Turner spectacular again - Cavs handle Terps in ACC Championship, 11-5

Turner spectacular again - Cavs handle Terps in ACC Championship, 11-5

Turner spectacular again - Cavs handle Terps in ACC Championship, 11-5

Turner spectacular again - Cavs handle Terps in ACC Championship, 11-5

Virginia struck first when a cutting Matt Poskay handled a feed from Ben Rubeor on an EMO opportunity and fired it past a defenseless Alford. Rubeor scored the next goal for the ‘Hoos midway through the first on a nice shot to the top left of the cage. Maryland got on the board late in the quarter on a spectacular individual effort by Bill McGlone, who danced through three UVA defenders before firing the ball past Turner. A frantic loose ball situation late in the quarter led to Matt Ward finishing a feed from Drew Thompson with only 0:08 left in the first to give the Wahoos a 3-1 advantage after one.

The 2nd quarter was very quiet for almost eight minutes, as both teams played rather sloppy lacrosse including many mistakes in the clearing game. UVA made the score 4-1 when Danny Glading found Steve Giannone for a nice time and room shot. The Terps answered quickly when McGlone drew two and found Brendan Healy for a step down rip, making it 4-2. About a minute later, Rubeor smoked his defenseman topside from the left GLE and fired a sick shot nearside low to beat Alford. Healy responded with a sweeping right handed goal of his own on Maryland’s next possession. Glading scored the final goal of the half to make the score 6-3 ‘Hoos at the break.

Maryland struck first when Mike Phipps iso-ed against a shortstick behind, dodged to the right front of the goal and fired a shot past Turner. With the lead only two goals, the ‘Hoos went on a 3-0 run to really establish control and put the Terps away. Rubeor found Dixon for a nice time and room blast to make it 7-4. Matt Ward handled a loose ball an extremely low angle shot from the right GLE past Alford who was out of position following a scramble. Dixon drew some attention and dumped the ball to Poskay, who shot using his defenseman as a screen, finishing high past Alford. This gave the Cavs a 9-4 lead heading into the 4th quarter.

The Terps pulled within four under a minute into the final period when Healy fed McGlone for a nice outside rip. At this point, the Cavs started to eat up the clock with long possessions and capitalized on necessary Terp pressure with a couple more goals. Ward found a cutting Dixon and Thompson found Glading crashing the net for the Cavs eleventh and final goal. The Cavs ran out most of the rest of the clock from there, and the game ended with an 11-5 victory for UVA.

The Terps had some opportunities to make the game closer than it was, but couldn’t capitalize at some points and were thwarted by some amazing saved on Turner’s part. Virginia, scary as it is, didn’t play their best game today – they were very sloppy clearing the ball and had some atrocious offensive possessions. However, their defense (which looks more like a I-AA football team than a lacrosse defense) controlled the Terps athletically throughout the game. It’s awfully hard to imagine this team losing this year.

