In-Game Blog:NCAA Championship

In-Game Blog:NCAA Championship

In-Game Blog:NCAA Championship

In-Game Blog:NCAA Championship

We are trying something a little new this year at Since we all watch the game today and are probably talking/screaming/crying about it the whole time, we figured lets get that discussion going early.

So as this CNY showdown plays out, I'll be posting observations, big plays, and thoughts as we go. As you read, if you have something to say, jump in with a comment. The game should leave a lot to talk about.

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CNY almost owned it all
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @1:02PM
So if LeMoyne had held up their end yesterday, we could have had four lacrosse championships within about 50 miles of each other. Onondaga Community College (in Syracuse, NY) took JUCO. Cortland St. (about 30 miles south of Syracuse) took DIII, LeMoyne (in Syracuse) could have taken DII, and DI will go to Syracuse or Cornell (about 15 miles from Cortland, about 50 from Syracuse). Has there ever been such a geographic concentration of championships for any one sport before? Even with C.W. Post winning instead of LeMoyne, you have all four champions residing in the same state. 2009 definitely adds to New York's claim to being the biggest lacrosse hotbed.
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    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @1:14PM
Looks like Seibald matched up on Abbott early, that could be interesting to watch.
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    by (#76664) on 5/25/09 @1:16PM
Nice way to start the scoring.
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Cornell first blood
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @1:17PM
Johnny Glynn sets up a nice dodge and just got his hands free enough to rip a shot. Just his roll, come out fiery and got his team on the board early. Jovan Miller was just a little too soft on Glynn. He is a physical dodger, you have to give him that physical play right back.
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Sloppy ride
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @1:22PM
Daniello does the typical overzealous attackman move and tried to ride a clearing middie right across midfield. :30 for offsides.
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Glynn again tallies
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @1:23PM
Glynn just comes down the wing and buries a shot high. Again, Syracuse shorty D, this time Abbott, is soft on him and Glynn gets his hands free enough to shoot.
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Glynn Again
    by (#130063) on 5/25/09 @1:24PM
Looks like Cornell is going to have to put somebody that can hit on Glynn today.
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Myers tough again
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @1:26PM
Myers just stuffed a nice shot off a feed from Daniello. Talk about a guy stepping up in the right time. Myers was never too consistent, but he has found a way to be when it counts.
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Syracuse on board
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @1:26PM
Daniello gets his revenge. After grabbing a loose ball, he got a step on Rocco Romero behind the cage, just turned the corner and ripped a shot to the open net.
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Tied up 2-2
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @1:31PM
Greg Niewieroski just buried a feed from Josh Amidon as a defender came out to crush him. Decent gun from Niewieroski. Let's see if Syracuse uses more set offense and just tries to control tempo for as long as possible.
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Glynn is a force today
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @1:33PM
Well, now that Syracuse is worried about him dodging, Glynn beat out a poorly positioned Dan Hardy, and as Pat Perritt came on the slide he hit Ryan Hurley just camped out on the crease for the easy goal.
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   Doin work by 5/25/09 @1:36PM
3-2 First Quarter
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @1:40PM
First quarter done. Cornell definitely came out of the gate fired up. Syracuse has shown a lot of poise in these playoffs, but it will be interesting if they have to match Cornell's energy, because I don't think anyone is going to match the determination and will of Glynn and Seibald today.
Syracuse seemed to step it up at the end of the quarter, but they have to play better D on Glynn. The Orange's depth will play a factor at some point too I imagine, though all that scoring depth belies one point, SU doesn't really have that one guy who can take the game over (though Perritt looked like maybe he was that guy on Saturday). The Orange needs to move more on offense. Too little off-ball movement. Cornell's D is too good to rely on dodging alone.
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Tied -Up 3-3
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @1:41PM
Jovan Miller made a nice play picking up a loose ball on a bad clear, then threads a pass to a cherry-picking Keough who just sold out with no angle and still figured out how to score. Give that kid on inch, he'll make it a yard.
