Middlebury Dodges a Bullet 15-10

Middlebury Dodges a Bullet 15-10

Middlebury Dodges a Bullet  15-10

Middlebury Dodges a Bullet 15-10

Gettysburg might have the most regimented (and corny) warm-up drills I've witnessed, but they were definitely psyched about just being here. That enthusiasm carried over to the opening face -- the Bullets lost the rake but fought to come up with the loose ball. Tommy Pearce started the offense off with some bulling and rolling around the right corner, but his overhand lefty on the roll back to the inside sailed over the top right corner.

Middlebury's Scott Goldman picked one with a slap to the wrists when he doubled from the middle. He then initiated a clear and Middlebury was able to settle for the first time. It didn't take long for them to get on the board. Hopkins deked to his left from behind the goal and then split back to the right for room to feed. Zach Herbert was burning down the middle with a step on his trailer and buried the feed low and away on McGinnis to make it 1-0.

When Gettysburg controlled the face and brought it into the hole, Middlebury short stick middie Mike Frissora slapped a face dodge away and broke down the middle all alone. They converted on the break, which was a normal 4-3 rotation, when Holt Hopkins grabbed it on the bottom right and ducked under the slide from across the crease. With Hopkins' back to the slide and his feet tip-toeing the crease, he pumped and wormed it by McGinnis for the quick 2-0 lead.

On the next series Scott Goldman got flagged one minute for hitting someone too hard as he came across the middle. On the man-up, Pete Milliman snuck around righty from behind and Tommy Pearce skipped a pass from the top to hit him. Milliman buried it five hole while turning the corner for Gettysburg's first of the day.

Gettysburg then controlled for several minutes, and although they were forcing some feeds to the middle, they were able to recover them on the slow turf. Pearce bulled around the right pipe from X, and Middlebury, who knows Pearce doesn't change direction all that well (he's big though), slid a guy early from the backside. Pearce powered through the double and leaned in to nail one.

Middlebury won the next face made Gettysburg pay -- defenseman Matt Rogers took a shot directly in the sack when John Rice bolted down the middle and tried to burn one in from dead center. After play was stopped for a little, Middlebury could still get some rips off, but McGinnis got his time to shine -- twice in a row he stoned rips to his offside hip with lightening quick wrists. When they finally managed to clear, they made the best of it. Jake Van Nostrand took a feed from Wes Cadman on a wheel sneak and five hole shot after Cadman looked like he couldn't see the double coming while posting up on the righty wing. He did, and he dumped it to the all alone Van Nostrand.

Gettysburg took the next face and almost got another one right away, but freshman goalie Eric Kreiger caught it with his ankles. Middlebury cleared after 2 failures (Gettysburg was riding hard and their trailers were catching up with Middlebury's clearing longsticks) and then threw it away on the sideline after they settled -- it was about the 3rd time so far that Middlebury had just simply overthrown someone on a perimeter pass. 3-2 Gettysburg to end the first.

Middlebury started the second in a really spread 1-3-2, but as they were trying to burn Gettysburg on the subs through the box game, their hurried skip pass to the side of the crease sailed wide. So Gettysburg won control again, but short stick Greg Bastis wasn't letting Cadman do anything, even though Cadman has got size and Gettysburg was evacuating the middle for his iso's -- Middlebury was apparently confident with Bastis alone and they didn't double with help. Cadman eventually moved it around the outside and Gettysburg didn't accomplish anything.

On Middlebury's next turn on offense, Jamie Haire started a one-handed drive against Kevin Smith from the top left of the box and knocked Smith to the ground -- when the adjacent slide came up, Haire moved it to Herbert at X, who then moved it to Hopkins on the other wing, who then fed it to Seeley on the crease. Seeley went high to low to tie it up at 3.

Right afterwards, Middlebury went up by one with 10:19 left in the 2nd. Zach Herbert pinpointed a feed from the right goal line extended into a collapsing, packed, low crease and Peter Albro somehow picked it out of the air to stick it.

Middlebury won the face again, but longstick Adam Santry whirlibirded Herbert on his butt end as Herbert was trying to drive to X from the sideline. Gettysburg settled, and middie Rich Sharp tried to invert on Bastis -- Bastis was again having none of it.

