Syracuse Steals 2OT Win 12-11

Syracuse Steals 2OT Win 12-11

Syracuse Steals 2OT Win 12-11

Syracuse Steals 2OT Win 12-11

Down by as many as five, the Syracuse Orange came back to top the Virginia Cavaliers 12-11 in two overtimes. In a game of sharp shooting and clutch goalie play at the end, the Orange survived two tense extra periods to steal the win. Mike Leveille, scoring his fifth goal of the day, ripping a low shot through traffic to beat bud Petit and send the Orange back to the championship game for the first time since 2004.

UVa came out sniping. Shamel Bratton got the Cavaliers on the board, fighting through a stick check by Steven Brooks, Bratton stuck the top corner, flat out beating Syracuse goalie John Galloway high. The freshman Galloway struggled during the first half. It seemed at times he had trouble tracking the ball. Of course, the Cavaliers didn’t help by shooting the lights out.

Syracuse built their first and only lead of the game, rattling off two-straight goals about halfway through the quarter. Leveille tallied his first of five on a textbook inside roll. Then Brendan Loftus carried down from the top of the box, sticking an eight-yard runner from a harsh angle, right over UVa keeper Bud Petit’s shoulder.

Petit looked sharp for much of the game. He tracked balls well, grabbing outside rips and standing up to shots on the doorstep.

Will Barrow tied the game for the Cavaliers, barreling through about six stick checks and nailing a shot on the run. Max Pomper followed that up with another transition score, nailing shot in the corner. High and away seemed to be Galloway’s number all day. When the quarter ended, the Cavaliers were slowly building their lead, 3-2.

Danny Glading put on a show to rival Leveille, racking up for goals on the day, his first a ridiculous chuck to the top corner. As Glading wrapped around the cage he received a push from defender John Carrozza, and while falling to the ground, popped a shot right over Galloway’s shoulder. Glading followed that up with a man-up tally off a Brian Carroll assist. Garrett Billings then added another, wrapping around the cage and sticking the corner.

The Orange snagged one more score before the half ended on a classic attack give-and-go between Leveille and Kenny Nims, catching the defense not sliding and creating a better angle shot. At the end of the half the Cavaliers enjoyed a 6-3 lead.

The Cavaliers picked up right where they left off in the second half, scoring two quick goals from Glading and Rhamel Bratton.

Syracuse got another when Matt Abbott got the ball on the wing, threw a fake to get inside, and buried a skipped a shot low. While Leveille might have been the most noticeable star for Syracuse today, Abbott might have been the Orange’s most valuable. He scored three big goals, each in spots where Syracuse needed to stop the bleeding, played tough defense, was a one-man clearing machine, and scooped up several important faceoffs, gathering precious possessions. The often soft-spoken junior provided emotional fire for his teammates too. After each of his scores he simply pointed to the “Syracuse” on his jersey, reminding his team the success and swagger the program demands in May.

Peter Lamade built UVa’s lead to five, firing off a roll dodge from the wing to bring the score to 9-5. From here Syracuse would have to scrap back. Leveille set himself up on another inside roll, bringing his defender high, then rolling back inside for the shot. Though Leveille tallied five on the day, Cavalier defenseman Ken Clausen played him tough all game, often winning the physical battle between the two. Other than his game winner, most of Leveille’s scores came from catching the defense sliding or unsettled.

Abbott followed up Leveille’s score with an absolutely nasty rip on the run. He created a loose ball on defense, carried down the field, took a step in the box, and just pelted the top corner. At the end of three, the ‘Cuse were down 9-6.

UVa looked like they would pull away in the last stanza when Billing built the lead back to four, beating Evan Brady and tucking a shot right under the crossbar. But Leveille got it right back, catching a pass from Stephen Keough on the man-up, dropping his stick, and nailing the near top corner when no one slid to him. Then Abbott got his hat trick, inverting, rushing around the corner, and tucking a shot between Petit’s legs.

Glading got UVa’s eleventh and final goal. Ben Rubeor, who had a rather quite day, hit Glading from X, who skipped a shot in from the wing. It seemed after this one a switch clicked on for Galloway. He stuffed attempts on the doorstep, while also getting some help from his two best friends, the posts.

