Team USA: White vs Navy

Team USA: White vs Navy

Team USA: White vs Navy

In preparation for the 2010 World Championships in Manchester, England, the United States Men's National Team held a split squad scrimmage at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, N.Y. on Sept. 26, 2009.

The 41-man squad divided into Team White and Team Navy, playing a game by international rules (quarters are 20 minutes, running-time, and the game is called a lot tighter, most notably).

In an extremely competitive game full of the nations top players, Team White squeaked out a win over Team Navy, 14-13.

The national team has two more fall ball events before the 41-man roster gets cut down to the 23 who will be traveling across the Atlantic to try to win back the title.

The full 41-man roster and US Lacrosse brochure is posted as an image with this video.

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    by (#117877) on 9/29/09 @5:48PM
it looks like theyre having trouble seeing the ball with those goofy lookin warrior venom helmets
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   completey right by 9/29/09 @10:34PM
   video by 9/30/09 @1:17PM
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   (no subject) by 9/30/09 @4:58PM
      (no subject) by 9/30/09 @9:05PM
    by (#202372) on 9/29/09 @8:44PM
These venom helmets are so gay looking, same with those ridell ones...why cant we juts have USA colored pro7's or CPX's? i bet there are a lot of people who would agree with me on that
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   yeah by 9/29/09 @9:30PM
      (no subject) by 9/29/09 @9:48PM
         na man the identity is sick (nt) by 9/30/09 @8:08PM
            (no subject) by 9/30/09 @8:12PM
         new gait helmet by 10/01/09 @8:00PM
      SO CAL by 9/30/09 @9:26PM
         DeLi by 9/30/09 @9:35PM
            (no subject) by 9/30/09 @9:41PM
               (no subject) by 10/01/09 @8:55PM
    by (#129810) on 9/29/09 @10:00PM
im not quite sure but i think rabil might make the team....
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   ehh i dont know by 9/30/09 @11:58AM
      hes natural left by 9/30/09 @3:59PM
         Rabil- Right Handed by 9/30/09 @6:28PM
            (no subject) by 9/30/09 @7:26PM
               (no subject) by 9/30/09 @9:59PM
                  yeah by 10/01/09 @1:07PM
               I are lefty by 9/30/09 @11:56PM
   rabil by 10/03/09 @11:27AM
      (no subject) by 10/03/09 @10:17PM
   righty by 10/12/09 @7:44PM
   he's righty by 10/29/09 @11:23AM
   rabil by 11/01/09 @5:05PM
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    by (#196296) on 9/30/09 @6:48AM
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    by (#196414) on 9/30/09 @2:08PM
Rabil's sad attempt of flow is just ugly
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   Rabil is the king of flow! by 9/30/09 @3:07PM
   Flow= CPX by 9/30/09 @6:29PM
   (no subject) by 10/05/09 @10:22AM
stop bitchin
    by (#139705) on 9/30/09 @8:52PM
go look at warriors new helmets their a cross between a pro 7 and a cpx im sure they will be wearing them it would be stupid for warrior not to let them
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warrior trojans
    by (#227489) on 9/30/09 @9:07PM
i heard they were gonna start wearing the new warrior trojans, wich look like cpx knock off
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    by (#227573) on 10/03/09 @10:06AM
why do you guys even care what they're helmits look like? just let them play the game, i mean if any of them showed up at they're door step and wanted to play you wouln't be like "no your helmit looks gay" just worry about the play guys
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   grammar school by 10/04/09 @5:47PM
(no subject)
    by (#202777) on 10/07/09 @3:43PM
anyone know why casey and mikey powell arent playing?
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   (no subject) by 10/09/09 @2:44PM
   Casey is there by 12/19/09 @11:11AM
i was thier
    by (#223163) on 10/07/09 @4:00PM
i was thier it was a lax clinic at army college, i talked to paul rabil, kyle harrison, and many more pros
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    by (#205428) on 10/12/09 @10:32PM
Hey, I have a problem. Whenever I try to watch a video on, it just plays the video in frames if that makes any sense...instead of playing smoothly like a normal video, it's extremely choppy and is almost just like watching a slideshow of pictures. How do I fix this?
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rabils mop
    by (#234398) on 2/02/10 @10:03PM
he needs to cut the freaking mop. he looks like an idiot!!!
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