Syracuse Overwhelms Loyola, 17-6

Syracuse Overwhelms Loyola, 17-6

Syracuse Overwhelms Loyola, 17-6

Syracuse Overwhelms Loyola, 17-6

The reigning National Champions visited Loyola’s Curley Field and came out firing as they forged an insurmountable lead that Loyola (5-3) was unable to control. Although the final score, 17-6, seems to confirm the notion that this was truly a one-sided afternoon, even more demoralizing is that Loyola scored three goals in the final minutes against the Syracuse (6-2) reserves, after suffering a 9-1 halftime deficit. As usual Michael Powell was red hot all afternoon, while the Loyola offensive couldn’t find a pulse throughout the game.

The first quarter, which was host to four unanswered Syracuse goals, gave both teams chances to score, but only the Orangemen seized those opportunities. The first of those opportunities occurred when Powell found Steve Vallone on the doorstep of the crease. The two ensuing Loyola possessions were man up situations in which only one shot was attempted, unsuccessfully. On the other end of the field Syracuse’s offense continued to click with a Liam Banks score, followed by freshman Brian Crockett’s unassisted goal. To end the quarter and widen the lead to four, Powell had his first goal of the game making a hard move from X and beating a late slide.

The second quarter opened with a pair of Syracuse goals. The first, coming from Michael Springer, was flying over 100 mph and was shot just barely inside the restraining line, placed neatly above Loyola goalkeeper Mark Bloomquist’s helmet, awing the crowd. But the seemingly never ending deficit would be slowed when, with nearly 22 minutes played, Loyola has their first score of the day, coming with a Syracuse player in the box. Loyola captain Jim Fink was responsible for the score and was assisted by Stephen Brundage. That would amount to all of the offensive production that would come from the Greyhounds in the first half. Still, Syracuse’s barrage continued with a three goal run in the last 6 minutes of the half. Powell was involved in two of the final three goals and continued to draw much of the defensive attention with his speed and handle. The half ended with a final unsuccessful attempt to score from Loyola and a 9-1 Syracuse lead.

The second half was much of the same for both teams. One of the two Loyola goals in the third quarter came on a broken clear and was credited to Gunnar Goettelmann. The momentum in Syracuse’s favor was never stymied as they scored six of the next 7 goals. Powell was part of half of those scores. Throughout the second half, it was the Syracuse reserves that were shouldering both the offensive and defensive duties and were successful in doing so until Loyola’s last 3 goal run. Overall there was not much excitement in the second half, other then to see some new faces on the field. Syracuse dominated and that was clear from the start.

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    by (#49356) on 4/05/03 @11:31PM
The Loyola starting goalie is awful. Granted, it was Syracuse, but he played awful last week when the chokehounds lost to Towson. He looked scared out there and couldn't stop the most routine shots. How was this guy preseason honorable mention AA? My grandma can outplay him. Also, why did Dirgyl wait until the fourth quarter to pull him? Looks like the green and grey won't make it to the tourney for the second straight year.
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    by (#49419) on 4/06/03 @5:31PM
Your right on target with that statement. What a horrible display of goalkeeping bloomquist has put forth these past 3 games now. He played terrible against brown, towson, and syracuse. Once you score a few goals on the kid he just gives up. He is a tremendous goalie but he hasnt been playing like it at all. I dont understand why dirgil is so reluctant to take him out when he is playing bad. Even the loyola parents in the stands for the past few games were begging for the coach to put in the backup goalie cause bloomquist couldnt hack it.
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loyola is worse than ever
    by (#5100) on 4/07/03 @3:26PM
I hope everybody there at loyola is really happy they got rid of cottle -- he really seemed to be the source of all their choking...
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Some Respect
    by (#49629) on 4/07/03 @11:56PM
I know Loyola is hurting right now, but you have to give Bloomquist some respect. He is a legit goalie, one of the best in division 1. I know everyone lives by the mentality of "what have you done for me lately," but he has been the backbone of Loyola's defense for a couple of years now. So he's in a happens to every goalie. It's a shame it has to happen to him now during a crucial point in his senior year. I think Dirgyl is doing the right thing by keeping Bloomquist in. He's deserved the right to be in net.
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    by (#9264) on 4/06/03 @8:26PM
....Any one catch that game...? It was a great fight, Brown should have/ could have won... it just shows when they bring their best game they can run with anyone...