Down 11-8, the Orange mounted the comeback. Dan Hardy, who also had a quite day, worked to get his own shot, then pulled out and hit Greg Niewieroski cutting underneath for the catch and shoot goal. Then, on the man-up, Loftus got a pass and when no one challenged him, just ripped a bouncer low. Leveille then scored the game tier, as Loftus ripped a shot on the run that Petit saved but couldn’t control. Leveille grabbed the rebound and rushed in from the wing, stuffing the ball high.

Petit stood tall for his team through the end of regulation and into overtime. In the waning seconds of the game, Hardy ripped a feed from Nims that Petit denied, then Leveille hit Niewieroski on the doorstep, but Petit held his ground and took the shot in the stomach.

UVa had the first good looks of overtime. Lamade set Billings up in front, but Galloway stoned him. Then on the next trip down, Glading got a look, but rattled it off the post. Jovan Miller gave Syracuse the best chance they would get in the overtime, snagging a loose ball at midfield and flying straight at the cage. He sold out as he got to the crease, trying to stuff a ball high that Petit stood tall for. Glading got one more chance with fewer than 30 seconds left, trying to stuff a one-handed shot that Galloway denied.

Though Syracuse won the opening faceoff of the second overtime, they could not settle into a possession. On the ensuing UVa possession, Rubeor got a wide open look from about eight yards on the wing, but his shot was too perfect, hitting square on the corner of the post. After Syracuse got possession back and called a timeout, Leveille got the ball and set himself up for the winning shot.

Taking the ball from the behind, he pushed up field, bodying up with Clausen to feel where his defender was leaning. Finally getting anxious, Clausen tried to back check Leveille, giving him just enough of an edge to get his hands free and rip a low shot that Petit got a piece of, but still snuck in. The senior who had been a leader for Syracuse all year manned-up and got the job done again. If postseason play counts for the Tewaaraton Trophy, Leveille made a strong case for himself today.

Syracuse will now be back in the championship, the first for Leveille and his fellow seniors (except for fifth-year seniors who won a ring in 2004). For a team that many thought was on the slide after a disappointing 5-8 record last year, the Orange answered any questions about where they were going: back to a familiar place, the championship game.

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(no subject)
    by (#185033) on 5/24/08 @3:42PM
Gavin Gill had four chances on the doorstep and tried ripping the ball everytime. THrow a fake and finish. I don't know what was going on. WIll Barrow had a sick goal.

I think Danny Gladding is the sickest attackmen in the country. He is so consistent, anyone see him take guadgnalo to school in the first quarter?

Virginia hit four pipes in ot...I was hoping they would happens

congrats to guadagnalo...he came and played hard...sorry about your brother
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    by (#36204) on 5/24/08 @4:17PM
Bud Petit played out of his mind.
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   ye Petit was nastyyyy (nt) by 5/24/08 @4:35PM
(no subject)
    by (#185818) on 5/24/08 @5:28PM
the game was pretty sick...we watched it on ESPN360 at my job and UVA started off doing a hell of a job on Cuse but again Cuse wouldn't go away...Mike Leville should get the tewarraton he played out of his mind...i think both goalies in the end played very well...Galloway started off slow but hes a freshman, i think he might gain more confidence in Mondays game but I think Hopkins has the upper hand because of experience, but i think it'll be a great game it'll be two smart coaches with nothing but pure lax athletes and scoring will not be a problem it'll be stopping the leading scores...

go CUSE!!!

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Lets See
    by (#101834) on 5/24/08 @5:52PM
If Paul Rabil gets three championship rings haha
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   I Would Take Championship Rings by 5/24/08 @10:00PM
      i think he will get the tawarton by 5/25/08 @12:47PM
Correct me if i'm wrong,
    by (#103345) on 5/24/08 @6:17PM
but won't this be the first time JHU and SU face off in the championship since Petro and the Gaits were playing?
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   Yes, You Are Correct About The Last Time! by 5/24/08 @9:34PM
      Oh yeah by 5/24/08 @9:48PM
    by (#185297) on 5/24/08 @7:36PM
Syracuse really pulled that one out of the gutter. It was an amazing comeback, but they kept putting themselves in such a bad position when they kept trying to get Brooks to rip a winning goal. He wasn't going anywhere, and he kept hangin it and getting back checked. Leville just went into the all or nothing mode and rolled until he had room just to see the goal.
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UVA Will Win It All Next Year?
    by (#136419) on 5/24/08 @9:40PM
Why do I think this? Because not only do they pretty much have everyone back except Ben Rubeour, but consider this:

In 2002, UVA lost in OT to Syracuse in the Semifinals.

