Hopkins Wins Battle of the Century

Hopkins Wins Battle of the Century

Hopkins Wins Battle of the Century

Hopkins Wins Battle of the Century

The stage was set for one of the most exciting events ever in the lacrosse world. The two biggest rivals in college lacrosse were meeting for the 100th time and everything was on the line; number one ranking, seedlings into the playoffs, all the alumni pressure, and most of all, respect. Hopkins came out victorious on this night, and proved to everyone that they are the real deal. They lit their flame early and it shined the whole night thru, as they scored in bunches, won face-offs, and frustrated the highly touted Maryland defense, and here is how they did it.

The game started with a bang as Hopkin’s Kyle Barrie scored off a pretty feed from Kevin Boland at the 13:52 mark. Hopkins continued to put the pressure on as they wheeled off four more goals, all of which were very pretty. Goal number two came at the 13:31 mark from Barrie again as he shot low to low on a man-up opportunity for the Hop. The hits just kept on coming as Hopkins found goals from Peyser, Rewkowski, and McDermott before the Terps finally got on the board with a goal from Brendan Healy. Healy finished the day with three goals, all of which were extremely impressive. The quarter finished with Harrison, Barrie, and Dowd all scoring goals for the Blue Jays, and just like that it was 8-1 Hopkins. The real interesting thing about this quarter was that the first six shots that Hopkins took were all goals, not too shabby of a stat.

In typical Maryland fashion they started to catch fire in the second quarter, starting off strong has never been their strong point. With four consecutive goals by Smith, Schwartzman, Smith again, and Walters, and the score was 9 to 5. Walters goal was most impressive; he took a pass and absolutely stung the upper corner leaving Scott Smith motionless. However 9 to 5 was as close as the Terps would come as Hopkins got two more goals from Harrison, and McDermott went into the locker room up 11 to 5. This quarter also featured a goal by Hopkins that was taken away because of illegal stick. Frank Potucek pretty much ran through three consecutive Terp defenders, and through the power of his illegal stick maintained possession of the ball - shot and scored. Coach Cottle immediately called for a stick check , got it, and the goal was reversed. Although at this point it was evident to every spectator that the only differences between these two talented teams was found at the face-off “X”. Lou Braun, Kyle Harrison, and Greg Peyser, did a tremendous job winning face-offs, and keeping the pressure on the Maryland defense, which was under the gun the whole game.

The third quarter featured Hopkins and Maryland each scoring 3 goals a piece, and we all started to get the feeling that Hopkins was taking control of every aspect of the game, and that it was going to take some divine intervention to get the Terps back in it. Every face-off was won by the Blue Jays, every feed was crisp, and every shot was hard and accurate on the offensive side the field. Their defense didn’t look very impressive, but when you are clicking on all cylinders on the offensive side like they were it really doesn’t matter. In this quarter Brendan Healy scored 2 goals to complete his hatrick for the day. The young Terp looked exceptionally talented, and was one of the few bright spots for the Terps on this night. On one of his goals he absolutely smoked his defender, took a hop step to a hard high to low shot, which found the back of the net, but not before he got crushed on a very questionable late hit call which had no flag being thrown.

The fourth quarter only had two goals being scored, both by Maryland, and both by Bill McGlone. On the first goal McGlone took his defender hard down the right hand wing of the field, roll dodged quickly and let go a hard high bounce shot which snuck right underneath the crossbar. His second goal was just pure athleticism. The best word that I can choose to use to explain would have to be “fluid”. Quick stutter, hard over hand shot to a goal. When it was all said and done, after four quarters of action the score ended up being 14 to 10 in favor of the Blue Jays.

Both of these teams have little time to recover from this battle. The Blue Jays face #2 Navy, and the Terps are going into their ACC tournament, which in the past has always given them trouble (they haven’t won since 1998).

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    by (#71419) on 4/18/04 @8:05AM
Way to go Cottle. As usual an important game in your team's history and they blew it. Didn't even come close. Hopkins was better prepared and wanted it more. I hate to say that becasue I can stand Hopkins but you just knew in the pressure of the moment that Cottle's team would fold like a house of cards
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   Cottle didn;t blow it... by 4/18/04 @8:56AM
The Facts
    by (#49967) on 4/18/04 @9:13AM
-Maryland played one bad quarter, and that is what cost them. Historically Maryland has always struggled defensively in the first quarter in big games.

-Paul Cantabene needs to teach his face-off guys to..........well, face-off!!!

-Conor Ford.....is the best shooter in all of lacrosse this year.
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Rymo, what are you talking about?
    by (#31207) on 4/18/04 @10:31AM
This is quite possibly the most poorly written article that I've ever read on this usually decent website. The whole article focuses on the individual efforts of a few MD players. I don't know if Rymo was at the game, because I was, and let me tell you, there was not much to be impressed about the Terps.

"Although at this point it was evident to every spectator that the only differences between these two talented teams was found at the face-off X"

Are you out of your mind? I understand that you are a Terps fan, but get real.
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(no subject)
    by (#54494) on 4/18/04 @6:18PM
How come there are so few pictures?
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   Its not the quantity but the quality... by 4/18/04 @9:50PM
      Photo op by 4/20/04 @10:13AM
Saves and Sniping
    by (#45083) on 4/18/04 @6:58PM
Can someone please tell me what constitutes a save? I thought McGinnes had almost ten in the first quarter; he was deflecting them right and left ( at least after the first six goals) which is where I came in. And what in God's name is all this sniping and insulting back and forth?! This is a lacrosse sight after all and supposedly people here have an interest in lacrosse, although there doesn't really seem to be that much interest actually. And of course everyone here probably knows that the nasty insulting and bad language were the reasons that the inside lacrosse message boards were closed.
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   sight and site by 4/18/04 @7:25PM
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         then why dont you start talking about the game by 4/18/04 @7:53PM
      o man by 4/19/04 @3:26PM
   Saves by 4/18/04 @10:27PM
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(no subject)
    by (#26383) on 4/18/04 @9:55PM
photographer shoulve used a faster shutter speed
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   Absolutely by 4/19/04 @12:13AM
      writers? by 4/19/04 @1:45AM
         Lax.com Site by 4/19/04 @11:49AM
Throwback Uni's
    by (#4163) on 4/19/04 @12:04PM
Did Hop change their unis or are they just throwbacks. Pretty cool.
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   Disregard just read this news talking about it (nt) by 4/19/04 @12:10PM
   (no subject) by 4/19/04 @7:49PM
    by (#6392) on 4/19/04 @2:14PM
I watched the game on CSTV, not Channel 2. There was about two minutes of "dead air" before the broadcast during which the commentators described Cottle looking like an "aging lesbi@n."

I thought we were beyond this.
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   wo wo wo by 4/19/04 @3:31PM
    by (#10445) on 4/19/04 @4:25PM
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    by (#17993) on 4/19/04 @11:10PM
I would just like to say that the majority of the posts that i read regarding this story were pointless expressions of personal opinions which, seeing the reactions that they received, are neither wanted nor cared for on the site. Looking for some insight regarding the game, I came here, but I now realize that most of what I can find is simply immature comments. I'm a grammar and spelling fan, and face it, sometimes this site is a little weak in those respects. However, each author takes his or her valuable time to provide coverage and quality photos, which i think is simply a way of helping the game grow. Therefore, either appreciate the effort put into the site and its stories, or do the smart thing and do not aggravate yourself by coming here.
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   Okay, Aristotle by 4/20/04 @2:11AM
      Article Quality vs. Posting Quality by 4/20/04 @10:27AM
    by (#75422) on 5/03/04 @3:54PM
john hopkins kick ass
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