Middlebury bumped it to 5-3 when Christopher Davis drifted to the top of the box and went into a little bit of a holding pattern. Charlie Hanchett was sizing him up, but he acted like he was expecting help from the wing would allow him to pass off Davis. Davis seized on the indecisiveness and bolted to the right pipe to sink one. Gettysburg was starting to look rattled, so when they won the next face, Janczyk called a TO to settle down.

Pearce tried some more of his patented dive bombing from the top, but Middlebury was sliding early to force him to the outside. Then he tried bulling from behind , but Scott Goldman played solid position and Pearce hit the side of the net on his inside roll as Kreiger hugged the pipe.

One more from Middlebury when Greg Carroll finished a Matt Dunn feed on yet another wheel play -- Carroll was sneaking around from behind after Gettysburg mysteriously doubled Dunn out near the side of the box. Dunn was not challenging and was absolutely no threat that far out anyways. 6-3 Middlebury.

Middlebury was using a high crease and spreading the wings -- it would leave Gettysburg soft in the middle. Holt Hopkins took advantage of the space and fed Carroll, who was cutting down the middle, as Hopkins drove the left pipe from X and drew a double from the adjacent wing. Because Gettysburg had been spread so wide on defense and the adjacent man couldn't help in the middle, Carroll had plenty of room to get step on his streak to the pipe, and he stuck it with no one in front of him.

Gettysburg worked exclusively from behind for the closing minutes of the half, mostly with Chris Baran challenging, and everyone else hanging out up top. When they finally gave up on the iso's from behind and banged it around the top, Cadman drove the right pipe and threw a no angle prayer at Kreiger, which Kreiger grabbed cleanly. The half ran out of time and Middlebury took a 7-3 lead into the locker room.

Milliman started the second half off in a hurry when he posted up on the pipe to Krieger's right and rocked back and forth a couple of times. He turned back into the middle to stick it low just as Middlebury was about to catch him with a back door slide. Thirty seconds later, Rich Sharp made it 7-5 on a diving launch and right handed rip as he drove across the middle moving left to right. Then Pearce, after Gettysburg won another face (they were 19-10 on the day) pulled another ocean liner drive from up top and shot high. Middlebury cleared after they beat it out to the endline.

Then some trading of goals. Matt Dunn nailed one for Middlebury from the righty shooter's spot when he caught McGinnis moving across the pipes a little too slowly. Then Chris Baran finished one from Pearce after Pearce streaked in from the box and got all the way down to the right pipe. He fed it across Krieger's nose to Baran on the paint and Baran dunked it to close the lead to two again. Middlebury went back up by three, 9-6, shortly after when Herbert found himself underneath the defense on a Gettysburg botched clear. Bastis had caused the botching, and he pushed it up to Herbert for the sidearm offside hip finish.

Jamie Haire got hit with unnecessary roughness when he wiped out Van Nostrand on the sideline during a ground ball scrum. On Gettysburg's EMO, Middlebury pressured Milliman behind, clearly phasing him -- he decided to actually dodge around the right pipe and was stripped after he got doubled (it was man-up). Middlebury killed the penalty.

When it became all even and Middlebury dropped into their normal set, McGinnis had to stone Hopkins off the right wing with a good angle. The problem Gettysburg had on defense was that they sloughed in so much they always had to make a slide and/or react to a pass -- it didn't mean they were out of position, but they always had to go flying at guys because they would stay 5 yards off of them even if they were the next pass.

After Tommy Pearce drove hard to the left pipe and Krieger saved the rip, Jamie Haire got the ball in the exact same situation for Midlebury. He drove hard to McGinnis' left, but this one got buried stick side high when McGinnis dropped his stick on the low angle shot (McGinnis was clearly guessing).

Then Holt Hopkins decided to be the recipient of a feed. With 3:39 in the 3rd, Steve O'Neil fed back across the grain as he was moving in a drifting arc behind the net. Hopkins just gathered it on the lefty shooter's spot and ripped a lefty underhanded wormburner. Timeout Gettysburg. It must have worked because Charlie Hanchett took the face right down the middle burned it to the upper right on the run. 11-7 Middlebury.