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4-3 Cornell off Romero blast
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @1:44PM
Now that Syracuse is keying on Glynn, he dodged, sucked the D over, and dished to a wide open Romero who had the space and time to take about 3 steps and wind up into a shot he buried.
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Speaking of Perritt, 4-4 now
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @1:47PM
Pat Perritt just catches a feed and takes about a step into the box, if that, and just blasts a lefty shot to the far pipe. Maybe a good sign, because Syracuse is going to need production out of the midfield. Cornell is too good at close to expect Nims, Keough, Daniello, and Jamieson to carry the load today.
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Joel White really wants his shorty again
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @1:52PM
Joel White loves to hang in the offensive end and see what kind of look he can get. He is the all-time leading point scorer for Homer High in New York, not to mention he has a handful of points himself.
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Pannell on the board, 5-4
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @1:53PM
Couldn't keep him quite all day I guess. John Lade, who normally plays such good position, just gave Pannell a step and never closed the gate, allowing Pannell to get the corner, turn and burry a shot high.
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Seibald Snipes one too, 6-4 CU
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @1:55PM
Well, if you give him time to set his feet he is hard to stop. Somehow, even being man down, half the Cuse D sucked over to Hurley, and a quick skip pass from Romero over and there is Seibald, no one on him, enough time to rips a shot low.
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Galloway looks pretty sharp
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @1:58PM
Galloway stands up tall and makes two big saves on David Lau, giving his team possession and keeping the deficit to two.
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:15 and a flag
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @2:05PM
what do you do as Syracuse here. 15 seconds and a flag. Hold it and get possession for the next half, or go for a score?
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not what the Orange wanted
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @2:09PM
A decent shot, but a little rushed. I thought they were going to hold it when it didn't look like NIms had the feed. But Keough made a nice cut, and again, Myers somehow got a piece of it, sat on the ball, and held it. Not only does Syracuse not get the score they needed, but now Cornell is set to kill the penalty as they start the next half with possession.
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where is cuse's offense
    by (#203307) on 5/25/09 @2:15PM
cuses offense has been slow today... we need to let nims go in on the iso plays and let him beat his man... also our D has been bad at sliding from x but otherwise our Ds been over commiting
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6-4 at the half
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @2:15PM
I'd love to know what is being said in the locker rooms. Is Cornell satisfied, because so far it seems they have been doing everything they wanted. Is it just staying the course, or does Tambroni have some tweaks.
And as for Syracuse, knowing the way Desko typically operates, I imagine he is making some serious adjustments. The defense really doesn't look that bad, but they got caught ball watching a few too many times, and they aren't challenging Glynn enough. Offensively, they need to move the ball quicker and do something off ball. Cornell is too packed in, and they slide too well to expect to score on dodges consistently.
Be interesting to see the first possession or two of the second half.
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    by (#130063) on 5/25/09 @2:25PM
Even though Cornell is leading on the scoreboard, they have to be careful to make sure 'Cuse doesn't go on a run. Once 'Cuse gets into a rhythm, they are to good to be stopped. The rest of this game should be a good one.
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    by (#157771) on 5/25/09 @2:28PM
These guys are gonna jinx Cornell if they keep up this talk as if the game is won already!
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Seibald is a truck
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @2:29PM
When you run that fast and you are built that solid, you can steamroll most people i guess. Seibald just leveled about two Orange defenders on his clear. Kind of an odd play for him considering he got a concussion on a similar play in the 2007 FInal Four game against Duke, when he got leveled by a guy stepping out of the box.
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Maybe White should be on the field more
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @2:32PM
No one is doing exactly what they need to like Joe White right now. He is all over the ground scooping up balls, and protecting his stick well in traffic, creating transition.
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Galloway stands up twice
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @2:33PM
Galloway just had two nice saves, one to start the half off a quick shot, and now Galloway stuffs I believe Hurley right on the door step.
