Princeton Deals Syracuse Their Second Loss

Princeton Deals Syracuse Their Second Loss

Princeton Deals Syracuse Their Second Loss

Princeton Deals Syracuse Their Second Loss

Princeton defeated Syracuse in the Carrier Dome 11-10 on Saturday in a rematch of last year's championship game and added more fire to an already heated rivalry. Jason Doneger led the Tigers with 5 goals and was a problem for the Syracuse defense all day. It was definitely one of the many Syracuse/Princeton games for the books. Steve Vallone led Syracuse with four goals in a losing effort.

Syracuse poured on the pressure early and built a 3-0 lead that carried them through most of the first quarter. Midfielder Steve Vallone who had four goals on the day had his hand in two. Princeton’s offense finally got into gear as Doneger fired a hard shot from up top by SU goalie Jay Pfeifer. Freshman phenom Brian Crockett notched one more for Cuse and it seemed as though the quarter was over. Jason Doneger had other ideas as he scored with only 2 seconds left in the quarter to cut the Orange lead to only 2. I can remember this happening on a few occasions already this season for the Orange. Perhaps its just coincidence or maybe its something the coaches need to address. It is definitely costing them in the big games. (Virginia)

The second quarter turned out to be unspectacular with each team getting a goal apiece sending it into halftime with Syracuse on top 5-3. At this point, however, it was clear that Princeton was shaking off the sluggishness they seemed to begin the game with and was putting more and more sustained pressure on Syracuse. From what I remember the only thing of significance in the second quarter was a 3 minute non-releasable penalty on Princeton face off man Drew Casino for an illegal stick, but like I said Syracuse was only able to get a goal on this great opportunity.

The third quarter began just how the second never started: with offense and more offense. After Princeton’s initial score from middie Owen Daly, each team was able to put together a 3 goal streak. Syracuse found uncharacteristic offense from their close defense and middies who really were the driving force in the game for them. In Princeton’s run, Doneger again showed his late quarter heroics when was able to score with only 10 seconds left in the third to cut Syracuse’s lead to only 1. (8-7)

The final quarter opened with the play of the game when Tiger’s defenseman Damien Davis took the ball the length of the field for a diving shot in front of the Syracuse net to score. Syracuse D man Dan DiPietro did the same thing a quarter earlier, but this came at a much more crucial time, giving the Tigers an edge in the back and forth game which would carry through to the end. With this pattern continuing, Syracuse finally tied the game at 10 apiece right before Brad Dumont gave Princeton their final go ahead goal coming at 12:05 into the fourth. Leading 11-10 with only minutes left Princeton coach Bill Tierney utilized his timeouts to orchestrate the stalling technique Princeton has become famous for. After letting most of the time tick away, Sol Bliss was finally able to get the ball from the Princeton attack with only about a minute remaining. He quickly found Mike Powell up field who let a rare errant pass slip back into Princeton possession. Back in the Orange zone, Pfeifer intercepted a pass and the ball found its way back down field. Three passes later and with only about 1 second remaining, Mike Springer took one last shot from right in front of the cage hitting the Princeton goalie in the chest. Game over. Lets hope these two teams meet again in May. They never fail to disappoint.

I’d definitely give Doneger and Davis the MVP’s for the game as they dominated their respective ends of the field. Davis proved to be one of the premier defensemen in the game, as he shut down Powell who was held pointless in the contest. This game also was Liam Banks’s return to action from an injury suffered earlier in the season. He didn’t end up getting any burn until midway through the second quarter, but he should be cracking the lineup frequently even with the depth of Syracuse’s current attack. His experience and leadership will prove to be valuable as the season progresses.

Syracuse faces Brown next weekend and Princeton plays at Rutgers on Tuesday.

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3rd Floor Rebellion
    by (#19799) on 3/23/03 @11:16PM
This is the worst story that I have ever read!! Who is this Mark Powell guy that everyone keeps talking about. And Princeton, I heard that they all collectively date the author of this piece of toilet tissue. I mean, after reading this, I would feel the same as if a lady I had been dating for a while packed up and left me one day while taking my rather large secret stash to go live with her ex-ex-boyfriend. Are you free on friday evening Farley, or whatever your name is. I would love to take you out for drinks and perhaps we could pose for pictures the rain. I hate you. You are wonderful!!
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Farley and Fram
    by (#16137) on 3/24/03 @9:40AM
Worst writers on this site!!not up to par with other writers, like reading press releases like inside lacrosse, common put some effort into it, there should be a uniform format for this site for the most par is so much better that other sites.
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From the Thank-you-sir-may-I-have-another depart.
    by (#46862) on 3/24/03 @7:40AM
All you Princeton detractors who said the Tigers will "suck" this year drop and give us twenty!

In particular, the forecasting geniuses who graced us with their game-by-game predictions of PU's '03 schedule.

