New York Tech Stifles West Chester 15-4

New York Tech Stifles West Chester 15-4

New York Tech Stifles West Chester 15-4

New York Tech Stifles West Chester 15-4

Four of the five top ranked D2 lacrosse teams are from Long Island. #2 New York Tech represented they're lacrosse rich borough on Wednesday by defeating West Chester 15-4 with perfect execution on offense, a swarming ride, and an aggressive, double-teaming defense. This was West Chester's 4th loss in a row.

"We wanted to limit our turnovers, be patient on offense, and try not to beat ourselves", explained Coach Jack Kaley. New York Tech executed their coach's game plan to the tee, making this a good game to watch... for a quarter.

New York Tech's Joel Cocarell scored the first goal at 10:14 of the first quarter off a sweet, no-look feed from behind by Tim Spruyt. West Chester answered a minute later when Jay Gambrill took advantage of a late slide to beat New York Tech goalie Chad Spruyt (that's half a quarter right there). New York Tech responded by tallying 5 unanswered goals. Cocarell added his second off a missed shot that was gathered and fed to him by attackman John Buchanan. Buchanan was not finished. After scoring his first goal off a feed from fast-breaking defensemen Ken Broschart at 5:06, he continued by collecting 2 more of his game-high 5 assists, feeding Cocarell and middie Kevin Rooney. Tech's defensive stalwarts, Adam Hopkins and Ken Broschart were everywhere winning ground balls and stripping West Chester attackmen all over the field. Tech goalie Chad Spruyt looked tough when tested. The first quarter ended with Tech up 6-1, and all of their goals coming from the middle of West Chester's sleeping crease defense.

The 2nd quarter was jumpstarted by West Chester's second goal at 14:36 when middie Gabe O'Brien connected off a feed from linemate Karl Baur to bring the Rams within 4. At 13:16, Tech middie Kevin Rooney did something to upset Ram defensemen Rob Devers while running him off a pick. Devers called him a bad name and axed him on the helmet for emphasis earning him a minute in the box. Tech did not convert, however, and the game stayed interesting until the 6:55 mark (there's the other half quarter). Tech middie Kevin Rooney (follow this closely) rapped check the ball from a West Chester d-man's stick into Tim Spruyt's stick at X, who then quick-fed Buchanan on the crease for his second goal of the game. After this circus play, it was downhill for West Chester. Rooney and Cocarell scored 2 more goals for Tech, both on feeds to the crease by the Gretzky-like Buchanan, and proceeded to suffocate West Chester all over the field until half.

Tech stormed into the third quarter as Jon Luciano scored from an impossible angle to put the Bears up 10-2. At this point, a couple of behind the back passes started flying and Tech D-men Hopkins and Broschart flirted with full-field runs. However, coach Kaley reeled them in, and Tech continued their persistent attack working the ball to X, and feeding the sleeping crease to tally 2 more unanswered goals. Middie Paul Carafides scored West Chester's 4th goal at 2:13 of the third, but this game was over when the quarter started.

To sum up the fourth quarter, same results, different faces. Tech's ride and double-teaming defense squashed West Chester and the game played itself out with Tech cruising to a 15-4 victory. "We executed today. We were much improved today. We played ball control offense and didn't beat ourselves. West Chester has some good players and we shut them off", said coach Kaley after the game. When asked about Tech's regular season finale against CW Post, he replied, "We're not looking there yet, we've got a couple games before them". If Tech follows their coaches game plan for the rest of the season, there's a strong possiblity that they'll play in a Strong Island D2 final.

New York Tech vs. West Chester
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New York Tech9-0
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    by (#2113) on 4/13/00 @7:44PM
d2 lacrosse is silly and anyone who thinks that a d2 powerhouse could step on the field with a respectable d1 team is ignorant and they should stop breathing.
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you're ignorant
    by (#2210) on 4/13/00 @9:35PM
first of all the d2 powerhouses could handle most,, thats right most of division one teams with ease, as for knocking d2, i'm sure its really fun playing for a crappy d1 team(which you probably play for) than a nationally ranked d2 team. Right?
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you poor poor child
    by (#2222) on 4/14/00 @8:36AM
going through life with those horrible blinders on and seeing things in only one shade of grey.
Perhaps you would see more games and enjoy the sport more if you watch more than just the top four teams in the country.
If we go by your idea We can watch only two or three games a year since everyone other than the top four are home holding thier breadth.
I dont know if you are a player or for whom you play but please the next time you take the field wear your helmet. Oh thats right you can't take the field after all only the best will be playing.
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easy guy
    by (#2304) on 4/16/00 @9:22PM
have you ever seen a D2 game. Just out of curiosity, what school do you play for? I am not writing this to insult anyone, but before you go making outlandish comments, check the records, Tech beat, Yale and Hofstra in a scrimmage. True, Hofstra played all of their Freshman and sophomores, but the final score was 14-2 and Tech played everyone. And just for a little senseless plug, that you sould already realize if you ever saw them play, Tech is in the top 25 in the country right now, any division. And with a healthy Peter Muller, could give any team ,with the exception of the top five in D1, fits. Any reply to that, I will be glad to answer.
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u the man
    by (#2387) on 4/19/00 @2:38PM
i have a reply..yea maybe tech post or adelphi or molloy havent got the virginias or syracuses or hofstra talent that they sometimes do, but they al have heart and determination to win one thing and thats a national champioship..yea u guys in d1 might be sponsored by brine or warrior or whatever but who the hell cares d2 has a lot of talent on those teams that could easily beat a highly ranked d1 team anyday..
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D2 legit
    by (#2332) on 4/17/00 @10:59PM
Obviously you are new to the sport since you have no idea what you are talking about, I hope this is true because if it isn't then you are as ignorant as you sound. Not every team is a syracuse, princeton, loyola, virginia, or hopkins. But there are plenty of teams that are good. There is that elite 5, but then what do you have after that? Coming from a former D2 player and now a collegiate coach, there are not many teams in any division that Adelphi, NY Tech, CW Post couldn't beat. You probably don't even play in college, and if you do then I can put my money on you don't play in the top 5 in D1. So either start enjoying the game at every level, or stop following it all together
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what a fag
    by (#2387) on 4/19/00 @2:43PM
dude what r u talking about? d1 lacrosse is all about whos the better PLAYER on the team not about whos got the best players..d2 teams dont just have one solid player that they all look to go to on every single play..look at tech u have their whole attack, whole middies that can win a game for them not just one solid line or one good player that everyone looks to..d1 is a crock man..d2 is all about heart and sportsmanship and a love for the game not a competition over who has the best gloves or helmets..u need to play college lacrosse bro and realize what its all about
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Buchs (nt)
    by (#2205) on 4/13/00 @7:52PM
(no text)
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    by (#2205) on 4/13/00 @7:55PM
Since when is buchanon gretzky? good job buchs
your secret admirer from LB.

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    by (#922) on 4/14/00 @9:07AM
Does anyone know how scott marcoulier is doing for New York Tech?
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(no subject)
    by (#2225) on 4/14/00 @10:19AM
yes he's doing well he plays dmid and starts he only has a few goals but is playing very well
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    by (#2382) on 4/19/00 @1:15PM
what's up bromby? i am doing well so far. three possibly four left. take it sleazy
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(no subject)
    by (#2387) on 4/19/00 @6:11PM
hes doin real well..playing very good d for tech this year hes the captain..good leader
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