Men: Washington Blows RPI Out, 21-8

Men: Washington Blows RPI Out, 21-8

Men:  Washington Blows  RPI Out, 21-8

Men: Washington Blows RPI Out, 21-8

Washington College advances to face their arch-rivals this weekend on the Salisbury Gulls home turf. Star midfielder, J.D. Radebaugh, relishes the thought. "I can't wait, I like playing Salisbury." We can't wait either. Anyway, back to the game at hand. We caught up with the head coach of the Shoreman, J.B. Clarke, after the game to get his thoughts. What's with everyone going by their initials around here? We asked him what the difference was for his team and he sited several things. "I think we've played a lot of big games recently and that helps. Defenseman Michael Kent and Mike Campbell did a helluva' job on defense. They have two excellent attackman and these guys stepped up and shut them down. I think the heat was a factor as well, we played twenty four guys in the first quarter and I think it wore them down." Clarke was very happy with his team as he felt that the blowout was more of an indication of his team playing well rather than it being a mismatch.

It looked like a mismatch from the sidelines, however, Washington was just physically bigger and stronger. Speed kills, but only if you're not constantly picking yourself up off the ground. The game started off with a bang as Radebaugh won the opening face-off, ran straight at the goal and unleashed a bouncer past Mathew Moog, a freshman goalie. According to Radebaugh, there was some inside information that the freshmen was easily rattled, so they planned on doing just that as soon as possible. Seven seconds ain't bad. Only fifty seconds into the game the Shoreman had the ball on offense and they fed Radebaugh at the top of the box. His back foot was still on the restraining line when he put another one past the young netminder. Rattled, you betcha'. Throughout the first half the Red Hawks used Moog and Mathew Goller back and forth in net with neither having much success. The score was run up to 5-0 before RPI made a good call. They were on defense and went to a zone, which they referred to as "Georgetown". They held the Shoreman in check and got the ball on offense without any casualties, where Ben Terzulli was then able to curl from behind righty and beat Ray Pagano. Pagano was solid in net for Washington, making all the saves he was supposed to. There's not too much play by play to go over when it's a blowout.

The Shoremen went through their offensive sets, sticking mostly with "deuces" and "spaghetti". Their defense manhandled their smaller opponents many times, but for the most part just played solid position and refused to allow inside work. Washington was able to dominate every facet of the game, while the Red Hawks were forced to come from behind from the start. Washington was definately the better team, but Moog spotted them an unfair advantage by letting more than a couple of weak goals go by.

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wac game
    by (#2776) on 5/10/00 @7:29PM
Now we find out how good WAC is when they face SSU with CHRIS TURNER the best player in D3 in the line up!
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One MAN?
    by (#2962) on 5/10/00 @10:57PM
Turner's a great middie, no doubt there, but even he knows that Salisbury was perfectly capable of handling WAC april 29th without him. They played far less then their potential the first time and WAC took advantage, earning their seat in the big dance. But with that loss eating at Salisbury for the last two weeks, you better believe SSU is gonna unleash their best play thus far this year. Turner or no Turner, this team will be pacing till Sunday when they will show their true potential. (Having Turner certainly won't hurt.) It'll be a great game to watch, and I'm sure all the fans are looking foward to the 2nd War ON the Shore in 2000. Two WAC/Gull games in a matter of two weeks;
what could be better.
More than prides at stake now fellas! Who's gonna step it up?
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Big Brother's Watching
    by (#2588) on 5/11/00 @10:46AM
Gee Cory...If you weren't such a fat piece of crap, maybe you could have been as good as your little brother.
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outsider? who is this tool?
    by (#2776) on 5/11/00 @10:06PM
well thank you for your insight! I guess I must have taken your spot at one time. It's ok, your a loser. TOOL...... I won some awards in my time also fag boy outsider. So maybe do some home work before you act like an ass. Did you even play Lax? Well, you just hide behind your little screen name. I have better things to do.
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Turner's brother
    by (#2832) on 5/12/00 @10:47AM
you're pathetic, get off your brother's nuts and go take inventory at Lax World
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fedorka "the tool"
    by (#2776) on 5/12/00 @10:09PM
Lax world, Gee haven't been there in a year. Mortgage Banker now. Thanks for all the kind words, I'll think of them often. I'm not on my brothers nuts. You have to give the credit where it should go. If you don't like SSU that's ok, but don't act like an ass. It's ok you never made the team. So you all go hide behind youre screen names and be the cowards you are. I will see you all in College Park over the holiday.
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    by (#2503) on 5/12/00 @9:47PM
Short and sweet Cory! These other deushbags haven't a clue of what Turner and the gulls are all about. The 2 best players in D-3 on 1 midfield line, are you kidding me??? Half of these clowns have never played a day of lax in their lives. They just like to watch it! 3 words to sum it up.......DIE WAC DIE
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    by (#2776) on 5/12/00 @10:10PM
Some one who knows about LAX. Thank God!!!!!
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Cut the freshman some slack!
    by (#2964) on 5/10/00 @11:19PM
Although freshman goalie Matthew Moog might of had a bad game, I think we need to remember that he is only a freshman. We also need to give him some credit for helping his team make a tourney appearance. So just remember to keep things in perspective when you decide to cut on a young player who has one bad game.
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    by (#2984) on 5/12/00 @6:02PM
finally someone who can look at the season as a whole instead of the last 60 mins of it.

