Virginia Vanquishes Georgetown, 12-7

Virginia Vanquishes Georgetown, 12-7

Virginia Vanquishes Georgetown, 12-7

Virginia Vanquishes Georgetown, 12-7

The Virginia Cavaliers were dominated at the faceoff X by Georgetown's Andy Corno, but they led in every other statistical category including the all important score, 12-7. The game took place at Towson under mostly cloudy skies, with a slick turf due to earlier rain (Gtown lost maybe 10 posessions because they just simply slipped). Virginia will move on to play Maryland next weekend in Baltimore.

Head to Head Analysis

Goalies: Tilman Johnson played well making 15 saves for Virginia, but most of his shots came from the outside. Virginia's defense gave him clear looks at shooters and didn't allow many passes that would leave Johnson out of position. Georgetown didn't have poor goal tending despite a questionable switch in goalies to begin the third quarter. Rich D'Andrea was the starter for GTown, but after coming up with four saves while allowing seven goals in the first half Coach Urick decided to make a switch to shake his team up. Andrew Owen was the replacement, but after 10:29 minutes of play Owen was credited with zero saves while allowing four. Back in came D'Andrea to finish the game strong with six saves down the stretch. Virginia's opportunities were of a higher quality than Georgetown's so while Johnson may have out played his counterparts, the goalies really weren't the story.

Georgetown's Attack vs Virginia's Defense When the starting units lined up Virginia matched their opponents attack the following way. Virginia's Brett Hughes took Mike Hammer, David Burnam took John Vettoretti, and Ned Bowen played Georgetown's Neal Goldman. The marquee match-up was Hughes vs. Hammer. Goldman and Vettoretti were unnoticeable throughout the game. Neither of them really pressed to the cage so one would have to conclude their respective defenseman got the upper hand. Hughes and Hammer, however, did serious battle. Hughes at 6'3 212 lbs had his hands full with the 6'2" 200 lbs. Hammer, but he clearly won the battle. Several times throughout the day he drove Hammer into the right into the turf. Give Hammer credit for battling all day and sticking his nose right back in to come up with a goal and an assist. Give more credit to Virginia's defense for rendering Georgetown's able attack useless.

Virginia's Attack vs Georgetown's Defense: Pat Collins marked Virginia's star attackman John Christmas, Brant Gresham took Joe Yevoli, and Andrew Braziel was on Matt Ward. The key match-up was Collins vs Christmas and Collins took the young Christmas to school. Collins performance was maybe the best individual performance in the game. The speedy Christmas was matched step for step all day by Collins. While Collins maybe out of the play-offs he made a strong bid for All-American status by stripping Christmas clean on at least three occasions. The box score indicates a hatrick for Christmas, but one goal came when Brant Gresham wound up covering him and Christmas burned him with speed. An other was a crafty garbage goal off a rebound. Matt Ward wound up going 1-3, but while Braziel may have put more pressure on him his assists did not come from beating Braziel. They came in transition or on situations where middies didn't pick up their guys. Braziel was also very affective as the most active slider on the defense with Virginia midfielders penetrating. Yevoli was pretty quiet with 1-1 so that match-up was a wash.

Face-offs: Georgetown's Andy Corno was superlative winning 16 of 23 against Virginia's Jack DeVilliers. Virginia fought hard enough to stop Corno from turning them into fast breaks and then played staunch defense to nullify the advantage.

Midfield Play: Virginia won the game with midfield play. All American Chris Rotelli and company were able to consistently get open and push the ball towards the cage. It was a total team effort with nine different players scoring goals. AJ Shannon, Rotelli, Kyle Dixon, Matt Poskay, Nathan Kenney, and Trey Whitty all made the scoring column. As a whole, GTown's defensive midfield was broken down with speed and good ball movement. On the other side of the field Georgetown's offensive middies could not penetrate. Senior Trevor Walker tried time and time again to use his speed sweeping to his left, but wound up with little angle from too far out as all five of his shots were saved or went wide. The one guy to nobody's surprise that came up huge was Walid Hajj. This kid's a gamer. He too was not allowed to penetrate the defensive core, but he made his chances stick with three goals. Two of them were outside shots from just inside the restraining line ripping the upper right corner. Overall, the game was won by Virginia with a more talented and deeper midfield unit.

Other things of note The morning was filled with scattered showers resulting in slick turf. Georgetown struggled with it much more than the Virginia players. Whether it was the shoes, a more cognisant Virginia squad, or Virginia's D forcing Georgetown to try and do to much is not known. What is known however, is that any advantage the Bull Dogs may have gotten from Andy Corno's faceoffs was negated by all the turnovers due to slipping and falling.

With 5:36 to go in the 3rd quarter the game got real sloppy at the midfield and bodies started flying. In the melee for reasons unknown to the writer, Mike Hammer looked like he was attempting to cripple Virginia's defenseman Ned Bowen. Hammer took a running dive at Bowen's knees. Luckily the defender was OK or there very well could have been a brawl.

Christmas was limping with two minutes to go in the game. It was in direct correlation with a one on one move he made, but whether he cramped up or just took a slash to the knee is not known. He looked like he would be fine after handling the ball with only seconds to go in the game, but he may be nursing something come final four weekend.