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Amidon breaks the seal, 6-5
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @2:37PM
Amidon finally gets Cuse on the board again breaking an almost 17 minute drought. Amidon just realized the D was confused and in between assignments, just took an extra step or two and ripped an underhand shot. It's good to see him stepping up more this post season as he will be looked to as the next leader of that midfield next year
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    by (#203307) on 5/25/09 @2:39PM
WHAT THE f**k was that call... the ref sucks
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   WHAT THE f**k was that call... the ref sucks !! by 5/27/09 @9:12AM
Glynn gets his third, 7-5 CU
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @2:40PM
Again Glynn finds the net. Lade got caught ball watching Hurley coming around and waiting to slide and just cuts behind the D. Glynn caught and finished, and now wins a faceoff. Syracuse needs to figure out what to do with him or have someone step up the way Glynn has.
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Pannell is gonna tag one soon
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @2:42PM
With the way Pannell keeps getting a little edge turning the corner, he is gonna get one to drop soon. He rattled the pipe on his first, and just missed the far side on his next.
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Wow Cornell slides well
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @2:46PM
They are right there every time. Syracuse needs that second pass. If the first slide comes that quick, then one more step, maybe the second slide isn't as good.
And Matt Moyer is just a rock. He is sliding everywhere he needs to, and shutting down the match-ups he has. And he does it all on two bum knees. I understand Glynn is probably the MVP of this game so far, but Moyer might have given the most underrated effort all season.
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FINALLY Syracuse sliding aggressively on D (nt)
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @2:47PM
(no text)
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   Galloway by 5/25/09 @3:06PM
Hardy gets one, 7-6
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @2:54PM
Dan Hardy and Cody Jamieson got on the board. Finally using a little off ball movement, Jamieson just sat and waited for Hardy to cut at the cage. Jamieson hit him in stride and Hardy just slapped it in. That is what they need. Move the rock, move off ball, cause confusion.
And it would be nice if they could score and win the next faceoff. Hard to build out of a deficit when you trade possessions.
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    by (#203307) on 5/25/09 @2:57PM
how much money is cornell payin these refs... cause these ref F**KING SUCK!
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WOW need to see that one again.
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @2:57PM
I saw a lot of chaos in front of the goal, but I am not sure if I saw a crease violation. And now to throw a flag on Cuse. If the refs screwed this up that could be a two goal swing, which would be HUGE. Gotta show me that one again.
Oh, and a hold on Niewieroski. Not what you guys need Orange.
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   Right Hand by 5/25/09 @3:03PM
      Great call be refs in retrospect (nt) by 5/25/09 @3:53PM
Another hold
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @3:01PM
OK, so I am not gonna start saying these refs are skewing the game, because it has been pretty even, but if you call a million holds, is it really that the D is holding that much, or is it that you are too sensitive about that call. Guys have to hold a little because offensive players chicken wing sticks and generally you can't get the ball out.
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Seibald mans up again
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @3:02PM
Weak D on Seibald, and he got a step and got a shot off. You need to be on his hands aggressively, not following his hands with your stick. Nice move and nasty rip by Seibald.
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6:30 left
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @3:04PM
let's see how much time Cornell can kill off the clock. This is huge, maybe more important than scoring is just keep holding the ball.
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    by (#130063) on 5/25/09 @3:05PM
What a great shot by Lang. Looks like Cornell might win this.
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Cornell tallies another, 9-6
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @3:06PM
Roy Lang just dodges down the alley and scores a low ripper. Probably the only bad D I have seen Joel White play. Lang is such an awkward, hurky-jerky dodger it has to be a little odd to play D on him.
Three goals could do it. With how stagnant Syracuse has looked on O, and how ridiculously solid the Cornell D has been, I don't know if the Orange come back from this one. 5:20 left, three goals when you've only scored six all day and aren't winning a lot of faceoffs. Not good.
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    by (#206939) on 5/25/09 @3:08PM
you can hear Glynn say "AH MAN" in the refs mic at faceoff
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Another big save by Myers
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @3:10PM
Myers stuffs Perritt. A metaphor for the day. Cornell's big guys are just making plays over Syracuse's big guys.
