Syracuse Takes Title, 13-10 Over Hopkins

Syracuse Takes Title, 13-10 Over Hopkins

Syracuse Takes Title, 13-10 Over Hopkins

Syracuse Takes Title, 13-10 Over Hopkins

As the clock ran down, Mike Leveille held the ball in his stick, securing Syracuse University’s tenth championship, 13-10 over Johns Hopkins. While the Blue Jays tried to slow down the game, the Orange proved they could succeed playing any style they needed to, prevailing in a hard fought match between these traditional foes. After going 5-8 last season, the 2008 Syracuse squad pulled the unlikely turnaround, taking the title. With revamped offseason workouts and some key changes, the Orange showed that one bad year was just that, and Syracuse is still a collegiate lacrosse power.

“After that 5-8 season, [a championship] was our goal all season,” senior Steven Brooks said after the game. “We worked our butts off, and now we just accomplished it, and it’s unbelievable.”

Early on the teams established a tough, deliberate, and at times physical pace. Both freshman goalies traded solid saves, and both teams exercised some patience, waiting to see what they could get on offense.

Paul Rabil opened the scoring for Hopkins in his typical, overpowering way. Working down the alley, Rabil used a stutter step to get his hands free from freshman long pole Joel White (who looked sharp today both in set defensive play and in transition), then unleashed an 18-yard lefty ripper to beat SU goalie John Galloway low. Rabil had Galloway’s number for most of the day, burning the rookie keeper low from long rage at will.

Despite another tough match-up against Hopkins’ close men Matt Bocklet and Michael Evans, Mike Leveille showed why he is the best attackman in the nation. Leveille challenged his defenders all day, not backing down from physical play and attempting to establish his typical rolls around the crease. Evans and Bocklet proved worthy foes though, rarely letting Leveille get the better of them.

Leveille had his hand in the first Syracuse goal though on the man-up. Working around the wheel, Brooks kicked down to Leveille, who fired a quick shot that freshman keeper Michael Gvozden blocked but could not control. The Orange’s Stephen Keogh raced in, scoring a crafty Canadian goal, snagging the rebound and tucking it around his back.

Rabil stole the lead right back though, coming down in transition, and while Syracuse’s Matt Abbott and Pat Perritt seemed confused about who should cover who, Rabil just stepped up and roped another shot right by Galloway. Despite the mishap, Abbott and Perritt had strong days, particularly Abbott. As usual, he was a one man clearing machine, and a groundball vacuum. He also had some solid defensive series against Hopkins middies like Stephen Peyser.

As the first quarter ended, the teams exchanged a flurry of goals. Hopkins got a quick score in transition, as George Castle carried the ball down and hit Kevin Huntley sitting right off the crease. Six seconds later, Syracuse answered, with Danny Brennan’s first career goal. He won the faceoff, popped the ball to himself, and as no one on Hopkins wanted to really challenge him, Brennan just charged at the goal and scored on the bouncer. But on Hopkins next possession, Stephen Boyle, working behind, got a step on his man and just flew right at the cage, streaking across the face of the goal and stuffing a shot high.

As the first quarter ended, Hopkins held a familiar 4-2 lead.

At the start of the second quarter, Syracuse shooters looked frustrated, overshooting or thinking too much before firing. Syracuse finally connected on a nice catch-and-shoot goal from Keogh, covered yet somehow with free hands, on the inside. Joel White pressed down in transition, lowered his long stick like he was about to shoot, and whipped a quick feed inside to Keogh. A product of the box game, the freshman shares that same talent as fellow Canadians like Zack Greer, of almost always being open, even when they’re covered.

Gvozden got the better of Keogh the next trip down though, as the attackman slipped behind the defense, got the ball, and flew in on Gvozden. The keeper sold out, tracking the shot all the way and stuffing Keogh while laying nearly parallel with the ground. On the ensuing transition, Gvozden chucked a nice outlet up field to Michael Kimmel. Another fling from the midfield, and Kyle Wharton found himself all alone behind the Orange defense for the score. The play was a prime example of the end-to-end exciting up-tempo lacrosse can be.

Syracuse nailed an unsettled tally of their own when out of a complete melee in their offensive end, Leveille finally emerged with a loose ball, looked up and saw junior attackman Kenny Nims with enough space to plant his feet and fire low past Gvozden. Perritt got on the board next. Working on the wing, Perritt caught his defender flat footed, and pressed right in on him, getting to the crease and tucking in a low shot, tying the score at five.

