Cuse' Springs Free From the Hop 14-12

Cuse' Springs Free From the Hop 14-12

Cuse' Springs Free From the Hop 14-12

Cuse' Springs Free From the Hop 14-12

The Cuse faceoff crew opened the game with a quick clamp and rake by Cercy. After a turnover by Liam Banks by a pumped Blue Jay D, the Hop turned it over on the clear. The Jitters were evident. On their first settled possession, Cuse went to Coffman who iso'd on the wing. But his cover checked his bottom hand on the shot for the turnover. Hop went on settled O with 12:57 to go but Marshall Abrams stripped Justin Shaberly and Cuse went on a fast break the other way. At 11:45, Powell was called for a retaliation hold after his head was driven to the turf by Carcaterra. At 11:17, Hop's Dan Denihan tried to sneak around the left pipe for a back hand, no dice. At 11:03, at even strength, Denihan made the same move but finished conservatively over Mulligans left shoulder, 1-0 Hopkins. At 10:54, Hop won the face and PJ DiConza fed Tom Bloomer on the crease putting the Hop up 2-0 in seconds. Players were falling all over the slick field for the next 2 minutes, with turnovers by both teams. Finally at 9:04, Cuse went on the board when Banks got a look at the top right restraining line. He drove in and fed Powell for a underhand, high to low crank that caught the upper right corner to make it 2-1 Hop. At 7:56, Cuse's Mulligan made a solid save on a hard driving Shaberly's bouncer from up top. Cuse went on O and got the ball to Powell who was stripped by a back rap check. Cuse got the gb, but turned it over. The Cuse offense was trying to set high picks to free up shots, but the Hop D was just passing them off effectively.

At 4:58, a wide open Powell dipped and dunked off a feed from Liam Banks to tie it up, 2-2. Cuse won the face, and Chris Cercy made it 3-2 on a quick bounce shot that surprised Carcaterra at 4:49. At 4:41, Donneger released out of the attack zone and absolutely leveled Cuse's Sam Bassett as the 2 went head to head for the ground ball. The crowd went nuts, Donneger picked up the ball, and Hop called a timeout to savor the momentum of the hit. At 4:21, Cuse's d-middie Joe Ceglia tried to go over the head and got called for the hold. After 2 shots went wide, at 3:50, Haugen let go an overhand crank from up top from Denihan to tie it up. It appeared that the Hop offense was not shy about letting 90 mph shots go from all over the field. At 2:24, Hopkins' Rob Frattarola went on a sweep down the left wing from up top, and stuck a high bouncer on the run in the upper right corner, 4-3 Hop. The Hop won the face and went on O once again. Hop was dominating possession but Syracuse was taking advantage of the transition game, as Liam Banks was fed by Tim Byrnes on a fast break to tie it up with a minute to go. 7 seconds later, Cercy raked the face to himself and scored his second goal of the game, and third of the year to make it 5-4 Cuse and the flip flop quarter ended. The faceoffs were 5-5.

At 14:19, Caione made it 6-4 split dodging from up top and finishing on the run in the lower right corner. Alternating turnovers followed, and AJ Haugen waltzed up the field with Tim Byrnes respecting his quickness by giving him 7 feet of space. As he got about 5 yards in the box, he let go an overhand 90mph + missle that beat Mulligan offside hip summoning gasps from the crowd. After Cuse's Byrnes got stripped on attack, Hop went on O again. After reversing the ball movement with a skip pass around x, D Denihan found Haugen for an overhand crank from 15 feet to tie it up. Cuse won the face, and Coffman iso'd from the wing, roll dodged to leave his cover on the ground, and finished off hip at 10 and change to make it 7-6 Cuse. Cuse won the face, and finally got the ball to Powell who drew a push on an inside roll on the right pipe at 9 and change. To this point, the Hop's Brandon Testa had the edge on the power contest. After Springer drove hard from behind he dumped it to Banks who converted it at 8:49 beating Carcaterra five hole on a low side arm, 8-6 Cuse. At 5:18, Mulligan made a kick save one on one with Hopkins' Bobby Benson and Cuse cleared it. Although Springer was matched up with a short stick, he made no effort to get the ball, and Cuse called a timeout with 4:05 to go.

