Duke dominates Maryland, 14-7.

Duke dominates Maryland, 14-7.

Duke dominates Maryland, 14-7.

Duke dominates Maryland, 14-7.

College Park, MD – Matt Danowski scored six goals in Duke’s easy win over University of Maryland Friday night, adding fuel to the budding rivalry between the two schools. Duke’s win at the opening face-off was a clear sign of things to come as the team went on to dominate the Terps in their 14-7 win. The No. 2 ranked Blue Devils improved to 3-0, thus silencing critics and hecklers who continue to hold up “No means no” signs and shout obscenities from the stands.

“Every game is going to have its own story,” said Duke Coach John Danowski, and many of the elements of Friday night’s game centered on his son, Matt. Even with Maryland marking him with two-time All-American Steve Whittenberg and junior Joe Cinosky, they weren’t able to contain the explosive Danowski. At halftime the scoreboard read 8-3 Duke, but on the stats page it was Danowski 4, Maryland 3.

When asked about his success against the all-American defender, Danowski said “the fact that they weren’t sliding really plays to our advantage because we do a really good job spacing the field. Guys are unselfish, we just want to win. We don’t care who gets the points or who scores the goals. We just want to get out there and play well and win.”

At the other end of the field Maryland’s offense was unable to function against the relentless pressure from Blue Devil defense.

When asked if the offense is still suffering as a result of last year’s graduating class, Maryland junior attackman Max Ritz said that the team “can’t make that excuse any more. We’ve been playing all year so we should be able to function without those guys. I think it’s a matter of getting our stuff down and executing game in and game out and we didn’t do as well as we would like.”

“I think we all do [need to step up], to be honest with you, nobody stood out tonight. Nobody really took care of business. Everybody needs to step up and take things a little more seriously,” said Ritz. “That shouldn’t happen. 14-7. They’re a great team and everything, but I really feel we could have come closer.”

Conversely, Duke’s offense remained composed throughout the entire game, patiently waiting for the most opportune angles to rip shots. And just as Matt Danowski emphasized after the game, the Duke offense is an arsenal of threats to their opponents’ defenses.

“Tonight just happened to be my night,” Danowski said. “When we play offense we play very unselfish, my dad preaches that style. Last week it happened to be Zack’s [Greer] night when he had six and next week it could be someone else.”

Asked about his son’s performance, Coach Danowski reiterated his son’s remarks about their many offensive weapons. “With all our players we trust them and allow them to play. For instance, we were encouraging [senior midfielder] Freddy Krom to go to goal. Whoever it is who has the ball we try to teach them that they have a green light to make a play. Then we teach the other players off the ball how to play with those guys. Tonight Maryland didn’t slide a lot and that’s how they were going to play the game but in the future other teams might slide a lot. And on those nights maybe Matt won’t be the guy, it may be someone else.”

With last year’s drama still fresh in their minds, former teammate David Evans, one of the three accused Duke players, spoke to the team about their upcoming game. “It was really, really motivational [experience],” said Danowski. “He was telling us to take advantage of this, not to come off a shift feeling like you didn’t leave it all out there. He misses being out here so bad – he wants to be out here playing with us more than anything in the world.”

Going into the game Duke was ranked number two in the country while Maryland was ranked number six. Friday night made it clear that the difference between the levels of play of these two teams is much more significant than a mere four numbers.

Tuesday afternoon should present another easy win for the Blue Devils when they face off at home against St. Joseph’s. Then it’s back to testing themselves again as they travel west to take on Loyola at the First Four in San Diego for the second year in a row. Maryland has a week off before they take a short trek up the Beltway and battle neighborhood rival Towson University.

Story by Matt McCarron, photos by Joe Caulfield

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    by (#154646) on 3/03/07 @12:40AM
DUKe is on a roll. they still can play with anyone. maryland will have to have a big turnaround for a good season.
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get used to it...........
    by (#157101) on 3/05/07 @8:18AM
Duke isn't going any where soon so get used to seeing alot of them and prepare to see them in the first place rank soon because they have prooved to be domination and are gonna roll over all the competition
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Duke Is Back And Breathing Some Fire!
    by (#136419) on 3/03/07 @1:53AM
I think it is safe to say that Duke is back and wanting to proove a point. I think Danowski was the perfect man for the job, and I know that he will do great things at Duke. He did a great job at Hofstra, and Hofstra is not nearly an easy a sell as Duke for most of the great players. I think that Danowski will recruit some studs and win a national title someday.