But I am sorry, it didn't look like Moyer beat that ball out. Oh well for Syracuse.
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Syracuse snags one, 9-7
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @3:12PM
Keough finally buries another in his typical style, sneaking in off ball. Hardy tried to dodge in, and made a nice look off to Keough. Hardy maybe needs to fall to that role now. Maybe he needs to make some aggressive plays to get the D to react, then hit guys on the back side.
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Jamieson adds another, 9-8
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @3:14PM
Well, when you need the opportunistic guys to step up, they do. Keough gets a nice grounder, Amidon getst he ball, makes it like he is shooting, and instead dishes to Jamieson just sitting on the crease, who finishes.
Is the momentum shifting, or is this just a suckers rally? Nice that the most exciting game of the tournament might wind up being the championship after two blowouts in the semis.
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Hardy, bad shot, but lucky to get position
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @3:17PM
I think Hardy should pull the trigger, but he looked too hesitant, as if he didn't want to shoot but thought he should. Then Jamieson makes a move at the crease, gets hit, and steps in.
Thought it might be a push, but I guess just a violation.
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Nice Check
    by (#130063) on 5/25/09 @3:18PM
Syracuse had a very nice check to get possession back. Boy what a game this has turned into.
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Abbott makes the play he has to.
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @3:19PM
WOW, what a check and play by Abbott. They needed a turnover bad, and there it was, plus Abbott was able to pick up the loose ball and just carry down to the offense. A timeout now by Desko. Let's see what he tries to do now, go for a quick shot, or kill the clock and go for a goal in the final 20 seconds or so.
Abbott and Seibald both look about out of gas right now. This is going to be a gritty finish.
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WOW turnover
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @3:21PM
Syracuse just turned it over on a sloppy pass. Not sure if Keough couldn't get to it or thought he shouldn't.
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ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (nt)
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @3:21PM
(no text)
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Nims ties it 9-9
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @3:22PM
Wow, great check on Moyer, and just a melee in the field. Syracuse rode well off season, and now it paid off. Abbott gets the loose ball, and floats a desperate pass to Nims who just snags it off a tip, and tucks it under Myer as he gets crushed. Four seconds left. Looks like OT is coming.
Wow, what a game this has turned out to be. Wow.
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   rode well all season, not off seaon (nt) by 5/25/09 @3:23PM
    by (#130063) on 5/25/09 @3:23PM
WOW...what a goal by Nims for his first point of the day and what an important one. Overtime here we come.
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(no subject)
    by (#195810) on 5/25/09 @3:23PM
cuse is the LUCKIEST TEAM IN THE WORLD, they dont deserve this game at all or to even be in this position
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   Great ride by 5/25/09 @3:26PM
   (no subject) by 5/25/09 @3:27PM
On to OT
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @3:26PM
Well this doesn't bode well for Cornell. They are not as deep, and the momentum is clearly with the Orange now. Their strength at the faceoff X will definitely help in OT, but how gassed are their leaders, and how pumped up can you get after owning a game for about 50+ minutes, and then seeing a team claw back in and start to take over the final two.
With how well they have played all day, part of Cornell has got to be wondering how it is tied right now. Syracuse has the inverse of confidence, knowing they struggled much of the day but still find themselves one goal away from another championship.
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Glynn steps up again and gets the faceoff.
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @3:28PM
Nice faceoff win by Glynn, but now Sid Smith causes a turnover, and Abbott clears. Syracuse ball.
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god damn
    by (#206939) on 5/25/09 @3:29PM
i hate them
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Not Today Ladies
    by (#219440) on 5/25/09 @3:29PM
I love when a team sits on the ball for the whole game and then loses.
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(no subject)
    by (#195810) on 5/25/09 @3:30PM
cuse doesn't deserve this victory at all, jameson a transfer from OCC who couldnt play because of academics, quality team with quality kids who play on that team...

