Syracuse holds off Georgetown, 13-9; Powell sets record.

Syracuse holds off Georgetown, 13-9; Powell sets record.

Syracuse holds off Georgetown, 13-9; Powell sets record.

Syracuse holds off Georgetown, 13-9; Powell sets record.

Washington, DC – On a beautiful sunny day at Georgetown, the Syracuse Orangeman were able to outlast the Georgetown Hoyas. Mike Powell broke his brothers’ Syracuse Point record with 6 points (3,3). In goal, Jay Pfeifer added 19 saves for ‘Cuse. Brian Crockett contributed with 4 goals, and Brian Nee did his part with 3 goals and 2 assists. For Georgetown, freshman Trevor Casey added three goals with sophomore Sean Denihan contributing two goals and an assist. Andy Corno won 18 of 24 faceoffs for Georgetown.

Syracuse took an early 1-0 lead within the first two minutes, though I missed it due to a parking lot debacle (i.e. Georgetown didn’t have enough spots). It wouldn’t be until the 7:41 mark that Neal Goldman found Sean Denihan on the crease. Goldman had recovered the ball off an errant Hoya shot and found Denihan who brought the game to 1-1. Mike Powell would respond a minute later for Syracuse on the man-up opportunity as he gathered a rebound off a Rich D’Andrea save.

Georgetown’s Trevor Casey took a Brice Queener pass and knotted the game once again to end a long Georgetown possession. A minute later, Sean Denihan found himself all alone at X as he picked up a groundball and proceeded to wrap around and give the Hoyas their first lead of the day. Brian Crockett took a Brian Nee pass and ended the first period at a 3-3 tie, displaying Syracuse’s great ability to move the ball.

The seesaw game between these two evenly matched teams continued throughout the second quarter. Powell found Crockett early to give Syracuse the 4-3 lead. Georgetown’s Neal Goldman got into the act as he finished a fast break. Powell had attempted a no-look pass on the offensive side, when it didn’t connect, Georgetown gathered the groundball and started the fast break and proved that Syracuse wasn’t the only team that could move the ball with precision.

Off of a deadball at the 12-minute mark, Georgetown sent a shortstick defenseman behind to cover Brian Nee who was taking the ball in. Nee made them pay as he drove right past the defender and put Syracuse up 5-4 without a slide coming. Walid Hadjj, typically known for his offensive abilities, started the offense as he stripped a Syracause offensive player. Brian Young scooped up the ball for the fast break, and proceeded to go the length of the field until he found Trevor Casey who knotted the game once again. Georgetown would add one more goal before the half to take the lead 6-5 at the intermission. Georgetown held a very decided 10 for 13 face-off advantage. The dominance in the face-off X allowed them to control the ball for a lot of the first half.

Syracuse would start the 2nd half with their own two goal run. Mike Powell beat Georgetown defenseman, Brodie Merrill, top-side at the 10:10 mark to tie the game again. Greg Rommell got into the act forty seconds later as he drove from up and was able to get his defenseman turned around. He proceeded to bury a nice lefty shot giving the Orangemen the 7-6 lead. Not to be outdone, Georgetown responded with a man-up goal from Trevor Casey (assisted by Sean Denihan) and then sophomore John Lasky drove hard beating Syracuse goalie, Jay Pfeifer, with a high-to-high left-handed shot. Georgetown had what would wind up being their last lead of the day, 8-7.

Sean Lindsay tied the game for the last time as he threaded the needle across Georgetown’s man-down defense to find Powell who had to jump to catch the pass. Powell caught it and finished the play in mid-air, and was able to come down just short of the crease line. Brian Nee would put Syracuse up 9-8, as he ripped a lefty shot past D’Andrea again on the man-up opportunity as he found himself all alone as he slowly drifted up above the net until he had the angle needed to score. Pfeifer would insure Syracuse’s 9-8 lead heading into the 4th quarter, as he stoned a Georgetown attacker one-on-one from point blank range at the 1 minute mark (see pictures).

The 4th quarter would be pretty much all Syracuse as again on the man-up opportunity Mike Powell fed the ball across the entire Hoya defense to find Brian Nee who put ‘Cuse up 10-8. The goal also gave Mike Powell the assist he needed in order to tie his brothers, Casey and Ryan. Nick Miaritis would keep the game close as he added an unassisted goal off of a perfectly placed lefty shot.

At the 12:17 mark, Mike Powell found Brian Crockett for Syracuse’s 11th goal, but it also gave him his 288th career point, moving him into first place on the all-time scoring list. There seemed to be some confusion, because despite the fact that the Georgetown announcer was saying pretty much anything you needed to know about the game (i.e. whenever a new middie line came on, or immediately after a save), there was no mention of Powell’s feat. The standing applauding Syracuse fans, however, gave a good indication. Powell’s body language didn’t give it away either, as he just walked away from the assist as if it were just any plain assist.