P.S.-A lot of people are down on Dave Cottle. Is this fair or not?
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Trash Talking
    by (#136419) on 3/03/07 @1:57AM
Boy, Maryland and their fans have sure talked the talk the last couple of games! However, they have a goose egg for amount of wins in those two games.
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Just an overall bad game.
    by (#65281) on 3/05/07 @1:08PM
I dont know if anyone else here had a chance to go to the game, but i was there and it was horrible. MD dropping passes left and right. Bad shots... not clearing the ball at all... and just overall poor decisions on the lax field. DUKE had them over played from the start, and yes i think they are the team this year. Everyone is saying UVA UVA UVA... but let me say... i dont think so. Md has a lot of work to do to get back on track with their season... and they need to do it quickly.
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Navy Sure Slaughtered UNC
    by (#136419) on 3/03/07 @1:59AM
As of right now, that story hasn't been posted. But boy, UNC is having problems. Do people think it is time for a coaching change. Why not go after Gary Gait. Some people think Maryland made a mistake in not hiring him in 2001.
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so low
    by (#97931) on 3/03/07 @11:00AM
im happy that Duke won this game for two reasons. They are my favorite team and Maryland fans and players are the biggest losers. To hold up signs that say "No Means No" is one of the lowest moments in sports history. After everything those kids have gone through and everybody knows that theyre innocent, for Maryland fans to do that shows alot about the character of that school. Maryland will suck for the next couple years because they were only good with Walters. I think Duke has a chance to go the distance this year, and i would love to see them win a title for those three players and Reagan. GO DUKE!!!!!!!!!

Danowski deserves the Tewaarton
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Not so low......
    by (#78222) on 3/03/07 @11:33AM
UMD players and fans should not be called losers. Through graduation, they lost 70 % of last years' scoring...they have two goalies injured, replaced by a freshman and a club player. The protest signs you referred to was actually one sign. And if class is an issue, UMD had a moment of silence last week for Jimmy Regan. GO GULLS!!!!!!!!!!
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well the fans should
    by (#129810) on 3/06/07 @9:14AM
holding up a signs that say "no means no" is not called for thats about as low as you can be. and after the Gtown game you see how the players are classless. So basically the players and fans are classless
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    by (#125510) on 3/03/07 @4:47PM
Im with u pal duke has come Back ROCK ON DUKE !!!!
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I was about to say the same thing.
    by (#65281) on 3/05/07 @1:19PM
I could not believe my eyes when i saw that. And everyone thought it was funny... walking into the stadium people were holding up those signs for people to see on their way in, and i was blown away. i feel that this is a time as a lax community that we have to back our brothers no matter if we are playing them that night or what. this kids were obviously not lacrosse players, because they were not respecting our fellow players in our community. They went as far as to make signs and shirts that said wear a condom, and were chanting SEX SEX SEX...

On another note... Joe W was at the game... i dont know if you got to catch him, but he was handing out STX swag at the front gate. I did not realize it was him, but did after talking with him for a few minutes it dawned on me... i will say that he is a down to earth guy, and some of the Md fans passed by as we were talking that had the no means no signs... and you could tell he was bothered by them... as i would assume a lot of other people were... anyway... good guy, and a great player
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    by (#99141) on 3/03/07 @11:26AM
look at the pocket in the third to last picture i dunno if it is just the angle or something but that thing looks mammoth
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Could Gary Gait Save Them?!
    by (#45083) on 3/03/07 @11:42AM
Are you kidding me?! Somebody better grab him and grab him quick. Maryland would have been ideal; and apparently he was under the impression he was going to get that job and would have been tremendous for that program (and do they ever need it!) Actually Cuse could use him too. Md can hold up all the signs it wants (and that was a disgrace); they are just bad.Plain and simple.
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UNC Could Use Gait The Most!
    by (#136419) on 3/03/07 @6:50PM
UNC is the traditional powerhouse that is suffering the most. Losing 19-8 to Navy when UNC should be 3 times or more an easy sell for great players is almost inexcusible! UNC is not my favorite team, but I hate to see them underachieve like this. The sad thing is, the glory days of the 80's and early 90's are long gone, and the high school studs don't even remember those days! They need someone like Willie Scroggs, the guy who built UNC's lacrosse program from scratch, and was an all-time great recruiter and game coach. I think that Gait would be great as both a recruiter and as a game coach. If he wants to be a coach at a major college, Carolina I think would be the best bet. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see him at Maryland even more, but I think Cottle will be around for a few more years. His record is solid, and he has been to 3 Final Fours and was an overtime loss to Princeton in 2004 away from going to a 4th. Of course, he has lost several games he should never have lost. Do I think Gait and a handful of other coaches could do better than Cottle? Sure I do. However, how often does a coach get fired when he has done what Cottle has done so far at Maryland. If Maryland keeps underachieving for a few more years, though, it could happen.

Say, I just thought of something! Marty Schottenheimer got fired after leading San Diego to the best record in the NFL and after being a bobbled interception and a missed field away perhaps from going to the AFC title game. So, you never know!
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Its a baby carriage!
    by (#65281) on 3/05/07 @10:04AM
No I dont think that is the angle that pocket is defiantly a basket!
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    by (#86842) on 3/03/07 @10:56PM
i know this is ridiculously trivial, but i noticed some duke players are wearin brine helmets and other the cascade helmet. isnt there some sort of uniform rule about helmets, or is that excluded.
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    by (#135016) on 3/08/07 @7:57PM
just have to be th same colors, type doesn't matter...obviously. But yeah I have to admit I was a bit thrown off seein pictures like that.
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