Hoyas Rip Through Navy in 11-6 Win

Hoyas Rip Through Navy in 11-6 Win

Hoyas Rip Through Navy in 11-6 Win

Hoyas Rip Through Navy in 11-6 Win

After the tragic collapse of referee Scott Boyle during the first half of action between Georgetown and Navy, the coaches of each team conferred and decided that the remainder of the game would be played on Sunday afternoon. On Sunday, the Hoyas came out and played just as they had the day before: effectively. The 2-0 lead that the Hoyas built prior to the stoppage of play was built to a 6-0 advantage, thanks in part to the efforts of Georgetown’s Nick Miaritis’, who led all of Georgetown’s seven scorers with four goals, and Georgetown’s long-stick Brodie Merrill who out-hustled every other player on the field for ground balls. In the end, Georgetown left the Naval Academy with a convincing 11-6 win and an important boost to a team that had just suffered a harsh 12-3 loss to Duke.

A Sean Denihan feed to Miaritis got the scoring started two and a half minutes into the game, but the rest of the first quarter would only see one more score and that came from Georgetown’s Trevor Casey with only 2:20 left. With 0:15 remaining in the quarter Navy had a man-up opportunity resulting from a pushing penalty on Georgetown’s Rob Smith; they were unable to convert. As the 2-0 score at the end of the first quarter might lead one to believe, Navy only got off nearly half as many shots as Georgetown (5 and 9, respectively) and only landed two on the cage.

The second quarter (on Sunday afternoon) began with a run of four Georgetown goals. The first, again from Miaritis, came unassisted and was quickly followed by a score by Pete Cannon that came off a Casey feed. With a 4-0 lead and a clear sense of momentum the Hoyas didn’t let the pressure subside in the least. Freshman standout Matt McBride, who scored the game winning goal in his high school state championship game last spring, continued to stun teams’ defenses with a rip that flew past Navy’s Matt Russell, who last year took home the National Goalkeeper of the Year award. Denihan finished the run with his own unassisted score. Navy was finally able to get on the scoreboard by taking advantage of a man-up situation that resulted from a tripping penalty on Georgetown’s John Trapp. The Navy score belonged to Graham Gill and the assist came from Billy Looney. This ended the first half with Georgetown leading 6-1. It was clear throughout the two days and two quarters of play, that Georgetown was out-hustling Navy by – although highly unusual – scooping up nearly twice as many ground balls.

The third quarter was host to strong play by both Georgetown and Navy throughout the 15:00 of play, with each netting three scores. In yet another man-up Navy’s Nick Mirabito took a pass from Jon Birsner who was standing at “X” and bounced it past Georgetown’s Rich D’Andrea. It would be six minutes before either team would score again, but it was a run of three goals by Georgetown that provided the excitement of the middle of the third quarter. The first from Garrett Wilson came when Navy’s Clipper Lennon threw an errant pass and Georgetown’s Casey found Wilson. The next Georgetown score two minutes later – on a man-up situation – came from Derek Mills on a hard bounce shot. The last score that Georgetown would have in the third came when Navy failed to successfully clear and Miaritis scored his third goal of the game. Navy didn’t quit. With a flag down and 59.8 seconds on the clock, Ben Horn fought through a slash on his way to getting one past D’Andrea. Then, as the penalty was expiring (0.8 seconds remaining in the quarter), on a slightly broken play, Navy’s Mirabito scored again to cut the lead to five.

Steve Looney cut the lead again for Navy with his own unassisted goal that put the momentum of the game back in the hands of the home team. But a big face-off was won by the Hoyas and with the possession Miaritis split dodge broke his defenseman and freed him for a clean shot that he connected on. Another Hoya goal – man-up – less than a minute later seemed to have put the game out of reach for the Midshipmen despite Navy’s Horn’s second goal of the game with less than a minute to go. The Hoyas had held out long enough to walk away when the horn sounded with a much needed win.

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it must have
    by (#72115) on 4/04/05 @4:41PM
been pissin' out there damn thats alot of rain to play through. any info on this referee collapse?
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a bigger story................
    by (#78222) on 4/04/05 @7:20PM
I believe that instead of sappy coverage and pictures from Saturday, a thoughtful note about this tragity should have been have been the lead story....... in respect to the Boyle family and the lacrosse fraternity.
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    by (#71610) on 4/05/05 @7:28AM
Tim5 you insensitive little prick one line on the tragedy then business as usual detailed game coverage shame on you!
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he died
    by (#65203) on 4/06/05 @12:09PM
he died you douche bag
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    by (#68978) on 4/05/05 @8:34AM
Havinbg played at the Naval Academy and understanding all that the midhsipman stand for both on and off the field, I find it hard to believe that this article was posted with very little acknowledgement of the loss the entire lacrosse community suffered. Although I did not know Mr. Boyle personally, I can assure you that this tragic event was felt throughout the lacrosse community. Sure the game was very important in terms of the playoffs, but would it have hurt to pay a little more respect to the Boyle family. I guess they aren't paying you for such journalism, or maybe you just don't care, but either way, you have disgraced the sport of lacrosse, the Boyle family, and most of all Scott Boyle (a highly repsected referee for many years.)
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(no subject)
    by (#43269) on 4/05/05 @12:41PM
It seems to me that the most insensitive aspect of the article is the "department" line. I understand the author not going through the entire story of Boyle's collapse and tragic death, but people are right that more than one line would have been more respectful. But "better late than never"? Poor, poor choice.
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Poor Taste
    by (#99420) on 4/06/05 @9:23PM
Poor taste is truly defined by having a picture of Scotty minutes before his death included in the pictures attached to the article. Someone should please take the picture out of the article.
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Thank You
    by (#99420) on 4/07/05 @3:57PM
Thank you for removing the picture I was only a friend and it bothered me. I did not want his family to be hurt any more than they already have been.
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Shame on you.
    by (#3651) on 4/07/05 @1:00AM
Lax.com chose only to post an inane article which essentially discussed the scoring of the game and the poor field conditons under which it was played and chose not to post one designed inform those who did not know Mr. Boyle of his contributions to the game. One of the most respected Officials in the country died while promoting the game which is in the very blood of anyone who visits this site. Very, very poor taste.
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