With about two minutes left, after a timeout, Syracuse gained their first lead, one they would never relinquish. Cutting down the side, Brooks tried to set up a dodge. Junior Dan Hardy followed down the seem created by Brooks’ dodge. As the senior pulled out of his move, he passed behind him to Hardy, who had enough time to set his feet and blast a cannon past Gvozden, putting the score at 6-5 Orange. Hardy really had a strong Memorial Day, racking up three goals and playing well in transition en route to his Player of the Game accolade.

“We have nine players who can step up in a spot like this,” Brooks said in reference to the ten guys who got their names on the scorers’ sheet today. “That’s what makes s win a national championship.”

As they have done many times this season, Syracuse came out in the third clicking. Hardy pushed the lead to two when he got the ball in transition and charged right down at the cage. When no one picked him up, he buried a shot from about five-yards off the crease. Brooks then cracked his shooting slump with a strong outside take. Rolling on his man, Brooks caught his defender leaning away and fired a jumper from about 15 yards.

But as he usually does, when his team was bleeding, Rabil plugged the wound. Dodging up top, Rabil took advantage of an overzealous Sean McGonigle, shaking the long pole far enough outside that Rabil could bury another 18-yarder before the defense could slide to him. With his hands free, there is no one as dangerous on the run as Rabil. He set up his favorite senior attackman next, passing down from the wing to Huntley. With very little angle and standing about eight-yards off the pipe, Huntley dropped his stick and stuck the near top corner, flat-out beating Galloway to the spot.

Peyser had a strong day at the faceoff X, splitting draws with the nation’s top specialists Brennan. But Brennan showed why he is the most valuable faceoff man in DI as the game wore on, winning some big faces late, and not letting himself get beat too badly when he did misfire on the draw.

Brendan Loftus got one back for the Orange doing what he has done so well all season. Dodging down the alley, Loftus uncorked a high to low rip on the run to beat Gvozden.

But while Loftus showed he was good on the run, Rabil showed he was great. Any time he had space, Rabil looked to make a play, be it unloading a cannon or whipping a feed. Trailing a fast break, Rabil got a pass up top and fired from about a step into the box before anyone could react to him. But Hardy answered right back with his own overpowering score. Cutting in from the wing, Hardy got a pass from Brooks, then put his head down and bowled right into his defender, knocking him off balance enough to get his hands free for a bouncer by Gvozden.

Heading into the final quarter, Hopkins was looking at a 10-8 deficit.

While Leveille couldn’t get much going for himself, he created for others. Working behind the cage, Leveille set up like he was trying to push up field. As the defense sunk to him, he hit Nims standing off the pipe for a quick catch and shoot goal. Loftus built the lead to four on another shot on the run down the alley.

The game was truly going the Orange’s way when, after Hopkins won the faceoff, as the Jays attempted to pass back and use Gvozden to set up their clear, Greg Niewieroski snuck in, stealing the outlet pass, taking a step behind the cage, and hitting Leveille trailing behind him, who promptly flicked the ball around Gvozden.

The effort that brought Syracuse to a five-goal lead could be seen in all aspects of their game. Players like Abbott hustled for every groundball and tirelessly ran up-and-down field clearing, playing tough defense, then taking a turn on O. Perhaps the iconic play, during a clear, as Sid Smith tried to carry the ball over midfield, freshman middie Jovan Miller dove about eight yards across the midfield line to preserve the onsides.

Rabil would not let his team go quietly into the night, however, tallying two more goals before the game would end. He scored the Jays’ only man-up goal of the game, getting the ball on the wing and putting a shot right off Galloway’s hip. Rabil’s next goal showed why he is known as such a legendary competitor. Carrying into the box, Rabil fought through three defenders, lost the ball, fought for it back, and gathered himself to nail the top corner with about 2:37 left in the game. The goal was Rabil’s sixth on the day.

But the next trip down, with the ball moving quickly as Hopkins tried to create, Galloway made the save he had to on Rabil, reading a high-to-high shot all the way.

After another push or two up field, Syracuse found themselves with less than a minute left, trying to kill the clock. Running the ball around and using some passes over the top, the Orange whittled away the seconds of their remarkable turnaround season. Fittingly enough, the last few ticks came off the clock with the senior leader Leveille, Lowe’s Senior Class Award winner, and the tournament’s Most Outstanding Player holding the ball in his stick

The 13-10 win gave Syracuse their tenth championship in the NCAA era. The title comes appropriately enough on the 25th anniversary of Syracuse’s first title in 1983, also over Johns Hopkins 17-16. (Even timelier since the 1983 team was honored at halftime of today’s game.) The 2008 and 1983 squads go down as the only teams to miss the postseason one year, then take the title the next.

