Stringing with Sean Morris: Top Lace

Stringing with Sean Morris: Top Lace

Stringing with Sean Morris: Top Lace

Stringing your stick is a pretty personal thing. Everyone has their own subtle tweaks or styles that let their wand work its magic. As part of a new series, LAX.COM will have players guest star in their own stringing tutorials.

In this video, Team STX member and professional player Sean Morris begins to show us how he strings up his new Revolver head. Stay tuned as Morris fleshes out the rest his stick in subsequent videos.

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Good tutorial but..
    by (#218275) on 4/24/10 @8:53PM
He said he was pulling the lace as tight as he possibly can, yet it is so loose when he shows you the finished thing. Good tutorial though. P.S. I'm no Sean Morris hater I actually like him.
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Will there be more
    by (#138538) on 5/14/10 @10:34PM
where is the rest of the stringing parts like the sidewall and shooting strings? Will there be more or just the top string?
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There is more
    by (#260364) on 11/26/10 @9:31PM
There's more in the package but I think they were just focusing on Top Lace
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    by (#222998) on 5/15/10 @11:14AM
That toplace is the grossest thing i've ever seen. 1. I completely understand he had to do it in a closed time, like 3 minutes or so.
stick to playing sean morris and no I'm not a sean morris hater.
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