Minutemen Downed in OT

Minutemen Downed in OT

Minutemen Downed in OT

Minutemen Downed in OT

The first quarter came to a quick start with sophmore Chris Fiore finding the cage 43 seconds in. Both teams ran their respective offenses to test the waters early. The Pride came back and scored at 12:04 as Kevin Dougherty took Rob Schneider high from a settled 2-3-1 formation. The Minutemen responded with their 2-2-2 offense and Jeff Zywicki scored on a late 2 slide from the Hofstra defense. The tempo picked up as both teams looked to score off the transition. Umass tried to clear the ball into heavy traffic, Hofstra's Tom Kessler was able to scoop a groundball from midfield and take it straight to the cage to tie the game at two.

The Pride took their first lead of the game off a rebound from an outside side shot. Steve McTique was alone on the crease and dumped the ball past Schneider. With the quarter running down, Umass tried to set up a 2-3-1. Paccione was the man at X and noticed that his d-man was a step behind. Running straight to the cage, Dan took a one-handed shot and rolled it through the Keeper's 5-hole.

Hofstra set the pace in the 2nd quarter, slowing down the quick Umass attack. The Pride scored 2 goals in the first two minutes,Tom Kessler and Jim Feminella put the ball in on Schneider's off side. The Minuteman D headed by Matt Macfarland and Jim Fallon had trouble keeping up with the Pride and gave Hofstra multiple opportunities on late slides. Adam Hananel found the net as he was left all alone to take a shot straight at Schneider from the hole. Hofstra, relying on their veteran attack to take away the pressure, came straight at the cage from the midfield. Paul Rao was able to beat his d-man and score on a hard bouncer off the astro-turf. Hofstra scored again at 8:59, Kessler from X found Femminella open who shot it in the upperleft corner to gain a commanding 8-3 lead.

Umass finally received a break and scored on an EMO. Out of a 2-3-1 Marc Morley was able to skip a pass and found Kevin Leveille open for a crank shot from the left side. The Pride quickly went at the Minutemen again and Paul Rao scored his second on a shot between the Umass keeper's legs. With the momentum strongly in favor of Hofstra, "moe" quickly shifted when the Minutemen scored the next two goals. Chris Fiore scored first and a wide open Dan Paccione dipped and dunked one to bring a 9-6 score into halftime.

The 3rd quarter was relatively slow as both teams tried to control the ball on offense. Umass was first to get on the board as the Canadian freshman Craig Conn scored off a rebound on the crease. Joe Kostolansky was the only Pride to score in the third with a scorching low bouncer off a quick roll-dodge. The Minuteman man-up team was able to put the goal in the cage with five minutes remaining. Zywicki assisted Kevin Leveille who had an open look at the cage. Leveille was able to take the keeper off the near side pipe with a quick step to the inside. Leveille took advantage of the keep's position to score stick side high and bring the Minutemen to within two.

It appeared that Umass was finished with the fun and games and went straight to work in the 4th quarter controlling the tempo. Kevin Leveille scored unassisted from up top on the run at 12:25 The Minutemen were able to tie the game up at 4:23 when Paccione shot a bouncer that went stickside high. With the game tied, it seemed that the team to score the next goal would win the game and Umass scored with 3 minutes remaining. Dusty Smith found Jeff Zywicki open for an outside shot that went topshelf for the lead. Their second lead of the game, since the first 2 minutes of the game. All the Minutemen had to do was to maintain possession of the ball and that appeared to be their strategy.

As ticks ran off the clock, it looked like Hofstra was going home with an egg for their first game. But, with 3 seconds remaining, the Pride's tenacious ride was able to gain possession of the ball and banged it straight across the goal mouth. With no angle on the cage and time running out, Kessler was able to find McTigue cutting towards the cage who took Schneider off the pipe and send the game into overtime with a behind the back shot stickside.

In the NCAA overtimes are 4 minute sudden death, the team to gain first possesion usually wins. Hofstra won the faceoff and sealed the deal 13 seconds into overtime. Paul Rao with the ball went on a b-line straight to the cage beating Schneider with a bouncer to the upper right corner for a 12-11 win.

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tough luck
    by (#20907) on 2/23/02 @8:51PM
that sucks for umass, but dont worry, next year they will jake 'the snake' deane, the sick d-man from Suffield Academy, Conn. he will improve the defense and they will be undefeatable.
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    by (#9072) on 2/23/02 @9:02PM
Great game all the way through and what guts for the kid for hofstra to put in a behind the back goal with 2 seconds left
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No guts no glory
    by (#7173) on 2/25/02 @10:56AM
If Dino lets those kids play... they will surprise a lot of people with the amount of talent they possess!
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    by (#16137) on 2/24/02 @11:11AM
Jake will be an average D guy in college
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overrated my butt
    by (#20907) on 2/26/02 @11:11PM
overrated? who are u first of all to say that? and second of all, u are totally wrong. jake will be starting within two years, ill put money on it, if not as a freshman.
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    by (#8608) on 2/27/02 @12:57PM
Definitely overrated, will play college but will not be an impact player. SA does not play anybody good like maryland or NY teams.
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You blow
    by (#2549) on 4/07/02 @7:23PM
I've seen you in action............You couldn't shut down my 3 year old brother....So keep dreamin .....I wouldn't be surprised if you got cut you little punk.............Peace
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Just a couple questions....
    by (#764) on 2/23/02 @10:09PM
I have just a couple of questions for those at the game. Does Kevin Leveille look like the 1st teamer he was touted as in the preseason? Also, how does Hofstra's goaltending look? I remember it was pretty shaky last year early, but got a little stronger later in the season. Wonder if that's the case this year as well. Thanks to anyone who respnds.
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    by (#20815) on 2/23/02 @10:40PM
Hofstra had problems in net, but Alaimo didn't start last season - Brazell did...