“What a great day,” Leveille said after the game. “Their 25th anniversary, and our tenth national championship now. I’m just so proud to be a part of the tradition. We worked so hard for this this year and had the right attitude this year, and our coaches led us right to the championship.”

Speaking of those coaches, head coach John Desko collected his fourth title at the helm of the program. He has been involved in all 10 of Syracuse’s championships. Bill Tierney (six rings) remains the only active coach with more titles than Desko. (Tierney shares the record of most ever titles with Syracuse legend Roy Simmons Jr., also with six.)

As players like Leveille and Brooks reveled in joining the ranks of so many other Orange champions, the younger players took this season as an example of how hard work could materialize into success. With all the talk of Syracuse falling off, the next generation of Orange will look to keep the team at the top.

“We’re making a new name for this program,” Hardy said after the game. “We respected the past, but we kind of have a whole new future for us.”


Syracuse’s return to the promise land had as much to do with their fall as it did with their spring. Coach Desko made some key changes. Shuffling the coaching staff provided the fresh thinking that helped cure some of the Orange’s woes from last season. Perhaps the most important change was to the players offseason regiment. Bringing in strength coach Hal Luther pushed the team harder than they had ever worked before. That grit and determination could be see in how the team gutted out games, fought back from deficits, never backed down, and never lost focus. That grueling conditioning had Syracuse running by teams all year. Even today, the Orange seemed fresher than the Blue Jays as the game wound down. The team has been dominant in the final stanza all year, prevailing in close games largely because they were in phenomenal game shape.

To get a look back at just what the Orange did to pull one of the greatest turnarounds the sport has seen, check out our video, SYRACUSE SWAGGER .

By winning today, the class of 2008 escapes being only the third class since 1983 to leave Syracuse without a title. For more on the seniors that steered the Orange back to success, check out our story from just a few days ago.

To recap Syracuse’s impressive 16-2 season en route to a national championship, look back at their teampage.

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hard to talk trash...
    by (#143077) on 5/26/08 @6:53PM
...when your team loses, Sperro24.
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   where is that litt sh*t by 5/27/08 @7:05AM
    by (#143077) on 5/26/08 @6:57PM
give it to Rabil, he kept hopkins in it the whole game, and im surprised they gave midfielder of the year to Brooks, i don't think he has the same impact on the field as Rabil does.
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   agreed by 5/28/08 @10:50PM
Gvozden played out of his skull
    by (#91657) on 5/26/08 @6:59PM
For the whole Final Four. Wouldn't have been close without him.
That said, way to go Orange!!
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    by (#16732) on 5/26/08 @7:10PM
hahahaha rabil scores 6 goal and gvozden makes 20 saves and yet they still lose. jhu fans are probably gonna blame it on divine intervention.
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   not divine intervention by 5/26/08 @8:06PM
   one man team by 5/26/08 @8:47PM
    by (#94442) on 5/26/08 @7:30PM
you spoke too soon buddy i thought you said.........

"but I called all of Hops wins in this tournament and most people (including the analysts) did not agree at all."

"The bottom line is that Hopkins is Hopkins and they win championships. More than any other team in any other sport period. You can't argue with greatness. It speaks for itself."
(actually syracuse has more championships... and yes please start bitching about Gait being ineligible, syracuse still won what ever)

"Dude, it is people like you that make it so fun to be a Hopkins fan. You just hate and hate and hate and we just win and win and win!!!!!!!!!!! Did you cry? I bet you did... Did you cry girly boy????? Does it hurt? Ahhhhhhh. The thrill of victory is so wonderful! How is the agony of defeat treating you?"

"Hop was victorious. Go ahead, check the previous blogs bitches... I called it just like it happened. Close game with Hop controlling the tempo and ultimately winning. Thats right baby! Can't stop the Jays on Memorial Day Weekend!"

"The Hop fans love to hear you cry!"

"the Jays ride back to Charm City once again making sure that the Tourney Trophy is returned to its rightful home in Baltimore, the perrennial Lacrosse Capitol of the World..."

"Hop brings it and they have 44 combined national championships to back that up."
(really sperro24 last time i checked hopkins has 9 lacrosse championships? please correct me if i'm wrong or deaf and misheard the commentators all day today)

"And Cuse? Please son, know what you're talking about before you dispute one of my points. Cuse is better than last year, but they are not, and never will be as good as they were with the powells or gaits. The orange has ONE (yes one) championship without them. Unless there are any more powells or gaits any time soon, the wait for another title will continue. Hopkins Blue Jays 2008 National Champs... All of you non believers can join me and the rest of charm city for some Crabs and Natti Bohs Hon after we shake Foxboro up bitches."

