Stringing With Boomer: Top Lace

Stringing With Boomer: Top Lace

Stringing With Boomer: Top Lace

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    by (#207697) on 12/22/08 @2:58PM
are they going to make a video about stringing the sidewalls
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    by (#2) on 12/22/08 @3:00PM
there's more coming. just didn't want one huge video.
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(no subject)
    by (#198558) on 12/22/08 @4:07PM
any idea when?
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    by (#105092) on 12/22/08 @10:22PM
Can you guys please post a vid for the right way to string traditional and how to break it in.. Thanks
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after xmas weekend...
    by (#2) on 12/23/08 @1:07PM
we'll have more.
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(no subject)
    by (#208891) on 12/30/08 @5:53PM
they should do this with goalie heads
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    by (#176829) on 12/23/08 @9:32AM
mavricks u rock, Ive learned some much from u guys. Thanks!
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    by (#118477) on 12/27/08 @10:12AM
A clear concise presentation. Sort of a refresher for everyone.
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    by (#209230) on 1/09/09 @12:47AM
Hey guys any really good stringers know if this way is ok? Or is there a better way?
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I think it is
    by (#57798) on 1/10/09 @2:34PM
When it comes to stringing I feel, to each is own. I think its great showed people how to do this. People can learn from it and then adapt to their own style

I tried it and what I like about the videos is:
Top string grabs the mesh and pulls it back and also makes for a tighter (not shallow) pocket

Sidewall wraps the sidewall against the plastic, I think that will make for a more consistent stick.

throwing strings and bottom well, that is something each stringer has to work on, so they get what they like.

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(no subject)
    by (#111655) on 7/03/11 @1:50AM
I prefer to do my top lace the reverse way taht he is it just seems right an better it keeps it nice and tight too.
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    by (#215609) on 3/12/09 @8:58PM
is it easier to string with a shaft on or just a head
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RE: shaft or head
    by (#218836) on 4/12/09 @12:26PM
It only depends on your personal opinion. If you try stringing with only the head, make sure you do it on the floor;it makes the job a whole lot easier.
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    by (#176047) on 3/25/09 @9:18PM
how do u make a head throw with more whip or even hit the plastic?
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RE: Whip
    by (#218836) on 4/12/09 @12:23PM
To get more whip all you have to do is add more shooting strings. I'm confused why you want whip though...
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Other Ways
    by (#218836) on 4/12/09 @12:21PM
Boomer,i figured out how to do your way of a top wall easy but, i think you should do other videos too; on different ways of stringing the top wall like the triangle an X.
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    by (#217880) on 4/29/09 @1:27AM
strung the top wall but it looks a little off center to the left.

what did I do wrong and how can I fix it?
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not easy
    by (#199233) on 6/18/09 @10:00PM
i was stuck one one step and couldn't get past it
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Lighter and scissors??
    by (#203141) on 3/06/10 @10:03AM
what are those for??
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    by (#212596) on 7/27/10 @2:26PM
Scissors are for cutting the ends of the top laces to about 2 or 3 inches sticking out and the lighter is to melt the ends of the lace enough so they won't get frayed while playing with it
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    by (#235043) on 9/02/10 @1:53PM
will u make a video on the best way for stringing composite mesh
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Top Lace Holes
    by (#377926) on 5/28/13 @5:44PM
Why don't you use every hole for the top lace and just every second?
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