In 2003, they beat Hopkins, 9-7, to win it all.

In 2005, they lost to Hopkins, 9-8, in OT.

In 2006, they won the title with one of the best teams ever.

I say that this is a pattern, and they will hoist the trophy in 2009!
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   (no subject) by 5/24/08 @11:10PM
      No-The Pattern I Am Thinking About Is...... by 5/24/08 @11:35PM
   2006 UVA by 5/25/08 @9:19AM
      Yes, UVA was INDEED, won of the best ever in 2006! by 5/25/08 @10:19AM
         (no subject) by 5/25/08 @2:36PM
         not really, think about it by 5/25/08 @3:02PM
            no you think about it by 5/25/08 @10:02PM
               of course players change. It was still a weak year by 5/26/08 @5:44PM
   Pattern Broken by 5/25/08 @9:19AM
      UVA Will Be Loaded! by 5/25/08 @12:18PM
   New Rules by 5/25/08 @3:07PM
   JHU Grads by 5/25/08 @4:21PM
Syracuse Ball?
    by (#198849) on 5/25/08 @7:34AM
Can someone explain why Syracuse got the ball after Rubeor's shot in OT? On TV, it clearly seemd like two UVA players were closer to the ball when it went out.
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   Ya I know by 5/25/08 @12:42PM
    by (#117375) on 5/25/08 @7:57AM
its great to see cuse going to the finals again.did not watch this game i only recorded it it will be intense to see how cuse pull this one off.
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great showing by the african americans
    by (#185818) on 5/25/08 @9:24AM
as a fellow african american, im proud to say that all three african americans scored goals for UVA Jovan Miller may not have scored but hes a d-middy converter...but more importantly it was great showing because not only did they make the team they are able to play at such a high level were to be honest not alot of African Americans have succedded...Damien Davis, Chaz Woodson, Johnny Christmas, Kyle Harrison, etc.

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   Some Other African Americans In Lacrosse by 5/25/08 @10:45AM
Congrats To Dom Starsia
    by (#136419) on 5/25/08 @12:21PM
Dom, who has won three National Titles, has just been elected to the Lacrosse Hall of Fame! Way to go, Dom!!
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Cut Him
    by (#76067) on 5/25/08 @1:12PM
Ken Clausen SUCKS, I have seen him get beat top side all season and 4 of Mike Leveille's 5 goals were against him, including the OT GAME WINNER. I really hope they pulled his scholarship or something after that game because his general horrendous play was on full display yesterday.
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   wow by 5/25/08 @1:53PM
      your gay by 6/10/08 @12:58PM
   wow by 5/25/08 @1:53PM
   (no subject) by 5/25/08 @2:38PM
   Ken Clausen SUCKS by 5/25/08 @6:08PM
The Race to Ten
    by (#34808) on 5/25/08 @1:23PM
We get a chance here to see the two teams with the most national championships to their names. Both teams are sitting at nine. I think the next closest team is Princeton with six. Lets pray for a good one.
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   Correction by 5/25/08 @1:24PM
   Correction- most NCAA championships by 5/25/08 @3:10PM
      You sure man by 5/25/08 @6:43PM
         Yes i'm sure by 5/25/08 @10:02PM
   Hopkins 44 titles by 5/25/08 @6:57PM
great game
    by (#199250) on 5/25/08 @2:05PM
it was a great game to watch. i thought the shot out of bounds was a bad call but uva shouldn't have put themselves in that position anyway. other than that i thought the refs did a great job in a big game. Bud petit was out of his mind and danny gladding had one of the best goals ive ever seen. i agree the cavs will be solid next year. the attack will once again be one of the best in the country with gladding, billings, gill and fuchs and stanwick maybe seeing some time. The midfield will be very good too with the brattons and "big shot" brian carroll. also look for steve giannone to step up in his senior year. Defense will be fine with Clausen returning along with nizolek, and timms. The big question marks for uva will be faceoffs, goaltending and leadership. Who will step up with the huge losses of rubeor and barrow.
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   (no subject) by 5/25/08 @5:22PM
Question: Looking ahead...
    by (#138995) on 5/25/08 @7:11PM
What is the deal with Cuse's Ace Fogo Danny Brennan? He did very well vs UVA but he looked like he was playing badly hurt. He could barely run after the faceoff. Does anyone know what the deal is?
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   brooks? by 5/25/08 @10:54PM