UVA Holds Off Maryland

UVA Holds Off Maryland

UVA Holds Off Maryland

UVA Holds Off Maryland

The first quarter scoring started on a man-up play after Conor Gill was pushed from behind by Maryland defender Michael Howley. A.J. Shannon hit Jay Jalbert in the top right crank spot and Jalbert went high with it to put the Cavaliers up, 1-0. Maryland tied it up when Nate Watkins came flying down the right side and fired one low and away to beat Derek Kenney, 1-1. UVA had a lengthy possession after that, as Maryland goalie Pat McGinnis threw the ball out of bounds on a clearing atempt, and Watkins failed to clear on a second attempt, getting the ball checked out of his stick. Maryland did eventually clear the ball, and ended up with a bonus when UVA's Jason Hard got a penalty for pushing from behind. The Cavs killed it though, and set up a highlight goal for Drew Mckinight. He drove from behind to his left and, while diving upfield, he ripped a one hander to the upper corner of the net to put UVA on top again, 2-1. The Cavs made it 3-1 when Ian Shure backed his way in from the goal line extended to McGinnis' left. When the double came he dished to David Bruce for a quickstick. One of the many hits of the game came on the next series when Gill caught a pass in an awkward position and turned just in time to get walloped by Nate Watkins. Maryland got the next goal on a sweet play that combined two players running full speed in opposite directions. Alex Poole was moving from his left to right from behind and heading upfield when he hit Andrew Combs, who was cutting towards the goal left to right in front of the net, 3-2. On a delayed penalty UVA made it 4-2 when Gill fed Jason Hard from behind and he ripped it offside hip. Jason Carrier sent A.J. Shannon's stick flying in the air like a baton with a great whirlibird check, but that was it for the first.

The seond quarter was particularly sloppy, but Virginia made the most of it, getting three goals to Maryland's goose egg, 7-2. The first came on a pass that Gill made off of his heels from about ten yards behind the goal. Not the way you're taught, but guys like Gill are good enough to execute. He hit Shure on the crease. Jeff Shirk laid out (shirkisized) UVA middie Chris Rotelli when he went up for a high pass. The game continued to get nastier as time went on. Shure got the next one as well when Jalbert drew two up top and hit him for a quick five yard bounce shot that beat McGinnis. Terp Defender Jason Carrier got his highlight check for the year a while later when he ripped Drew McKnight's stick clean out of his hands. A.J. Shannon closed out the second quarter scoring to end the half at 7-2.

Longpole Peter Ragosa picked off a Maryland pass going across the restraining line and led a fast break to Jalbert. Jalbert hit Conor Gill, who ripped an overhand shot to put UVA up 8-2. It looked like a shallacking at that point, but Maryland was far from done. Mike Lamonica started the comeback with a lefty crank that caught the upper left, 8-3. Next, Andrew Combs caught a lead pass on a break that opened up a one on one which he finished, 8-4. Mike Mollot close the gap even closer when he sprinted from the endline on an inbound play and beat his man to the far corner. He trickled one past Kenney to make it 8-5. Later, Mollot, who looked like a man possessed, folowed a ball that he lost to the middle of the crease area with his head down. UVA's Hanley Halcomb did the right thing and punished him by putting his head into his body, but it cost him a minute and his team a goal. Matt Urlock got the man-up tally to make it 8-6. That's how the third ended. The Terps were pumped and the fans were rockin'.

Matt Urlock picked up where he left off when he scored on a Chris Malone feed to make it 8-7, but that would be the last goal for Maryland. Gill, Jalbert, and longpole Ragossa got the last three for Syracuse to end it, 11-7.

Mike Mollot showed great leadership on the field today, as you could see from the stands he wanted to win more than anyone out there. Conor Gill also has one of the hardest overhand shots we've seen this season, maybe the hardest.

