Syracuse Makes It 22 Final Fours In A Row, 8-7 Over Georgetown

Syracuse Makes It 22 Final Fours In A Row, 8-7 Over Georgetown

Syracuse Makes It 22 Final Fours In A Row, 8-7 Over Georgetown

Syracuse Makes It 22 Final Fours In A Row, 8-7 Over Georgetown

Ithaca, NY – The Syracuse Orangemen needed a goal by senior captain Sean Lindsay with five seconds remaining in regulation to beat the Georgetown Hoyas, 8-7 and move on to their 22nd straight NCAA Final Four. Syracuse overcame a 6-4, and 7-6 Hoya lead. Syracuse needed goalie Jay Pfeifer to tie his career high in saves with nineteen, along with three goals from Mike Powell and three points from Kevin Dougherty and Brian Crockett (both had one goal and two assists). For Georgetown, Rich D’Andrea was phenomenal in net with eighteen saves. Sean Denihan provided most of the Hoya offense as he contributed four goals and an assist.

In a game with two teams that both average over ten goals a game, and the 13-9 Syracuse victory two weeks ago, one would predict a high scoring affair. On this day, on Schoellkopf Field, the Syracuse Orangemen wouldn’t run-n-gun like they normally do and both teams would fall below their season average. Syracuse got the scoring started first as Brian Crockett finished a Steve Vallone feed less than a minute into the game. Trevor Casey got the Hoya’s on the board at the 11:44 mark off a Neil Goldman feed. Casey’s goal can be attributed just as much to senior Walid Hajj as he fought to keep the ball in-bounds enabling Goldman to have a loose ball to scoop up and dish to Casey.

The rest of the first quarter would be just about all Georgetown, or rather Sean Denihan. Denihan would add a hat trick in the first quarter on three unassisted goals. All three goals were similar: he would start from behind the goal-line extended, drive to try and get top-side on his man, and when he did finish the goal. The 3rd goal came when Syracuse was playing 7-on-6 as an attacker had gone off-sides and stayed to play defense during the play-on. In between the four 1st quarter Georgetown goals, Sean Lindsay had taken a Kevin Dougherty feed for the Orangemen 2nd goal. Georgetown held a 4-2 advantage heading into the 2nd quarter.

The second quarter became a defensive showcase as each team only scored once in the period. D’Andrea contributed seven saves for the Hoyas, while Pfeifer tried to match him with five of his own. Alex Zink ended a thirteen minute dry spell off Kevin Dougherty’s 2nd assist. Dougherty had driven hard down the side of the field, drew the double team and fed an open Zink, who finished it making it a 4-3 Georgetown lead. At the 1:48 remaining until the half with two flags on the ground Mike Powell sent a rocket off one of the posts. The Orange were unable to capitalize on the two-man advantage. With little time remaining, Brian Crockett dropped the ball in the Georgetown defensive zone. Reyn Garnett gathered the groundball and started the fast break as he hit Andrew Braziel who hit a screaming/streaking Brodie Merrill. The Tewaaraton finalist, who had to that point gotten the better of Syracuse’s Tewaaraton finalist (Mike Powell), ripped a high-to-high shot just over the off-stick should of Jay Pfeifer to send Georgetown into the half with a 5-3 advantage.

n.b. The second major weird occurrence of Schoellkopf Field (the first being the fog) was the fact that the scoreboard went out at :18 left in the first half right after Merrill’s goal. It apparently was a short in the scoreboard. The entire second half was played without a working scoreboard.

As senior leaders do, they come to play when their team needs them most. Much to the excitement of the heavily Orange stadium Mike Powell struck first in the second half for Syracuse. 3:18 in dipped and dunked by D’Andrea, while jumping or being upended by a Georgetown defender (it was hard to tel which). One of Georgetown’s senior leaders who answer for the Hoyas, as Wallid Hajj took a Sean Denihan feed on a man-advantage to put the Hoyas up 6-4 with just over 22 minutes to play in the game.

Powell was responsible for the next two goals. The first was a righty laser on a man-up opportunity. The second came after Brian Crockett had dodged past his man drawing the double team when he found a wide open Mike Powell. Powell’s third goal of the game made it 6-6 with just over twenty minutes left to play. Though not many in the stadium had a strong grasp of the time in the game.

