NCAA Grants Extra Year To Duke Players

NCAA Grants Extra Year To Duke Players

NCAA Grants Extra Year To Duke Players

NCAA Grants Extra Year To Duke Players

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA student-athlete reinstatement staff has granted a season-of-competition waiver to 33 student-athletes who participated on the Duke University men's lacrosse team during the 2006 season. The waiver was requested by Duke University for all men's lacrosse student-athletes who were not seniors during the 2006 season.

The waiver provides each of the student-athletes a fifth year of eligibility to play lacrosse, regardless if the participation is for Duke or another NCAA institution. Duke University applied for the additional season of competition after canceling the 2006 season amid criminal allegations against some members of the team.

"These individuals were involved in an unusual circumstance that we believe warrants providing them the opportunity to complete their four years of competition," said Jennifer Strawley, NCAA director of student-athlete reinstatement and membership services.

The student-athlete reinstatement staff considered a number of factors in determining that a waiver of NCAA regulations was appropriate. These factors included the unusual and extenuating circumstances surrounding the cancellation of the season; the hardship endured by the team from the false allegations; and the unanimous endorsement by the Atlantic Coast Conference university presidents for the waiver.

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    by (#156278) on 5/30/07 @2:50PM
I'm glad Duke players got that extra year. but its a little unfair on the competition side.
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   confused by 5/30/07 @4:30PM
      Wow they really wanted Duke to win on Monday by 5/30/07 @5:31PM
         you're right by 5/30/07 @6:06PM
      they kinds of did cancel it. by 6/03/07 @8:03PM
   Its not unfair by 5/31/07 @10:01AM
      how isnt it? by 5/31/07 @11:41AM
         Are we reading the same article?! by 5/31/07 @12:15PM
   I'm also confused by 5/31/07 @8:51PM
      Answer for pigman by 5/31/07 @10:14PM
         something to think about by 6/01/07 @1:18PM
    by (#5100) on 5/30/07 @3:16PM
I don't really have an opinion one way or the other on whether this was the right decision by the NCAA, but ...

I do want to know logistics. When do players have to decide by? What about seniors this year, isn't it a little late for them to be applying to grad school for next year if they do decide to play in 2008?

This is going to be one of those "Bush v. Gore" stand-alone decisions, where the NCAA basically says it will never apply this as precedent in the future.
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Duke's incoming freshmen recruits...
    by (#16732) on 5/30/07 @3:49PM
are absolutely screwed if the core players decide to stay for the extra year. I feel real bad for them...
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   Incoming freshman by 5/30/07 @4:06PM
      it includes by 5/30/07 @4:11PM
      problem by 5/30/07 @10:00PM
         yes....but by 5/31/07 @11:33AM
            good point by 5/31/07 @11:48AM
   click on "tv" on the top by 6/02/07 @11:22PM
      also by 6/02/07 @11:23PM
in addition
    by (#135016) on 5/30/07 @4:16PM
I wonder if this applies to finnerty and seligmann where they choose to attend next fall. If not the NCAA needs to grant them the same especially since they were the main victims in the case
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   Answer is stated above by 5/30/07 @6:13PM
      not entriely true by 5/31/07 @3:01PM by 5/31/07 @6:32PM
no way
    by (#65589) on 5/30/07 @5:32PM
This is complete bullshit duke university cancelled the year without any pressure form the NCAA. They should not get this.
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   Eligibility is right! by 5/30/07 @9:44PM
   Duke by 5/31/07 @6:04PM
   Re: no way by 6/08/07 @10:33PM
Who will stay?
    by (#170556) on 5/30/07 @5:52PM
I'm wondering how many seniors this year will stay to try and get the national title next year. Do you think Danowski and Carrol and all the rest of the Duke starting seniors will stay?
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   (no subject) by 5/31/07 @10:03AM
      (no subject) by 5/31/07 @6:02PM
         merril lynch? by 6/02/07 @11:25PM
   click on "tv" on the top by 6/02/07 @11:26PM
    by (#156803) on 5/30/07 @6:42PM
I agree with everyone above that this is total BS. The NCAA probably feels they need Duke to be champs for publicity reasons. I think it was better for Lacrosse that there were so many competitive teams this year and you never knew who was going to win.