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TV watchers
    by (#834) on 4/24/00 @7:52AM
Did anyone else want to shot the anouncers Fox sports net had for the televised game? The one guy kept calling the ball a puck and the other was explain every single basic part of a lacrosse game. You'd think that somewhere in FOX Sports they could find 2 people that know the sport they are covering a little better. If not they should give Quint and Leifa call next time.
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fox sports
    by (#2124) on 4/25/00 @11:50AM
why were you guys watching fox sports? you couldve been watching premium lacrosse. like the pilgrim league champion new england college mens lacrosse team. theyre going to the tournament, so watch out.
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Pilgrim who?
    by (#834) on 4/25/00 @5:29PM
We were watching foz sports because they had big dawgs play.. i.e. DI.
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    by (#181) on 4/25/00 @11:16PM
you meathead
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Fox Sports
    by (#2510) on 4/24/00 @10:43AM
I was forced to watch college baseball for what should have been the entire first half of the game. The score in the game was ridiculous also, like 18-4 and they still couldn't switch over to the lacrosse. Fox Sports really needs to get its act together...
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Dom's mustache
    by (#288) on 4/24/00 @6:11PM
How is coach Starsia leading the voting booth for best mustache when the man has no facial hair whatsoever? Supposedly he shaved it right after winning the title last year. Is this a cry from the fans for him to grow it back for good luck in the tournament?
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the legacy of the mustache
    by (#2576) on 4/28/00 @2:25PM
it's just that the mustache was so great in all its glory that, even when gone, it wins the contest for best.
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    by (#2177) on 4/24/00 @7:16PM
Virginia brings it into the attack zone, connor gill shoots the puck, hat trick. That kid should be brought off the ice for that high sticking. I think fox sports could have found some announcers that knew lacrosse from hockey.
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is this evan
    by (#2473) on 4/28/00 @10:19PM
hey is this evan from centennial. cuz if it is, i go to mount hebron. if this is evan, reply back
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    by (#2432) on 4/26/00 @12:18AM
Well, despite another McGinnis flop the Terps made a game of it against Virginia. It sure looked like he did all he could to throw the game for Coach Edell again, but the nine other guys on the field just didn't want to let Pat "The Sieve" McGinnis throw this title shot (and also redemtion shot at their earlier drubbing by the Cavs) down the tubes as usual. Seriously, Edell might as well put a flaming bag of fecal matter between the pipes, because all that McGinnis is doing is crapping on any chance the Terps had at a successful post-season. This kid stinks. I haven't seen a worse goalie since I watched Derek Kenney try to stop any of Syracuse's 23 goals early last Spring in the Carrier Dome. Kenney is yet another pathetic goalie in D1, but I will get to that later.
McGinnis doesn't belong in a Providence jersey let alone a Maryland one. Hands down, worst goalie in college lacrosse...Pat McGinnis.
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    by (#2445) on 4/26/00 @8:53AM
I just can't help trying to make people mad. I know that McGinnis is a good goalie, but I just want people to get mad for a few hours and then appologize. I am sorry if I offended anyone, and I do truly think that Pat McGinnis deserves to be in the running for first team All-America recognition.
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what is this?
    by (#2432) on 4/26/00 @12:34PM
What the hell is this? Would you please stop impersonating me? My screen name has a space between gay and deer. Yours does not. We are different people, and thereby have different opinions. I do not think Pat McGinnis is a good goalie and I do not apologize for what I have said, nor will I ever. You are annoying and not even doing anything funny. Let me state my opinion without you posing as me and trying to make it appear as though I am rebuking myself.
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gay deer
    by (#2337) on 4/27/00 @12:13AM
You already admitted to being a psycho(after the Hopkins game), so why are you saying that you don't like talking to yourself now. Admit it you want to hide behind the internet so you look normal. You are a freak, and it is obvious when you talk about Maryland's goalie. McGinnis is very good. Your opinion is for crap, so quit making yourself look stupid. Thanks.
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The entire McGinnis family
    by (#2433) on 4/27/00 @11:20AM
If you guys think Pat McGinnis sucks, wait until you meet his younger brother Tim. This kid is about as cool as cancer. First of all the kid runs like Forest Gump. Second of all the girls this chump hooks up with make Rosanne Barr look like a beauty queen (Uncle Moe).
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    by (#2177) on 4/27/00 @11:33AM
McGinnis is far from being the worst goalie in D-1, hes actually currently ranked 6th in the nation with a .634 save percentage. He's also 5th ranked in goals-against average. In the ACC championship, his pct was .621. So I think youre wrong.
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just kidding
    by (#2445) on 4/27/00 @3:21PM
don't worry about these messages. everyone knows how good mcginnis is in goal. we are jokesters who like to have fun on the internet. you don't have to defend mcginnis or respond to these messages for people to know what a good year he has had. we are just kidding.
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    by (#2432) on 4/27/00 @7:18PM
Clearly I commend "Terps suck" on his comment about the retard Pat McGinnis' little brother living up to his brother's retarded reputation. This kid, has got the biggest set of yellow horse teeth that I have ever seen. To go along with those chompers is an extraordinarily unathletic and Goof Troop-esque" physique. It is needless to say that little Timmy is even worse than his retard brother in the cage. On a daily basis he succeeds in scoring on himself when he finally makes a save. He continually pulls off one of those "drop the ball in your own cage while trying to clear" deals. Impressively, Timmy stinks even more than his flaming bag of crap brother.
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you guys are awesome
    by (#2625) on 4/28/00 @3:52PM
i must say, "gay deer" and "terps suck" are awesome. they are so funny. i love the way they write these really creative and witty messages about people and post them on the internet. they must be both smart and mature. it is so cool how they feel it is their duty to entertain readers of lax.com. i know there must be other people like me who can't wait to read what they post. they are just too much. i hope they never grow up, because what in the world would we do without their funny messages?
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harry boy
    by (#2432) on 4/30/00 @9:51PM
Harry, it is people like you who make sarcastic comment that you make that provide "Terps suck" and me with the inner fire to continually come up with these witty messages. You inspire us. I never wnat to "grow up" as you say, because I don't want to be like you.

By the way, has your ass gotten better...I notice you aren't waddling around like a duck anymore.

PS..both McGinnis brothers hook up with those nasty girls with funny nicknames like the Unc. or even Uncle Moe
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The Coolest
    by (#2489) on 4/29/00 @8:32PM
In reading your article you stated what a great check Carrier had on McKnight where in fact it was Casey Connor (18). Check the tape. In fact Connor had the same check on McKnight earlier this year. McKnight ACC Player of the year. Connor not even on All-ACC Team. What kind of crap is that. He holds Durnan, the ACC leading scorer to 2 goals (when he averages over three) and blankets McKnight (the ACC leader in points) holding him to one point on a goal. He also led his team to holding Duke to 6 goals and Virginia to their lowest offensive output of the season, again. And Connor is not even selected to the All-Tournament team. Somebody better re-elect some judges. Connor is all that and a bag of chips.
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The facts
    by (#8088) on 3/29/01 @4:17PM
You guys are good this season and you should go all the way. BUT! You guys need a new face off man. I played against that freshman you guys got from yorktown when i was in high school and he is nasty. His name is Pastula i think.
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