Wahoos Win a Wet One

Wahoos Win a Wet One

Wahoos Win a Wet One

Wahoos Win a Wet One

The first quarter was dominated by Carolina early, but Virginia got a couple late to make it 5-3. The half ended with UNC up 9-7. In the third UNC looked like they might begin to run with it as it ended 14-11. Virginia stormed back to tie it up at 16 before regulation ran out. The game was exciting and so were some of the goals, but the brevity is to set up the final. The regulation play was not insignificant, but in the end it might as well have been.

Let's start at the end of the fourth quarter on the face-off that ensued after Virginia tied it up. UNC won the face and brought the ball down with a little over two minutes left. They worked the ball for a minute before getting a shot off that Kenney saves, but as Kenney runs around the back of the net to clear, he slips and his hand goes back in the crease; ball back to UNC on an in-and-out violation. UNC has another chance to score with less than a minute, but this time they lose the ball and the Cavaliers quickly move the ball down field. Conor Gill gets it at the restraining line and makes some spectacular moves to get inside the defense. As he whirled and twirled he somehow launched a shot with 0:00 on the clock, but it went high.

Move into OT. Carolina won the face and their longpole ran the ball over the line. He was pressured at the restraining line and had his pass deflected out of bounds. No worries though; coach Klarmann made the play of the game by calling a timeout just in time. The Tar Heels were unable to do anything with it, and as Virginia was clearing the ball, Austin Garrison slashed Ryan Curtis. Virginia goes man-up. A.J. Shannon was set up for a lefty crank with little angle, he ripped it, but Blindenbacher gobbled it up. Virginia got the ball back, but Gill's feed to the crease from behind got picked off by Todd Mahar. That began a mad scramble that had teams trading possession back and forth around the midfield line. Finally, Cavalier middie Jay Jalbert broke loose toward the goal, but Mac Hammer tackled him from behind. The Cavaliers go on another man-up. This time Hanley Holcomb was set up for a lefty crank with much more of an angle. Blindenbacher was again equal to the task. UNC was then successful clearing the ball, but ended up wasting the opportunity with a pass that sailed over everyone and found its way to Virginia's endline. Virginia cleared the ball and set up McKnight from 7 yards out, but he was stuffed by Blindenbacher after the penalty expired. Time runs out on the first OT.

Virginia took the face and immediately called timeout with possession in the offensive end. The play they set up provided Jalbert with the chance to be a hero, but once again Blindenbacher was steadfast. UNC cleared quickly and found themselves with the makings of a fast break. Tar Heel attackman, Jeff Sonke, drilled one into a Cavalier defensemen's head and UVA was able to recover, but Virginia lost the ball on yet another bad pass. Virginia's D held strong and regained possesion when the ball finally hit the turf. UVA quickly moved it down the field and rotated it to Ian Shure down low in the still unsettled situation. He moved in along the goal line extended and ducked past his defenseman. He stumbled in off balance and scored between Blindenbachers' legs.

UNC led the whole way, but in the end Virginia got the job done. That's what championship teams do.

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Virginia got lucky
    by (#2361) on 4/21/00 @9:46PM
North Carolina played a great game but just couldnt put Virginia away. North Carolina should feel good going into the Ncaa Tournement.
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Got lucky my ass
    by (#245) on 4/21/00 @10:12PM
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That was a good game
    by (#2473) on 4/22/00 @2:43PM
Both teams played such a good game. And Virginia just was able to get a goal in 11 seconds before the 3rd OT. I don't think Virginia was expecting it to be such a close game. I think UNC could beat them if they played again
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Wahoos prove why they are #1
    by (#245) on 4/21/00 @10:10PM
This just proves that the Wahoos are the best team in the country right now, that they can come out on a wet day like today which doesn't at all suit their high paced runnin and gunnin offense, go down by 4 and come from behind to win in overtime, one of their biggest weaknesses. This is your #1 team right here. Oh and the only way North Carolina will see the Ncaa tourney is if they bye a ticket. Cornell will get their place.
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    by (#2336) on 4/22/00 @1:20AM
cornell wont get jack. UNC deserves it.
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    by (#2479) on 4/22/00 @4:26PM
andycap is right. Virginia does suck. The terps, and everyone else is going to rip them apart. UVA is for the ants.
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"virginia does suck."
    by (#2576) on 4/26/00 @7:54PM
get your head out of your ass. how can you, in all good faith, say that the number 1 team in the nation sucks? so they have one loss...to the number 2 team. and who did the number 2 team lose to? oh, wait...CORNELL. honestly. uva just beat maryland 11-6 in regular season play, and you actually think that the terps are considerably better than the hoos? i think not, my friend.
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Virgina played like crap aginst UNC
    by (#587) on 4/29/00 @6:18PM
they played horrible. the problem was that UNC died in the 4th quarter they (UNC) controlled the whole game
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Suck this
    by (#245) on 4/22/00 @8:35PM
Yeah, Virginia sucks alright, thats why they are the #1 team in the country, with a 9 soon to be ten game win streak and wins over princeton, duke, JHU Etc. Considering Maryland isnt even going to make the Ncaa tourney i don't think they will be beating Uva any time soon. If Uva is for the ants then Maryland is covered in honey and sitting next to an anthill, and its gonna be a bees nest when they play Virginia
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UVA not gonna win this year
    by (#764) on 4/22/00 @8:41PM
UNC is a great team. Let me get that off right now. But how can the national champs come so close to a loss to, what, the #10 team? I mean, we've seen our share of upsets this year (denver beating brown, cornell over the orangemen), but how can the cavaliers think they can win it this year with such a mediocre showing? Syracuse will put UVA away handily, that is if Virginia even makes it to the national championship this year.
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MD in tourney?
    by (#1854) on 4/25/00 @1:06PM
There is no doubt now that Maryland will be in the tournament. They have quality wins over Cornell, Duke, North Carolina, and Navy. There is no reason imaginable that they will be denied. There was no reason they shouldn't have gone last year either.
Bees nest? Maryland had in to a tight game with four minutes to go in the game. They did lose but squandered many chances.
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    by (#2516) on 4/24/00 @2:33PM
How can I get copies of the pictures posted with the story about the UNC-Virginia game?
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    by (#2535) on 4/25/00 @9:53AM
Do you have a name and e-mail address of the photographer that took the pictures of the UNC/UVA game? I would like to obtain original photographs. I have tried to print it from the site but it doesn't come out clear.
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    by (#2177) on 4/27/00 @9:07PM
has anyone figured out whats going on in that one UVA pic. The team seems to be in a normal huddle, but some others are in a pile. Whats going on?
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