Irish Whirlwind Blows Away Pioneers

Irish Whirlwind Blows Away Pioneers

Irish Whirlwind Blows Away Pioneers

Irish Whirlwind Blows Away Pioneers

On a windy April Saturday, the Denver Pioneers came to South Bend looking for an upset, and instead were blown away by the Irish Boys Latin' trio of Tom Glatzel and David and Todd Ulrich in an Irish 16-6 victory. These three teammates rudely treated Brian Berger, the Denver goalie and a former high school teammate as the trio accounted for 8 of Notre Dame's 16 goals. The wind was powerful throughout the game causing a hat of one of the Notre Dame ROTC color guard to go airborne as well as a referee's hat.

"I don't think at all that we are intimidated coming here to play", said Denver coach Jamie Munro before the game, "there was some intimidation earlier in the year when we were in Duke and Carolina, but I think we are past that now." Munro has assembled perhaps the most "western" of all the GWLL teams, with 11 players hailing from Colorado, 2 from Illinois, 2 from Michigan, 3 from Missouri and 1 from Ohio, while the remainder come from the East Coast. Munro finds it this "local" talent to be improving and that Denver has an advantage in recruiting these type players in that the distance to Denver from the East Coast sometimes works against him. He was optimistic before the game and even at halftime, that the Pioneers could pull off an upset and beat the Irish. Although many other upsets occurred on Saturday, one would not happen today against Notre Dame. The Irish at times appeared to toy with Denver, working the ball very methodically, forcing mistakes by the Pioneers, and the Irish stepped out to a quick 5-0 advantage in the first quarter. Todd Ulrich scored first for Notre Dame on an assist from Tom Glatzel, and Ulrich would register a career-high 4 goals on the day.

Denver's play in the first quarter was somewhat sloppy, with a lot of missed passes and strips occurring from an Irish defense that gave up only 6 goals, two in the waning minutes of the game. In six out of its seven games this year, Notre Dame has kept opponents under 10 goals. The relentless pressure exerted by Notre Dame and the youthful inexperience of the Pioneers - 19 of the 28 players who traveled to the game were freshmen and sophomores played a factor in the first quarter. However, Munro has been noted for getting his teams up and battling back when they are down. The Pioneers did exactly that in the second quarter, when at 11:16, attackman Chad Wittman beat Irish goalie Kirk Howell on an assist by Jeff Briggs to narrow the gap to 5-1. Denver controlled the ball for the next two minutes and at 8:48, Pioneer leading scorer, Mike Law, beat Howell and narrow the lead to 5-2. After a time out, Kevin Corrigan got the Irish offense back in gear again, when at 7:28, Irish middie John Flandina beat Pioneer goalie Brian Berger. David Ulrich followed with a score at 6:16 to increase the Irish lead to 7-2. Chris Young fed Jon Harvey at the 0:51 mark to put Notre Dame out in front 8-2 at the half.

At halftime, Munro noted that although some of the Irish scores were one-on-one scores, he didn't mind that. That was there game plan. He was disappointed with the way the Pioneers had been throwing the ball away with bad passes and bad clears. He told his team that they could come back by patiently attacking the Notre Dame defense, forcing them to slide and looking for an opportunity to attack the crease. Irish coach Corrigan was worried about the third quarter. He knew that Denver had often come back in the third quarter, but he was more worried about how his own troops would react, " We are just hoping that we come out and play; we have had trouble this year coming out in the third quarter and we are just hoping that we can come out in the third quarter and keep our intensity". Denver reacted and scored first in the quarter to cut the lead to 8-3, but John Flandina answered that goal with one of his own to increase the Irish lead to 9-3 at 13:45 and Todd Ulrich scored less than a minute later to put Notre Dame up 10-3. Denver long pole Kenny Crowley notched another goal for the Pioneers to make it 10-4. The Irish offense toyed with Denver for the remainder of the game, picking and choosing its opportunities and scoring for the 11th time five minutes later on a series of passes from Chris Young to long pole John Souch to Tom Glatzel, who dished it off to Jon Harvey who scored to make the score 11-4. Todd Ulrich scored again 45 seconds later to increase the lead to 12-4. Glatzel dove past Berger to notch the 13th goal of the contest and his 25th goal on the season. With less than a minute remaining in the thrid quarter, Berger was suckered out of the crease for a failed save and the Irish put it in the open net to lead 14-4.

In the fourth quarter, Corrigan displayed some of his younger and yet unknown players. Sophomore goalie Nick Antol played the quarter and gave up two goals at the 2:47 mark to Dustin Straight and a minute later to Jeff Biggs. Irish attackmen Matt Howell (no relation to Kirk) of Huntington, NY and Dan Berger (Brian's brother from Phoenix, MD), middie Steve Clagett of Chesapeake Beach, MD and Mickey Blum Garden City, NY all saw significant playing time.