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    by (#29035) on 5/18/03 @10:43PM
Holyyyyy, noone can stop these guys...Tillman Johnson looking better then ever in the cage(which is no surprise) and Jonny Christmas puttin the game!t whose gonna stop em

Ill see yall in Ravens Stadium
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I agree with some of it
    by (#40548) on 5/19/03 @2:39AM
I know Tillman will be on his game, he loves the competition in big time events, he always has since he was in grade school, he will always step it up. But Christmas got hoared all game. He played like shit, I have it on tape i have watched it twice. The offensive player UVA has is Yevoli or Shannon(god that kid has a cannon on him). I think UMD and UVA will be a classic, a great defense vs. a great offense, both goalies are nasty, I know that one first hand. I am going to love to see Hughes on Walters, and Zink on Yevoli, the one on ones games are going to be sweet. I take the winner of that one in the finals. Cya in Bmore. Go Gulls in D3
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    by (#951) on 5/19/03 @8:37AM
Collins from gtown was all over christmas, and stripped him quite a few times. he only got beat once cleanly, and thats not bad considering christmas is one of the top attackmen in the game.

tillman johnson looked really good today. and walid hajj from gtown had a great game. he can shoot the ball as good as anyone
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    by (#45083) on 5/19/03 @10:17AM
The UVA-Georgetown and Towson-Hopkins games had to be some of the worst quarter final games ever; sloppy and boring. Virginia has excellent offensive players, but no offense. They only have individuals who take the ball to the goal; little or no team offense. I think this is why they struggled this year and why they will have trouble with Maryland. Christmas did get beat up a few times' although I think they were all early' as were all Georgetown"s good performances.
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    by (#23904) on 5/21/03 @2:09PM
Dude, Christmas freakin played awesome, he had some bad plays, like when he shot and the ball came back and hit him in the face, but remember that diving shot from the right side of the cage (looking from the front)? Damn strait, nobody plays like Johnny. Tillman rocks too.
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    by (#2700) on 5/19/03 @10:15AM
If the Cavs are going to ascend to the D1 throne, it's gonna require beating Maryland and JHU. Something they've already failed to do in 2003.
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    by (#47758) on 5/19/03 @6:58PM
I was at the UVa-hopkins game and Uva played probably their worst game of the season. That being said, however, Uva still came back. They were down five-zero at the half and lost eight-seven. When they started scoring, you could tell the hop was looking a little worried. They lost both games by one goal, in my eyes thats hardly failing. And I predict cuse over hop, they seem to know what their doing in the tourney.
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Nope, Cuze can say "goodybye"
    by (#23904) on 5/21/03 @2:13PM
first off, i am a giant virginia fan, my sis goes there, and my dad went there. We have been so close to the championship, this is the year. No way, hopkins is gonna wipe out the orangemen and UVA is gonna kill UMD and i say Hopkins and UVA in the final UVA wins by like 1, tillman johnson is gonna rock, christmas is gonna be awesome One Hell UVA school and lax team!
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Amen to that!
    by (#45522) on 5/21/03 @4:38PM
My mom went there and I have a lot of friends who go there so I know that uva is a great school and has a sick lax team. Go hoos!
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Inquiring Minds...
    by (#46862) on 5/22/03 @8:41AM
ain't the least bit interested that your entire family went to Virginia, married one another, and then moved to Texas to pick cotton.

The Cavs will just get by the Terps in the semis and lose to the Orangemen in OT on Mem. Day.

Wahoo Wa to that!
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ur a retard
    by (#45522) on 5/22/03 @4:13PM
my dad is from texas so i just chose somthing different. And just because ur such a retard that u cant get into uva and now u luv the crackhead school of syraquse. Uva is the real orange team! Keep on talking retard.
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Easy Cowboy
    by (#46862) on 5/22/03 @5:07PM
Ain't no Syracuse fan here, just giving it to you straight bro. 'Cuse is gonna finish it, it'll be tight, but the Upstate scholars will pull it out over your beloved hoos.

Obviously, you flunked spelling down there in Charz. Oh wait, you went to Sweet Briar right?
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ur a retard
    by (#45522) on 5/22/03 @4:13PM
my dad is from texas so i just chose somthing different. And just because ur such a retard that u cant get into uva and now u luv the crackhead school of syraquse. Uva is the real orange team! Keep on talking retard.
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    by (#19633) on 5/19/03 @3:05PM
AJ Shannon was getting off - sticking sick corners like it is his biz yo'

Johhny X-mas bas breakin' fools left and right - "He be Laxin'"

Brett Hughes might be the sickest takeaway artist ever - he is like a surgeon with that titanium rod "Paging Dr. Hughes...Paging Dr. Hughes...Dr. have a telephone call at the front desk."


Big Ups to all the Wahoo Faithful - Shades of 98 in the house. See you in Baltimore hon'
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    by (#52147) on 5/19/03 @3:25PM
Kyle Sweeney broke his ankle on purpose so he wouldn't have to cover Gladding
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    by (#19633) on 5/19/03 @3:30PM
GU was better off with him on the sideline - he kills.
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what the hellll
    by (#52012) on 5/20/03 @9:26PM
sweeny would eat glading alive, coaching cost gt the game why switch goals at the half. also gt's offense sucked and it was apparrent that no adjustments were made at half time what was up with #14 at the mid my kid sister could have covered him.also # 12 was basically a turnover waiting to happen profs to va the out coached gt offense badley.
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