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Defense wins championships
    by (#121275) on 4/30/06 @9:46PM
Culver and Turner, along with the rest of the defense, will lead UVA to the national title. Their high-powered offense won't hurt either.
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(no subject)
    by (#57190) on 4/30/06 @10:21PM
I am extremely excited about this years tournament. Its going to be like march madness anything is possible baby!!!!...Go Hofstra
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what are you talking about
    by (#56499) on 4/30/06 @10:39PM
UVA will take it all without a doubt in my mind.
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This year's tourney
    by (#6355) on 4/30/06 @10:46PM
If you guys want the real low down, I'm sure you'll pick up the NCAA Tourney Preview issue of LAX when it comes out [shameless self promotion] :) - but I agree, outside of UVA it is a WIDE open tourney
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(no subject)
    by (#92280) on 4/30/06 @11:06PM
Joe Walters needs to score to give maryland a chance to win and UVA shut him down so thats sums up the win for UVA. Can this be the second perfect season in a row?
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joe walters
    by (#58187) on 4/30/06 @11:16PM
that's kind of the soft spot of marylands team. walters. it's kinda ironic, he's one of the best players in the country, but there's only one of him. god only made one. so if he's shut down, just about 80% of marylands scoring is shut down with it. and you canonly keep the terps d fresh for so long. if the ball's constantly down there with no let up by a team like UVA, they're only gonna get worse. on the flips side there's no stopping UVA, i think in lax mag there was somthing like 29 dif. goal scorers, and their d is furocious, i don't know why they recruit players from KONG, but it works out well, not to mention a goalie that wouldn't mind stopping bullets like kip.
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Va. will be tuff to beat
    by (#123910) on 5/01/06 @10:17AM
Va. dominated the Terps but not because of any one individual they are the best TEAM in college lax. They play D like you stole something, they are completely unselfish in the offensive end and they ride like men possessed in transition. The midfield is solid and anchored by not one but two "old school" (offense/defense)middies. And Finally it doesn't hurt to have a goalie who plays not only fearlessly but with a razor sharp edge. This team does not have the star power of recent NCAA champ teams but it is in my opinion the best TEAM I've seen in a long time!
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    by (#133476) on 5/01/06 @8:35PM
I totally agree u covered the great things on UVa if they were to see this they would be very complimented. I think that Kip(goalie) is really fearless and is a great fill in since Tillman had left. Also with the Offense passing the ball around is a great detail. That iself can win a game because the other team can't get it and it runs down the clock. Sadly last year UVa lost to Hop but this year there right on Top. This Year is goin to be something different. : )
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    by (#111744) on 5/02/06 @5:33PM
UVA will take power...like Stalin!!!
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turd fergison
    by (#64430) on 5/01/06 @3:51PM
butt sex
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i agree
    by (#79336) on 5/02/06 @12:12PM
total butt secks
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OH yea
    by (#133476) on 5/01/06 @6:35PM
UVa will crush everyone this year this is there year. Their D and O is amazin with the addition of Kip. I think i will just tell them all to dont let anyone have a chance, and ill make sure i really tell them
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They remind me alot of.......
    by (#40548) on 5/01/06 @7:14PM
Is it just me or does this team remind you alot of Loyola when they went undefeated with Jim Brown in net and Todd Viscarando leading the offense that wasn't full of stars but just so damn good about being a team. And as I recall they lost in the first round, given it was a smaller tourney. But that team was insane and they lost cause the playoffs can contain individual players taking over, its what makes the playoffs unpredictable. The best team doesn't always win the championship and I think that will happen this year.
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no big names?
    by (#56843) on 5/02/06 @3:08PM
Yeah this team has quite a bit of big names, sorry
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Virginia vs. Maryland
    by (#63831) on 5/02/06 @5:12PM
Once again, this game proves that the state of Virginia is better than the state of Maryland in all aspects: Sports, Women, Transportation, Entertainment, and even though they say all Maryland does is crabcakes and football in Wedding Crashers...MD sucks at football.
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You are a........
    by (#78222) on 5/02/06 @7:11PM
driviling Tool. GO GULLS...( terps too)2006 NCAA women's BB champs...2005 NCAA soccer champs... 2002 Men's NCAA champs. Virginia has G. Mason...2006 final four chokers.
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    by (#94711) on 5/02/06 @10:32PM
Cause the 11th seed really choked against the eventual champions. Shame on them, they should have taken it all, especially with that roster full of kids from Maryland. I'm not saying I agree with the kid, but let's be fair here.

Anyway, to the original poster: How many of UVa's major players are actually from Virginia? Matt Ward, but he went to Landon, and Mike Timms, the LSM.

