The MLL Combine

The MLL Combine

The MLL Combine

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Is this a little much ?
    by (#3709) on 6/05/08 @2:18PM
Is it just or me, or is this process a little over the top for what is essentially a once a week pick-up league for great lacrosse players who have careers that allot them the time to do this.

Agility drills, 40 yard dash sending data back to be analyzed and sent to GM's.

seems like a little bit much.
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   (no subject) by 6/05/08 @5:07PM
   WOW by 6/06/08 @9:10PM
      i agree (nt) by 8/09/08 @10:35PM
   I agree by 6/09/08 @10:00PM
   i disagree by 8/09/08 @10:19PM
    by (#185033) on 6/05/08 @2:45PM
Stevan Peyser was owning
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   duh by 7/21/08 @5:22PM
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    by (#167078) on 6/05/08 @3:38PM
I dont think its too much. These guys are getting paid by teams to play professional lacrosse so these teams want the best players they can get.
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yeah ok
    by (#31780) on 6/05/08 @5:01PM
dude. i hope you know that these kids, and guys that are pros, dont get paid alot at all. this is like a "weekend job". my friends brother plays for the chicago machine, brad heritage, check him out. they show up a day before a game, have a walk-through, and play the next day.
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   yeaa by 6/05/08 @5:44PM
      loftus by 6/05/08 @6:07PM
         true, but... by 6/06/08 @12:21PM
            and by 6/06/08 @8:48PM
why lax wont go prime time.
    by (#117375) on 6/05/08 @8:51PM
where im from and im pretty sure all across the nation there are two things that hold lax back. first of all alot of people havent heard of lacrosse,mainly in central u.s and in the south.second lacrosse has a stigma atach to it, that mainly rich white kids play the psort.
i dont think lacrosee will every break into prime time if they dont address these problems.i think it can esasily be done, and i believe that lax has the potential to be bigger then baseball.
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         the big reasons lax isn't prime time by 6/06/08 @3:18PM
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                  Yes, it's definitely on the rise, but... by 6/07/08 @4:12PM
                  my B by 6/08/08 @11:48AM
                     ok by 6/10/08 @12:50PM
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                                 wow by 7/29/08 @7:05PM
    by (#169967) on 6/10/08 @2:28PM
who was the goalie that took it all the way
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   (no subject) by 6/10/08 @3:43PM
   Brett Queener by 9/17/08 @10:04AM
It is so neccessary
    by (#150490) on 11/19/08 @12:46AM
I don't think it's too much at all. if any lacrosse player wants lacrosse to spread more and become a major sport that might get its own videogame or a spot in the olympics steps need to be taken in order to become a more legit sport. 40-yard dashes, agility, vertical, etc. are all used in any other major sport and in order for lacrosse to expand how we want it we have to test players skills at all levels. plus it helps the coaches pick players, if two players have the same stick skills same blazing shot and the same leadership they want, a coach might turn to who is faster or who has better balance that way they KNOW they are getting the best of the two players. All those drills also push colleg and high school players to do more than just go out and shoot in order to impress a coach, it gives kids the initiative to go out and work harder and build better players ultimately.
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lacrosse being a growing sport
    by (#200160) on 11/28/08 @9:23PM
lacrosse is a growing sport but might be growing slowly hopefully if i decide to play mll that it will be big enough that it wont be a "weekend job"
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U.S. Lax(please read about clear)
    by (#208833) on 12/28/08 @1:36AM
I've noticed that lacrosse is different from where you go. for example i used to live in Liverpool, New York i grew up playing Lax(going on my 9th year playing the sport) and now I'm living and playing for a team in McKinney Texas (and this team had started just 4 years ago). The coach is a real jerk too. But unlike New York Lax everyone down here sucks and they think there good if they have $1,00O worth of gear. Plus everyone i play with are jerks. So my uncle played for Utica College and came down to try and help but the coach kicked him out of practice because he told him that a clear from the goalie up the middle of the wasn't going to work and took offense to that. I just wanted to respond to the response about lax different in the country.
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   Wow... by 1/10/09 @2:12PM
    by (#211959) on 2/22/09 @2:23PM
where i live, texas lax is a big thing and theres like no stores
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