Salisbury Returns To Finals, Hands Whittier First Loss

Salisbury Returns To Finals, Hands Whittier First Loss

Salisbury Returns To Finals, Hands Whittier First Loss

Salisbury Returns To Finals, Hands Whittier First Loss

Salisbury, Md - Senior attackman Josh Bergey had seven goals and one assist and junior midfielder Scott Simmons added four goals and one assist to lead #1 Salisbury to a 15-8 win over #2 Whittier in the national semifinals of the NCAA Championship Tournament. Salisbury (18-1) will make its sixth overall appearance in the national championship game when it faces defending champion Middlebury next Sunday, May 25 in Baltimore.

Whittier (10-1) held a 2-1 lead after the first quarter as junior Kelly Hall (3g) tallied twice. Salisbury then outscored the Poets 9-2 over the middle two quarters to seize control. Simmons scored his first and Bergey notched his second in the first 1:45 of the second quarter to turn SU's one goal deficit into a one goal advantage. WC's Evan Cardwell (1g-1a) evened the score with an unassisted goal at 10:12 before Salisbury began its run.

Two straight goals by Simmons and the third of the day by Bergey sent the Sea Gulls into halftime with a 6-3 lead. Four different SU players scored in the third quarter as the Sea Gulls pushed their advantage to 10-4 by the end of the period. The Sea Gulls also tallied three of the first four goals over the first six minutes of the final quarter to seal the win.

Salisbury finished with a 38-34 edge in total shots and a 55-39 advantage in ground balls. Playing behind a dominating defense spearheaded by Jeff Bigas (6 gbs) and Eric Martin (5 gbs), Salisbury's Dan Korpon finished with 15 saves, including seven during the pivotal second quarter.

Whittier's Adam Messick registered 12 saves. SU's Andy Murray (1g-2a) also helped the Sea Gulls win the overall face off battle 17-10 by controlling 16 of his 25 draws.

Salisbury and Middlebury will be meeting for the third time in the NCAA championship game. The Sea Gulls won the 1999 title with a 13-6 victory over the Panthers. Middlebury returned the favor with a 16-12 victory over Salisbury in the 2000 championship game. Salisbury will be seeking its fourth national championship, with previous wins in 1994, 1995 and 1999.

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West Coast Lax?
    by (#40548) on 5/19/03 @12:32AM
All right I will give Whittier the benefit of the doubt on this one, they had no clue what they were up against, a D1 team in the D3 league. This game was good for the first quarter, then Salisbury decided the fans would rather appreciate a blow out, and thats what we got to see. Bergey is an unstopable force this year, no one in D3 can compete, and if you disagree just check out the stats. With Simmons healthy and no one competing for face offs with Murray, it will be virtually impossible for them to lose in Bmore. And Whittier, I didn't see any of your other games, but if I judged by one sunday I must say that your Defense is horrid, I mean really bad. I give your goalie props, he was standing on his head in the first quarter, but no one could have kept that up, oh wait, Korpon did. The only guy he couldn't stop was some guy(I am not sure who he is) who had a rifle of shot. Well I am out, Whittier was way over-rated, shit OWU gave us more of a game.
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bring it back home...
    by (#16389) on 5/19/03 @10:02AM
congrats on getting back to the dance finish it off.

Whittier, nice job on a great season, had you more competition on your regular season schedule perhaps you would have been ready for a team like the Gulls, but that ain't your fault, road trips to the east coast must be a b*tch and you can't always predict who will give you the best games. I hope some good D3 teams make the trip to the west next season to give y'all a shot at some top regular season match-ups. And I wonder how the Poets would have fared if they had home field adv. throughout, as the #2 team in the country probably should have had. But its a good thing that SU is going to get another shot at the Panthers in the finals, we've been waiting for this chance to rematch the other 'bury (classy team with great talent) for a couple years now.
Better luck next year Whittier, but, the gulls came to play. Way to go fellas, bring that trophy back to the southern 'bury. Get your rings, Middlebury is running out of fingers anyway.

I definitely think the two best teams in D3 are playing next Sunday, perhaps the selection commitee got it right (Cortland-nice battling). Middlebury never gets respect until they win it, it has been that way for three years, I think many of us knew they'd find their way into the finals this year just like the past four years. But, Seagull stadium is next to Camden Yards this year boys.

One last word to the gulls: we started their streak in 2000, let's end it in '03.
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a brief history of sailsbury
    by (#53252) on 5/19/03 @1:13PM
i seem to remember a guy for the gulls named joe high that had 73 goals and 21 assists going into the championship game in 2000 against Middlebury. he walked off the field that day with 0 points and a loss. everyone believed in him too.
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Well well well
    by (#2503) on 5/20/03 @7:52AM
Well Gulls fans,

It looks as if our little historian friend here has nothing better to do than look up stats from what... 3 years ago. What's the all time record between SU & the chumps from VT... 3-1??? Soon to be 4-1. Storybook seasons are over. Looks like it's up to the bobsled team! Oh yeah, SU by 8!
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Such a shame!
    by (#2503) on 5/21/03 @6:07AM
As an SU alumni, and a national champion I might add, I have 2 guys from Middlebury both working FOR me. Not only did daddy's money go to waste, but both of them seem to walk pigeon toed on Monday mornings. Correlation to thier collegiete lifestyles??? Most likely! Keep up the smack beefcake!
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   LIAR by 5/23/03 @12:27PM
LexLivingston....Knowledge Bowl Champ
    by (#53535) on 5/23/03 @11:50AM
Hey Lex-

2000 Lynchburg 6, Whittier 5
2001 Whittier 15, Lynchburg 10

Last time I checked, 2001 was more recent than 2000, so cut the clueless crap and get off your High Hornet post.

True Whittier did not play the world's toughest schedule. Also true, Whittier is a top 5 team that smacked Hampden Sydney twice! Salisbury is the better team, no doubt. But the Poets are on their way...and they aren't going away...check the rosters, they only lose 4 kids. the man! Poet Pride baby!
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