The remaining 3:00 minutes in the third saw some more run-up-to-the-midfield-and-circle-back ocean liner drives from Gettysburg (I guess Pearce is contagious), but Middlebury jumped the slide early and picked the ball more often than not. Middlebury ran out their fleeting moments of the third by leaving Matt Dunn on an island and letting him go from behind. That didn't work either. 11-7 to end the fourth.

Middlebury drew first blood in the fourth after Dunn caught it on the wing to McGinnis' left, rolled into the middle and tucked his stick to avoid the over-the-head from behind. As soon as that check came falling outside his right shoulder, he popped his stick back out and popped one to the upper right from a yard out.

After some back and forth, Middlebury's John Rice was coasting near the bench while settling after a clear -- he got wiped out from a sub through the box that he didn't see coming. After McGinnis collected the loose ball he threw a near buddy pass to a breaking Pearce in the center of the box -- Dunn got a head start from the opposite corner but fanned on wiping out Pearce. Pearce moved it up to Van Nostrand down the right side, and Van Nostrand dropped his stick to burn it five hole for a 12-8 Middlebury lead.

At 9:00 minutes to go in the fouth the sun came out, but so did Peter Albro. Mike Frissora stripped Wes Cadman as the Bullet was driving across the middle, and Albro jumped on the loose ball t the top of the box and streaked down the middle of the field. Problem was, he kept going -- no one from Gettysburg slid to him, so he got 7 yards out and ripped it by McGinnis.

After a handful of nice take-aways by Matt Rogers and Mike Plantholt (and Middlebury's attackmen were desperately trying to protect their sticks), Gettysburg finally got some transition in their favor. Twombly closed it to 13-9 when he drove around the right pipe from the right wing and hit the no-angle shot to the outside of Krieger's ankles. But Krieger, who was superior to McGinnis this afternoon, stopped a dream breakaway for Milliman -- Milliman got pushed the ball after the Bullet ride caught Middlebury at midfield with their pants down and Milliman had all the room and time in the world. Krieger beat him to his off-stick side and Milliman buried his head in his hands (and ran into the crease).

Gettysburg seemed to be caught in some shock momentarily because Krieger fired an outlet to a longstick just waiting at the midfield and Gettysburg was motionless. It got bumped to Mike Frissora on the left sideline and Matt McMillen went for a series of all or nothing checks against Frissora, who was tucking his stick and running about 2 miles an hour -- Frissora got it to trickle in when the slide from the middle was late and McMillen now trailing him.

With three and a half to go, McGinnis was starting to double outside the cage, but Plantholt and Santry's wicked checks stopped Middlebury from getting their hands free when they were in front of the goal. Gettysburg cleared and Van Nostrand drove clean through Nick Lesher from the lefty wing and again dropped his stick, once in the middle, to beat Krieger. Then Scott Goldman picked Matt Twombly after Twombly held on for too long behind the net, but Kevin Smith forced Goldman out on the sideline when he was legging it up the field. When the whistle blew to start play again, Gettysburg resorted to more bulling at the top of the box -- Cadman got forced to turn and run after Middlebury's double didn't allow him to turn the corner, but when he dumped to Twombly on his right, Twombly lofted it out of bounds.

Middlebury brought it down and McGinnis was now completely out of the cage, so Jamie Haire grabbed the ball behind and worked around the corner to try and hit the empty net. Gettysburg slid 3 guys at Haire and he couldn't turn his shoulders to one-hand it in. One of those three guys, however, was sophomore Mike Bevilacqua, and he laid on the turf for about 5 minutes after the collision. He had a broken wrist.

Gettysburg was frantically trying to get something going in the closing seconds, but Nick Lesher caught Van Nostrand's butt-end in his pocket and lifted his stick about 6 feet in the air. The Bullets tried forcing some shots in the last :30 seconds, but they either went wide or hit their own players. Middlebury's John Rice grabbed the final loose ball and sprinted upfield as the clock hit :00.

