awesome game and a classic.
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   absolutely by 3/06/07 @6:31PM
Steven Boyle
    by (#131846) on 3/06/07 @6:50PM
Being from vermont ive been reading the varsity magazine for a few years about steve at Pinkerton, NH and it was no surprise that he showed up, he is always known for showing up in big games, like when he had 8 goals in his state final. Im preety sure Steven has a good chance of being one of the greats at Hopkins
Cant wait to see how he improves over the season
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