Long Island Empire Team vs. Maryland Free State Team

Long Island Empire Team vs. Maryland Free State Team

Long Island Empire Team vs. Maryland Free State Team

As a warm up for the Empire State Games, the Long Island Empire team faced the Maryland Free State Team last weekend at Loyola College in Baltimore.

The boys from the island proved the victor in this battle of hot beds, heading back North with a 9-6.

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Long Island
    by (#247058) on 7/26/10 @12:03PM
They had some sick gear. Is this a summer team/ tournament?
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Nothing About the world games
    by (#3709) on 7/26/10 @12:05PM
Really? Nothing about the USA vs Canda game. This is why our sport does not grow.

This is arguably the game with the best players in the world going head to head representing their countries on a world stage.

The world games should be hyped up beyond all else. But instead you have to be a lax fanatatic to find any information on them. Your casual lax fan will never see anything about the world games.

But instead we see reports on high school summer all-star games.

This is so frustrating.
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(no subject)
    by (#245208) on 7/26/10 @12:26PM
keep your tampon in im sure there is a story coming - prob gotta wait for the pics
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    by (#210364) on 7/26/10 @4:31PM
no our sport doesn't grow because warrior keeps putting out stupid commercials during the college lacrosse season
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(no subject)
    by (#234231) on 7/26/10 @4:36PM
that and there exclusive contract with the mll
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(no subject)
    by (#231033) on 7/26/10 @11:03PM
All you have to do is get on the FIL (Federation of International Lacrosse) website and they have plenty of articles and video highlights to watch, a lot more simple than complaining and posting comments on lax.com. Many people including me enjoy watching the high school all-star games...

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Long Island Empire Roster
    by (#187708) on 7/26/10 @4:06PM
#1 Michael Andreassi
#2 Tyler Begley
#3 Ryan Brunet
#4 James Burnside
#5 Jake Cabble
#6 Nick Capparelli
#7 Jesse Chazen
#8 Thomas Cordts
#9 Aliro DeMeireles
#10 Rob Enright
#11 Ryan Feit
#12 Jake Froccaro
#13 Brandon Gamblin
#14 Bryan Gerrato
#15 Thomas Gordon
#16 Alex Harris
#17 Myles Jones
#18 Kyle Keenan
#19 Joey Leonard
#20 Luke Miller
#21 Tom Nuckel
#22 Zach Oliveri
#23 James Pannell
#24 Mike Sagl
@25 Matt Scalera
#26 Nick Sherry
#27 Jordan Stevens
#28 Ryan Walsh
#29 Kevin Wendel
#30 Zach "Clark" Zanone
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    by (#254613) on 12/14/10 @9:47AM
Rob Pannell's brother?
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    by (#105937) on 7/26/10 @5:57PM
there ya go LI, showing where the real talent comes from
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    by (#244318) on 7/27/10 @6:33PM
where the real talent comes from do u forget about the other great teams in the country ? such as farfeild prep gerogetown prep west islip chesire tower hill academy? yes LI is good but talet comes from all over the country.
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(no subject)
    by (#221542) on 7/27/10 @6:36PM
you realize west islip is on LI right?
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    by (#244318) on 7/27/10 @11:57PM
i acually didnt know but thanks. hah i was just including all the top teams around the country
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(no subject)
    by (#243696) on 7/28/10 @8:36AM
In that case, I wouldn't really put a team from Deleware in the same group as WI. Ditto for Cheshire and FP. Cheshire was solid this year but probably #3 in CT, and FP has never been elite.
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    by (#234231) on 7/28/10 @4:22PM
that maryland has won this event just as many times as long island i would have to disagree
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    by (#188917) on 7/27/10 @10:00PM
i would hope long island would be good at lacrosse considering over 7 million people live there. think of how big that is compared to the baltimore area that was picked from talent-wise.

if anyone has a hard time grasping just how large LI is, check this out:


i had no idea that if it were a state it would be the 12th largest. insane!
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oh my....
    by (#222998) on 7/29/10 @2:31PM
That's just sad, if you want real facts don't go to wikipedia. Long Island is about the size of New Jersey, a little smaller. Nice try though! A for effort....
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Oh my oh my....
    by (#193283) on 7/30/10 @1:06AM
I think he means population not actual square mileage...
Soooo... Yup, still 12th largest.
F for being an A-hole and thinking you're right.
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uh, yes!
    by (#188917) on 8/02/10 @2:12PM
i did mean population man, thanks.

Maryland doesn't even have 6 million in the entire STATE.

If you combine the amount of college talent and pro talent from MD and the small pool/population that draws from to the gigantic pool/population that upstate NY and Long Island come from I would think that MD can hold its own...wouldn't you say?
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    by (#246644) on 7/26/10 @6:48PM
the play at 1:58 and the goal at 3:20 were filthy
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LI Jerseys?
    by (#228242) on 7/28/10 @10:50PM
Pretty sweet anyone know where you can get ones like that? or like camo ones? It would be appreciated.
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Southern Marland
    by (#253666) on 7/30/10 @3:20PM
I think there is only only one kid outside of the Baltimore area. Jared Baranowski #7. pretty impressive not being in a city such as wachington D.c. and annapolis or baltimore
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(no subject)
    by (#227710) on 8/10/10 @7:13PM
is 2 on maryland wells stanwick?
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MD Free State Goalie
    by (#232966) on 8/12/10 @9:34PM
the free state goalie #21 Eric Natale (baby blue pro7) is committed to Yale
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free state goalie
    by (#233643) on 8/17/10 @8:58PM
carroll county product right there
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