Duke Rebounds Over UNC 19-11

Duke Rebounds Over UNC 19-11

Duke Rebounds Over UNC 19-11

Duke Rebounds Over UNC 19-11

Duke release:

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Riding the Danowski-Greer Express, top-seeded Duke rallied from a 6-1 deficit to defeat eighth-seeded North Carolina, 19-11, in the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship quarterfinals as 10,438 fans watched at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, Md.

The second-ranked Blue Devils improve to 16-2 on the year and will meet fourth-seeded and top-ranked Cornell in the national semifinals next Saturday at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Md. The national semifinal berth will be the third for Duke, who made previous appearances in 1997 and 2005.

North Carolina ends the season at 10-6. Zack Greer posted seven goals and three assists while Matt Danowski chipped in four goals and six assists as the pair combined for 20 total points. The win for the Blue Devils marks the third this season over the Tar Heels and the sixth straight over their chief rival.

The Blue Devils claimed a 1-0 lead just under six minutes into the contest when Zack Greer scored off a feed from Matt Danowski. North Carolina responded with two goals in a 50-second span as Sean Burke and Ben Hunt netted unassisted goals at the 5:18 and 4:28 marks.

The Tar Heels increased their lead to 3-1 with 1:44 remaining in the opening period when Bobby McAuley fed Sean Delaney for a goal. North Carolina then tallied two goals in the final 11 seconds of the quarter for a 5-1 advantage at the end of 15 minutes.

Shane Walterhoefer, North Carolina’s face-off specialist who scored directly off the draw with three seconds left in the opening period, scored just five seconds into the second quarter to push the Tar Heel lead to 6-1. Brad Ross ended the Tar Heel run at six goals with a tally from Greer at the 12:00 mark of the second quarter, pulling Duke to within 6-2. Fourteen seconds later, Greer scored his second of the day – again from Danowski – for a 6-3 deficit.

At the 11:09 mark of the second quarter, Danowski located Greer open on the crease and the junior found the back of the net for his third tally of the afternoon. The Tar Heels came right back to claim a 7-4 lead on Ben Hunt’s goal, and the margin was pushed back to four goals with just under nine minutes left when Burke dodged from the behind the net and scored an unassisted goal.

With 4:43 left before intermission, the Danowski-to-Greer combination hooked up again for a goal, with Greer’s tally making the score 8-5 in favor of the Tar Heels. North Carolina would take that three-goal advantage into halftime.

Duke began the second half with a pair of goals as Greer shoved home an extra man tally from Peter Lamade at the 13:18 mark, and Ned Crotty added an unassisted goal less than one minute later to make the score 8-7. After Gavin Petracca scored for the Tar Heels, Greer scored his sixth of the day at the 11:44 mark to trim the margin back to one.

Danowski’s unassisted goal at the 9:42 mark of the third quarter knotted the game at 9-9, and Crotty fired in an extra man score from Greer with 7:45 on the clock to give the Blue Devils a one-goal lead. Danowski’s sixth assist of the game led to a goal by Max Quinzani with 2:24 left in the period for an 11-9 Blue Devil lead. Tar Heel goalkeeper Lance Zimmerman’s attempt to scoop up a loose ball resulted in a Duke goal, credited to Quinzani with just 37 seconds left in the quarter.

The Blue Devils extended their lead with three goals in less than four minutes to start the fourth quarter. Matt Danowski started things off with a goal off a feed from Peter Lamade at the 13:32 mark, followed by an unassisted goal just over a minute later. Brad Ross then scored his second goal of the game with 11:11 remaining to push the lead to 15-9. An unassisted goal by North Carolina’s Michael Burns trimmed the lead to five at 10:52.

Duke scored the next four goals to push its lead to 19-10 beginning with Max Quinzani’s third goal of the game with an assist from Brad Ross at the 8:25 mark. Matt Danowski kept things going with a score 50 seconds later off a feed from Fred Krom. Bo Carrington scored off a pass from Zack Greer with 5:30 left in the game. Greer then capped his day with a goal off a pass from Max Quinzani less than a minute and a half later. With 2:21 left in the game, North Carolina’s Gavin Petracca found the back of the net off a pass from Nick Tintle to account for the final score.

Quinzani finished with three goals and one assist while Crotty and Ross added two goals apiece. Terrence Molinari gave the Blue Devils a huge lift in the face-off game, winning 11-of-18 draws while picking up six ground balls. In goal, Dan Loftus was credited with nine saves.

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good god
    by (#97931) on 5/20/07 @6:13PM
this game was rediculous. how can UNC let a 6-1 lead slip away to a 19-11 loss. Danowski and Greer combined for 20 points. DUKE WILL WIN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP
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   no way by 5/21/07 @9:26PM
      DELAWARE WILL WIN IT ALL? by 5/21/07 @11:27PM
    by (#133021) on 5/20/07 @6:34PM
ha... once Duke got going they really got going... Only suiting that they get to go to Baltimore. Good for them. The real test is against undefeated Cornell, thats gonna be fun to watch!
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   (no subject) (nt) by 5/20/07 @8:18PM
   (no subject) (nt) by 5/20/07 @8:18PM
    by (#136419) on 5/20/07 @8:08PM
Well, here we are, folks! We are down to 4 teams. As I have said before, it sure is hard to believe that we won't be seeing any orange on players jerseys for the first time in at least 25 years!

I think that this game has the potential to be a classic, just like Albany-Cornell was. Both teams have great offense, solid defense, and great coaches. Expect to see a very fast-paced and exciting game with a lot of goals scored, some good defensive plays, and some incredible saves by goalies. Both teams will be very hungry for more than just the national title. Cornell still knows they are not getting total respect, and knows how sweet it would be to finally get it by hoisting that national title trophy. However, due to what happened last season, and having experienced being runners up 2 years ago, I think that Duke is just a little bit hungrier than everyone else. And also, don't forget that they want revenge after losing to Cornell earlier this season. I think this game will go down to the wire, and maybe even go to overtime. However, I think Duke will find a way to get it done, and that extra hunger will be a big factor at the very end. Therefore, I say:


Maybe overtime, maybe not.

