Middlebury Trounces Naz, 21-12

Middlebury Trounces Naz, 21-12

Middlebury Trounces Naz, 21-12

Middlebury Trounces Naz, 21-12

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. - Middlebury had its second-highest offensive output of the season as they rolled to a 21-12 win over Nazareth in the quarterfinals of the NCAA Division III tournament. The win improves the Panthers to 18-3 in NCAA Tournament play as they advance to the semifinals to take on the winner of the Cortland/Hamilton game played Wednesday night. A Cortland win puts the Panthers on the road for a Sunday game, while a Hamilton victory gives the Panthers one more home game.

Middlebury jumped out to a 3-0 lead behind a pair of goals from Greg Bastis. Nazareth answered with two from Jason Mordaci to cut the lead to 3-2 before Jonathan Sisto made it a 4-2 Panther lead at the end of the first quarter. The Panthers came out strong in the second quarter, scoring four of the first five goals to take an 8-3 lead with 11:19 left in the second quarter. The Golden Flyers battled back with two of the game's next three goals, including a man-up tally from Brandon Brown to cut the lead to 10-6 late in the half. Mike Frissora found the back of the net with 1:16 left in the half to give Middlebury an 11-6 halftime advantage.

Middlebury gained some comfortable breathing room by exploding for four goals in the first 4:04 of the third quarter. The outburst gave the Panthers a 15-6 lead at the 10:56 mark. Middlebury added one more goal before Nazareth scored two of the final three goals of the quarter to make it a 17-8 game after three quarters. A 4-4 fourth quarter made it a 21-10 final.

Middlebury controlled the ground balls in the contest, holding a 60-40 advantage, while owning a 65-32 margin in shots. The Panthers were successful on .895 percent of their clears, while holding the Golden Flyers to .608. The 21 goals were the most for Middlebury since a 22-5 win over Union in early April, while it was just the third time all season the Panthers have allowed more than 10 goals in a game.

Charley Howe led the Panthers with five goals, while Bastis and Frissora added four goals apiece. Mordaci led Nazareth with three goals, while Bryan Adams and Brandon Brown scored two each. Eric Krieger made 10 saves in goal, while Don Green, George Polino and Alex Civalier combined to make 15 saves for Nazareth.

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Middleburied Nazareth
    by (#24884) on 5/15/03 @1:35AM
Middlebury will be in Baltimore. Wednesdays game was total dominance in every aspect. Shots, ground balls, face-offs, and hustle. Middlebury's team speed will play havoc with Cortland at both ends of the field. EMO is ? but who needs it with the offensive power they generate. Nazareth had a good team but just couldn't keep up with Middlebury, even if they played to their potential. I doubt for all you Ithaca rooters, that they would have done any better. Middlebury's field and stadium is in need of major improvements. The refs were Ok but let Middlebury get away with some head shots while Nazareht was flagged for the same hits. As for Sunday, Cortland won't be playing at night and why should they when the field is open all day. Cortland is a good team but Elvin the "Hot Dog" and his team will go down on Sunday and pack up to go home as Middlebury goes for 4 !!!
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    by (#52932) on 5/15/03 @11:27AM
watching the mid-naz game was nothing short of sheer dominance by the panthers. all around play with sound defense and SPEED. no way the dragons can compete. it doesnt matter because it looks like this yrs championship has salisbury written all over it
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    by (#2903) on 5/15/03 @1:34PM
Maybe it'll be a Midd-Salisbury rematch of the 2000 final?
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Hello Lacrosse Critics
    by (#29951) on 5/15/03 @6:50PM
will you all bring the facts to the table. What have you told me, nothing! Cortland beat Naz and will continue to move on after a solid win against Hamilton. Hyatt and Elvin will step up come Sunday and hello, if Middlebury wants to win you have to stop a FRESHMAN by the name of Lambert, and when you stop him Roth or Hughes is going to crush you. You wish you had the same talent on the field as Cortland. The bottom line is that Defense wins Championships and people like Feltmann, Estrella, Hansen, Mendelson, McCurdy, Draper and their coach Joyce are going to be prepared to punish you. I dare you to come in to the crease against Hansen. If you want to know what the weather is looking like next week then I invite you to the crease. I commend Hamilton on their efforts, but Middlebury - you are going to finally see what it's like to play a real team. I see the WAC fans have finally shut theirs mouths after their "ALL AMERICAN" team lost in the first round. As my father says, "SEE YA". Middlebury, you are now an average team in a real tourament. Plan on your seniors playing their last game Sunday May 16th.

To the Cortland Seniors - congradulations on Saturdays graduation, The Winnie is gassed up!
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    by (#2903) on 5/15/03 @9:54PM
Never heard of any of 'em. You want to be champions, prove it on the field. So far Cortland has proven nothing. Talk is cheap and easy son. It's funny, you never see Middlebury supporters talking trash on this page. Oh, that's right, real champions don't have to.

Cortland has a fine team this year but, looking at their schedule, thay have not seen a team like Middlebury this year. If you truly think that we will give up our titles easily, you are sadly mistaken. As for your insightful commentary I am sorry you said that .... and Cortland will be too.
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(no subject)
    by (#12624) on 5/16/03 @6:50PM
its definately amusing to read how excited you losers are about the terribly weak northern bracket. simple noted the north sucks this year. middlebury should polish up and enjoy their championship trophies from last years and the year before that because they aren't going to see anymore for a while.
after almost losing to hamilton (who?) you guys at cortland better hope for a miracle.
either way, the north has no chance. any of the remaining southern teams would easily handle the most worthy northern opponent.
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