Torrey Pines vs. Coronado

Torrey Pines vs. Coronado

Torrey Pines vs. Coronado goes WEST COAST to bring you a High School Highlight in San Diego, CA.

Check out this Overtime, barn burner match-up between Torrey Pines and Coronado

Adrenaline was also at the event showing off some new gear!!!!

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    by (#196296) on 4/12/11 @1:26PM, I come to this site to watch good lacrosse, not shitty lacrosse like I just watched, I am all for the spread of lacrosse, but if you are going to show lax have some decent lax, watching a middle school game would be better than those 2 clowns go at it. I know someone out there is going to say some yahoo is going to D1 on one of those teams, yeah to do what? ride the pine like a majority of west coast kids do, notice I didn't say all, please start showing better lax, not ones where kids can't pick up GB's don't know when to slide, duck when someone shoots at them have bad shooting angles, I can go on and on thanks
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come on
    by (#239095) on 4/12/11 @3:00PM
California,florida, North Carolina and all the south have been playing lacrosse for maybe 10 years and still produce a decent amount of recruits im so tired of everyone hating on other states. Cause some day there will be 100 D1 schools with recruits from everywhere. So dont hate its growing in those areas and will eventually be to a point where almost all states are fairly equal in recruiting
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   Who Cares about the east coast anymore.. by 4/12/11 @3:28PM
      Ignorant by 4/12/11 @3:40PM
         agree by 4/12/11 @7:00PM
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California Lacrosse
    by (#252468) on 4/12/11 @4:15PM
It's very ignorant to say that just because you live in a certain state and play lacrosse you are better then everyone else. There might be some very talented players on the east coast but there is also that talent on the west coast. My (california)team took a trip to the east coast to play in a few tournaments, and as a whole the teams were not better then us. We went on to win the whole tournament and what I noticed is that the players aren't better but the environment of the east coast was way more geared toward lacrosse as the west coast is not.
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   West vs. East by 4/12/11 @10:31PM
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    by (#222917) on 4/12/11 @4:20PM
why does it matter where you are from? i mean obviously lax is bigger on the east coast but if you can play you can play and thats all there is to it
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   (no subject) by 4/12/11 @5:17PM
      yeah yall are right by 4/12/11 @5:37PM
   is that elliot metzler? by 4/13/11 @12:15PM
    by (#252667) on 4/12/11 @7:10PM
Why do you even post on, OH-IOlax? Nobody likes you
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   (no subject) by 4/12/11 @8:44PM
calm ur nuts
    by (#146045) on 4/12/11 @7:26PM
you guys r flipping ovr ths i mean theyre no paul rabil out there but they're alright and yes east coast is much bttr than the west coast
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    by (#233047) on 4/12/11 @9:53PM
Please shut up. You have been talking trash to every team from Northeast, Southeast, South, SouthWest, and West Coast. I am from Ohio too but honestly, I think it is wonderful to see those videos from West Coast and see our sport growing there. Give some respect to those teams. So, stop bashing on those teams. Someday, those teams will actually beating Ohio teams and basically catching up on East Coast level.
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   OH-IO LAX by 4/12/11 @10:36PM
It dosent matter were ur from
    by (#233818) on 4/12/11 @11:12PM
sure we can all agree probably maryland and new york along with other upper east coast teams are the best lacrosse but at the end of the day you play for the love of the game.I come from illinois which is not good at lacrosse (were getting better,we have a couple of D1 commits) and i dont care that i dont play thee best teams i just try to go out there and have fun.Thats wat the game is about and you should to
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(no subject)
    by (#172481) on 4/13/11 @2:42AM
Seriously? Every time a game is put up that doesn't show teams from Maryland, New York,or New Jersey every east coast kid feels he needs to take it upon himself to call out how bad they are. The sport's growing...ATTENTION EVERYONE! GET OVER IT AND EMBRACE IT.
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Put this to rest
    by (#280156) on 4/13/11 @2:51AM
As a person who is from San Diego and has played, and started, at an elite level of lacrosse, there are a couple glaring points I'd like to make in regards to the above comments.
To begin with: So what if this game isn't a D1 Lax game? Scroll through the next page on the website and watch the next one available... If you think it's so bad, then don't watch it in the first place.
Another note: Was the quality really that bad? Aside from the ground ball on the first face off, there was fine high school lacrosse out there.
In regards to the ongoing argument pertaining to which region high school lacrosse is the best then the answer is most definitely the North East. Lacrosse is a rapidly growing sport, you should all be proud of your roots and the areas you learned the game, but set aside the bashing of regions and areas. As a person with an unbiased approach to this discussion, there is no question NY, MD, NJ, CT, etc. take the cake on the best states in lacrosse. As for the other areas, everyone should be proud that their respective states have blossomed the way they have. Whether it be California, Ohio, Texas, Florida, Washington, Arizona, or any other state, the argument should not even begin. All those places have terrific athletes, and all will only continue to be better at lacrosse. That is a beautiful thing.
Every state mentioned above has produced terrific talent, and every state will continue to do so. The job of college coaches outside the obvious of coaching their teams is recruiting, and with the availability of recruiting camps these days, it would be tough for a top talent anywhere in the country to go unnoticed. That's the beauty of it.