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(no subject)
    by (#48702) on 4/06/03 @8:50PM
the fact that gtown played so horrendously against brown is ridiculous. they never should have given up 11 goals to that team. I have become worried about the hoyas as of late, and brown CAN NOT run with anyone, they just arent that good. Gtown is clearly having some difficulties despite the fact that they remain undefeated. gtown-loyola should be an amazing game especially with the hoyas struggles with sub par teams. i would have liked to see brown-gtown this past saturday but wasnt expecting much of a game and the weather wasnt all that great.
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    by (#45083) on 4/07/03 @9:49AM
Loyola looked bad, but the girls in the stands sure looked good. Loyola gets a really nice turnout from their students, far more that Ive seen at other schools, and a nice crowd too. Loyola's future looks bleak.
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    by (#20484) on 4/08/03 @11:43AM
You werent even at the game and you are commenting on it, that alone shows how stupid you are... It was an up and down game, towards the end the Hoyas got a little sloppy in their end. But they played well, and Brown played like the team they are, are you telling me Thompson's last goal was sub par? No goalie in the country would have stopped that one.. Before you make comments like that you should see the game....
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ya ok bigshot
    by (#48702) on 4/08/03 @7:17PM
You don't have to see brown play to know that georgetown and most other D1 schools are superior to them. Georgetown clearly DIDNT play all that well, with the exceptio of the goalie. I have HEARD from people at the game that dandrea the goalie held georgetown in the game at the end with a 2 on o break, and various other saves. I also heard that thompson was unstoppabble for every single gtown defender, and they all trie him. I have nothing against this thompson character. he single handedly almost beat a team that had to come very far in the cold just to play the brown bears, an unranked oponent. I dont have to see brown play gtown to know that browns one good player was what made up the entire team. Id like to see a rematch, as the hoyas clearly wouldnt be off guard this time and would prepare for thompson...i mean brown.
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One good player?
    by (#9264) on 4/08/03 @8:13PM
...Umm how about AA goalie Mike Levin, Attackman Chazz Woodson, Defenseman Chris O'brien, Matt Winkler, Chris Mucciollo....buddy, thompson is nasty but hes not all brown is, they lost 2 of their three top scorers, how could they not be a little slow this year, just wait for Woodson to mature and he'll tear everyone up..
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G-Town vs. Brown
    by (#20631) on 4/09/03 @12:30PM
Much props to the brother Woodson, my man is just plain fast. I hear rumors that his head isnt always in it, but if he can reach his potential he can be nasty.

Yes Thompson does carry much of the load, but thats what good players do. Could you imagine if he had Gessener running at midfield. Brown is very YOUNG and no they cant run with anyone in the country(just look at the cuse game)but they can run with mid level teams like g-town when they bring their A game.

And Lacrosse5, who are the better teams that g-town has played?!? With the exception of beating cornell early on, what have they proved. The measuring stick is coming up now, especially with UMASS and Cuse on the horizon.
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What's the color of shit?
    by (#31907) on 4/09/03 @2:21PM
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thats the worst excuse ive ever heard
    by (#48702) on 4/09/03 @6:16PM
yes you claim that brown lost 2 of the top 3 scorers. well lets take a peak at gtowns losses. hmmmm steve dussaeu, who in most peoples minds was the true mvp and deserving recipient of the tewwarton trophy over mike powell who shouldnt have even been considered. oh ya, they also lost scott schroeder, a very talented goalie in net. look how gtown responded to these huge losses. sophmore rich dandrea has stepped up in net and led the hoyas to 7-0. andy corno, another sophmore has dominated the face off aspect of the game. As for dussaeus scoring presence, the entire team has picked up where he left off, spreading out the wealth. Not to mention another sophmore standout on D. gtowns young guns have stepped up, and dont need to wait till senior year to mature. that is why they are 7-0 and brown deserves to be 0-7....unfortunately not, since they have faced abismal opponents.
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Please Shut Up.
    by (#31907) on 4/10/03 @11:02AM
Lacrosse5......Georgetown sucks. They haven't played anyone this year and they still have to squeak out every game by a goal. Sweeney is a stud. Every other kid on that team is a 2nd line player for Hop or Princeton. So save us the relentless babble. You are starting to remind me of that little girl Tempest and his UMASS sob stories. Your time would be better spent playing with your legos. I can't wait until 'Cuse demolishes Georgetown at the end of the season. Hopefully that will be enough to shut you up.
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    by (#34999) on 4/11/03 @10:22AM
Lacrosse5, you have to stop smokin cock....It's turnin your mind to mush. G-Town hasn't any quality!! NONE!!
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    by (#48702) on 4/08/03 @7:19PM
...I have seen georgetown play many games, especially against opponents much more worthy than brown. let me tell you, from what i have heard from gtown people, including 1 player i know on the team, they didn't play like they normally do, and if they had, i know it wouldnt have been as close at the end as it was.
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(no subject)
    by (#37121) on 4/07/03 @1:05PM
I know it's mike powell but what makes him so special that he can use a razor if cuse is sponsored by Brine