and to cornell you blew a game you shouldve won
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   soar loser (nt) by 5/25/09 @3:31PM
   not a sore loser by 5/25/09 @3:34PM
   Who by 5/25/09 @3:40PM
   Jamieson's academic issue by 5/25/09 @3:42PM
   i agree with the zack persom (nt) by 5/25/09 @5:42PM
Jamieson wins it, 10-9 in OT
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @3:31PM
WOW, again, Hardy tries to shoot, and is handcuffed, and gets the ball out to Jamieson, again camped out on the crease. He just tucks it right under Myers for the game winner.
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(no subject)
    by (#221684) on 5/25/09 @3:32PM
cornell u guys blew the game for urself should have just threw the ball up the field
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Cornell has no one to blame but themselves.
    by (#130269) on 5/25/09 @3:35PM
That was a sad excuse for a clear. An average highschool team would have done better than that. No excuse. Good ride, but still, they should never have even given the chance to turn it over like that. You don't lose the ball like that on your side of the field. I'm upset.
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   AND by 5/25/09 @3:36PM
      2 TIMEOUTS!!!! by 5/25/09 @3:37PM
Poor Cornell
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @3:35PM
While this was a fantastic game, part you has to feel for Cornell. To control the game of so long just to lose it. And while Syracuse will probably continue to be a team in the Final Four, it is harder to build such successful teams at schools like Cornell.
And if anyone had the chance to talk to or get to know some of the seniors on this Cornell team, most notably Seibald and Moyer, you had to kind of pull for them. Two absolute warriors who play the sport the right way, and who gave everything they had to Cornell for four years. Seibald wanted this bad, and to get so close he could taste it is going to sting for a long time.
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   Tambroni will get another squad this far by 5/25/09 @3:39PM
player of game
    by (#222470) on 5/25/09 @3:40PM
Glynn shoulda won the player of the game not jameson just for winnin the game. he won soo many face offs and had like 7 points and played about the entire game. That pisses me off cuz jameson is all left hand and shouldnt even be playin on cuse.
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   fact of the matter is by 5/25/09 @3:45PM
      didnt know that by 5/25/09 @8:35PM
         (no subject) by 5/25/09 @10:49PM
    by (#195971) on 5/25/09 @3:49PM
my mother wanted to leave at 5:32 in the 4th quarter, then when i got home from the 15 minute drive i turned on espn and discovered that syracuse won in OT... FML
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   That Blows by 5/25/09 @3:53PM
Jamieson with the game winner
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @3:52PM
Who would have thought, this kid was so hyped coming into the year, or was at least this X-factor about what he might bring to the table. Then he is all but forgotten as he is ineligible for most of the season, and does very little when he does come on the squad. Then he has a few good games in the playoffs, but still nothing that really sells you on him. But he sure looks clutch, scoring the goal that got the game to one, and then scoring the game winner. The kid picked a great day to show up. It will be interesting to see how that Orange attack shapes up next year. Keough and Jamieson are both more offball/finishers. They are not the carrying, quarterbacking types like Nims. Will Daniello be left to that role next year, or will either Keough or Jamieson develop an off hand?
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   Jamieson by 5/25/09 @3:55PM
    by (#93833) on 5/25/09 @4:26PM
Great game, though more of a great finish than anything. Cornell really dominated most of the game, but could never grow the lead big enough for insurance. Let a team like Syracuse hang around long enough, and eventually they start clicking, or at least get a few bounces their way. This game was truly one for the ages, and if last year didn't convince people that the 5-8 season was just a hiccup, and frankly a matter of time before it happened, and that Syracuse is still a power, then this year better. The first two-time champs since 1997-1998 Princeton.
We'll have our usual pictures and story to come later. Thanks for being a part of the blog.
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    by (#76664) on 5/26/09 @12:43AM
Regardless of what you think Cornell deserved everything and all the prais after that game. They were great and played there hearts out. Cuse did come through in the end but Cornell showed that they will play the game that they know and not try and be anyone other than their self. Great game and was clearly a classic. I expect great things in the future from Cornell.
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