Munro was gracious in defeat. "They're good, they're very good", he said of the Irish, "they move the bal great and if you make a mistake, they take advantage of it." "Notre Dame moves the ball so well that if you slide against them, they pick and choose their openings and then jump on them."

Denver moves on to a four game home stretch staring with Villanova on Thursday and followed by three straight GWLL games against Ohio State, Butler and Air Force. Munro realizes his team's shortcomings, but remains objective and analytical about it, "we are just not that far away." "We are a young team. Today, at times, we had 3 freshmen in on close defense and at times 3 freshmen in on attack." He told his team after the loss to remember it as an example of how Notre Dame put time and work into their team and that Denver will be at that point in a year or two.

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    by (#4776) on 4/08/01 @2:20PM
Until they are in the NCAA Championship game. Notre Dame has the best offense in D-1. They will be playing on Monday, Memorial Day Weekend. WE ARE N D! WE ARE N D!! Irish fans unite- see you in Piscataway NJ!
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(no subject)
    by (#1063) on 4/08/01 @2:50PM
dream away Ireland Lax
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Shut up Irelandlax
    by (#9851) on 4/09/01 @11:00AM
Dude right now the best offense in division 1 is Syracuse. Notre Dame will be lucky not to come across the path of The Orangemen or the Cavaliers or a team like that cause they will get beat!!!!
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Dude, ND already beat the Cavs.
    by (#2419) on 4/09/01 @11:06AM
Or weren't you paying attention? They also beat Loyola, who beat SU. I think the Irish would welcome a matchup with SU. They have nothing to lose, and SU would have EVERYTHING to lose.
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Dude they also lost to Hofstra
    by (#6496) on 4/09/01 @9:20PM
If you're gonna do that we beat them and they beat them so we can beat them crap, try this one on, Princeton beat Hofstra (10-5), Princeton then went on to lose to Cuse', yet Notre Dame lost to Hofstra, that makes Notre Dame worse than Syracuse, Princeton, Hofstra, and since Loyola beat Syracuse throw the Greyhounds into that mix. ND sucks.
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Read my lips: ND HAS played UVa.
    by (#2419) on 4/10/01 @9:40AM
There is nothing indirect going on here. You said that ND is lucky not to run across SU and UVa. Well, ND has run across UVa and beat them. Duh. Do you pay attention much?
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Nd does suck
    by (#9072) on 4/10/01 @4:23PM
they got lucky and if they would umass they would get there ass kicked and they suck
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seriously Irelandlax
    by (#908) on 4/11/01 @9:15AM
before you start dreaming about going to the big dance, maybe you'd be better off taking each game in stride. What happened against Hofstra?
uh oh.....did you draw a blank?
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YA Right Irish now way
    by (#9072) on 4/10/01 @4:21PM
Umass has the best offense in the nation and they undefeated baby they the ones goin to nj so we c u there. We r umass mutha bleeper
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You know nothing
    by (#3027) on 4/10/01 @8:24PM
Neither Umass, Notre Dame, nor Syracuse has the best offense. Maryland and Johns Hopkins have the best offense. Hey, if Hops face off man can burn SU for five, what does that tell you about their offense. Must be DAMN good.
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    by (#3027) on 4/10/01 @8:26PM
when were you guys such Umass die hards? Once they started to play well, otherwise known as this year! You guys think you're so great making sure everybody knows that you love Umass, but where were you last year when they sucked?
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    by (#10975) on 4/12/01 @11:35AM
obviously umass die hards are not gonna be talkin so much the last 2 yrs because they have some tough times but but umass is back andits back to talkin again like when they went to the quarter finals vs princeton and lost a close 11-9 to the eventual champs. I would love to see the Notre Dame play Umass in the championship. Go Gorillas
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    by (#2700) on 4/11/01 @9:52PM
"Umass has the best offense in the nation and they undefeated baby" Very delusional speak, phony hip hop boy. SU and GU will show you how lacrosse is played.
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easy. . .
    by (#10917) on 4/13/01 @12:25PM
Cuse will be a good game but the minutemen will hand it to g-town and I'm sick of everybody talkin shit about umass when they havent seen them play, whats the deal.
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Lucky Charms
    by (#2700) on 4/11/01 @9:59PM
Be content with your NCAA women's basketball title. As long as there are teams like Hopkins, Syracuse, Georgetown, Maryland, Princeton and UVA, your ND lax thing just ain't gonna happen.
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Denver has got some problems heading their way
    by (#10433) on 4/08/01 @5:28PM
Denver's tough loss to ND will be nothing next to the beating they will receive from the blood-thirsty VU wildcats
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N.D. vs. D.U.
    by (#8375) on 4/08/01 @10:38PM
N.D. Senior laden with great ball movement and hustle on offense - good anticipation on defense. Dominated on face offs and generally more aggressive. Great timeout called at 5-2 as N.D. was over confident and D.U. was on a roll. D.U. was too passive and didn't contest the ball on D and no movement on O with way too many unforced errors. Some very good upperclassmen but not enough depth. D.U. young players head and shoulders above N.D. subs. Overall, N.D. very impressive.
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N.D. vs. D.U.
    by (#8375) on 4/08/01 @10:46PM
N.D. Senior laden with great ball movement and hustle on offense - good anticipation on defense. Dominated on face offs and generally more aggressive. Great timeout called at 5-2 as N.D. was over confident and D.U. was on a roll. D.U. was too passive and didn't contest the ball on D. No movement on O with way too many unforced errors. Some very good upperclassmen but not enough depth. D.U. young players head and shoulders above N.D. subs. Overall, N.D. very impressive.
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More Important Games Than This.
    by (#6368) on 4/09/01 @12:58PM
Why is this game a feature on this site? I would think that SU vs. Loyola or UNC vs. UVA would garner more attention than ND beating up on Denver.
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    by (#951) on 4/09/01 @1:01PM
yeah i really would have like to seen some coverage of the Loyola/Cuse OT game as opposed to this cakewalk for ND
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Loyola cuse game
    by (#7103) on 4/09/01 @2:44PM
The Loyola Cuse Game was insane. Great all around game by Loyola. Born made some great saves. I think cuse is a little overated and now with some huge momentum watch out for loyola
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For sure
    by (#8807) on 4/09/01 @2:44PM
Great article in the Sun if you want info on the Cuse- Loyola game.

