Hopkins Picks Apart the Terps

Hopkins Picks Apart the Terps

Hopkins Picks Apart the Terps

Hopkins Picks Apart the Terps

Hopkins didn’t wait long to get the scoring started. Off the opening faceoff, last year’s midfielder of the year Kyle Harrison took the ball down and set up a left to right split from out in front of the goal. He carried the ball righty across the field and beat his man with pure speed, eventually burying the righty high to high past Terp goalie Harry Alford. 1-0 Hopkins.

They didn’t rest long however, as the Blue Jays got right back to work on their next possession with Steve Peyser taking an unassisted page out of Harrison’s book. Peyser set himself up out top and this time gave a right to left split dodge, firing the high to high lefty rip stick side. It was an almost identical move, shot and goal to Harrison’s. 2-0 Hopkins.

Maryland, realizing they needed to do something at this point, began to get aggressive and started to knock the Jays around a bit. Several big hits came about after they finally started to show some life and fight for every possession, however they were eventually penalized for their physical play- an occurrence starting to happen way too much in my opinion in the world of lacrosse. The push call left the Terps man down and Hopkins took advantage. Rookie sensation Kevin Huntley eventually got the ball after some efficient ball movement and found Kyle Barrie alone who let the righty low to low shot go for the 3-0 lead.

The Terps kept up the intensity however and it eventually led to a man up of their own. In a similar set up as Hopkins’ previous goal, Joe Walters got the ball side left and quickly moved it to a cutting Brendan Healy who dodged right to left and let the high to low shot loose to get the Terps into the scoring column. 3-1 Hopkins.

Walters then got in the goal column himself with a right to left solo dodge, hitting the high to low bouncer to bring Maryland within one. 3-2 Hopkins. It looked like the tables might have turned at this point in the game, as Maryland was the aggressor not giving Hopkins any room to move. Xander Ritz tied the game at 3 on their next possession, setting up the solo dodge from behind, giving a left to right split and snuck around the crease for the righty dunk in. 3-3.

It was however, all for naught. Despite the come back, Hopkins immediately went back to work with Jake Byrne finishing a Peyser pass after a hard ride and a Maryland turnover at the midfield line. 4-3 Hopkins. Next up was Huntley who got his first of the night off a Harrison feed which he fired past Alford from the bottom right. 5-3 Hopkins.

That’s how the scoring would end in the first half; however with around five minutes left each team was truly on top of their game and got some great looks. After an outside behind the back Hopkins shot bounced off the top crossbar and into Maryland sophomore defenseman Ryan Clarke’s stick, Clarke took it the length of the field using his speed to get a fast break. Hopkins was completely unprepared however, and as everyone focused on Clarke, they left senior attackman Andrew Schwartzman alone on the crease. Schwartzman caught Clarke’s feed and took two steps towards the goal giving him a one on one with his younger brother and Hopkins starting goalie Jesse Schwartzman. Just as Andrew got to the crease and made his move, three Hopkins defenders converged on him and flattened him to the grass as he released the ball wide, missing the goal. Maryland got the push call and kept the ball, but were still unable to notch another goal.

The second half started with Maryland senior Dave Matz finishing a rebounded outside shot off from the crease with the easy quickstick, bring the Terps back within one. It was as close as they’d get. Hopkins went on a tear, scoring the next four goals and sealing Maryland’s fate. After Huntley scored an unassisted to get them back up two, 6-4, he was followed up by his fellow freshmen Paul Rabil and Stephen Peyser, who helped bring the Hopkins lead from one to four. Seniors Peter Leseur and Matt Rewkowski connected to close out the Blue Jay run, letting everyone know the “old guys” still have it. 9-4 Hopkins.

Dave Matz again helped Maryland get into the swing of things, as he invert dodged from behind eventually finding Maryland freshman Maxwell Ritz alone on the backside of the crease for the close, but hard, over hand shot. 9-5 Hopkins. It would again be the Hopkins freshmen, however, that would keep the Jays rolling, as Rabil buried the solo dodge from out top with a righty over hand finish, followed soon thereafter with Kevin Huntleys final goal of the night. Huntley left the score 11-5 off a left side jump shot that he buried top shelf high to high.

Maryland closed out the night’s scoring with a manup wormburner from Billy McGlone, however it was much too little, much too late as Hopkins would hold on to win 11-6. Despite some glimpses of greatness, Maryland was outhustled on both ends of the field and couldn’t put much of a consistent effort together at either end of the field. It wasn’t tough to see why they’re now 5-5. Hopkins on the other hand played their hard nosed style of regular season play that they’ve brought to the table year after year. Their offense put on a shooting clinic for the 10,000 fans in attendance and their defense frustrated the Terps throughout the night. Could this finally be Hopkins year?

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    by (#72115) on 4/16/05 @8:13AM
fox college sports channel did really well with this game, i didnt skip like crazy like CSTV did with the Navy UM game,hope CSTV dosent skip around with the Army Navy game.
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I hate you fraM
    by (#85514) on 4/16/05 @9:57AM
I dont no hoo u r or wear u came from, but you're artickles and picshores put mine two shame.
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    by (#72115) on 4/16/05 @10:10AM
your pics are blurry too...
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Will anybody beat Hop?
    by (#55043) on 4/17/05 @1:54PM
The only team i see posing a threat to JHU is Navy. Hop has Navy then towson and loyola so i dont know if any of them besides navy can upset them
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Hopkins can be beat!
    by (#96158) on 4/17/05 @6:36PM
4/23/05 to Navy IF--they push the third phase of what they have. They Have the Goalie--the physical defense--what they have to do is push the transition game and out run them.
If Navy runs hard and defends as well as they have all year--Hopkins can be beat!
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Hopkins is amasing
    by (#99844) on 4/18/05 @10:33PM
they can't be beat, so don't even dream it
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