It would take nearly nine minutes for either team to strike again, but Sean Lindsay and Brian Crockett added late goals to give the Syracuse the 13-9 out-of-conference win. The difference in the game seemed to be the intensity Syracuse played with. Their short-stick defensive middies came up with quite a few second half turnovers by stripping the Georgetown middies. Jay Pfeifer also proved invaluable in net, with the point blank save at the end of the 3rd period, which would have changed the momentum in the game. Not to mention his 19 other saves. It is also noteworthy that Georgetown’s shot selection seemed to be a bit below par, making Pfeifer and Syracuse’s day a bit easier.

Another main difference was the penalties in the game. Syracuse was able to take advantage of three penalties (their 8th, 9th and 10th goals), which proved to be the difference in the game. Syracuse also was able to kill a 2-man down 1 minute penalty. For the last 5 seconds they were three men down, but their defense held strong.

In talking with Mike Powell after the game, he mentioned one of the big things they knew coming in would be to match Georgetown’s intensity. They knew going in that it was Georgetown’s last regular season home game, and that their seniors would come out firing. Both teams finished their regular season and now await their NCAA tournament seedings.

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all the way....
    by (#69092) on 5/07/04 @11:39PM
Syracuse is goin all the way
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i dont know about that
    by (#70511) on 5/08/04 @12:26AM
Syracuse defense needs to step it up if they are going to go all the way. Giving up an average of 11 goals a game is way too many. Hopkins and Maryland are holding teams to 7. We all know that Syracuse can score, but can they keep their opponent from scoring. If they fix that then they have a chance to take home the trophy.
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(no subject)
    by (#70511) on 5/08/04 @12:29AM
oh and congrats Mike Powell. An amazing player and best in the game right now. 288 points, simply incredible.
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(no subject)
    by (#67463) on 5/08/04 @11:06AM
Mike is amazing, just like his brothers. Since both Casey and Ryan are already on the Rattlers, and Mike is supposedly going to the Bayhawks, how much do you guys think Rochester would be willing trade for an all Powell attack line?
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(no subject)
    by (#70511) on 5/08/04 @11:34AM
not right away, maybe after they see how Mike handles the MLL. If he can still dominate, then i think it would be awesome if the Rattlers had an all Powell attack line.
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I don't know about that
    by (#31207) on 5/08/04 @11:28AM
The only good thing about this game was the weather. Both teams looked sloppy and undisciplined. We won't see either of them on memorial day weekend.
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cuse in memorial day
    by (#72115) on 5/08/04 @12:37PM
o dont count u chickens before they hatch man.. cuse will step it up
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Slop and Cuse Gone
    by (#45083) on 5/08/04 @1:11PM
Although I am a Cuse fan ( and the reason I am is because I am a lacrosse fan), figure that out... I think tkole's comment holds some truth; Syracuse has been notoriously sloppy and undisciplined "recently" and that does not translate to a championship, or even a good tournament. They might have one good game like they did last year, but that is probably it. I think you put some pressure on them like Hopkins will, and they fold. I don't see the discipline or the character. But then again, I don't think anyone expcts them to win or even do well anyway. They are way to undependable. Although they could beat Maryland, Make no mistake about that!
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sloppy and undisciplined
    by (#5100) on 5/08/04 @4:07PM
When Simmons coached Cuse, it seems that they were sloppy and undisciplined at times, but they were so much more talented than their opponents that they could get away with it. But for the past few years it seems like their sloppy and undisciplined play has been burning them. I don't know if it's bc of Desko, or if maybe parity accompanied Simmons' retirement, but they need to turn things around if they are going to continue their record of trips to the Final Four... and not get embarrassed like they did last year.
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    by (#72115) on 5/15/04 @5:56PM
but Cuse not even in the final four... they have pretty good lookin way of gettin there.. beat towson or g-town again.

and why is it that every lacrosse player is a syracuse fan, i mean i've seen people with syracuse shirts on that dont even know who mike powell is.
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Orange Rinds
    by (#2700) on 5/08/04 @1:15PM
Verrrrrry nice photos of the SU - GU game.

Also: while the 'Cuse defense has improved over the past month, it's still not at the level of an NCAA champion.

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    by (#63744) on 5/09/04 @6:00PM
Can't believe that no one on here mentioned the shot Powell had in the 4th quarter where he did a flip and just barely missed. That was the craziest thing ive ever seen.
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Wrong Game
    by (#76198) on 5/09/04 @6:16PM
If that had happened during this game, somebody probably would have mentioned it. However you're a week late. The Move, as Powell hyped it, happened during Cuse's game against UMass. He wouldn't have pulled that *%!& at Gtown.
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(no subject)
    by (#70511) on 5/09/04 @6:19PM
come on. he's cocky enough to pull it anywhere. it doesn't matter where he is. my bet is that he will eventually pull it off but i think it was kind of stupid anyway. all he did was flip and then take a few steps and shoot it. a lot of people can do front flips. dont give him anymore credit than is due.
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