The rain was coming down hard at this point, and players were falling over the place. At 3:22, Cuse's Ceglia was called for a hit from behind. At 2:35, Conor Denihan converted on a crank from the right wing that trickled through Mulligan's five hole, 8-7 Cuse. Cuse got the ball but played excellent physical defense forcing a hard driving Coffman to toss it out of bounds with just over a minute left. After a timeout, Hop went on O for the last shot of the half. Haugen took a wicked bounce shot from 18 yards out that hit the bottom of the cross bar, but no goal. The teams emptied the sidelines and jogged across the field to the locker room to talk it over. Hopkins appeared to be dominating the midfield, groundballs and had a clear physical edge. They were also getting great looks at the cage and the unbashful Haugen looked like a shark picking his spots. Cuse nursed a 1 goal lead, solely for the fact that they cashed in on their transition opportunities. Powell handled the ball no more than 2 times in the second quarter and the Hopkins defense seemed to have a knack for staying on their feet on the soaked field.

Cuse won the second half face. At 14:09, Matt Caione dummy dodged from top left drawing a slide by Hopkins; Brendan Shook. He moved it to Banks at x who one-timed it to Springer on the crease for the quick stick to make it 9-7, Cuse. At 13:06, the Hop's Shaberly got called for a dumb hit from behind as Cuse's John Glatzel tried to clear it. At 12:04 Carc made and awesome off-hip save but Cuse tracked it down. After another off-hip save on Springer, the Hop's Shook was called for another flag at 11:39. Cuse's Tom Hardy got a good look but missed the cage and the Hop legged it out for possession. At 10:18, Hop called an early timeout as they were stranded at midfield and about to turn it over again. It turned out to be a good timeout however, as Haugen connected for his fourth at 9:57 driving left, rolling and immediately letting one go righty from 18 yards up top, 9-8 Cuse. At 9:23, the refs made a horrible call, mistaking a Carc oscar winning flop for a Powell retaliation. Everyone in the stands saw the flop and let it be known. Cuse forced a turnover and Coffman was able to kill the majority of it until he was stripped by Testa. Testa gathered the ball and threw a cross field buddy pass to John Brasko as Powell's penalty expired. Powell released to line him up and crush him as the ball sailed over his stick. Another flag, and Hopkins players started taunting the Cuse sideline. The Hop threw away another opportunity however, and Cuse was able to kill it off. At 6:31, Abrhams was called for a push on Donneger who was holding the defensemen's stick as they went for a gb. Believe it or not, it was another acting job. Mulligan made a save and Cuse went the other way and drew a flag on Testa for an on the head brush. It was beginning to look like an NBA game with the refs messing with the tempo and getting nervous about makeup calls. Finally, at 4:30, Cuse's St. George stripped Hopkins' Doneger and went on a fast break. Abrhams legged it across midfield and found Banks on the crease to make it 10-8 Cuse. Hop answered right back as D Denihan fed Doneger on the wing who hard cradled through a check from top right and finished high to high to make it 10-9. Cuse won the face and was denied by a cat-like Carc. But at 2:36, Springer gathered the loose ball, pumped 3 times and dumped it in from 10 feet out past a diving Carc. At 2:03, Donneger blew a 4-2 break by shooting it over the net instead of banging it back to Haugen, the originator of the break. The game was seesawing, with turnovers, transition, and ground balls dominating the momentum. At 1:24, Hop's Jamie Hubbard was found by Donneger on the crease to cut the lead to 1, 11-10 Cuse. The third quarter ended with both teams locked in an intense battle, and everyone on the edge of their seats.

