Villanova vs. Bucknell Lacrosse Highlights from

Villanova vs. Bucknell Lacrosse Highlights from

Villanova vs. Bucknell Lacrosse Highlights from brings you highlights from Bucknell vs. Villanova! Some great saves, and a battle into overtime!

Check them out to see who comes out on top!

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De-Emphasizing the Physical Intensity of Lacrosse
    by (#314288) on 3/04/12 @9:46PM

It’s very disappointing to see US Lacrosse adopt USA Hockey’s campaign to de-emphasize the physical intensity (i.e. great hits) of the sport in order to curry favor with the soccer-mom movement. Lacrosse has long been the last bastion of superior athletes in America who don’t shy
away from pain nor fear injury, where being “aggressive” is not viewed as a negative attribute. Sadly, some of the core fundamentals within Lacrosse are the being sacrificed to bolster membership across the country. Like Hockey, Lacrosse is the latest sport to be redefined and marketed as: “the New, kinder and gentler sport.”

It would appear that those within the upper echelon of US Lacrosse have opted to sell-out rather than hold fast to the core fundamentals of the sport. Have they themselves succumbed to the notion that pain and injury should be avoided at all cost? Would they have us believe that Lacrosse should now conform to what are deemed as being politically correct “activities”?

One would expect that that those in positions of leadership would in fact lead. Rather than conform, they should celebrate those aspects of Lacrosse that set it apart from all other sports to make it one of the greatest sport on earth? Rather than shy away from or downplay the physical element, accentuate it. Present it to young athletes as a great distinction; that any child can play a game and kick a ball but Lacrosse is not merely a game, it’s a sport. The Sport! “Lacrosse, the sport to aspire to!”

Admittedly, this would require the leadership within US Lacrosse to exhibit great fortitude, and it may even affect its growth slightly. However, this would provide a great opportunity to further refine programs while developing the base. It’s well worth remembering that sometimes less is more; fore it affords you the opportunity to do fewer things exceptionally well and Lacrosse players are exceptional!
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