Perritt, Carrozza, and McGonigle Re-Join Cuse

Perritt, Carrozza, and McGonigle Re-Join Cuse

Perritt, Carrozza, and McGonigle Re-Join Cuse

Perritt, Carrozza, and McGonigle Re-Join Cuse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - Student-athletes Pat Perritt (Holtsville, N.Y.), John Carrozza (Katonah, N.Y.) and Sean McGonigle (Encinitas, Calif.) have been re-admitted to Syracuse University and have rejoined the men's lacrosse team. Perritt and McGonigle participated in the team's opening practice on Tuesday morning. Carrozza has not yet returned to campus, but he is expected to arrive in the coming days.

The three players withdrew from school last spring for violations of the University's student code of conduct.

Perritt started seven games in the midfield last season and finished with eight points (7g, 1a). He netted a hat trick in the Orange's season-opening win against Hobart and scored twice versus Cornell.

McGonigle saw time in nine games for SU in the defensive midfield. He collected five ground balls in 2007, including two against Virginia.

Carrozza, also a defensive midfielder, played in three games and had three ground balls.

In addition, former Virginia long-stick middie Derek Pilipiak has joined the squad for the 2008 campaign. Pilipiak played for the Cavaliers from 2005-06. In his two seasons in Charlottesville, he appeared in six games, including five during the Cavaliers' run to the 2006 national championship.

Pilipiak hails from Ridgewood, N.J. and was a teammate of Orange captain Evan Brady at Ridgewood High School.

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    by (#136419) on 1/08/08 @12:04PM
Absolutely! I say that Syracuse returns to the NCAA Tournament and very possibly makes the Final Four this season.

And, folks, Gary Gait is going to do an AWESOME job as the women's coach at Syracuse! I say that, they will be regulars in the NCAA Tournament and challenge for the crown with him. Trust me that great women players will go to Syracuse to play for him. The dude can flat-out coach! He was the top assistant to Cindy Timchal at Maryland during the Terps seven year run as champs. And, it was said that, with his coaching brilliance, he played a bigger part than Timchal did in the succuess of the Terps. Hey, after he left, Maryland never even got to the title game again.

Now, back to Syracuse Men's Lacrosse. John Desko is still one of the best coaches ever in the game. However, the reason Syracuse hasn't been doing quite as well recently is because they haven't been getting the ballplayers they used to. Part of the reason is that so many of the players love to go South. However, another part of the reason is that Desko, IMHO, is not the recruiter Simmons was. Desko needs to get an assistant who is a brilliant recruiter for 'Cuse to be a regular in the Final Four again!
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    by (#176899) on 1/14/08 @5:28PM
UVA will still own S.U. even with these guys back. UVA is to talent and deep to lose this game, but it will still be a good game since its SU and UVA, 2 of the most storied programs
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    by (#136419) on 1/15/08 @2:48PM
No question about it! They have some great talent coming back and one of the most heralded recruiting classes ever! IMHO, the reason that 'Cuse hasn't been doing as well lately is because not only is Syracuse not as easy a sell for talent as places like UVA, Duke, etc., but Desko is not a super recruiter. As a game coach, though, he is great! In fact, even when Roy Simmons, Jr. was the coach, Desko did most of the game coaching and Xs and Os. Roy was the main recruiter and the grandfather, I believe.
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