Salisbury Trounces WAC In War At The Shore

Salisbury Trounces WAC In War At The Shore

Salisbury Trounces WAC In War At The Shore

Salisbury Trounces WAC In War At The Shore

Salisbury, Md. - Senior Corey O'Neil scored six goals Saturday as the #1-ranked Salisbury men's lacrosse team built a 13-2 halftime lead and cruised to a 21-7 victory over #2-ranked and arch-rival Washington (Md) at Sea Gull Stadium. The Sea Gulls blitzed the Shoremen 7-0 in the first quarter, with goals on four of their first five shots and seven of nine in the quarter.

The victory completes an unbeaten regular season for the defending NCAA Division III national champions as the Sea Gulls improve to 16-0. With the victory, SU's 12th in the last 14 regular season encounters with the Shoremen, Salisbury also claimed the inaugural Charles B. Clark Cup, which will be awarded annually to the winner of the game between the Eastern Shore rivals.

Salisbury, which ran its nation's-best unbeaten streak to 25 games, dating back to last season, out-shot the Shoremen 51-27 and posted 32 more ground balls (51-29) than Washington. SU's Dan Korpon, who entered the game with the lowest goals against average in NCAA Division III (5.34), recorded 11 saves in goal, including seven stops during the pivotal first quarter.

Junior Justin Smith added three goals and senior Andy Arnold, sophomore Dan Boyer, senior Scott Simmons, freshman Mike Edwards and sophomore Mike Hurley added two apiece. Senior Andy Murray scored one goal and added a season-high six assists while also winning 18 of his 25 face-off attempts.

Washington (15-1), which fell from the ranks of the unbeaten, was led in scoring by senior Stephen Berger's three goals. Sophomore Chris Dodge added two goals.

The Gulls will now wait to find out who they play in the playoffs when the NCAA Tournament pairings are announced on May 9.

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The Gulls
    by (#52557) on 5/01/04 @7:18PM
Nobody can touch the Gulls this year! On to Baltimore!
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               Moving to D1, Why not by 5/02/04 @9:01PM
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               D1, no way by 5/02/04 @10:46PM
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         War? by 5/02/04 @10:43PM
    by (#71419) on 5/03/04 @11:21AM
Woah, the game was a snoozer but damn are those chicks hot. Nothing bettre than a hot day, college girls, and beer. What a combination
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Andy Murray
    by (#70511) on 5/05/04 @1:33AM
Andy Murray for The Tewaaraton Trophy. The kid has a 72% face-off win percentage and has 40 points on the season. Even though the award has been given to D1 players in its 3 year history, the award is for the BEST lacrosse player in the country and no player can change the face of a game better than Murray. In this game alone he won 18 of 25 face-offs and registered 7 points (1 goal, 6 assists). This kid is AMAZING and in my opinion should win the award.
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   Best in the country by 5/07/04 @12:04PM
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               Andy Murray by 5/10/04 @10:53PM
   awards by 5/13/04 @3:32PM
GPA vs Rings
    by (#22795) on 5/05/04 @1:13PM
When I was interviewing for positions after school, never was I asked what my GPA was at school. However, I was asked about my ring! I got the JOB. A player from SU has a attitude of a winner, and I would much rather have people working for me that are winners than some CRY BABY BI**H! SO DRUNK YOUR BOTTLE! If you have issues with the last game you played was vs SU and you never got the chances to run around the field holding the up the prize we all dream about, GOOD. You didn't work hard enough. Se ya in B-more HON. I will be at the Tiki bar.
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   4lax by 5/05/04 @1:31PM
      Tiki Bar by 5/05/04 @6:35PM
      (no subject) by 5/07/04 @12:08PM
   Grades Grades Grades... by 5/06/04 @1:00AM
    by (#65492) on 5/05/04 @2:07PM

whos gonna win this barn-burner?
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(no subject)
    by (#70511) on 5/08/04 @11:26PM
this whining and moaning on this is ridiculous. last time i checked this a lax website where people come to talk about lacrosse and the games played. So lets do that and quit bitchin about who excels at what and what grades you got. NONE OF CARE!!!
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   (no subject) by 5/08/04 @11:27PM
(no subject)
    by (#70511) on 5/08/04 @11:32PM
i dont think ive emphasized this enough....
NO ONE CARES WHAT GRADES YOU GET OR WHAT YOU EXCEL AT!! You are right, we dont know you and probably never will. Im sure Callilax was making a general statement and if that offends you then get off the site. Deal with others' opinions, it's part of life get used to it.
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