Big 13-12 Win for Big Red Ends Cuse's Undefeated Season

Big 13-12 Win for Big Red Ends Cuse's Undefeated Season

Big 13-12 Win for Big Red Ends Cuse's Undefeated Season

Big 13-12 Win for Big Red Ends Cuse's Undefeated Season

The first quarter ended with Cornell leading 3-2 after #9 David Key scored with just 11 seconds left in the quarter. The second quarter started off all Cornell, followed by a huge Syracuse run, and ended on a settled down Cornell goal. Going into the second quarter up by one Cornell, proceeded to stick 2 quick goals on Syracuse to build their lead up to 5-2, but that was where Syracuse showed just how explosive their offense really is. The Orangemen went on a 5 goal run which was spearheaded by both Springer and Powell, who each had two, along with 1 goal by the other attackman, Liam Banks. These 5 consecutive goals put Syracuse up 7-5 and it appeared as if they might just keep on going and leave Cornell in the dust. Cornell stuck to their guns, settled the ball down and worked their offense to get one last goal in before the half ended going into halftime only down 7-6. As the two teams walked off the field into the lockerooms, with Cornell feeling happy to have survived that dangerous run and Syracuse upset that they only lead by one, the feeling inside the stadium was as if something big was going to happen. Cornell had given Syracuse an answer to almost everything they had thrown at the Big Red. Syracuse's defense usually plays well enough to allow their offense to win their games for them, but Cornell had stood their ground in the first half and were not just gonna let the Orangemen offense roll all over them in the second.

The third quarter started off with Cornell down one 7-6. The teams exchanged goals one-by-one throughout the entire third quarter, ending with Cornell still down by 1 goal at 10-9. The third quarter was just a plot builder in order to keep the crowd interested, with the beginning of the fourth bringing them to the edge of their seats and the last five minutes climaxing into an all-out student takeover of Schoellkopf Field. #10-Mike Springer, who went 4g-1a on the day, scored the first fouth quarter goal to put Syracuse up by 2 at 11-9. Cornell came back with two of their own, both by Steinwald, to tie the game up at 11, followed up by another Springer goal which would give Syracuse their last lead of the game at 12-11. While this game between Cornell and Syracuse was full of action on both sides of the field, this last Syracuse goal was probably the offensive play of the day. As a Syracuse player was streaking down the far sideline in an obvious 4-3 fastbreak situation, Springer set up to take the point of the break. The point-pass came across towards Springer a little high forcing him to leave his feet in order to get to it, as Springer was in the air he caught the ball and fired it past Cornell goalie Justin Cynar all in one motion and then wound up getting knocked to the ground. Hard to describe, but incredible to watch. As the crowd started to get a little louder and the tension a little thicker, Michael Egan made his first appearance of the day, tying the game up again for Cornell at 12 half way through the fourth and final quarter. The score remained tied for the next three minutes as both teams went at each other trying to put one another away for the last time. Cornell came out of a timeout with just 4:07 left in the game and ran a play which resulted in a decent shot, but more importantly, they maintained possession. Working the offense Cornell got another shot off on Syracuse's defense, with Mulligan coming up big on a tough save. It wasn't a clean save though -- it rolled out to the right side of the field, where Mr. Egan picked up the loose rebound and fired it high past an unset Mulligan to give Cornell their 13-12 lead. The game went back and fourth on each end with Cornell killing as much time as they could on offense and making big saves and stops on defense. The final whistle blew and the Big Red would celebrate their biggest win in 2000 on Schoellkopf's wet turf, as their student body rushed the field to help add to the celebration.

After watching Cornell play a fantastic first half against Maryland earlier in the year and then blow the game by not playing a solid second half, a lot can be said about how Cornell played today. Syracuse played an all-around good game, but they are #1 and are expected to. Cornell is coming into their own and proved today that over the past few weeks since that Maryland game they have grown and are able to play a complete ballgame against top-notch competition. This loss for Syracuse does ruin their chances to pitch a perfect one in 2000, but might be a little spark to help get them refocused and aware of how hard teams are going to come out at them. Syracuse is still one of, if not the best team in the nation, but now we know a little better who is right behind them. Hop on the the Big Red Train now because they have got a whole lot of rolling to go in 2000.

