Undefeated Loyola Falls to Syracuse

Undefeated Loyola Falls to Syracuse

Undefeated Loyola Falls to Syracuse

Undefeated Loyola Falls to Syracuse

The undefeated Loyola Greyhounds locked horns with the Orangemen Saturday at the Dome in one of the weekend's key matchups. The Orange cruised to a 15-6 victory in front of 9,224 spectators who got to witness one of the most impressive defensive efforts from the Orangemen all year. And the offense wasn't so bad either. Senior attackman Josh Coffman led the Orangemen in scoring with 3 goals and 3 assists all in the first half. Brundage, Radonis, and Adams all garnered 2 points each in the losing effort for Loyola.

The first quarter of the game proved to be the most important as Syracuse got things started off right by leading Loyola 5-1 after the first 15 minutes. It would be a lead they would not relinquish. Josh Coffman got it going for S.U. after opening up the scoring with a goal of his own and then feeding Mike Springer and Mike Smith to put the lead to 3-0. One of the highlights of this quarter came from the touted freshman middie Jarrett Park. He showed his speed when he sprinted the ball down the field, split two Loyola defenders and nearly buried a shot from the right side of the cage. In the past few games he has been getting a goal or two and is really beginning to show his ability. Shortly into the second quarter Loyola got things rolling after two quick goals from Steve Brundage and Ryan Radonis, but both goals were quickly answered by Syracuse. Brundage then scored again on a fast break coming off a faceoff to keep Loyola in the game. Syracuse then went on another four goal run while only allowing Loyola one score to send the game into halftime with Syracuse commanding a 10-5 lead. At this point it was clear that Syracuse was on its game and it would take a serious team effort from Loyola to come back and win this one.

Syracuse would have nothing of this as their defense became even more dominant in the 3rd as they held Loyola scoreless and even shut them down on an extra man opportunity late in the quarter. They weren't allowing Loyola any high percentage chances and were also creating lots of turnovers which were often converted into transition opportunities. After two more Syracuse scores from Brian Nee and Spencer Wright the game was sent into the final quarter with S.U. leading 12-5. Syracuse's smothering defense still did not let up as they allowed one goal during the entire second half giving themselves all they needed to easily come out on top. After a faceoff goal from Jarrett Park 10 seconds into the fourth and two more from Hardy and Wright later in the quarter, the lone goal Loyola's Parker Adams scored was too little and too late as the game ended with Syracuse ahead 15-6.

All in all the game was really exciting to watch because Syracuse seemed to be doing a lot of transition style play which was reminiscent of the Run-and-Gun Style of lacrosse they are known to breed. Next up for Loyola is Butler this Saturday and Syracuse travels to Cornell on Tuesday. Watch out though because the last time SU had a big win over Loyola in the Dome was two years ago and they ended up losing by a goal to the Big Red on their weekday trip to Schoellkopf field. Both should be interesting matchups.

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    by (#19799) on 4/07/02 @4:20PM
phew, wow, I mean, ok. This was terrific coverage for this game. I did not know that these 2 teams have horns that could lock, but so be it. the way that you describe the game, the dome, the crowd.....just terrific. I hear that they sell hot dogs there. are you related to chris farley? farley was a fat old jolly man who died. this game sounded amazing. you sound amazing too!! I would love your phone number.
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Did you see Terminator?
    by (#2700) on 4/08/02 @10:35PM
Chris Farley was fat. He was funny. But he wasn't old. Checking out at 33 is pitifully young. Once you get your facts straight newspaperboy, you might ascend to newspaperman.
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    by (#4391) on 4/07/02 @5:32PM
Your photos of Syracuse games are always kinda blurry, probably because it's in a dome(no sunlight). You should ask the photographers at syracuse.com how they get the pictures to come out so good.
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    by (#2700) on 4/08/02 @10:22PM
It looks like a digital camera was used, which often records a slight blur on moving objects.
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    by (#12731) on 4/07/02 @8:31PM
is there a way to trade players once they have been used 10 times?
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cuse goalie
    by (#21004) on 4/07/02 @10:07PM
what the hell is that cuse goalie wearing for pants? are those football pants? what a fruit! those look awfully gay hate to break it to ya pfeifer

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    by (#4391) on 4/07/02 @10:20PM
Do you mean the UVA that lost to syracuse at UVA? Pfeiffer is sweet. The pants are equally sweet
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    by (#20210) on 4/08/02 @9:08PM
I agree Syracuse all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    by (#2700) on 4/08/02 @10:30AM
Football pants are gay? This comment from UVA fan is very telling.

How about we bring the discussion back to lacrosse -- UVA 13 - Cuse 15.
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The pants-man.
    by (#25536) on 4/08/02 @10:35AM
Dude the pants are sweet. I heard he put a couple rolls of quarters down his pants before the game, to "beef" things up so to speak.
Hell yeah, CUSE is too sick, hence the pants.
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pfeifer all the way
    by (#25819) on 4/08/02 @3:02PM
pfeifer is the man... you're just jealous cuz uva sucks and your goalie has no style. go cuse
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old school
    by (#24723) on 4/08/02 @10:46PM
gotta agree with the cuse fans on this one, the old-school football pants look is awesome, glad to finally see someone bring it back, keep it up cuse! hopefully see you and the "other syracuse school" in the finals!!
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shits is hot
    by (#8966) on 4/08/02 @10:56PM
Those pants are the hot shit, dun. It be great to see all lax players with style like that. Word
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pfeifer pants
    by (#9049) on 4/09/02 @12:00AM
i have to agree with drain on this one. those things are gay as shit. maybe if he beefed up his legs or something they would look better. until then he looks like a popcicle stick in god awful orange pants.
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    by (#13195) on 4/09/02 @9:35AM
Whether you think the pants are cool or gay, he is still the starting keeper for Cuse. That is cool enough in itself. I think that Loyola is going to be a force once the freshman that they have are a little more seasoned. That kid #48 (Halford?) is going to be very good.
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    by (#21712) on 4/09/02 @8:46PM
a lot of syracuse goalies wear those football pants in the dome
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Stupid NY players
    by (#22795) on 4/09/02 @7:57AM
Just a knock off of one of the best CUSE goalies ever. But look out CUSE is good! If Coffman was built like his brother, he'd be ???????
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    by (#26767) on 4/10/02 @10:53AM
God. These photo's suck.
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