Terps tame Tigers, 11-6

Terps tame Tigers, 11-6

Terps tame Tigers, 11-6

Terps tame Tigers, 11-6

The Terps came out of the gate hot, outscoring the Tigers 5-1 in the first quarter. Brendan Healy drew first blood when he swept to his right hand past a Princeton shortstick and blew a shot past Alex Hewit. Drew Evans converted a nice inside feed from a sweeping Dan Groot to give the Terps their second tally. A illegal procedure turnover on a Princeton clear led to an odd man break for the Terps, ending when Walters ripped a high hard shot off a feed from D midi Jimmy Borell. Healy scored on a carbon copy of his first goal to complete a 4-0 run in the first quarter before Princeton finally got on the board. Scott Sowanick converted a shot after a nice roll dodge to break the ice for Princeton. Mike Phipps completed the 5-1 quarter for the Terps on sweeping move to his left hand from out front.

Princeton fired back into contention in the 2nd quarter with a 4-0 run that spanned less than three minutes of game time. Tommy Davis backdoored a sleeping Maryland defenseman and finished a feed from Zach Goldberg. Davis cleaned up some trash around the crease for his second in a row. Mark Kovler scored on a nice move down the lefty alley, finishing low past Alford. Peter Trombino absolutely broke his defenseman with a split roll, then came around from the left side of X to tie the game at five. Maryland answered with two goals of their own to finish the half: Groot converted and Evans feed and Phipps finished a nice shot dodging down the right alley.

The third quarter was very slow, with Maryland scoring the only goal of the period. Midway through the quarter, Princeton was attempting to clear when Xander Ritz clearly pushed a clearing defenseman in the back, who stumbled out of bounds. The officials simply got it wrong not calling a penalty, which caused Bill Tierney to blow a gasket on the sideline. To make matters worse, the extra possession allowed Healy to complete his hat trick, converting a nice feed from Walters for the lone goal of the quarter.

Maryland scored early in the quarter on man-up when Xander Ritz snuck from X right handed and collected a Walters skip pass. Max Ritz scored Marylands 10th goal midway through the quarter of a feed from big brother Xander. Walters scored an unassisted goal with three and a half minute left to make the game 11-5. Princeton broke a scoreless drought of over 30 minutes when Josh Lesko scored a meaningless goal with 32 seconds remaining.

This was a very complete game for the Terps. They faced off well and controlled the tempo of the game. Offensively, they scored settled, transition, and man-up goals – Walters and Healy continue to be the best players and the 2nd midfield finally showed up, contributing good minutes and points today. The defense was the real story of the game though, as Maryland’s D dominated in the second half. They caused more than 20 turnovers and shutout the Tigers throughout the entire 3rd and most of the 4th quarter. Alford recorded eight saves, but was never really tested. Lookout Philly, because the Terps are coming in with a lot of confidence and momentum.

Pictures up soon…

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    by (#61599) on 5/21/06 @7:19PM
Im looking foward to going to philadelphia and seeing them play umass. It should be a good game
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    by (#134596) on 5/21/06 @9:34PM
im also looking forward to it.
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    by (#125593) on 5/21/06 @10:02PM
maryland rules. they will, no doubt, beat umass. umass is a good team, but watching the hofstra umass game, the terps can take them, especially walters, give him the ball and just let him shoot, hes good, along with healy, xander, and everyone else, even harry alford, haha. but all in all, shud be a really good game.
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MD Stinks!!!!!!!!!!
    by (#134423) on 5/21/06 @10:00PM
Do you guys get it? Md will never beat UVA. Joe Wallters is scared of the UVA defense.
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    by (#125593) on 5/21/06 @10:06PM
why wud u say that wen you're a hoyas fan and uva just destroyed them? honestly, think about wut u r saying. walters will destroy the uva defense, along with xander ritz and brendan healy. its done already. haha, ur so retarded, rooting for the team that just destroyed ur team, wow
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    by (#121865) on 5/22/06 @12:03PM
in two games against UVa walters ritz mcglone and healy have put up a total of five points hhahahaha walters only put up one... haha destroy the D ha ur funny....
now for cuse... leveille 3, 2 bucktooth 2, 2 yevoli 3, 1 crockett 1, 1 3 freshman scored, one even had two. the faceoff man sored, and the nastiest D mid they got scored too... now just add how good the D is playin now... and uve got cuse in the final...
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    by (#79336) on 5/22/06 @12:19PM
destroy their defense... haha you make me laugh. did you see the score last time these 2 teams played this season?
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other way around
    by (#61599) on 5/21/06 @10:12PM
you should be cheering against UVA for demolishing georgetown.
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hoyas suck
    by (#134985) on 5/21/06 @10:15PM
aparently u all were scared of the UVA defense because 20-8 doesn't lie. make it to the final 4 and the talk.
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amen bretherend
    by (#56499) on 5/21/06 @11:14PM
JOE WALTERS is the shiznit and will pwn the umass defense and then win in OT against the cavs in the final that is my prediction.
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    by (#135016) on 5/22/06 @12:18AM
I love how everyone is like Joe Walters this, Joe Walters that. Next year MD is gonna suck eggs if they dont allow their younger guys to handle the ball more.
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ur an idiot
    by (#130454) on 5/22/06 @1:44AM
If you new anything about Maryland's offense you would know that Joe Walters doesn't handle the ball anymore than anyone else. In fact, in today's game he spent most of the time setting picks and directing the offense without the ball like a senior leader should. The terps have plenty of returning players who can handle the ball, like Dan Groot(freshman), Drew Evans(sophomore) Maxwell Ritz(junior), Michael Phipps(junior), and Travis Holmes(junior). Add that to a strong class coming in next year and the ENTIRE defense returning(and by entire I mean close d, lsm, goalie, and short-stick d-mids)and maryland will be very strong again next year. So next time you wanna bad mouth a team, try and know what you are talking about. Maybe then you won't like such a moron.
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How many Goals
    by (#80227) on 5/22/06 @6:43AM
Did Joe Walters scored against UVA during the ACC tourney??? He is not even as good as Mat Milon....
Umass Vs. UVA in the finals
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    by (#134985) on 5/22/06 @12:25PM
what the hell does suck eggs mean u fag. u suck eggs
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(no subject)
    by (#135016) on 5/22/06 @5:18PM
It's a "nice" way to say sucks c@%K.
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(no subject)
    by (#135016) on 5/22/06 @5:21PM
oh and by the way I'm totally for Maryland to go to the finals. I'm just saying that JW seems like the face of MD and they need to expose more of their younger guys to leading roles to do well.
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sure are
    by (#134841) on 5/24/06 @6:34PM
Not only will the stink w/out Walters and the other Seniors, but they ain't got a great goalie either
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Suck Eggs
    by (#130269) on 5/22/06 @8:22PM
I love that term my good man. Haven't you seen the movie "Dick Tracey"? Dick Tracey grabs the kid and the kid says "Go suck an egg!" Thats where i heard it and i'm a big fan of it. Good on ya mate.
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    by (#135016) on 5/22/06 @9:45PM
thak you! every time I use that phrase people act like I just made that up, and to display thier lack of knowledge even more they insult me.
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