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no surprise
    by (#9711) on 5/27/01 @4:58PM
middlebury is the best team in D3 and they proved that today. What a great season for them. Hopefully dunn and seeley along with the older defense will be able to do it again next year.
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D3 Lax on TV
    by (#14117) on 5/29/01 @5:06PM
Does anyone know when the D3 game is going to be aired if at all?
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Who is this reporter?
    by (#9792) on 5/27/01 @5:09PM
Congrats Middlebury to a good season...on another note who the hell is this reporter? This account of the game should have been printed in a tabloid rather than on this website. So much for unbiased journalism. At any rate Congratulations to both G'burg and Middlebury on making it to the finals.
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smart guy
    by (#8285) on 5/27/01 @5:14PM
The reporter is the dude who runs this website, and I think the article was well written and describes the game about as good as it can get - ease back yo
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I agree
    by (#4661) on 5/27/01 @5:37PM
I agree... what was biased about the article? At least it was in depth and could describe the game since it wasn't on ESPN.
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I really want a neat G-Burg T shirt
    by (#12951) on 5/27/01 @5:47PM
Where can i get a Gettysburg 2001 National Champions T shirt? Seems that Coach J printed up a few extras and i would really like one to use when i swab my undercarriage. As far as motivational or team statements go, that has got to be one of the gayest of all time.

Viva la Kohn
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(no subject)
    by (#7111) on 5/27/01 @10:11PM
tru dat 2x
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    by (#3456) on 5/30/01 @9:20PM
The fact that Gettysburg made those t-shirts could be the lamest thing I have ever heard of, and to publicize it is even worse. Not only did they make a fool of themselves with their t-shirts and in the game, but I heard that their speaker at the NCAA banquet was a disgrace as well. G-burg just doesnt have what it takes to be the best, and I dont think they ever will, no matter what the backs of their t-shirts say. Congrats to Middlebury for putting G-burg in their place.
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    by (#4958) on 5/28/01 @12:13AM
ya why wasn't it on ESPN and will it ever be again. I always enjoy watching the DIII game on T.V. A lot of times it is more entertaining than the DI game. Also, who the hell is leif elsmo and why is he the "voice of lacrosse" first of all he doesn't know the rules, second of all he can't commentate, and third of all I don't think he has ever played before. If I'm wrong let me know.
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the article
    by (#5304) on 5/29/01 @11:34AM
The lax.com site definitely has some cool stuff on it b/c they don't just give you the press release stuff about who scored, and usually the articles are written by someone who knows something about lacrosse. However, they are notorious for having a million typos in their articles and screwing things up (like in this article when they said Milliman is the one that got stuffed on the break away). Overall though, this site is cool b/c everyone can come on here and voice their opinion, and for the most part some of the people on here actually know what they are talking about. There also seems to be an especially large emphasis on this site to DIII lax which is cool for those that are in to it. Well the season is over so maybe I can finally got something done at work instead of posting messages on this site all day.
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    by (#10000) on 5/29/01 @9:09AM
Yeah blue yeah blue yeah blue yeah blue, yeah blue yeah blue yeah blue yeah blue,......

Gettysburg seems to think that if they shot better they would have won.

A) Hey Bulletheads, Middlebury made you take bad shots. If your coach spent more time watching and learning the game than printing up t-shirts, he would realize that percentages are an integral part of a team's defense.

B)If you couldn't score on a breakaway, don't wine about missing shots two steps in from the restraining line. "We made their goalie look good"???? What the hell is that? Fine, Middlebury made your goalie look like an idiot, your middies look fat and out of shape, and your attack look like donkeys. Your only bright spot was your defense. Good job to Plantholt. He should get defenseman of the year.

Maybe next year you should print up a new set of of 2001 Champs t-shirts, and tell yourselves "we should have been champs" all year. That'll help.

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Hey Hey
    by (#2903) on 5/29/01 @9:29AM
Hey there Jalpa. Let's keep it classy. I'm sure you wouldn't have appreciated it if an SSU fan came on here with that tone in '99. Just because some of the comments on this posting rub you the wrong way is no excuse to sink to that level. Remember that Middlebury might be in G'burgs position again so let' ease up a little.

Congrats to Gettysburg on the fantastic season. Great game Middlebury!!!!!!!!!
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    by (#10000) on 5/29/01 @10:39AM
Your right. I got a litle carried away. It was just the post game comments made by Milliman and Janzyk(sic) (360.com) that irritated me. They made it sound like they lost the game as opposed to Middlebury winning it.