After a ten minute scoring drought, Brian Young found Sean Denihan for his fourth goal of the game during transition after a penalty flag had been thrown. The Georgetown lead wouldn’t last long as less than two minutes later Kevin Dougherty isolated his man, drawing the double team. Only this time, instead of passing, he rolled back to his left hand and beat D’Andrea with a lefty shot. The Dougherty goal evened the game at 7 with 8:19 to play.

It would be really hard to describe the feeling among the 3rd largest NCAA regional crowd during those last eight minutes. There was a feeling as if, “Syracuse might not make the Final Four?” and no one really knew how they felt about it. Then again, there were the Orange fans who were just holding on, knowing that yes, in fact, Syracuse would be in yet another Final Four. Georgetown had plenty of opportunities in the last few minutes to ruin the Streak, but in the end they couldn’t get it done.

Brian Nee lay motionless after a Syracuse possession and Georgetown had started up the field. There is some contention as to how the refs handled the call, because Georgetown had had the ball cleared of midfield when the whistle was blown. After Nee was attended to, it seemed that he would be okay, though many people were biting their tongues until they saw his foot kick up. After the injury timeout, Georgetown was forced to clear the ball from their defensive end. On the ensuing clear, they were called for offsides. So with around fifty seconds to go in the game, Syracuse was given the ball after the change of possession. As Syracuse settled into their offense, the excitement only grew as they were few in the stadium who knew the exact time left. Everyone knew it was close to the end. As Sean Lindsay possessed the ball, the ref yelled out “fifteen seconds”. The ball made its way into senior Steve Vallone’s stick behind the net. He hit a cutting Sean Lindsay who put the ball past D’Andrea giving the Orangemen the dramatic one goal lead with just five seconds left in regulation.

Andy Corno won the final face-off but was unable to get possession of the loose ball as the time expired on the Georgetown season and signaled yet another Syracuse return to the Final Four. One of Syracuse’s major victories on the day was limiting the effectiveness of Corno in the face-off circle. Freshman Danny Brennan was successful 8 of his 19 tries at the face-off X against Corno, and while that is below .500, it was better than most teams fared against Corno this season.

Syracuse now travels to Baltimore for the Final Four and a rematch with Johns Hopkins who beat them earlier in the season. Sean Lindsay had to say about the rematch, “we have a really tough mountain to climb next week. We’ll enjoy this win probably until the sun goes down and then Hopkins is right ahead of us.”

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    by (#2675) on 5/24/04 @11:00AM
SU might have won by only one goal on a super-clutch shot with 5 seconds left, but you know what? They won, it's that simple. Whether you do it in blowout fashion or the way they did it, a win is a win is a win. And now make that 22 years in a row, yes 22 YEARS CONSECUTIVELY that they are going to the Final Four of lacrosse. That is absolutely incredible. And if I were Johns Hopkins, I'd watch out. This game against G'town proved that Powell could be close to shut down most of the game, but for the couple minutes in the 3rd quarter that they gave him a little breathing room, he quickly gathered himself a nice hat trick. SU showed that their defense can actually play, the goalie had a good game and so much for Corno for the Hoyas at the face off x. How many times did he screw up yesterday and if he was the best, how did he get so outplayed by a frosh comparatively???? SU ALWAYS turns it up a notch come the postseason, and to all you Hopkins fans and Md. people that think you're gonna run over them this weekend, think again. Powell and Co. will get their revenge.
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   Whew, Thank God!!!!! Go Cuse by 5/24/04 @11:23AM
      Correction on the Snooty comment.... by 5/24/04 @11:33AM
         Messed up by 5/24/04 @11:44AM
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         motion by 5/25/04 @11:19AM
   Do you really believe that?? by 5/24/04 @12:53PM
      i feel that... by 5/25/04 @11:23AM
      Agree, sloppy game. by 5/25/04 @8:32PM
   corno by 5/25/04 @2:07PM
      G-town and Corno-( way OVERRATED) by 5/25/04 @6:23PM
         you just disrespected the sport of lax... by 5/26/04 @11:29AM
         nodoubt (and noclue) by 5/26/04 @1:45PM
      idiot by 5/26/04 @11:31AM
         dont be so bitter g-town fans by 5/26/04 @2:07PM
Stony Brook Talent
    by (#3412) on 5/24/04 @11:13AM
Let me tell you something that you may not know about Theodorakis. The kid plays defense like he is on rocks! He just doesn't stop going after you, son! Ray Lewis, I don't care how many people you stabbed, he is coming to Btown and will own your stadium! Let me keep this really real son, the City that Reads is about to become the city that gets shut down by Theo, b**ches!
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Missed goal
    by (#72653) on 5/24/04 @11:26AM
I saw the game on Comcast. Powell had a shot from up top on a flag down situation in the second quarter that looked to be a goal. It looked to me like it hit the support bar on the bottom left of the goal. Right where the net ties to the frame. I don't think anyone argued because of the flag down situation. Plus it happened so fast.
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   Rule book .... by 5/24/04 @11:38AM
      Missed goal by 5/24/04 @11:49AM
Great game
    by (#49967) on 5/24/04 @11:38AM
Both goalies had the game of their lives, especially D'Andrea. I thought Merrill did a great job shadowing Powell throughout tht entire game.

