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In an effort to thank the recurring customers of, we've just introduced a new buyer rewards program that lets you accumulate points with every purchase and lets you redeem those points whenever you like. And the best part? It costs you nothing. No silly 'club' to join, no forms to fill out. When you buy stuff from you get points. It's that simple. One dollar spent is worth one point.

So now you get to shop from the deepest inventory on the net, the fastest shipping on the net, and get bonus points to go along with the best prices on the net. Enjoy -- this is one of several cool new things that will be added to in the coming months.

The Specs:

- your points get credited to your account once your order moves to status 'shipped' (so that the transaction is finalized)

- one dollar spent on is worth one Rewards point

- rewards points are given only for online purchases. you do not accumulate them for a sale in one of the retail stores or if you phone in your order

- returns on goods that were freebies are no problem. returns on goods that gave you points are also no problem, as long as you didn't already use up the rewards points that you received for making the original purchase

- when you have enough points to be able to redeem an item in your cart then a pop-up link will appear on the final checkout page (after your billing and shipping info) giving you the option to get one (or more) of your items for free

- shipping charges are still paid by credit card and they cannot be covered by points (which is why you still go thru the billing checkout)

Note As of May 30th, 2011: Any points awarded to an account that have not been used within two years will be removed.

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