What will happen if Danowski or someone else breaks a record next season? It is not like it is only a game or two. 8 Games is enough to score 20+ goals and even more points. Do they toss out the 8 games from the shortened season or do they put an astrix?
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   i was wondering that by 5/30/07 @9:58PM
      thanks by 5/30/07 @11:38PM
         oops wrong topic (nt) by 5/30/07 @11:38PM
Duke's responsibilities
    by (#168668) on 5/30/07 @6:56PM
Mixed reaction to this - so many things to think about. Yes, it was Duke's decision to cancel the season, and, despite the media's total flip-flop on this, the players (and coaches?) did show a lack of judgement in the stripper parties - btw, was alcohol served to minors? But - likely this goes on to some extent on every DI campus (not saying right or wrong here - that's another debate) - analogy is condemning the drunk driver who takes a life when there are probably few adults who haven't at some time in their lives gotten behind the wheel when they shouldn't have - but in Duke's case, it blew up in their faces. I'm, as you may know, a Hop fan, but as much as I'd like to see the last of Danowski and company, I'll have to agree with the decision.
My real problem may be with the media, and perhaps, fans. JHU, and any opponent Duke might have faced, got portrayed as the bad guys, standing in the way of Duke lax redemption. How can that be fair to student athletes working their asses off both on the field and in the classroom? How could the national media show such little class? - think of the added pressure (maybe it worked to their advantage) to be only the 'villains' in Duke's way, not even worth mentioning by name on broadcasts.
Hopkins wasn't the enemy - they did their jobs on the field; as did the Duke lax team. For healing to come, Duke University needs to look inside itself - at all those who demonstrated, demanding the heads of the lax players before they had a chance to defend themselves. Add to them, the townies that joined the lynch party, and especially those who couldn't wait to travel from any distance to get themselves into the headlines - where are their apologies. What's become of the stripper? - is she free to go on without any consequences for her allegations/lies? And what of the media - including some among the Baltimore printed press, who couldn't wait to trash the sport of lacrosse, while conveniently excusing the behavior of Navy football players, Kobe Bryant, et al.?
Sad, sad story -and perhaps only the Duke players at that party know the full story. Deeply hope that no rascist remarks were made which could've led to the false charges. My greatest respect for the player (don't remember his name) quoted by the press as showing remorse for what happened to coach Pressler as a result of admitted poor judgement. All I can say to him, and the rest of the Duke team, is 'there but for the grace of God' would many of us go, let's learn from it, and congratulations (wish there were a better word) for a great season.
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   i agree by 5/30/07 @10:03PM
      pressler by 5/30/07 @11:00PM
   this is a great post ^^ by 5/30/07 @11:24PM
      woops by 5/30/07 @11:25PM
   The Media by 5/31/07 @11:41PM
      wrong by 6/02/07 @11:36PM
not fair to everyone else
    by (#170630) on 5/30/07 @7:07PM
i don't think it's fair that duke can get greer and danowski back. Last year, duke played half their season and they canceled it themselves, NOT the NCAA. I feel bad for duke's players and what they had to go through, but they shouldn't get an extra year of eligibility.
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   (no subject) by 5/30/07 @8:22PM
NCAA Decision
    by (#150894) on 5/30/07 @9:29PM
The NCAA may as well fold their tent and go out of business after ruling in favor of the Duke Lacrosse program. The NCAA has rewarded bad behavior. You can feel sorry for the 3 players who were wrongly charged, but the fact remains that the team as a whole made a poor decision when they decided to have the party. Ruling in Duke's favor is just an incredibly poor decision. Shame on the NCAA!
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   ? by 5/30/07 @11:19PM
   Not so much by 6/07/07 @6:12PM
justice for the real victim
    by (#103345) on 5/30/07 @10:09PM
I think everyone's forgetting one very important victim.
No, this one didn't lose any eligibility, but they did lose nearly everything and slipped back into obscurity, while everyone had their eyes on duke.
This victim also WAS COMPLETELY INNNOCENT! He wasn't at a party with underage drinking, or an exotic dancer.
In case you haven't guessed, it's Pressler.
So what happens when duke wins the title next year?
Yay, the nation's happy, the players ride out in a blaze of feel-good glory, and the story's put to rest until they make the movie.
But what about Pressler?
Will he get his job back? Most likely not.
Maybe Danowski will step down. Doubt it.
Maybe Pressler will become an assistant. maybe.
Maybe he'll continue coaching D2, forgotten in light of the other victims, but the only one who lost everything. He built that program, recruited that team, MADE THEM INTO A CHAMPION, and then in events out of his control, had his job taken away and the glory will go to others?
Who's the real victim?
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   Note by 5/30/07 @10:15PM
   good post by 5/30/07 @10:37PM
      Pressler's future by 5/30/07 @11:38PM
pressler's future
    by (#108796) on 5/30/07 @11:39PM
Here's my take on Pressler's actions and his future:

Pressler has every single reason and every single justification to go after Duke publicly and put the institution to shame for the way they handled the situation last spring. HOWEVER, I think he is making the right choice by not speaking to the media about the ridiculous treatment he recieved from Duke. Not once has Duke University publicly appolgized to Pressler, the man who brought a .500 program (that Duke considered cutting in the late 90's) to the peak of the lacrosse world. I'll bet my money that Pressler is laying low because he wants to become a DI coach again at some point. If he were to [rightfully] speak out against Duke's actions taken in the aftermath of the rape scandal, potential programs might shy away from hiring him as a coach. I sincerely hope that Mike Pressler will be able to find a way to rise above a. the poor choices that his players at Duke made, and b. the unbelievable treatment he recieved from Duke University.

As for whether or not the Duke players made bad choices last spring, that is a completely different debate, however we have to remember that multiple players had numerous previous citations from the Durham police, such as public urination and disturbing the peace, and the party was an accumulation of irresponsible behavior that had been going on for a while. Not everyone on the team is a saint, and not everyone is a bad person. Most likely, they're exactly like any other group of college athletes. I would look mostly to the captains and seniors of the team who allowed an off-campus party to get out of control like it did. I understand that 18-22 year old men like to have a good time, but it was irresponsible to have strippers and loud, obvious underage drinking, especiallly off campus. Their actions cost them dearly, whether the situation was blown out of proportion or not.
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   Dude, he's writing a BOOK about this by 5/31/07 @11:11PM
    by (#168201) on 5/31/07 @9:41AM
im so happy! im a HUGE duke fan..especialy lax..and it was so gay that the leauge pulled the plug on the season before all the facts came out..they owe duke a season. just cause they get a extra season..dosnt mean they will win it all by the stop complaining..u had a dukeless season...u had a wideopen door in ' really excited 2 see duke put the beat down next year
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   one correction by 5/31/07 @11:52AM
      o right by 5/31/07 @3:41PM
   stop complaining? by 5/31/07 @3:50PM
      how would you feel by 6/02/07 @11:32PM
im waiting
    by (#168201) on 5/31/07 @10:09AM
im waiting 2 c who comes back..but if #40 comes buying my tickets for foxburough and getting my plane ticket for mass..cause dukes gunna beat the crap out of every1
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   I'm with you man (nt) by 5/31/07 @6:04PM
Who cares about fair?!
    by (#85242) on 5/31/07 @12:31PM
Why are so many posts going off about how it isn't fair to the rest of the NCAA DI schools?! How is this, in any way, unfair?! Did they have their seasons canceled mid-season? Are you folks upset because your favorite college might not win a championship because the Danowskis and company will win? Competition is competition- how can you feel like a champion if you don't measure up to the best? All anyone can do in this situation is deal with it. No one knows how many seniors will stay or go- the MLL draft is today, so we'll all have a better idea of what will be happening to Duke's roster next season.
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   Competition by 5/31/07 @4:40PM
   (no subject) by 5/31/07 @5:04PM
    by (#168358) on 5/31/07 @12:32PM
i am so happy, dosnt this mean danowski and greer can play next year!! yes! duke should have won that game
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   greers a junior (nt) by 5/31/07 @12:56PM
   should have won? by 5/31/07 @3:53PM
   but they didn't (nt) by 5/31/07 @4:25PM
   Think by 5/31/07 @11:44PM
Right Decision
    by (#94442) on 5/31/07 @6:07PM
Duke lost an entire season games AND PRACTICE so while all the other teams were playing the Duke guys were sitting there being falsly accused. this was the right decision!
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   get your facts straight by 6/01/07 @6:01PM
2006 Seniors
    by (#165740) on 5/31/07 @6:31PM
Someone probably already answered this, but what about the guys who already graduated, the '06 crew? David Evans graduated last year, does he have his senior year back? I think those guys deserve it the most; losing your season sucks but it sucks the most for the guys who's last chance at lacrosse got stripped. I'd rather see those guys come back than Danowski or Loftus or any of them.