dr. cha cha scores another one
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    by (#1635) on 5/11/00 @8:39PM
Washington college is pretty good. Salisbury State sucks and thinks they are good but they suck a$$. Franklin sucks
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Younger32 makes sense, or no sense?
    by (#2962) on 5/12/00 @11:22AM
greeeat comment.... why even bother writing if you are gonna waste everyone's time with nonsensical jibberish? Are you a little kid who just uses his parents computer when they are not home? Are you gonna check out some porn sights now before mommy and daddy get home from dinner? Come on now, they are trusting you Younger, they don't get to go out much so behave yourself while they're gone. And while you're at it, stop by the game Sunday and watch pretty good Wac face a team that just may hand them their asses...
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    by (#2776) on 5/14/00 @9:34PM
Hey Tool did you see the score today?

21-9 Don't write if you don't know what your talkin about!
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goalie play
    by (#2984) on 5/12/00 @5:59PM
"According to Radebaugh, there was some inside information that the freshmen was easily rattled, so they planned on doing just that as soon as possible.".......I'm wondering if the person with the inside information is the same person who got rattled and blew two state titles for Towson High School in 1998 and 1999??? There is a difference between being rattled in one game and being poised for an entire season. People love to pick appart the small flaws, the bad days when the good old boys just won't let the ball roll your way, but the fact still remains that RPI in 2000 had it's best season ever and the only real lineup change was the addition of a freshman goalie who sure wasn't rattled in the game against Naz.
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Matthew Moog
    by (#2986) on 5/12/00 @7:19PM
OK...So Matthew got blown out! My son took the the field suffering from mononucleosis. I have known him for 18 years of his life. He doesn't rattle easily. A Deans List student in his freshman year at Rensselaer. And you, JD Radebaugh, trash my son,and that's what you did; I hope Salisbury kicks your ass bigtime! As a midfielder, you are a fine D3 player. As a human being you suck. Why trash a freshman, who had a great year of lacrosse as freshman starter? Why not be a leader and direct your attention to the next game? Sorry son, but you pissed off a very proud father. Watch out for the real world!!
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    by (#2984) on 5/12/00 @7:33PM
please excuse the previous posting, the anger should have been directed towards the author of the original article, and not the comments of JD.....thank you
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    by (#2776) on 5/13/00 @1:43PM
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Matthew's Daddy is a Poor Sport
    by (#2921) on 5/15/00 @11:11AM
Hey Mr. Moog, get over it. Your son played a crappy game. I don't care if he did have mono. Perhaps if he had sat the bench (which is what he'd be doing if he played on a good team) then RPI wouldn't have lost by as much, but they still would've gotten their butts kicked.
J.D. Radebaugh may not be the classiest guy in college lacrosse, but at least he's not threatening a kid half his age. You have every right to be proud of your kid, but by reverting to name calling you make yourself look ridiculous and you don't make your son look very good either.
You should heed your own advice and focus on the positive: RPI beat every team they faced that wasn't ranked, and only lost 4 times to teams that were. Please don't threaten me when I get into the "real world." 'Cause then my daddy will have to write an e mail sticking up for me.
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    by (#3067) on 5/16/00 @1:18AM

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    by (#1383) on 5/15/00 @5:43PM
Would it have only been ok to criticize him if he was a senior? The game got covered, so it had to be reported the way it went down. Maybe the article should have read, "Everyone played great! They just tried so hard! There's no winners or losers in lacrosse, its just one big, happy family!" Get over it. For christ sake, even Jordan got ripped when he had an off night. Maybe you should start your own web page and dedicate it to your son's legendary exploits in goal.
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