Neither team should of lost this game.........another instant classic!
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    by (#77579) on 5/24/04 @11:52AM
clearly this game was filled with 1 sided officiating. Powell went to the goal numerous times and every time he was shut down, a flag was thrown after he took a shot or missed the net or what have you. The refs waited for him to miss and then made up for it with penalty calls. On the play that powell had a shot after a flag was down, he did hit the post; however, the call for the flag was absurd as some guy tripped over his own feet. At the end of the game, the refs were looking for ways to get SU the ball back. When an SU player went down with a minute to go, the refs blew the whistle and then gave gtown the ball just outside the box. they shouldve had the ball at midfield, therefore giving them the ball for the final 50 seconds, barring any mistakes. what happened was the officials claimed gtown was offsides, which no one in the stadium saw, and this call was bogus. Without this call syracuse wouldnt have gotten then ball back. gtown had made many stops at the end, ie Dandreas 5 yard save, and they deserved the final shot, but the refs took it away from them. This is not to mention gtown was already without LSM john trapp who went down with a leg injury and missed the 4th quarter. this proves they have excellent defense, and defense shouldve won this game for them. If you combine merrils goal with powells, merril acutally held powell to 2 goals because they each have 1 that cancels out. 2 net goals for powell is a great day on D, especially with a predominantly orangemen crowd. Merril deserves the tewarton trophy, because he can hang with the best offensive players in the game.
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   tewarton trophy by 5/24/04 @12:23PM
   Talk about sour grapes by 5/24/04 @12:27PM
   Too true by 5/24/04 @5:46PM
      bad reffing by 5/26/04 @11:34AM
   S.U Fan by 5/24/04 @7:34PM
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Pipes & Passing
    by (#9821) on 5/24/04 @2:31PM
I havent seen many games this year. Two things surprised me:
1.The number of pipes SU seemed to hit in Q1 (bad luck?)
2.The inability of Powell to find the open man when doubled, tripled, etc.

Fun game to watch (the clock wasnt a problem on TV).

Go Navy.
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   Navy by 5/24/04 @6:15PM
   Navy by 5/24/04 @6:16PM
    by (#76725) on 5/24/04 @4:32PM
Let's go ORANGE!!!Hopkins beware your in for a tough game!
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   (no subject) by 5/25/04 @11:30AM
      Wait and see by 5/25/04 @4:40PM
   ... you cant be serious by 5/25/04 @8:18PM
      SuperStars!!We Got SuperStars!!! by 5/26/04 @6:33PM
         Whatever! Cuse D gave up 13 goals to Albany (nt) by 5/27/04 @9:41AM
            Who won? by 5/27/04 @5:29PM
               Won but gave up 13 goals by 5/28/04 @8:34AM
                  Danny Brennan/Defense by 5/28/04 @3:30PM
Well Ex-Cuse Me
    by (#45083) on 5/24/04 @6:55PM
Syracuse Run & Gun; It's been a while since Syracuse played run and gun; I'd say when Ryan Powell, Liam Banks, and Springer lit it up in Byrd SAtadium a few years ago. They are no longer a run and gun team. Fast breaks are a rarity if at all.