"So listen junior, go back to what it is you do and bitch at me if we lose. And if you think I'm a cocky arrogant know-it-all, then you might have something there. But you won't be able to say that I was wrong after Memorial Day. I don't think its gonna happen... I know it will. I've had a vision. Too strong on the faceoff, too stout and disciplined on D, and way too many weapons on offense. Maybe a little inexperienced in the cage, but Govazden was silly at Severna Park, and he is starting to establish himself as a shut-down keeper. I'd happily shut up if I were talking out of my ass here, but like I said I've already seen it in my head. No more talk though. Now we just wait and see..."
(looks like you were talking out your ass after all)

"As a product of the Baltimore Lacrosse Community myself, I support my local team and I'll admit I'm wrong if my "predictions" turn out to be incorrect."

All direct quotations from previous sperro24 blogs!

So sperro24 you gonna tell the world you were wrong and how you team just got their ass beat?

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   dude... by 5/26/08 @7:40PM
         kinda hasty are we? by 5/26/08 @7:53PM
            (no subject) by 5/26/08 @8:31PM
               (no subject) by 5/26/08 @8:49PM
               same by 5/26/08 @10:26PM
      nah by 5/27/08 @1:57AM
   whoever said all that is a clown by 5/26/08 @7:42PM
      44>12 (nt) by 5/26/08 @8:14PM
         10 for 25 by 5/27/08 @10:14AM
            You're right by 5/27/08 @10:54AM
   It is 44 by 5/26/08 @7:54PM
   You need to check your facts by 5/31/08 @9:17AM
    by (#155398) on 5/26/08 @7:48PM
Great point about Hopkins getting huge production from Rabil and Gvozden, but they ALSO WON 50% of their faceoffs, which many considered would be a huge victory against the Orange. Dolente had Big Danny's number all day.

What really stood out to me today was the Orange's depth on offense and conditioning. Cuse got big goals from Perrit, and Keogh, and big plays from every one of their starters on offense. Hopkins' offense looked like it was running off only two cylinders, Rabil and Huntley, and the Orange simply ran Hopkins and wore them down in the second half. Superior conditioning and a game that suited the old-school fast paced Syracuse style enabled the Orange to remain sharp and energetic to close out the game.

A few more thoughts...

Joel White SHOULD have been at least an honorable mention AA this year, but he is an absolute stud and great athlete and will be a stalwart for SU for years.

Sid Smith should be a 1st team AA next season he was absolutely unreal this weekend and should continue to improve into next year.

While Syracuse loses a great amount of senior leadership and production, they still return 5 all americans and will be getting Aboriginal Player of the Year Cody Jamieson as well as Jeremy and Jerome Thompson. Seeing how well Sid seamlessly fit into the program this year and excelled, the addition of these Native Guns could help keep the Orange on top for the next few years.

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   exactly by 5/26/08 @8:08PM
      (no subject) by 5/26/08 @10:04PM
         (no subject) by 5/26/08 @10:38PM
Congratulations Syracuse
    by (#103345) on 5/26/08 @8:06PM
As i hoped, it was a good game. First half more so, but exciting none the less. Jhu was untouchable first quarter, but got sloppy after that
What it came down to in the end was Syracuse stopping the jays from clearing, and maintaining lengthy possessions despite losing face-offs to wear down Gvozden. That one series where he denied SU one-on-one and then sent it down the other way to score was classic. The place i was watching went crazy.
One thing that made me happy was that Syracuse proved a balanced offense was better than one that relied on a few individuals. Syracuse has their studs in Levielle, to name one, but they have a true 6-man offense, with many people who can sub in to score. That forces the defense to play 6 good defenders.
Rabil showed he was better than Greer and Danowski by putting up big numbers at will in a big game, but at first holding back because he is a true team player.
Gvozden would have been player of the game and Tourney MVP hands down, with Rabil a close second had they won. He kept them in it this weekend.
Great job again to Syracuse. Hopkins kept trying the feed to the crease, and they kept denying it. great ground balls and riding, with explosive offensive it hard to beat.
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hops play
    by (#133167) on 5/26/08 @8:09PM
if someone were to tell me that gvozden wud have 20saves n rabil wud score 6 goals i wud have assumed that hopkins wud have beat down on cuse

turnovers raped hop of a chance to win
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   well....we lost by 5/26/08 @8:27PM
      (no subject) by 5/26/08 @10:58PM
    by (#185818) on 5/26/08 @8:25PM
all you guys are so immature...Cuse was the better team this year they played well and gave Hopkins hell... if it weren't for the goalie and rabil Cuse would of blown Hopkins away... I think Brooks had a solid season to win middy of the year, he had the most game winning goals this year and he made more of an impact that Rabil did... yes rabil is a beast 6 goals in the championship game is beast but Brooks is the reason Cuse had a solid season.... Levillie was just the reason Cuse's season kept going past Saturday.... but i will say this rabil isn't in great shape like brooks is, if you watched the game and read the reviews about most of the games this season brooks played a ton of minutes while Rabil didn't... even in todays game Brooks was on the field for almost every possession as was most of the starting line up for cuse...