P.S.-With Matt Danowski's incredible showing against Carolina, he might well have the Tewarton Trophy locked up.
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      Time outs by 5/20/07 @8:50PM
   No Orange by 5/20/07 @10:26PM
      VERY GOOD THINKING! by 5/20/07 @10:54PM
   Duke-Cornell by 5/24/07 @4:20PM
all i want to say
    by (#79336) on 5/20/07 @9:56PM
greer and danowski combined for 20 points, thats amazing.
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    by (#136419) on 5/20/07 @10:02PM
Coming into this season, I predicted that UNC would struggle again and that it may be all-she- wrote for Haus. In fact, after, Navy slaughtered UNC in the regular season, I was almost positive that would happen. However, Haus and Carolina prooved me wrong and ended up having a fine season. Maybe they can build on this season and start recruiting better. It is hard to believe that UNC hasn't been to the Final Four since 1993!
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Here comes the devils!
    by (#168201) on 5/20/07 @10:21PM
Duke fougt back to beat the tar heels..but caralina shot themself in the heel and let duke get back in it! dukes gunna ride this threw cornell and threw hopkins (because lets face it..delaware has no right being here) for duke to win there FIRST nation championchip! After last year duke is POed and wants to evenge it..and after beating there arch rivals in a big come back....thats a fast train to stop! so look out cornell..cause ur tied onto the train tracks!
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   wow by 5/20/07 @11:26PM
tewaarton winners
    by (#97931) on 5/20/07 @11:12PM
Danowski has to win the tewaarton whether duke wins it all or not(which i think they will). He has been a leader on and off the field. And some of his goals today proved he is the best player in the country. That wrap around goal and the left hander he scored from the top of the box were so amazing, plus the guy loves to spread the ball to others. And if UVA has another disappointing season i could see Greer winning the tewaarton next year. He will be considered one of the greatest players of all time when he gets into the pros. He is too good for people not too say that, it just sucks hes canadian and we'll have to deal with him in the world championships
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ok..ur kinda right
    by (#168201) on 5/21/07 @6:30AM
ya..its good to see fresh blood in the final four..but cmon..delaware got lucky and caught virgina w/ there heads up there @$$ and UMBC!? who is UMBC..its a community college who BARLY beat maryland...a very over-rated team. i really dont care..im a duke fan and ill be rooting duke in the stands and going crazy...it just sucks im gunna have to watch a blood bath in the first game....o well...maybe cinderella has some more majic/luck for the blue hens..make dukes championchip easier! GO DUKE!



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   JHU by 5/21/07 @11:13AM
      yeah by 5/22/07 @6:31PM
      Good point by 5/23/07 @10:27PM
   idiot by 5/23/07 @9:26PM
Best Game
    by (#152264) on 5/21/07 @9:44AM
This was the best game i have ever seen. The comeback by duke was incredible.
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   best game? by 5/21/07 @10:18AM
Congrats Tar Heels
    by (#75455) on 5/21/07 @11:41AM
UNC has an incredibly young, inexperienced team and just bounced back from a 4-10 season and got to the second round of the ncaa tourney. Big improvement.
If they keep things up, including stellar recruiting, they can give virginia a run for their money in the acc and possibly get to a final 4 in upcoming years, IMHO.
If not, this is at least a major turning point for the program, and they should be very proud.
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(no subject)
    by (#154283) on 5/21/07 @9:24PM
Cornell- 11
Duke- 10
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   agreed by 5/22/07 @12:29AM
      WHO WILL CORNELL OR DUKE FACE? by 5/22/07 @5:16AM
    by (#169681) on 5/22/07 @3:29PM
i have a video of duke lax on my myspace and it is sweet i love duke
i also play lacrosse im a attack
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   ok by 5/22/07 @5:30PM
Extra year of eligibility
    by (#139861) on 5/23/07 @10:31PM
The NCAA is reviewing giving the Blue Devils players another year of eligibility after last year's season was cut short. Although I do indeed agree with it and think it's a great idea (we all know those kids deserve it), I've gotta admit I was bummed cause I wanna see my Hoos back in ACC dominance next year (although UNC is looking damn good). I don't think many of the seniors will come back if their appeal is taken though, and if some do I doubt it will be the big talent like Danowski and McDevitt and whatnot. What do you guys think?
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   That would be great by 5/24/07 @2:53PM
Tewaaraton Winners
    by (#143077) on 5/23/07 @10:42PM
It's pretty definate that Danowski is gonna win the Tewaaraton, seibalds good, but hes a sophmore, and rabil is a midfielder, but definately doesn't have the same impact as Danowski.

Let's look at the facts, Seibald is the fourth sophmore to be named a finalist, the others, Mike Powell, Kyle Harrison, Matt Danowski.

Assuming Matt Danowski wins the tewaaraton (and he probably will whether Duke wins or loses), That would mean that every sophmore has won the tewaaraton their senior year. So the odds are in Seibald's favor for his senior year.

Back to Danowski, who does he compare to regarding the last 3 winner?

I think he is better than Matt Ward without a doubt, and it's difficult to compare him to Kyle Harrison, cause he made soo many moves from the top of the box, and took faceoffs, but i don't think anyone is better than Powell was. Other than that, i think he has to be the 2nd or 3rd best winner of the tewaaraton in the history of the trophy.
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   You can bet the farm on # 40 by 5/24/07 @3:05PM