Any of you Californians arguing that our state is better than a top East Coast state are clueless. In 8-10 years I could certainly see multiple teams from this region competing every year with teams from the North East, but this area just hasn't played the game long enough. It was a big deal when Torrey Pines beat Garden City 9 years ago, and more upsets will come over the years; but until teams continually compete with others back East, there is no argument. It's great to see more and more talent finding its way to top tier programs, but that doesn't, in any way, mean that our region is better than any other region.
Lacrosse is a game for athletes, and college coaches are finding great athletes all over the country. No region has better athletes than others, how could anyone possibly say that? But what I do know is lacrosse has changed for the better because of its national exposure... So why doesn't everyone just take that and appreciate it without all this arguing nonsense.
Lastly, Mr. OH-IO.... Whether you have better lax or not, our state destroys yours.... And your chicks don't even come close, so you can go ahead and chalk that up as a loss
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      (no subject) by 4/16/11 @4:39AM
NY vs. Cali
    by (#256791) on 4/13/11 @9:39AM
For those who say Cali is better than NY.. John Jay of NY 15 and Samon (idk how its spelled) Valley 10.. Yea lacrosse is growing which is great.. but I'm tired of these Cali kids thinking they are the best
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   (no subject) by 4/13/11 @1:16PM
    by (#280194) on 4/13/11 @1:14PM
As mean as our Ohio friend's comment was momoney your rebuttal was probably the stupidest thing I have ever read, how can you possibly say for one that the West Coast and the South produce the better athletes? That's just blatantly not true the best football players come from Florida, the best basketball players come from Virginia, DC, Maryland, Florida and New York and the best lacrosse players come from MD, NY, Pa, and NJ, and how can you possibly say the West Coast has better club teams what are you insane? The East coast has the Crabs, the Empire, and the Dukes those three teams right there could easily beat any team the West could put together, so before you go on another retarded rant again I'd make sure you have even the slightest clue about what your arguing...
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   $shickmane... by 4/13/11 @1:20PM
   (no subject) by 4/13/11 @4:39PM
   both wrong by 4/14/11 @11:25AM
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    by (#196296) on 4/13/11 @1:51PM
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   shit nig by 4/13/11 @6:14PM
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    by (#219174) on 4/13/11 @9:47PM
How about you stop being a cocky ahole, if you don't like it go to another site...... You don't have to come to this one.
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    by (#217432) on 4/14/11 @12:23AM
why dont we all just stop being so hostile, and be co-laxers
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    by (#196296) on 4/14/11 @7:29AM
also people out their look at most division 1 rosters, they have kids from ohio on there, and they usually contribute, unlike you sill California kids that suck pine all season, but hey you have sweet gear at the end. And for all of you tools that thing cali is a better state, I will give you the weather part and maybe you have hotter women but they all have herpes, San Diego now has one the highest herpes problems in the nation its almost a epidemic, then your state is broke, and not to mention every other word out of your mouth is bro, chill, gnarly, awesome. You guys are more in to what sweet gear you have than playing lax, your video displayed shows it
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    by (#267473) on 4/14/11 @4:24PM
the behind the back shot that hit the crossbar i felt was unnecessary to put in the HIGHLIGHTS.... he didnt score
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(no subject)
    by (#196296) on 4/15/11 @12:44PM
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   shut up by 4/15/11 @6:45PM
everyone is wrong
    by (#280519) on 4/16/11 @4:28AM
in middle school i played lax on the east coast in maryland just outside baltimore now i live on the west coast and play lax out here. i have seen with my own eyes both worlds. east coast lax is much more about the finesse of the game and has in general better fundamentals and a more relaxed feel to the game. california because of its big football backround is played more like a meathead for the most part. when i was on the east coast my club team wasnt the best but was in the upper division in bigger tournys and i have to say the best players from the west coast could compete against most, but not all east coast club teams. the biggest difference is the amount of talents. for every great west coast team there is 15 great east coast teams. and for every really good D1 player on the west coast there is 15-20 at the same general skill level. as a whole the east coast is better bcuz there are more teams and more players that are great. west coast is growing but wont ever be as good as a whole but it will be close enough in years to come that you will be able to talk smack with some decent credit behind it from both sides.

and the guys down below that were saying football and basketball in cali isnt good

football has the most top 25 teams and the #1 team

and basketball has the 2nd most
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    by (#196296) on 4/17/11 @4:41PM
The soon to be #1 Notre Dame Irish have in their top scorers on the team one is from ohio, no one from Cali, but I thought they were better than ohio? They have one kid from cali who has 0 points, 0 goals, 0 assists,

Lets go on to the soon to be number 2 Johns Hopkins Blue jays, yup another kid from Ohio in their top ten scorers, and he has been hurt most of the year, THEY HAVE NO ONE FROM CALI ON THEIR TEAM


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   (no subject) by 4/19/11 @11:37AM
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    by (#267120) on 4/17/11 @9:01PM
dude i was born in cali, but luckily i moved to the east coast and when i lived there there was NOOOOO lax at all. Ohio has had lax longer so yes, ohio is probably better at lax. there are good players comin from everywhere in the country, and thats good to see
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   (no subject) by 4/19/11 @11:38AM
whats with the hate?
    by (#273772) on 4/22/11 @9:10AM
that was good lax, now stop fighting over which state has better lax, because it just doesn't matter.
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