Scott Nelson Goes To The Show

Scott Nelson Goes To The Show

Scott Nelson Goes To The Show

Scott Nelson Goes To The Show

A little birdy flew by today and whispered sweet messages to our ears. Brown has named Scott Nelson to take over the Bears' head coaching duties. He leaves Nazareth to go to the big leagues of Division 1 ball. Good luck to Scott Nelson and the Ivy League Bears.

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providence is gonna kill you
    by (#3894) on 8/09/00 @8:32AM
even with your new coach we are coming for you guys and we are gonna beat your A$$!!! Providence Friars Forever
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Heyyyyy Providence ...
    by (#2443) on 8/09/00 @8:37AM
Providence ? Isn't that a TV show. Who knew they even had a lacrosse team, heyyyyyyyyyyy
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you suck at life
    by (#3894) on 8/09/00 @9:12AM
hey buddy...i don't see you on the Providence Lacrosse team. We are really good and I bet we could beat most high school teams.
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    by (#12864) on 5/30/01 @7:46AM
oooo what an accomplishment.....Brown can beat most Div. 1 teams
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who the f*** is providence
    by (#4129) on 8/09/00 @12:58PM
they have a team....what division do they play in haha that program must be a joke!
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Friars Lame Forever
    by (#2700) on 8/09/00 @3:48PM
Your powerful PC lax juggernaut has dropped 10 straight games. Infantile rants can't put the ball in the cage. Do it on the field bigpube, then get back to us.
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    by (#12864) on 5/30/01 @7:45AM
The friars suck, even if Brown was just a pile of cinder blocks, Providence (the worst teamin div. 1) couldn't beat them. How the hell did they even get in Div. 1 anyway?
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Real Chaz Gesner Please Stand Up
    by (#3883) on 8/09/00 @11:18AM
Yo..Yo, Okay, here the dilly yo:
Chaz Gessner is d-bomb. Yo, he represent DC lax to the T. GC PRIDE. Falcons rule MD LAX. We even rule the streets. We have taken care of the wannabees, like those little kids called the FAM and the Inner Circle. Please. Scott Nelson, watch out Chaz is for real, yo. He tears it up. Not even fat bot Viterello can eat it all up.
Back to the Wall boy. Go Providence friars: Adam Karchmer for newcommer of the year
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    by (#3894) on 8/09/00 @12:34PM
Good Council in the House. The Little Hoyas from G-town Prep is gonna tear it up. Yeah Gorms!!!!
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Qualities of Chaz
    by (#2120) on 8/15/00 @11:34PM
No left hand, boney, and too damn tall.
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    by (#3883) on 8/09/00 @2:31PM
beat it kid, unless you wanna get smacked..Who is gorms?? you dead b!tch
GC 4 ever
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Woah kids...Heyyyyyy
    by (#2443) on 8/10/00 @12:27PM
Hey, I thought you were talking about Providence college. I didn't realize it was a high school team ,and that I was going to cause all the white suburban wanna be gangsters to start speaking ebonics. I think you all need to just relax. Also I think some of you need to go back to grade school and learn to write and speak a little better. Hey Dag, it looks like these kids are already headed into the life of Slunk, NICE.
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    by (#890) on 8/15/00 @12:51AM
I think ya'll forgot what the article was about, SCOTT. This is going to be a great opportunity for Scott and the brown men's team. It would be quite impossible for Providence to beat Brown. Even if Brown had no arms, legs, or eyes...Providence would lose badly. Scott Nelson has an immensly talented team, in fact, one of the most individually talented teams in the Ivy League. Lets see what ol scotty can do for 'em. Seeing that scott was a nasty laxer at "Cuse and rocked the party at Nazareth. I am expecting big things from the Boss.
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Get your facts straight
    by (#4169) on 8/15/00 @1:08PM
Scott Nelson went to NC St., not syrajuice.
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bad move
    by (#1994) on 8/16/00 @3:57PM
I think it's a bad move for Scott.......he played run and gun at Naz and the Bears sure can't live like that! Good luck recruiting horses to play that style.....your gonna need it!
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d3 sucks
    by (#1384) on 8/26/00 @5:19PM
brown would smack nazareth.

You obviously play d3. Its like two different worlds. And by the way, Providence is awful. Maybe the worst team in d1. Manhattan College had that distinction until they actually beat Providence. But keep practicing, maybe you could beat the PAL team I use to play for.
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