Upcoming game with Md and Hop should be the feature of the new week.
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    by (#3027) on 4/09/01 @5:14PM
Michael Sullivan is one of the best middies in the country. I will be shocked if he is not an AA this year. He deserves it with the season he is so far having.
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yeah he's legit
    by (#951) on 4/10/01 @9:47AM
and to top it off, sullivn has a hurt knee and is still having a dominant year. definitely an underrated player who should be getting more attention.
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Providence College is the best team in the US
    by (#10386) on 4/10/01 @8:21PM
Providence College has the top lax team in the country. They beat Canisus who beat VMI who beat up Layfette, who stomped Drexel and Drexel beat Yale who beat Penn. Penn beat Bucknell, who in turn beat North Carolina. NC beat Virginia, who beat Towson, while Towson beat Loyola. Loyola beat Syracuse. This proves that Providence has the best team in the country. (I tried to link some d3 teams in there, but I couldnt, and I felt like too much of a loser even figuring this out.
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    by (#8029) on 4/10/01 @10:25PM
dude lay off the mary jane man...
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    by (#4776) on 4/11/01 @11:11AM
Notre Dame again has the best offense- How can Maryland have the best offense? Only 6 goals v. Navy? Give me a break. Notre Dame might have the best defense. They only give up 6.3 goals game vs. teams like UVA, Loyola, Penn... Their Attack has scored 42 goals in the last 3 games. This team would kill Maryland- Maryland sucks this year- so does the ACC. UMass has played good- but can they keep it up with playing G'town and Syracuse back to back? I would love to see a Notre Dame- UMass final... A change for the better- both teams/coachs let their players play instead of moving the ball around to waste time and take 5 yard shots like so many others do. NOTRE DAME IS WINNING AND GETTING BLUE CHIPS WITHOUT SCHOLARSHIPS = TO THINK THEY WILL BE GETTING FULL NCAA LAX SCHOLARSHIPS IN 2 YEARS- NOTRE DAME DOMINANCE IN LACROSSE HAS BEGUN!

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We suck?
    by (#7563) on 4/12/01 @3:33PM
I love to hear the fact that ND sucks- this just encourges them to show all of you that they deserve respect and to prove all wrong... In addition, I find it ironic that everyone places G'town amongst the elite teams, yet they havent won anything yet... Do you all remember G'town 10 years ago, even 5 years ago... they werent even half as good as the ND team of today. Yet you all compare them with Cuse and PU...They had to follow the same path that ND is on today... Give ND a chance to prove themselvs this year and you will be surprise at what they can do.
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    by (#9449) on 4/12/01 @8:26PM
Way to do some research, thats funny as hell...i knew i should have taken the recruiting from there more serious.
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