I apologize.
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gburg played like crap
    by (#10325) on 5/29/01 @12:27PM
gettysburg did lose the game. not to say that middlebury didn't play a great game but if you had seen g burg play any other time during the year you would have seen that they didn't play anywhere near there best on sunday and even if they didn't win the game it would have been a hell of a lot closer if they played there best and didn't sellout on that goalie like 5 times
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    by (#682) on 5/29/01 @4:41PM
Comments like these make me sick. So let me get this straight, the reason that Middlebury won is because they played a "great game" and Gettysburg played like "crap".
Do you think that maybe the reason they played like crap was due to the fact that Middlebury controlled the game and was simply a better team???
If you were there you would have realized that Middlebury was deeper, more athletic, and more poised for the game. Gettysburg is very good but Middlebury clearly was a better team.
You lost, give Middlebury credit, not for just having one "great game", but for being a great team. And try to get better for next year. The Panthers return 7 starters...Gettysburg loses their 3 best players (Plantholt, Santry, Pearce).
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    by (#12351) on 5/29/01 @2:43PM
Champions don't choke. Who cares how Gettysburg played during the rest of the season. Just like W&L, Gettysburg could not step it up when they had to, and for that reason they did not take home the trophy. All of their whining is lame and pathetic.
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    by (#12663) on 5/29/01 @3:43PM
hey master of mayo, if you find those tshirts, please grab me one.... what a frigging a joke! there is a reason why there is a middlebury banner flying in the rafters on championship weekend and why there are no banners for guys like W&L and Getysburg, Middlebury does not make excuses, they get out there, and play as hard as they can and are RELENTLESS to the end. They don't try and print up shirts weeks before the game.... they play every game to win and carry it through the season end. coach J, give me a break, maybe prepare your team for the game rather than the result and maybe you will see a diff outcome, but i think you will have a toiugh time ever getting by MIDD!!

so in the words of generic: yeah blue yeah blue yeah blue YEAH

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    by (#5304) on 5/29/01 @5:47PM
SSU, you are an idiot, your name is SSU so you obviously were a Salisbury fan until they lost and now you are on this site saying yeah blue, yeah like you are Middlebury's biggest fan. Maybe you should change your name to fair-weather-fan. No one is making excuses for G-burg, they might have out shot Middlebury, but Middlebury took much higher percentage shots. You should put a little less energy into talking trash to a team that had a great season and more energy into something a little more constructive. Congrats to both Middlebury and the Bullets for great seasons.
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    by (#12663) on 5/29/01 @8:33PM
who cares who i cheer for, all i know is that i have never seen such a great group of individuals as middlebury, what a classy program with a winning attitude. and for that i praise them. there is nothing like the winning tradition this fine team has started. i smell a new hobart dynasty
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New Hobart dynasty?
    by (#2419) on 6/01/01 @2:19PM
Doesn't Hobart have something like 15 NC's overall? And what about the Streak? There are dynasties and then there are dynasties. Report back to us when Middlebury has at least 10 straight national championships and has bumped off the top teams in DI.
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    by (#5304) on 6/01/01 @4:40PM
SSU are you gay or something? I've never seen someone smoke another team's pole so hard. Maybe the Middlebury attack will take you out and gang-bang you. I bet you would like that. Yeah blue!
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    by (#6204) on 6/04/01 @2:01AM
No need to talk about W&L. We don't complain, we just play hard and take what comes. Congrats to Middlebury on a great year.
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the losers on this site
    by (#2894) on 6/08/01 @12:00AM
what a bunch of fu*&#@^ losers there are on this site. There are way too many guys that talk shit that were either at home during the tournament or are way to bitter about their teams playing like crap and the fact that they weren't in the finals. The only guys that can talk any sh%$ are from Vermont. All the rest of you shut up cause you guys couldn't even make it to the Big Dance.

By the way is there any justice for a face off guys. The Gettysburg guy went 19/29 in the national championship. and was never beaten consistently by anyone......oh yeah he was no where to be found on the all american list.
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