Hopkins Tames Cavs, 8-7

Hopkins Tames Cavs, 8-7

Hopkins Tames Cavs, 8-7

Hopkins Tames Cavs, 8-7

BALTIMORE, Md. -- The Johns Hopkins University men's lacrosse team jumped to a 5-0 halftime lead, got a career-high 18 saves from senior goalie Rob Scherr and held off a furious second-half rally by top-ranked Virginia as the Blue Jays knocked off the Cavaliers, 8-7 in front of 7,241 at Homewood Field Saturday night. The Blue Jays improve to 4-1 and have won their last four games and six of their last eight against teams ranked number one, while Virginia slips to 5-1 and had a four-game winning streak against the Blue Jays snapped.

Hopkins jumped to a quick 2-0 lead as Bobby Benson and Kyle Barrie scored in the first 4:02 of the game. Benson's goal at the 11:59 mark came off a rebound, while Barrie took a perfect pass from Conor Ford on the doorstep and slipped his 10th goal of the season past Virginia goalie Tillman Johnson.

Barrie pushed the lead to 3-0 with just under five minutes remaining in the second quarter when he scored an extra man goal on an assist from Kevin Boland. Ford pushed the lead to 4-0 with 1:46 remaining when he netted his first goal of the season off a feed from Kyle Harrison and that looked like it would be the score at the end of the quarter. However, Hopkins freshman Kyle Dowd picked up a loose ball 30 yards from the goal in the finals seconds and threw the ball at the goal, where it skipped past a surprised Johnson with just three seconds left in the quarter to make it 5-0.

A scoreless second quarter saw the Cavaliers outshoot Hopkins, 12-5, but Scherr registered eight of his 18 saves in the period to send the game to halftime with Hopkins holding a 5-0 lead. Virginia wasted little time climbing back in the game in the third quarter as the Cavs outscored the Blue Jays, 5-2 in the period. Freshman Matt Ward's ninth goal of the game, off a feed from sophomore Joe Yevoli broke the ice for UVa with 11:19 remaining in the period and Yevoli made it 5-2 with an unassisted goal less than two minutes later. Harrison pushed the lead to 6-2 for the Blue Jays less than one minute later when he bounced a shot past Johnson, but two goals by John Christmas and another by Yevoli were answered only by an extra man goal by Boland in the final 7:31 and the game went to the fourth quarter with JHU leading 7-5.

The two-goal lead for the Blue Jays lasted less than one minute as senior Chris Rotelli scored his 14th goal of the season off another assist from Yevoli to make it 7-6. The score remained 7-6 until junior Joe McDermott netted his second goal of the season with 8:07 remaining with the assist on the play going to freshman Greg Peyser. The Blue Jays held that lead until Virginia made its final push.

Rotelli came from behind the goal and beat Scherr up high with 1:28 remaining to make it 8-7. The Cavaliers won the ensuing faceoff and maintained possession for over a minute until Rotelli threw an errant pass that sailed out of bounds. With less than 15 seconds remaining, the Blue Jays nearly lost possession in their own end before senior Michael Peyser threw the ball the length of the field in an attempts to kill of the remaining time. Johnson came up with the ball and Virginia quickly worked it to Ward, whose shot as time expired hit the outside of the net. Barrie led the Blue Jays with his two goals, while Ford, Boland and Harrison all had one goal and one assist. The 18 saves for Scherr ties his career high, which he previously set against Notre Dame in the 2001 NCAA Quarterfinals.

Yevoli had two goals and two assists to pace the Cavaliers, while Rotelli and Christmas each had the two goals. Ward added one goal and one assist, while Johnson made 10 saves in goal.

Johns Hopkins will next be in action at North Carolina next Saturday, while the Cavaliers will host Maryland next Saturday.