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(no subject)
    by (#37331) on 4/07/03 @1:15PM
Cuse may be sponsored by brine, but im pretty sure that anyone on the team can use any head that they want. Its different than with gloves or armpads.
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The real question........
    by (#31907) on 4/07/03 @2:29PM
For Little Mikey Powell is why he wears his eyeblack like a 6th grader in pup league? What a jackass. Nice win for the 'Cuse but I think it speaks more to how terrible Loyola is this year than to how good Syracuse is. Syracuse - GTown should be a very interesting game at the end of the season. I still like Hop and the Tigers in the final.
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(no subject)
    by (#43108) on 4/07/03 @3:10PM
Whats wrong with the way he wears his eye black??? So Mike Powell likes to play intense. Even still, you should look at how he plays the game rather than how he wears his eye black. Cuse is still the team to beat, and I don't think any team out there can do it. So not only will the Orangemen BBall team take home the national championship tonight, but the LAX team will be taking home the trophy come memorial day. MP22 RULZ!!!
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eye black...
    by (#29945) on 4/07/03 @4:11PM
mike gets all pumped up to play with his rituals--eye black is just one of them...whatever it is the guy makes it happen every game...loyola probably wished they were playing mike in the sixth grade...imagine he still would have scored a couple..
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    by (#25184) on 4/08/03 @9:55AM
Eye Black? This isn't the WWF. Hell I don't think that they even wear make up anymore. I'm all for superstitions and all, and don't get me wrong the kid is unreal, but being made up like he is in the insane clown possy or something is just lame.
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Pup league?
    by (#262) on 4/10/03 @1:44PM
What is all this crap about mike powell's eye black? He could where a field hockey skirt and lipstick and he'd still be the sickest player in the world. And for the idiot who said he shouldn't even have been considered for the MVP last year, please stop watching lacrosse! It's obvious you don't know a damn thing! He's the best player in the world and if you had any clue at all you haters would realize that. So in the future nancy-boys, DON'T HATE! APPRECIATE!
SU 2003 National Champs Lax and BBall!
"One more year Carmelo!"
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you jackass
    by (#20768) on 4/08/03 @2:31AM
what are you talking about no one can beat Cuse, UVA already did
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You Fool, Butzlax22...
    by (#33555) on 4/08/03 @10:01PM
Not only did UVa beat Syracuse but Princeton did too. So obviously two teams can, and have beaten the orangemen. Secondly, I've looked at "how he plays the game", And that too is like a little girl. Sure he gets played physically, but that how a D1 defence plays. But powell cries about it like a spoiled brat. However as for his eye black, maybe he just puts a single line of eye black on. But the tears make it run, giving him an "ultimate warrior" like appearence
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when are people going to learn
    by (#27346) on 4/09/03 @12:55PM
all the powells are a bunch of pussies, they always have been, they bitch about every call.....take falls....and probably take it in another place as well
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(no subject)
    by (#44513) on 4/07/03 @5:48PM
its not only mike powell who uses a razor. Mike Springer does and a whole bunch of them do. I think you get to choose your heads but the university gives out the rest.
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Heavenly Razer
    by (#8057) on 4/18/03 @11:01PM
Powell can use a Raz because the combination of Mike Powell and the Warrior Razer is the best thing that was ever handed down from the hand of god!
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NEW STX Gloves
    by (#27) on 4/09/03 @3:19PM
What's the deal with all of the STX sponsored teams wearing these new gloves. STX hasn't spoken a word about them but they look pretty sweet.
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(no subject)
    by (#3412) on 4/10/03 @10:29AM
I hear that this Theodorakis freshman on Orange is legit.

Can anyone confirm or deny?
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