Pride Not Enough For Cannons

Pride Not Enough For Cannons

Pride Not Enough For Cannons

Pride Not Enough For Cannons

A talented NJ Pride squad was the latest victim of the Cannons Express. With last night’s 19-14 win over NJ, Boston improved to 5-0 record best start. NJ seemed more focused on ad hoc meetings with field officals at times rather than tending to other more important (on)ball-related issues. The pro-Boston 5,245 in attendance did have patches of Gen Z fans urging NJ’s Kyle Harrison to rewind the best-of-May movie clips but it wasn’t enough. Game MVP Mark Millon redeemed last week’s performance against LI with a stellar evening posting up 5g, 2a while NJ’s Jesse Hubbard came back from an injury strong returning with a 7-point night.

Game details The last time the Cannons met NJ was on July 31, 2004 in Upper Montclair. The Cannons beat the Pride 25-21 with Michael Watson from Boston earning game MVP honors with his five-goal outing. Boston matched their 2004 results with a 19-14 win over the Pride last night at Nickerson Field (Boston, MA). Boston was able to convert on more shots on goal in the first period. Both teams notched 15 shots a piece but Boston outscored NJ 8-4 in the first. NJ was only able to score one out of five EMO plays while Boston converted on one of two.

The Pride’s Adam Doneger scored the first goal of the game with a lefty on the run going stick side off an assist from Jesse Hubbard at 1:16 (1-0). Boston responded with four unanswered goals two from Millon and one apiece from Evans and Fiore. Millon scored from X keeping his head up and shooting low on the run. Millon scored his second goal from X and forced Schroeder to take a step off the pipe going lefty and low (3-1).

Doneger responded with a right side hip shot at 6:18 (2-4). Millon made it a first period hat trick with and assist from Kevin Leveille (5-2). Walid Hajj scored for NJ with a righty jumper that hit top right corner (3-5). David Jenkins and Millon scored back-to-back giving the Cannons a 7-3 lead. Jesse Hubbard returned to action after having suffered a hand injury earlier this season with a power play goal off an assist from Liam Banks (4-7). Steve Dusseau wrapped up the first period with a goal off an assist from Conor Gill (8-4).

New Jersey was more effective offensively in the second period, but it wasn’t enough. The Pride converted for three goals off of ten shots while Boston score four times off of 16 shots. Graham Gill got the lefty quick stick passed Garrity off an assist from Banks at 1:39 (5-8). Boston and NJ traded a pair of goals.

The Cannons’ Kevin Leveille received a pass from Millon and released the lefty shot stick side high (9-5). Battista did what he does best scoring from an outside run (10-5). Blue Devil grad Dan Chemotti scored off the rebound with an over hand stick side low shot (6-10). Scott Urick fired an underhanded riser off a pass from Hajj (7-10). Boston capped off the quarter with a pair of goals from Gill and Rotelli who was called earlier for an illegal magic hat stick. Gill got his crease defender off the face dodge dive with a righty stick side high shot (11-7). Rotelli scored on the run with an overhander (12-7).

The third period marked a scoring breather with Boston beating NJ 2-1(both teams had 12 shots each). Urick got the underhanded lefty worm burner off an assist from Banks at 2:21 (8-12). Millon scored from Gill going lefty and netting top left (13-8). Leveille scored from Millon diving into the cage (14-8).

New Jersey continued to challenge through the last period but it was not enough in the end. New Jersey finally outscored their hosts 6-5 off of 11-15 shots respectively, but unfortunately the first period deficit was too much to overcome. Boston’s Chris Fiore opened up the fourth quarter scoring with a righty low stick side shot on the run (15-8). Scott Urick answered for NJ with a lefty quick stick to the top right corner off a n assist from Hubbard (9-15).

Boston scored three unanswered goals one from Mike Battista and two from John Christmas making his debut. Battista came out strong from X going for stick side pipe (16-9). Call it a new pair of Hoos with Christmas complementing the style of Gill just as well as Michael Watson. Christmas scored off a quick stick and an assist from Gill (17-9). Christmas gave the Cannons a nine goal lead with his second goal (18-9).

New Jersey responded with two goals. Scott Urick found the back of the net with a n assist from Hubbard (10-18). Hubbard ripped a lefty shot for a much-needed two points off an assist from Banks (12-18). Boston’s Steve Dusseau scored on the dip and dunk and got a split from Schroeder putting Boston ahead 19-12.

The Pride put in two more goals before the clock timed out. Hubbard scored from Harrison (13-19). Urick lit up the top left corner with a sidearm shot and an assist from Hajj. While Boston continues their strong streak, they will receive a strong challenge from the Baltimore crew. With a reformed history for season closers, the question is will Boston finally take the title this year or has the curse found another host?