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Evans, Zash etc.
    by (#108796) on 5/31/07 @7:53PM
The ruling provides that the extra year of eligibility is not available to players who have already graduated. If players of the graduating class of '06 stayed in school this year to finish credits etc, then they would be able to play, but once you graduate from the school, you aren't eligible to play ncaa sports regardless.
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Granted Year
    by (#166405) on 5/31/07 @10:48PM
Personally, I think that Duke sort of should get their year back but it is completely unfair to the college lacrosse players who got injured 1 or 2 games into the season or anything like that because they deserve to get their year back too.
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Anywhere but Duke
    by (#170357) on 5/31/07 @10:49PM
Duke University should not be rewarded for their precipitous cancellation of the season and firing of Pressler. Let the "innocents" play at another school should they choose. It is wrong to reward Duke. Further, I thought the reason given for cancelling the season was the nature of the party (stripper, underage drinking)and no disciplinary action by the coaching staff. Perhaps that was appropriate. It is not the NCAA's role to reverse that decision.
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I don't understand...
    by (#91657) on 6/01/07 @1:03AM
What the fact that Duke, not the NCAA, canceled the season has to do with anything. Can anyone cite me an example where the NCAA ended an individual's or team's season prematurely and then granted them an extra year of eligibility? These things happen when something beyond your control cancels your season and the NCAA feels you shouldn't have had those games taken away from you. Greg Rommel broke his thumb a couple games into the season last year. He was granted an extra year of eligibility. The NCAA didn't cancel his season, so do you guys think it's also unfair that they decided to give him the extra year of eligibility?
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   bad example. by 6/01/07 @1:51AM
      I should have made my point clearer by 6/01/07 @1:06PM
dose any1 no whos coming back?
    by (#168201) on 6/03/07 @10:16PM
dose any1 hav a definate yes 2 whitch seniors r coming back??
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    by (#94442) on 6/07/07 @6:22PM
none of this bitching and complaining is going to over rule the NCAA so suck it up. and what about all the teams that didnt have to play Duke in 2006 is that unfair?? because even if you hate Duke they had a good team and were in contention for the national title. the accusations were wrong! there season shouldnt have been cancelled but by doing so they were trying not give Duke OR the game of LACROSSE a bad name. and there was most likely some pressure from the NCAA to cancel Duke's season whether it was publicized or not. the players deserve another season they were wrongly accused and now their getting back the season they deserve.
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   NOPE! by 6/09/07 @7:51PM
its a good thing
    by (#83535) on 6/11/07 @12:06PM
if you really think about it, they deserve it, before this happened they were on their way to a national title in 06, but after the head coach decided to forfeit the season not the players. the talent that was going to start in 06 got denied their chance. think about how they didnt get to play against anyone in 06 and doing so well this year. if they would have think about what they could have done 2 years in a row. i think they deserve to play in 08 just for the fact, they were already on their way in 06 for the title and then get denied the chance
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   nah dude by 6/11/07 @8:18PM
Duke Lax gets another year, BS.
    by (#172831) on 6/25/07 @11:51AM
How does the NCAA allow this to happen.oh waite cause there a bunch of rich kids, the ncaa has set a precident here, so from now on even if you get into alot of trouble as long as no one is charged with a crime they will have to allow players back into schools and onto teams and full teams the chance to play again. Duke University cancelled the season because there players had strippers at there party, i went to a D3 school and we were told we were gonna forfeit out first 3 games if we did anything wrong, this is bs, i guess after going 0-2 in the finals they are thinking giving them a third chance maybe they will win and it will be a great, complete bs
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Extra Year= 100% deserved
    by (#94442) on 11/25/07 @3:24PM
Yup everyone its really unfair they all get an extra year because their season was cancelled and because they were wrongly accused of rape and sexual assault. Its definitely unfair they're getting extra year I mean being wrongly accused of rape and everything is no big deal... daily occurence they should all just suck it up don't worry that they missed out playing the sport they went to college for and move on.. o yea but thats difficult now with the headline they've been wrongly given.
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