Try predicting the weather instead...
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The Story
    by (#45083) on 3/24/03 @9:39AM
This is by far the best story I've read this year, finally a story that tells more than who passed the ball to whom. Finally some commentary and some analysis. What happened in the quarters was characterized e.g. the most important thing in the one was the 3 minute non-releasable. That hurt the Cuse. Powell's shutout was huge, the biggest in my memory and his bad pass with about a minute to go was news not mentioned in other articles. This was a very bad game for Powell and it might be saying something about him. Is he distracted , rusty from the scholastic problems and missing Fall ball. Is something going on here?
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(no subject)
    by (#31907) on 3/24/03 @9:21AM
Somebody get little Mikey Powell some kleenex. He probably hasn't been shut out since the 5th grade. All you Tiger haters out there.......time to take your medicine and get a clue. You want to doubt the genious that is Tierney lacrosse.....but one of these days you will figure out that he is the best coach the game has ever seen. That is it for the rest of the field....the Tigers won't lose again this year. I just hope they get to play UMASS in the tourney so we can shut up all the Minute-women fans on this site.
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thats what im saying there rogue
    by (#27346) on 3/24/03 @10:05AM
the dominance of the tigers is overwhelming.....and tempest where is ur punk ass now......probably in a turkish bathhouse
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    by (#46982) on 3/24/03 @6:55PM
Told you....Powell will be shut down....The Cuse D is just not good either...Well compared to others!
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paging rogue leader
    by (#26729) on 3/25/03 @4:10PM
Luke called he said you've been sniffing too much of the rocket fuel from your millenium falcon, go and play with your wookie.....and you better hope you dont play UMASS, they are for real, I watched them play(and dominate) Hofstra this weekend. The offense is sick, and the defensive is extremely quick and skilled(all without pre season all american tom fallon). I think you will be the one doing the shutting up come seasons end. Um, over and out Rogue Leader, your going down in flames
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    by (#48237) on 3/26/03 @6:32AM
holy fucking SHIT! wait wait wait. just wait. they dominated ... HOFSTRA?! aaaa!! stop the fucking presses!!! stop the WORLD!!! oh no. i think i'm gonna blow a nut in my pants right now!! aahhhh!!!!! whoa. shit that was great. hofstra. who can "dominate" the likes of hofstra?! oh. my highschool jv b team. trancelax you are one stupid dumb motherf////cker. shutthefuckup! UMASS eats ass almost as much as you're a pussy. you really just need to stop opening your idiot fucking mouth, coz every time you do you sound like a grinding gearbox and just make me want to beat you like the red-headed step-child that you are.
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(no subject)
    by (#31907) on 3/26/03 @9:22AM
Princeton 18 - Hofstra 5. So the fact that the Minute-Women smacked those LI meatheads around doesn't really impress me. When we are all watching Princeton play Hopkins in the finals on Memorial day, we should have UMASS and Notre Dame play a consolation game the next day for all of the fans of second tier DIV I lacrosse. It would be like watching the finals of the NCAA Womens basketball tourney the day after the Men's final. Seriously, lets talk to the NCAA about getting this planned.
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Watch Vallone!
    by (#48084) on 3/24/03 @7:45PM
Vallone has had the highest percentage of shots on goal for two years...nice to see he's being this guy as the season progresses
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Yeah that kids good!
    by (#48113) on 3/24/03 @10:07PM
I've been watchin him for a couple years, even back in the Corning days and hes a good one. Hopefully he can keep stepping it up and help out Cuse some more in the future.
Overall a great NCAA athlete too with excellent grades.
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    by (#43104) on 3/25/03 @9:09AM
I think this year will be the year of the most even top ranked teams in college lacrosse. Personally, I think that Syracuse, Virginia, Hopkins, and Princeton are all at equal levels. Virginia bean Syracuse, Hopkins beat Virginia, and Syracuse beat Hopkins. I think that anyway you set them up the battles of these 4 teams just depends on which team wants the win more. And i know that everyone will cryticize me for saying something like this because they have their favorite team that they believe can take anyone. Personally mine is Virginia but i believe they could easily be taken by any of those other 3 teams.
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Level Field
    by (#46862) on 3/25/03 @12:53PM
I agree with you. No surprise if all four teams you mention wind up in the final four. Unless, of course, the rest of has contrary thoughts:

"No way, dude, Princeton sucks, SU is the DI bomb, Jah Rule has a sweet lax crank, Tempest wears knee pads, etc, etc". Shut the f@#$ up!

The Balto. Sun had an article in the season preview that mentions only three teams in a decade have won the title and will the competitive landscape of the sport drastically change this year?

Sure, it's changing via AQ's, but that is about it. 'Be nice to see to a squad win it all other than SU, PU or Uva.

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