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boston agian!
    by (#62931) on 6/26/05 @4:32PM
Was a good game, Christmas got his first and second goals of his MLL carear, and was pumped about that. Millon had some sick shot and many points as well, and of course gill diving threw the crease. Hubbard the only player worth talking about on the pride, had a nice and maybe his first of the season for him, a 2 point shot along with many almost all the goals for the NJ. Wasnt really a close game at all, but quite fun
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TV broadcasting
    by (#106802) on 6/26/05 @4:56PM
do these games come on TV? cause i always look for them but never see any on.
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nvm (nt)
    by (#106802) on 6/26/05 @5:38PM
(no text)
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    by (#101774) on 6/26/05 @8:52PM
every other tuesday at 5:00 or 6:00
(this tuesday) and you can checkon the major leauge lacrosse website and go under t.v schedule
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watched it on TV yesterday
    by (#96158) on 6/29/05 @7:09PM
Dear NJ Management,
Grab some defenders in the draft & by trade ASAP. Or teach the one's you have how to slide when others need help (Always!)
NJ's problems are: the defense plays no defense and the middies play no offense or defense. The Attack is decent but you need more than that to compete in the league. The rookie from JHU is the only complete player at midfield.
Hubbard and Urick would start anywhere in the league other than Boston.
Boston is stacked front to back with top players--and they are a group of guys who really seem to enjoy playing together.
I think the Cannons roster could win the 2006 world games on auto pilot. They could probably crush the USA team also--(as long as Mccabe is on the field one attackman is going to have a big day!)--Someone give Cabber a MLL coaching job so he can stop embarassing himself on the field.
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Lax on tv
    by (#86922) on 6/30/05 @9:26AM
the games are on every teusday on espn2 at around 4:00 to 5:00.
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New Jersey needs a spark
    by (#107965) on 6/29/05 @10:55PM
I was at this game and was watching NJ warm up and wondering which goalie Jay Pfeifer was...turns out HE DOESNT EVEN DRESS!!! Scott Schroeder blew in this game and the 6 guys in front enjoyed the view of watching him get shelled...I think what needs the work is the defense and giving Pfeifer a shot....When the rattlers got Tilman Johnson they put him in soon after his draft and he turned out a awsome rookie season...give Pfeifer a shot a see if he can spark this bostons attack is untouchable go cannons
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New Jersey needs a spark
    by (#86601) on 6/30/05 @12:44PM
I agree. And that spark isn't that crappy behind the back pass that d-man threw into traffic on a clear or the shennanigans the goalie pulled when trying to roll the ball around the riding attackman... even after he recovered the ground ball he threw a crappy pass that was picked off. they look like a bunch of undisciplined HS kids out there...

With the exception of Harrison (ridiculous dodges that make people look stupid), Urick, and Hubbard...
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Pfeifer is no sparkplug!
    by (#96158) on 7/12/05 @4:17PM
I am a Syracuse fan 100% all the way BUT Pfeifer is nothing all that special. He is a good strong college goalie but he is not what will turn NJ around. They need players--mostly defenders! If Pfeifer sticks it out 2-3 years he might develope into a goalie that a MLL team uses as a starter someday. But I don't really think his feet move well--his hands are not super quick and there are times when he does not see the ball well. The goalie's from Duke, Cornell, Maryland, Hopkins, Penn State(FR), Dartmouth, Albany, Salsbury were all head and shoulders better goalie's than Pfeifer. He is a long way from a MLL starter and only drafted due to the SU on his helmet the last 4 years. The only draft pick NJ hasn't muffed was Harrison--the most obvious pick in the history of the league--other than that the organization has a hard time picking it's nose. I still do love BOB TURCO (Good Guy)
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(no subject)
    by (#95641) on 6/30/05 @10:54AM
ive been saying this all year, the cannons are going to win it all this year, Ya the bayhawks have a great team, scoring 31 and 28 goals against there opponets, but they havent faced the cannons, who have an excellent defence. with passavia, curtis, and staines. also have some talented defensive middie, byrnes and fiore who can do whatever they ask him to. they only thing im nervous for is the transition of the bayhawks. the cannons like to switch it up when they have the ball on ofense, but when they play eachother (which i will be at that game) it will be a very good game looking forward to it. i think boston will come out on top by a few goals..look for a very good game..
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No Way!
    by (#80227) on 7/03/05 @8:14AM
I don't think anybody can beat Baltimore they have the offense and their defense is descent baltimore 22 canons 16 looking forward to that game will be in the stands.
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it was sick
    by (#71166) on 6/30/05 @12:35PM
did any one see the cannons goalie go for a save but it hit the pipes. he did the splits. it was pretty wicked.
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cant wait
    by (#83203) on 7/03/05 @12:24AM
i cant wait to c the bayhawks and the cannons play. its gona b one hell o a game
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