Salisbury Loses!

Salisbury Loses!

Salisbury Loses!

Salisbury Loses!

Washington College walked away with this one 15-10 in Salisbury's own backyard, in front of its 1995 championship team (who was there for a halftime honorary ceremony) and a sellout crowd. So what exactly happened, you ask? Washington executed the perfect game plan for the Gulls minus Turner. They used a loose zone that was quick to slide on Salisbury's attackmen, who were driving from behind. This forced the attackmen to push the ball up top, where Washington again used quick slides and vicious double teams to hold the ball outside, thus allowing Washington to take advantage of Salisbury's lack of outside shooters.

The first quarter started out quick for the Shoremen as Craig Rentch put one in at 14:49, his first of eight goals. Salisbury answered though, and tied it at one when Fox dropped one in off of a backside feed from Rhodey. As this action was taking place a strange phenomenon was going on, Chris Martin was actually losing faceoffs; in fact, he lost the first four of five (surely this was a sign). Washington was quick to take advantage and had built a 4-2 lead with 4:21 to go in the first quarter. However Salisbury had a few tricks up their sleeves and got a hard fought goal at 3:44 off of a roll dodge from Parks. This was the last time Salisbury's offense really looked threatening. As the second quarter started, Washington was out to a 7-5 lead off of a goal from, you guessed it, Craig Rentch, assisted by J.D. Radebaugh. Salisbury, who had been playing sloppy up to this point, brought it to within one when Bergey scored a man up goal at 4:11, but as fate would have it, Rentch quickly retaliated with two goals, padding the halftime lead up to three goals.

The second half was much more conservative, as Washington was content to concentrate on defense and capitalize on Salisbury's mistakes (and there were a lot of them). In the third quarter, a once potent Salisbury offense only managed a handful of shots which amounted to two goals -- one from Parks the other from McKenzie. On the other side of the field, Washington's offense was giving SSU's defense a run for their money with multiple goals coming from crease feeds, a definate no-no in Berkman's book. Also, Washington's ride was stiffling SSU's quick clear, which nullified their speed advantage. The fourth quarter proved to be even worse for Salisbury as their frustration mounted, the once mighty Gulls only picked up one goal with :27 left, allowing Washington to dethrone the champions in convincing fashion, 15-10.

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Sho'men win!
    by (#2657) on 4/29/00 @9:04PM
This is a reat rivalary that just keeps getting better. The most impressive stat about this match-up history is Washington's 6-1 advantage in playoff games, when it really counts head-head. By the way Washington College is the Shoremen or Sho'men for short, not Longshoremen as reported it the article. Go WAC!!!
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"Team rules violations?"
    by (#394) on 4/30/00 @1:55PM
Do you mean that he was drinking at a fraternity party and finally, finally a coach used his considerable influence to make a great decision for everyone.

No matter what the violation, I give the coach incredible credit for making a decision that was appropriate and affirms what i think is one of the important part of sports... teaching life lessons. A player that is violating a team rule is not only breaking a rule, but is also disrespecting the other players and the coach. The rules, whether we like them or not are in place because the coach or institution thinks they are healthy or important for maturity.

When I was at Ohio Wesleyan players violated rules all the time. I would submit to them that each time they broke a rule (drinking specifically) they were taking something away from the season. Don't get me wrong, I did my fair share of partying, but only on the off season. Besides, if you can't go without partying, than you definitely have a problem.