Hofstra's attack unit is nasty.

whoa bundy.

and does anyone care that hobart named their captains (story on the left) cause that's not very news worthy...

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    by (#9072) on 2/24/02 @10:49AM
Hes nasty but sometimes he is hesitant to go to the goal but if he wants to go bye someone he will and hes better at attack than middie but i dunno why they dont put him there
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    by (#764) on 2/24/02 @6:16PM
Yea, I remember he was recruited as an attackman from the 99 recruiting issue of IL. I wonder too why he's being played at mid. Maybe he's just used to it after two seasons there.
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    by (#21396) on 2/25/02 @7:55PM
Leveille- He had a hat trick and two big hits on guys 40-60 lbs heavier than him. He's an all-around player. They most likely went with Fiore more of the time as Leveille is still recovering from an injured knee. On the play that tied the game in regulation, not a person at Garber Field, player or spectator, knew that Kessler pulled the ball out of the pack. I don't even think he knew he had it. Then he broke to the cage and found McTigue. For a keeper to stop a shot in a 3 on 1 would have been one of the best saves during the 2002 season. This UMass team can play with anybody as they have shown last year. Hey, if Hofstra went 0-5 to start '01 and got a berth, UMass can lose their first contest. And F$&* off to everyone who claims that they play a weak schedule. They beat everyone in proportion to how they should beat them, as evidence by the greatest margin of victory in NCAA last year, while Virginia was nearly getting beat by Butler and Duke was playing D2 teams. Teams like UMBC on thier schedule had bad years anyway. Two one goal games to Cuse and G'Town and they don't get in. When the committee gathers up the balls to let them dance, all the naysayers can taste their foot when the Minutemen find themselves in the Final Four.
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I dunno about that...
    by (#764) on 2/26/02 @5:30PM
I think that when the committee looks at games, the score doesn't matter. They just look at if it is a W or L. THe margin doesn't play a factor. It wouldn't matter if Syracuse beat UMass by 2 or 20, it is still a lose. Of course, that being said, I wholeheartedly agree with you that UMass should have made it in before UVa. The committee said that strength of schedule played a big factor in the decision, but you are right that UVa was still playing D2 teams while UMass had a pretty tough schedule in hindsight.
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    by (#15367) on 2/26/02 @6:33PM
are they going to increase the number of teams in the playoffs this year. I heard something after last year.
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    by (#764) on 2/27/02 @3:34PM
It will be voted on. Also, bracket expansion for women's softball and men's hockey is being considered. So, if the softball expansion passes, it will allow for expansion of hockey and lacrosse because of Title IX. But, it is being voted on, so it isn't definite yet
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Hofstra goal tending
    by (#8521) on 2/25/02 @3:18PM
The goalies for both teams didn't show much in this game. I was there and I can't think of a single save for either team that was noteworthy. UMass seemed to figure Alaimo out by the 2nd period. They would drop their sticks down and then shoot for the top corners. Alaimo would go down and then couldn't catch up with the high shots.

Leveille played well but UMass seemed to go with Fiore this game. Fiore definitely got more chances. I don't know if this was because Hofstra played to shut off Leveille, or if UMass just liked the matchups that Fiore got better. UMass runs a very middie oriented offense, so I think that they want to have their big guns at midfield. They keep Paccione on the crease and he hangs on the posts. Other than that they just pull the ball up top and make runs at the goal.
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great game
    by (#12731) on 2/24/02 @12:35AM
ill tell you,, i am a strong hofstra fan, and i couldnt make it out to amherst today, so i listened to the game on the radio. I took a litte break when hofstra was leading 9-4 in the 2nd quarter. Umass showed a lot of heart getting back into the game and taking the lead. im happy hofstra was able to come away with the win. I watched Rao play against Brown and Rutgers, and he looked pretty good, i'd say a capable replacement for shanahan. Great game Paulie... Watch out next week Hounds,, Hofstra is coming.
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Why the Name Change?
    by (#8608) on 2/24/02 @9:18AM
Why was Flying Dutchmmen changed to Pride?. Umass showed guts by coming back from a big deficit, too bad they lost. My prediction this year is that they will go 12-2 again not make the NCAA's unless they win their division.
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    by (#14859) on 2/25/02 @11:50AM
I was wondering why they changed too, Flying Dutchmen was one of the coolest names in college besides UC Santa Cruz (Fighting Banana Slugs).
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That hill...
    by (#21469) on 2/26/02 @4:35AM
...I do miss it so... *sniff*


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