Now how about players who went to school in Maryland? Danny Glading, Kyle Dixon, Ben Rubeor, and Kip Turner, and those are just the starters.
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Virginia's D
    by (#131316) on 5/03/06 @5:14PM
I hate how everyone is giving this title to UVa. Hofstra is a possible opponent in the national title game for UVa, and our D is extremely stout and the O isnt bad either. Our O is 2nd to UVa but out D is 4th in the nation(3rd if u dont count Duke and their 8 games they played), led by Tewaaraton candidate Brett Moyer. They gave up 13 goals to UNC we only gave up 5. Our D has the ability to keep UVa's scoring low and our O led by 2 Tewaaraton candidates Chris Unterstein and Athan Iannucci can also put some goals on the board. I think a Hofstra vs UVA final would be a lot closer than all of u seem to think. And I wouldn't go handing the Championship to UVa yet. Let's let all the teams play their games and then give the winner the praise they deserve.
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tear it up
    by (#19315) on 5/04/06 @11:42AM
As a NY native its good to see NY state represented well in the tourney. I coached with Scott Dooley one summer, nicest guy you'll ever meet, I'm guessing Tom is his younger brother? I'm tired of listening to the MD and VA boosters, best of luck to Hofstra. Even though they don't get the press coverage as the other top programs, they have a sick team.
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    by (#54446) on 5/06/06 @9:20PM
Yeah... I dunno. Hofstra may be the strongest team out there (2nd to UVA), and may give UVA the toughest game of the season but... If UVA was playing the teams that Hofstra plays all of UVA's players would be leading the nation in every asspect, be undefeated, and crushing their oppents more than Hofstra is beating theirs. I just don't think Hofstra is the TEAM uva is. Hofstra - Good players. Uva - Great Team.
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Also about George Mason
    by (#131316) on 5/03/06 @5:17PM
Are you kidding? Chokers. THey are from the CAA a mid major conference and took out 3 of last year's final four participants en route to a meeting with the evetual 2006 National Champs who dismantled UCLA a program rich in history of National Championships. For anyone to call them chokers is absurd. If you want to see a choker, Yankees of 2 years ago are a fine example. Go Mets.

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Maryland vs. Virginia
    by (#103345) on 5/04/06 @10:16PM
you want to compare maryland and virginia? try these: maryland has 2 pro football teams, ravens and redskins. Virginia has 0.
Maryland has 2 pro baseball teams, orioles and nationals, virginia has 0.
In lacrosse, does Virginia have a pro team? No. Does Baltimore? Yes.
Maryland has one of the greatest all-time lax teams, jhu, who has won TWICE as many title as any other team, 43. Maryland also has the team that has won the second-most, Navy. no joke, navy has won about 20 lacrosse championships, making them second. Uva hasn't even won 10. If you still think that Uva is better than Maryland, look at the facts.
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I mean,
    by (#94711) on 5/04/06 @11:43PM
if D.C. is part of Maryland, then sure, Maryland has two pro football and two pro baseball teams. Don't forget the Wizards and Capitals, two more teams that Virginia doesnt have. But last time I checked, Maryland and D.C. are two separate entities.

If you want some facts, I've got some for you:

Its a shame that all those championships don't put any points on the scoreboard.
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    by (#103345) on 5/05/06 @7:41AM
those teams belong to dc, but they are IN maryland. i think they're trying to build a baseball stadium in dc, but they're in maryland now just like the giants and the jets are in new jersey.
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whoa there
    by (#19315) on 5/05/06 @9:00AM
Even though the Giants (and the pathetic) Jets play in the Meadowlands in NJ, doesn't make them a NJ team, by any stretch. NY and NJ are 2 diff STATES, not like DC and Maryland. NJ smells terrible and may be the damn dirtiest state (armpit of America), DC is more of a general area but please don't compare that to the Giants, NJ Giants fans are just a bunch of wannabe's.
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ny and nj
    by (#103345) on 5/05/06 @3:36PM
that still means that nj has two teams inside it.
and nj does smell terrible.
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(no subject)
    by (#19315) on 5/05/06 @4:36PM
i mean technically, yes, but it still doesn't make the NY teams that play there any less from NY, venue location has no bearing on the team.
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Er, uh...
    by (#3651) on 5/05/06 @10:44AM
Is that Cartman carrying the sledge-hammer in that pic???
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    by (#49589) on 5/07/06 @12:05AM
i can hear the chants now.... MVP MVP MVP MVPMVP MVP MVP... but r they cheering for kip turner or matt ward?
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