That's my one minute of preaching to say that the coach did the best thing he could do for his team in the long run... when it really counts... in the play-offs.
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   Team Rules by 5/01/00 @1:15PM
Stop preaching!
    by (#2142) on 5/01/00 @12:42AM
All you clowns need to relax and realize that one moron suspended for drinking does not make a team lose. If that guy (whatever his name is) got so wasted that his coach decided to suspend him, his team should have the mental strength to adjust and pull out a victory. The loss of a fellow hick does not mean a team full of hicks should fold. I play club on Sundays and get wasted the night before all the time. I pump in 3 goals and at least 1 assist hungover on a consistent basis. When I'm sober I'm less agressive and get 1 goal and 4 assists. Stop preaching!
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Gettysburg=Centennial Chumps
    by (#2696) on 5/01/00 @11:29AM
Congratulations to WAC on a big W against SS. I only wish Gettysburg could play with as much courage as WAC. I guess that is what you get when you go to a porch school like Gettysburg. Goalie Andrew Barter couldn't stop a beach ball if it was thrown at him. But then again you got kids like Kevin Callahan who plays. He is a great player, but that kid gets the crap nailed out of him, and screams like a little girl when he gets hit. Then again, you can't forget Chris Cronin, where is his move again? I only hope Gettysburg can play with the intensity that WAc has shown through the years. Yet, I am afraid Gettysburg is destined to end up like all other washed up old has beens, sitting next to me watching two totally different teams play for the National title.
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   centennial chumps by 5/01/00 @12:44PM
      The Past by 5/03/00 @3:19PM
         the past by 5/04/00 @12:09AM
            The past by 5/05/00 @1:48PM
    by (#1603) on 5/01/00 @11:37AM
SS is not as good as they seem if there are no good teams in D III anywayz so it doesnt matter
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over rated
    by (#2205) on 5/01/00 @1:47PM
This message is for all the annoying SSU fans that have been talking shit on this site all year. All I ever heard was that SSU is going to roll over the rest of the competition in D3. Yeah SSU is good, but there are going to be a number of good teams in the tournament this year (no I am not referring to Widener and New England College). SSU is definitely one of the top contenders to win it all, but if they think they are going to walk through the tournament, with or without Turner (that booze bag), they are in for a rude awakening.
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   Theone (homo) by 5/02/00 @9:38PM
    by (#2205) on 5/01/00 @1:51PM
Hey BigTimeFan you're a big time D-BAG
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   Theone=gaybird by 5/01/00 @4:01PM
   Theone=gaybird by 5/01/00 @4:02PM
      BigTimeFan Shut the Hell Up by 5/01/00 @4:32PM
   BigTimeFatass by 5/05/00 @5:19PM
Crack kills
    by (#2205) on 5/01/00 @1:58PM
I'm glad to see Coach Berkman take a stance on substance abuse and suspend Turner. Crack kills. Hey Turner, try and put the pipe down for the rest of the season you white trash junkey. Is crack on the NCAA's list of banned substances? The whole SSU squad better get some Golden Seal, gaybirds.
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   hey the one by 5/01/00 @7:39PM
   what a homo by 5/03/00 @7:45PM
      espncory=imbred by 5/05/00 @4:00PM
Gettysburg LAX
    by (#428) on 5/01/00 @6:54PM
This just proves that Gettysburg lax is #1 in the country. Bullets are going all the way!
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Is This On?
    by (#2733) on 5/02/00 @12:26PM
First of all I think #45 on SSU should be drug tested because with a nose like that I wouldn't be surprised if there was a pound of coke up there. Furthermore, I can't wait to see the SSU players collecting my garbage cans when they graduate, which will probably be in 7-10 years. In the mean time keep tossing each others salads-
Is This On???
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   coke? try baking soda by 5/03/00 @11:30AM
      Gay deer, your name says it all by 5/03/00 @9:05PM
         Turner's face by 5/04/00 @3:10PM
Team Policy? What happened
    by (#248) on 5/03/00 @11:29PM
What actually happened to Turner, anyways? Does anybody really know? Everybody's speculating that it's booze or drugs, but it could have been for cheating on a paper or breaking curfew or something.
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   Chris Turner by 5/04/00 @8:44AM
Pathetic Display of Trash talking.
    by (#303) on 5/04/00 @1:46AM
SSU goes down to a big time a team playing for its post-season life... to a team that had it's heart ripped out of them on May day at thier dome, with an overtime goal by their captain...but all you guys can do is talk about this Turner incident...It might be some sort of Jedi mind trick by Berkman, the lax guru himself. The Gulls ran into a good Washington team in the War on the Shore, they lost but WAC might have lit thier candle. Watch out for this Salisbury team down the road they play pretty tough in College Park.
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   Trash talkin' by 5/05/00 @10:00AM
      (no subject) by 5/06/00 @3:59PM
Berkman props
    by (#2832) on 5/05/00 @11:00AM
Why are people giving Berkman "props for sticking to his guns?" Do you know how shady that man is? Never mind the fact that Turner got suspended for one game- in his first two years of fall ball at AACC, he played in tournaments, but somehow, kept his eligibility. Berkman obviously pulled some strings for him. He is now a 6th year senior. Hell, imagine if after your sophmore year at college, you had the eligibility of a freshman- you'd be pretty nasty too come your 25th birthday.
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      Ignorance-bingdooda by 5/07/00 @3:01PM
         English Major by 5/07/00 @8:35PM