Baltimore Snooty: Nothing could be further from the truth. Baltimore people are down to earth, largely blue collar and welcome everyone.

Michael Powell and the hype: All this hype about Powell's greatness and his three goals gets applauded and offered up as an example of his greatness. Three goals is not an example of greatness. Although he did make some great efforts. He does however miss alot of goals that he could have made.
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   I hope by 5/25/04 @9:18PM
Final Four Tickets
    by (#45083) on 5/24/04 @6:57PM
Anybody have any tickets for sale? Please contact me here or at bandwagonforever@yahoo. Thank you. Will root for a great game.
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Planned late substitution???
    by (#77758) on 5/25/04 @9:23PM
I was just talking to a buddy and although I have no clue if this is correct info but he told me that Lindsey was the only one on the SU sideline that noticed they were man down when the whistle blew...he jumped back on D and there were 4 so he went down on O...a delayed substitution should have negated Cuse's posession and the Hoyas would have gotten the ball I said I don't know if this is true but it is interesting...
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   (no subject) by 5/26/04 @5:24PM
CUSE wins this saturday
    by (#77827) on 5/26/04 @5:10PM
If you really think Cuse will lose this saturday you are fucking kidding yourself. Syracuse found their face off man in danny brennan, which will eliminate the latest debacles in the faceoff circle, next i want everyone remember these names, panarelli, wright, dipietro, and ditzell they will step up against hopkins and put ford(clearly the best O player for hopkins who is harrison?) and company in their places. Finally, the cuse offense,lindsay, vallone, zink, and dougherty are all top notch midfielders not to mention seniors and i doubt they are going to let themselves be dominated by hopkins a thrid time in a row. i would like to remind people when ryan powell was a senior and took the team on his shoulders and won the championship, well guess what mike powell is a senior and he will not lose, this is the time of year for the cuse and the powells, so for all you haters, eat a fat one

Cuse in 04, people ought to start believing it.
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   if u say so!!! by 5/26/04 @5:36PM
      yeah right by 5/26/04 @6:22PM
   cuse02lax by 5/27/04 @1:51AM
G-town's control of the game was lame
    by (#48113) on 5/27/04 @1:23AM
I cant believe some of the post on here about the way Cuse should be embarassed cause G-town took it to the last seconds of the game. Did you actually watch this game. The only reason G-town was able to hang and have the ball most of hte game was because all they did was keep a man at X and keep backing up missed shots. It was pathetic. Like an over matched soccer team in the world cup that just kicks the ball back to the other end, thats what they were like. Lets just keep missing the net by atleast 6" every shot and we'll keep backing it up and run 5 minutes off the clock this time. Wasn't pretty at all. Crockett should have had 3 goals in the first quarter alone if he didnt miss and D'andrea didnt have a sick game. In the first quater when Mike got doubled, still smoked both guys, dodged the over the head check at the top of the box and dished to the top of the crease was simply amazing lacrosse.
Hats off to all 4 teams in Ithaca this weekend, it was great lacrosse, but anyone can get a quick lead and keep backing up missed shots all day. I have to commend the Orange D for playing as patient as they did. Even I was getting frustrated by how they never really came out and pressured the Hoyas but it worked. They sat back and let G-town make their own mistakes which both teams made plenty of, but when G-town did press the cage they stood their ground,and with the exception of a few break downs they played fantastic D.
As for the final 4, I dont think Cuse can beat this Hopkins team, but this wont be a blowout again, and you never know the Hop always seems to lose these big games in Baltimore.

Hey and who would have thought Vallone would actually get the assist on the winning goal. Kids a goal scoring machine, nice to see him with the assist this time though, I think he had two but the first was pretty lucky.
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   (no subject) by 5/29/04 @9:50PM
      this is true by 5/30/04 @1:25PM
Nice run but...
    by (#3651) on 5/28/04 @3:09PM
Cuse deserves major props for reaching 22 consec final 4's. The commitment that SU made to elevate its mediocre program in the late 70's to what it is now is remarkable. However, Cuse has about as much chance of getting past Hopkins as Powell has of receiving a Law Degree. Personally, I can't stand Hopkins and its elitist sense of entitlement. I hope that SU advances.. I just don't see it.
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