As the fourth quarter started, both teams' sidelines were jumping up and down. After reversing the ball rotation, Cuse made it 12-10 when Liam Banks fed Powell cross crease who teased Carc with numerous fakes, finally finishing over his head at 11:31. After a minute of unsettled play and strong defense by Hopkins, Haugen found himself alone on the right wing. He iso'd baseline with his left hand, played now you see it now you don't, rolled righty and finished high to high to make it 12-11 with a flag on Ceglia, at 10:03. After both teams sensed that the game hung in the balance, they took care of the ball and played conservative 2 minute possessions. Both goalies were strong with their defense limiting shot opportunities to 15 yards. At 4:53, the Hop's Tim Muir tied it up on the run. The game would go back and forth with sloppy play, and rushed shots by Hopkins until 2 penalities were called on Cuse at 3:58 and 3:18. Mulligan came up huge, however, easily saving C Denihan's crank from 12 yards out on the right wing. Cuse's Kevin Kelley cleared it and moved it to Powell. With Coach Desko jumping up and down on the sideline behind him, Powell tucked his stick ran through 2 defenders, dumped to Springer who elevated his 6'4" frame and dumped it over the 5'8" Carcaterra to make it 13-12 Cuse on the man down goal at 2:23. After another Mulligan save, Cuse cleared it and called a timeout at :54 to go. Who are the best ball handlers on Cuse? Powell, Springer, Banks, Byrnes, Coffman and Caione would take the field to leg out the clock. Caione took the ball first and swept left to right across the top. After drawing a double he dumped it to Powell in the bottom right corner who swept right to left acrosse the back. After drawing a double he reversed it to Byrnes who came around the corner to finish diving at :20 to go, 14-12 Cuse.

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the 'Cuse is on the loose
    by (#2969) on 5/27/00 @3:48PM
.. what did I tell you. What did I telll you. It was a good game; slightly better than I predicted.. but who cares, they won.. the game was in their control the whole way through... 'cuse might of had the lead the whole way through. hopkins blows. bring on the groovy uvy!... cause uva is next. syracuse will win... and win big

later jerks.
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Don't speak too soon!
    by (#2981) on 5/27/00 @8:48PM
Caught up in patting yourself on the back, you made the mistake of declaring UVA the opponent for 'Cuse. It ain't over 'til it's over!

What happened in the regular season means nothing at the end of May.
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The Tigers would kick some serious Orangemen butt!
    by (#2789) on 5/28/00 @6:41PM
Heckler first of all UVA lost. Sorry but they did. Second, the only thing Hopkins blows is your &*!. I am going to laugh when the Tigers blowout the Orangemen when yoou thought they were going to win! Lastly even if Syracuse played UVA they would still lose...and lose big

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    by (#2969) on 5/28/00 @7:20PM
I'll bet everyone of you a million dollars that Orange will be the color on the day of the championship... Now that UVA is out of the way, the road to the title is a wide, flatly paved road with ice cream parlors to stop and eat, and beautiful woman on the sides to gawk at... so don't try to hurt me with all your pathetic attacks on my poorly chosen UVA finalists. SYRACUSE WILL TAKE THE SCRAWNY PRINCETON!... oh yes they will.

later losers
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    by (#2981) on 5/28/00 @7:28PM
I'm a fan of neither team, and you and I rarely agree. But in this instnace I have to say you are right. Though I have been an adament Princeton supporter up to this point. I think it is going to be next to impossible to beat the team that throttled them in the regular season.

Though I do think Princeton is a capable team, and that with Tierney anco, it is possible for them to pull the upset (they have many time before), if I were forced to make a bet with my hard earned cash, I would say:

Cuse 11
Princeton 9
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I want you punks to bring it on
    by (#3081) on 5/28/00 @9:11PM
Right now. Bring it on. I am so confident that SU is gonna pummel Princeton tomorrow and bring home the title that I can taste it.
If this team was not a championship team, then they would have folded when Hop came back yesterday and lost. Hop played their butts off and the Cuse were able to pull it out in the end just like a true champion always does.
Add another championship to the greatest college lacrosse program in history tomorrow. SU WILL WIN IT. Let's go Powell and co.
Show these Ivy League nerds how the Cuse does it baby!!!
Watch out Princeton, this is gonna get ugly early.
SU 16
Princeton 10
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yeah 'wood!
    by (#8) on 5/27/00 @9:46PM
hell yeah springer, way to make ridgewood so incredibly proud!! good luck on monday!!
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Ok, here we go again...
    by (#1329) on 5/29/00 @12:58AM
...ok, well I don't like princeton or syracuse really at all first of all. I hate to say this because I want princeton to win but 'cuse will win, no way they will lose tomorrow. Second of all, I need to express a few of my "personal" opinions once again...
HECKLER= No class b*tch who can't write anything without trying to sound like a hard ass either somewhere in it or at the end as usual, calling all of us on here petty names children use in elementary school. I bet you find yourself getting rocked and going down on the lax field about as often as Monica Lewinsky went down on president Clinton. Moving on...
WATCHER09= A dude who makes good points and I almost always agree with him...also, BROWN1 I agree with too...and finally, to my buddy LOVEHAPPY,,,sorry I haven't posted lately dude,,,anyway, I agree with you except that some people could make a very valid argument about Hopkins, not 'Cuse, being the "greatest college lacrosse program in history." I'm not trying to make trouble here man but I just don't agree with that statement about the 'Cuse. They are awesome, always have been, are and always will be but I think they still might have some catching up to do on Johns Hopkins concerning titles etc. Everyone tell me what you think of my whole posting please, I know cool-guy Heckler will.
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Agreed but...
    by (#3081) on 5/29/00 @2:35PM
I totally understand you dude. JHU has long been a legit program and they dominated the seventies and of course they have won numerous titles. I should change my argument to the fact that JHU has not won a title in a long time and SU has in my opinion the distinction of being possibly the team of the eighties and nineties. The argument that I would make to the nineties would be Princeton. They were sick. SU just whooped them good today and now has bragging rights and the first distinction of eventually being called the team of the 2000 decade. They just keep reloading every single year and might do it again next year considering that their attack of Springer and Banks are only sophs. Granted Powell is gone but they are gonna be sick and up at College Park again most likely.
They are probably the team of the last two decades if not Princeton in the nineties and had one of the greatest coaches of all time.
That is good evidence but I give props to JHU. By the way, now that SU won today what is the comparison between the two of exactly how many titles each school has won?
Thanks dude, talk to you later bro
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Good Points
    by (#2981) on 5/29/00 @3:49PM
Lovehappy, I think you hit the nail on the head with your last comment. I think it's almost a disgrace to keep giving Hopkins the distinction of being the best team ever. I think they should at least win won every 20 years or so to keep with that reputation. How long are we supposed to live in the past?

I do think it will be a great race in the 2000s between Cuse and Princeton, go figure. Cuse is Cuse, they're never going to have a BAD year and Princeton is very young and should be a serious contender next year. I expect to see a rematch of this year's final for the next two years.
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Hey fellas...
    by (#1329) on 5/29/00 @6:10PM
...watcher09 and my other dogg lovehappy make a very good point concerning my argument. Good call guys, I agree completely with both of you. I also said on another comment on another story on this site like just today before i read this that I thought that championshipt the next 2 years could very well be the one that we saw today, in teams, not how the game turns out or is played at all. Ok lovehappy, i actually don't know the title #'s of Hop or 'Cuse exactly man, thats a good question dude. But, not to contradict myself from earlier but there's more to a program and its history etc. than just how many titles they win. Again, my 2 buddies on here make awesome points, later guys...look forward to hearing from you soon.
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Good call dawg!
    by (#3081) on 5/29/00 @10:04PM
I agree. JHU has what a lot of teams don't always have... Consistency. Every year they are contending and that draws my utmost respect.
Gotta fly, later laxman and watcher 09 my boyzzz!
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Tigers are going to comeback
    by (#2789) on 5/29/00 @12:00PM
I know the Tigers are down 7-3 with 30 seconds in the half. I know the Tigers are not known for comingback, but they will do it. The comeback win against UVA is a perfect example on how a team can get motivated. In the halftime locker room I think there is going to be some powerful speeches by coaches and players. Oh yeah- Laxman7777 you are right. Orangemen 14 Tigers 15

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Thanks Brown1...I hope you are right man. (nt)
    by (#1329) on 5/29/00 @12:38PM
(no text)
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