Dingman goal with 0:08 remaining gives Navy 7-6 win over Maryland

Dingman goal with 0:08 remaining gives Navy 7-6 win over Maryland

Dingman goal with 0:08 remaining gives Navy 7-6 win over Maryland

Dingman goal with 0:08 remaining gives Navy 7-6 win over Maryland

Ian Dingman secured a 7-6 victory for Navy with only 8 seconds remaining in the game when he fired a low shot past Terp goalie Jason Carter after receiving a feed from Jon Birsner and rolling away from pressure. The win left the Terps on the short end of back to back heartbreaking losses in the series, as Navy scored the game winner with only 14 seconds remaining in last year’s contest in Annapolis.

The first half was all Navy as the Terps seemed to still be suffering a hangover from last week’s drubbing at the hands of Virginia. Navy scored the game’s first goal early in the first quarter when Billy Looney created his own shot which he fired past Alford. Most of the rest of the period was very slow as the teams seemed to be feeling each other out. The Terps knotted the game at 1 when Max Ritz found Joe Walters, but were immediately answered when Birsner scored on a nice dodge coming around from the left side of X. Also of note, Maryland goalie Harry Alford was pulled midway through the second quarter and replaced by sophomore keeper Jason Carter.

The most interesting story in the first quarter was the interaction between a bunch of rowdy Midshipmen fans and Joe Walters. The Mids’ fans were unleashing their best trash talk from the sideline to a clearly amused Walters, who responded by jokingly saluting the section after netting his first goal. This earned him some laughter, but ultimately he didn’t make any friends in doing so and for the rest of the game a chorus of boos erupted whenever he handled the ball. Navy fans are always active in big rivalry games and continue to provide some of the most entertaining shenanigans in college lacrosse.

In the 2nd quarter, Navy completely controlled the game and capitalized on a litany of Maryland penalties. The Terps committed five penalties in the quarter, three of which resulted in EMO goals for the Mids. Birsner found a cutting Dingman on their first man-up, Nick Mirabito handed a helper to Tommy Wallin midway through the quarter, and Birnser to Dingman part II came with only 18 seconds left in the half. As the teams broke for the half, Navy had a comfortable 5-1 lead and seemed to be in total control of the game.

The Terps came out of the locker room and looked like a different team from the opening whistle of the second half. After David Tamberrino won the first faceoff of the half, the Terps quickly drew a penalty and Xander Ritz converted an EMO goal off a Walters feed. Thirty seconds later after controlling the next faceoff, Bill McGlone made a sick move from the right wing to knife through the Navy D and net the Terps 3rd goal. Navy woke up after giving up two quick ones and the teams started to get after each other in typical Navy-Maryland style. Terence Higgins advanced the Navy lead to 6-3 on an unassisted goal late in the quarter, but the Terps answered quickly when McGlone found freshman midi Dan Groot wide open about 8 yards out. As the seconds ticked off in the third, it was clear to the fans that they were in for a dogfight.

Navy really had trouble mounting quality offensive chances in the second half, and their pain turned into Terp gain early in the third. After a Dingman turnover, Terp longstick Ryan Clarke was advancing the ball in a clearing effort when out of nowhere he unleashed a forty yard pass to Maxwell Ritz who had snuck behind the Navy defense. Ritz finished the feed and the Maryland bench erupted after witnessing such a spectacular play. With under four minutes, the Terps tied the game when Brendan Healy fed the ball to Walters who had been freed up off the ball – Walters fired it home to tie the game at 6-6.

Maryland controlled the ensuing faceoff and called a timeout with just over two minutes remaining to setup their offense. With a little over a minute left, an errant McGlone pass led to a turnover and Navy took control with about half a minute remaining. After Tommy Wallin fired a shot wide of the cage, Birnser found Dingman for the third time in the game for the go-ahead goal with only 8 seconds remaining. Tamberrino won the final faceoff for the Terps and Healy came up with the loose ball, but had to shoot the ball from about 30 yards out. The shot carried wide and the Mids emptied their bench to celebrate the W.

The Terps have a little soul searching to do after dropping two straight at home, one a massacre and one a heartbreaker. Right now the question mark for the Terps is surprisingly their offensive production, as they have shot a horrific 11 for 81 [13.5%] in their last two contests. Navy should feel good coming off of last week’s down performance against Georgetown after coming into Byrd Stadium and winning their third straight against the Terps. Expect both these teams to be in the mix for the Final Four come may.

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    by (#126853) on 4/09/06 @1:47AM
Is it just me or are there like no lights at Byrd Stadium? This is the second game at Maryland in which you can barely see the pictures due to poor lighting.
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Dark means losses for Terps
    by (#83648) on 4/09/06 @12:01PM
You think they would turn on the lights at Byrd after 6pm. Twice the Terps have played in the dark and twice they have lost. You can't catch what you can't see.
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    by (#6355) on 4/09/06 @3:21PM
Lighting was fine for playing, tough for pictures
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Actual Game
    by (#126853) on 4/09/06 @1:53AM
This should be a confidence builder for the Mids following losses to Georgetown and Colgate. They seem to be finding their groove against tough teams like MD. I like them to beat Army next week, and I think that this year is the year for them to beat Johns Hopkins.

BTW does anybody know why Harry Alford was pulled?
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    by (#103345) on 4/09/06 @8:37AM
baltimore sun said it was because he "raked a loose ball inside the crease out of bounds" or something.
This probably is the best opportunity for navy to beat jhu, while they're pretty even talentwise, whoever wants it more will win, and if 31 years isn't motivation i dont know what is.
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    by (#103939) on 4/09/06 @11:38AM
army's finding their stride now too. the army/navy battle is always tough to call. talent doens't always win the game. sometimes it's pure emotion. army's playing for a seed in the pat tourny too. this one's still a toss up to me.
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go navy
    by (#130892) on 4/09/06 @5:21PM
dude no army stinks navys gunna kick butt GO
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Navy over JHU? BTW, replace Alford w/ the backup
    by (#126900) on 4/12/06 @12:36PM
No offense, beating MD is good, but beating JHU would be better. When I played, the boys from JHU evaded us every season, and we came close every season (except one). Here we are at it again this year, after two years with one-goal losses, due last year to the heroics of Kyle Harrison, and now the time is ripe. JHU is not as talented this year, but they always manage to keep the 35+ year tradition going, somehow, some damn way.

By the way, MD's goalie is overrated, put the back-up in from St. Mary's, I've seen them both, and he's the better player.
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Baltimore Sun's coverage...........
    by (#78222) on 4/09/06 @8:12AM
To read the Sun's story on this game by the no talent, no lacrosse knowledge, trifling, amateurish,
Seagull hating, hack reporter Mike Preston...go to sunspot.net.
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Kool Jersey's
    by (#117456) on 4/09/06 @3:40PM
Dang MD's new jerseys look sweet
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(no subject)
    by (#119726) on 4/09/06 @6:24PM
those are nice jerseys
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yea they are
    by (#130454) on 4/10/06 @2:01PM
those all black uniforums are tight!!!!!!
and i dont know about u guys but i think its awesome that navy has a gold facemask
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    by (#109656) on 4/09/06 @4:45PM
why don't they turn the lights on that sucks
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md goalie
    by (#131429) on 4/13/06 @2:24PM
what is up with md they pull alford that early, then cottle says he might not start this week at hopkins, their horrible offense is the problem not the defense
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