Today's win over Syracuse gave Cornell their first victory over a #1 ranked team since 1976.

A little dirty action in the middle of the second quarter help to provoke our Quote of the Day. While Cornell had possession of the ball on their offensive end a flag was thrown against Syracuse for a substitution infraction which would have led to a Cornell man-up situation, but after the whistle blew the play dead a Cornell player pushed another Syracuse player drawing a dead ball flag against Cornell. Instead of Cornell being a man-up they were even, this sparked a Cornell student to yell out towards the guilty Cornell player, "You're from Cornell, you should be smarter than that!"

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    by (#213) on 4/11/00 @8:06PM
sweet sassy molassy
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   Shocker by 4/11/00 @8:15PM
   Bird Killer by 4/11/00 @8:32PM
3 words: go big red
    by (#2121) on 4/11/00 @8:30PM
the big red is back. huge congrats to petro and the gang. To those that weren't paying attention to cornell, I imagine they'll be hard to ignore come tomorrow...
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    by (#86) on 4/11/00 @8:30PM
Typical Syracuse; They play well most of the time, but they choke every now and then to lesser teams. Rutgers seems to have their number, with the exception of last year...and this year...! Go Big Red! Bring down here to Princeton!
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   Bird-Brain by 4/11/00 @9:02PM
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Ness and Gorms
    by (#2125) on 4/11/00 @9:34PM
GP Represent!!! Maybe now the Big Red will get the respect they deserve!!! Peace. The one and only Bird Brain.
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    by (#134) on 4/11/00 @10:05PM
Egan beats Syracuse, BUT PREP CAN'T EVER BEAT LANDON!!!!
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    by (#951) on 4/12/00 @12:46AM
i think its great cornell won and all, but whats up with those uniforms? just the huge number on the front looks retarded. now that their squad is in the spotlight, they need some new gear.
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    by (#688) on 4/12/00 @1:03PM
If your not sure how to play the game of stick and balls... ask Kemoboner. He not only knows how to carnk it 95mph but he makes a mean papia.
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    by (#2144) on 4/12/00 @1:31PM
Dancin' Days are here again! Great win!!!
As for the Princeton comment, we'll see you pussy cats on the 22nd!
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quite believable
    by (#1063) on 4/12/00 @2:33PM
This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Sure cuse is good, so is Uva and Princeton, but on any given day you can beat anyone. You come, bring you A-game, believe you can beat someone, and you will win. Plus, defense, defense, defense. Wisconsion got to the final four in b-ball with it , and anyone can win with it. That's all that's to it.
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    by (#2149) on 4/12/00 @2:40PM
a few months ago, egan is showing his fruitbasket to a crowd of girls at a party, now he's scoring to beat cuse. something is wrong here.
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   Go Egan by 4/12/00 @6:53PM
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    by (#2245) on 4/14/00 @5:44PM
These three DC Powerhouse Attackmen can all attribute their success to each other. Also to Will Sharp and Even Oremland from St. Albands. They are all were ALL-MIT! These DC Men Are Legit!!!!2legit2quit. Peace to Landon Rouwdies and the FAM-I'm Out
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    by (#2205) on 4/14/00 @6:56PM
Ceglia Valenti wants a ride on the Oscar Meyer Weiner truck, Springer might get jealous
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Curtis D'arcy
    by (#2365) on 4/18/00 @8:05PM
That's right Prep Pride, much props should go to my boy Curt. Not only did he slay my virgin behind, but he's layin' into mad chicks at W&L.I rode the GT Mustang.And for all you high school boys talking crap about fights, CG #3 had a nasty right hook to complement his nasty righty crank that went upper ninety.
Forever Curt's,
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