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Watch out JH, UMD coming!!
    by (#47970) on 3/23/03 @7:19PM
JHU played an awesome game that really shut up my Virginia friends. But JHU needs to watch out for Maryland next week becuase Maryland will repeat what Syracuse did to them last week. GO TERPS!!!!
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Uva will bounce back
    by (#45522) on 3/23/03 @7:41PM
Losing to hopkins is not the worst thing. Hop is a good team and I like them. Although, uva has a great coach and a great team which plays very hard and so this lost will not hurt them. I believe that they will bounce back next week with a win when they play a very good maryland team. UVA is going all the way! Go hoos!
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At least they can party.
    by (#31907) on 3/24/03 @9:25AM
I think the UVA lax team and the University of Florida hoops team should get together and lead a discussion in "how to consistently underachieve with the most talent in the country." It would be fascinating.
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What r u talking about!
    by (#45522) on 3/24/03 @2:39PM
Uva is a great team which beat princeton and syraquse on their field. HOpkins lost to syraquse. So dont say that uva can't play w/ the best because they can. Anyways hopkins is a good team and uva had to play with the pressure of being #1 and playing at a very pumped up hopkins stadium. Uva is going all the way!
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(no subject)
    by (#31907) on 3/24/03 @4:06PM
Absolutely UVA is a great team. Which is why it is almost impossible to undertand how they can so consistently choke year after year. Hey Cavs.....stop spending so much time in the frat house and spend a little more time getting yourself mentally prepered your games. Retards.
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    by (#45485) on 3/24/03 @6:05PM
i don't even want to dignify your post with a response, but your message is so mean-spirited that i feel like i should. calling anyone a "retard", and using the word as an insult, is absolutely offensive. there is nothing funny about it. i won't even comment on your analysis of uva's team--which is completely off the mark, by the way--because the fact that you would use such a word makes me lose any respect that i could have had for you. it's such a shame that there are still so many closed-minded people in the world.
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Hop over UMD
    by (#1524) on 3/24/03 @6:18PM

sorry, I was with MD all the way until they lose to UNC by four at home.....no bueno....the Hop will stay on top....I guess screaming in your face does work as a coaching technique.....
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are you 5?
    by (#28897) on 3/24/03 @6:17PM
great post, you really showed that you must know a ton about lacrosse. UVA was #1? wow, I didn't know that. Hopkins is a good team? geez, anymore wonderous insights? with an intellect like that, maybe you can one day go to "syraquse" with people like you, no wonder everyone hates texas.
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game was awesome
    by (#48085) on 3/24/03 @7:46PM
my friend took me to this game and it was awesome. hopkins got some quick goals which was just what they needed. you people saying that UVA wasnt prepared or they suck or whatever, why dont you get out there and play some division 1 lacrosse against one of the best teams in the country. just shut up you idiots. both of these teams were awesome and their skill is just insane
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    by (#32281) on 3/25/03 @12:43PM
Tillman Johnson lost the game for UVA. I was at the game, and some of the goals he let up were just terrible. The one that sticks out in my mind is the goal Kyle Dowd scored from around the 40-45 yard line near the box with only a couple ticks left before halftime. It's too bad because if Johnson didn't have his head in his ass and stopped that one shot, let alone a bunch of other shots he should have stopped, the game would be tied at the end of regulation. He really needed to step up in that game and didn't.
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hey Max22
    by (#47758) on 3/25/03 @7:15PM
You have no Idea what your talking about, I was at the game too and tillman was the only reason they stayed in the game in the beginning. Hes one of the best keepers in the nation, and when the teams offense doesn't produce goals, who is gonna keep the team alive? Maybe if the cavs d hadnt left him hanging so much, letting guys cut to the crease all game long the hoos woulda won. Now dont get me wrong, the Cavs are my favorite team, and I was a pissed as much as anyone when they lost, but dont blame Tillman for it. All of the pressure was on him, heaviest until the attack got their rhythm, which never completely happened

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The Wahoos
    by (#21554) on 3/25/03 @6:53PM
The rankings this week are totally bogus. Hop is definately not playing better lax than UVA. I like JHU and think they are good but this whole thing beating Virginia is a fluke. Wahoo lax is definately better than hop lax. The rankings are totally wrong and should be changed because UVA is better than JHU. Its common sense here people
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You must be kidding.
    by (#31907) on 3/26/03 @9:32AM
I have read countless posts on this website that make absolutely no sense.....but this one beats them all hands down. Seriously buddy, you are a total moron.
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rogue leader is right
    by (#48253) on 3/26/03 @1:44PM
rogue leader is right. In addition, posts with ignorant grammatical errors ("definately" & "its") don't excactly make you carry a big stick.
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Rogue leader makes a great point
    by (#5589) on 3/27/03 @5:47PM
If the object of the game was to recruit talented players, score lots of goals during the regular season, and then choke in the playoffs UVA would take the title hands down.
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oh man
    by (#45485) on 3/28/03 @3:12PM
you rip on others' errors and then you bust out "excactly." that is priceless.
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    by (#32281) on 3/30/03 @3:07AM
trois pistoles - Man, there have been some really stupid posts on this web site, both opinion wise and grammatically, but the one you put up takes the cake. Ripping on people for their grammatical errors, and then "excactly." You my friend are an idiot.
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hell yeah
    by (#47133) on 4/26/03 @12:43PM
this is a definite pre view of this years FINAL baby hopkins and the cavs all the way
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