but i do think that either Abbot or Rabil (even in a losing effort) should of received player of the game abbot was the reason Cuse got all those opportunities from clearing the ball and rabil was the reason that it didn't turn into a blow out when cuse started pulling away with it... also the all american riding team was beast and gave cuse second third and fourth chances when the ball was picked up by hopkins....


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   Immature? by 5/28/08 @4:50PM
rabil is the best
    by (#152657) on 5/26/08 @8:49PM
rabil kept his team in the game from start to finish and never let up. i think with his tournament play he earned player of the year and the number one pick in the mll draft. he showed up in the biggest of games unlike danowski. i hope he wins the player of the year. and he was the midfielder of the year, he got snubbed
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   danowski by 5/26/08 @9:11PM
      (no subject) by 5/26/08 @10:18PM
         i don't know by 5/26/08 @10:47PM
      like he said-when it counts by 5/26/08 @10:44PM
         (no subject) by 5/27/08 @9:01PM
            You forgot some guys by 5/28/08 @5:35PM
            I wasn't trashing attackmen by 5/29/08 @6:23PM
      its debatable by 5/26/08 @10:57PM
   6 goals and a LOSS by 5/27/08 @2:32PM
the better LACROSSE team won...
    by (#111277) on 5/26/08 @8:51PM
Johns Hopkins wins by stalling and drawing out stalling warnings...

Syracuse WON by playing lacrosse.

Paul Rabil and Mike G. were let down by the rest of their team...
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   AMEN by 5/26/08 @10:15PM
   It's called strategy by 5/26/08 @10:36PM
   ...doesn't take an athlete... by 5/27/08 @12:10AM
   stalling by 5/27/08 @8:18AM
      Agree by 5/27/08 @10:55AM
Was This Championship for 'Cuse The Sweetest?
    by (#136419) on 5/26/08 @8:52PM
Wow! Syracuse has now won 10 titles, giving them the lead for all of the schools. But, for the program and Coach John Desko, this one may have been the sweetest of all! Why? Because last year, they went 5-8, for their first losing season in years. And a lot of people questioned if they would be back to being the Syracuse of old anytime soon. Going into 2008, they were at a bit of a crossroads. But to say they came back strong is an understatement!

From the 2nd Quarter on, Syracuse really had the momentum and had the tempo(fast-paced) in their favor, and they were able to win, 13-10. But congrats to Hopkins for just making it to the Title Game after being 3-5 at one point. IMHO, Duke, who they beat in the Semifinals, was the best team of all, and they were many peoples' favorite to win it all. This may have been Coach Pietramala's best coaching job yet!

What a great season it was!
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(no subject)
    by (#169132) on 5/26/08 @9:09PM
If duke beat johns they would of beat cuse....Petro is one of the best coaches to stop a offense like dukes after getting romped on the first game...He hasnt lost twice to a team in one season till this game and it wasnt his coaching it was the turnovers...but if duke would have one there offense would of torn apart galloway kinda like rabil did even though jhu lost....
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   would have could have should have... by 5/26/08 @9:24PM
      they were never superhuman to begin with... by 5/26/08 @9:53PM
         (no subject) by 5/26/08 @10:09PM
            lol... by 5/26/08 @11:14PM
               (no subject) by 5/27/08 @8:39PM
   Coaching by 5/26/08 @9:57PM
      Time Will Tell About Danowski At Duke by 5/26/08 @10:09PM
      don't forget about Pressler!!! by 5/26/08 @10:53PM
         Yes, Pressler Won And Brought In Great Talent, But by 5/26/08 @11:24PM
            Go read Its Not About the Truth.... by 5/28/08 @5:38PM
   Not So Sure by 5/27/08 @12:34AM
      Hopkins Got What They Deserved? by 5/27/08 @1:48AM
         video! by 5/28/08 @5:41PM
            The Head Ref agreed with the Call by 5/29/08 @6:25PM
               of course he did by 6/21/08 @11:03AM
      What they deserved? by 5/27/08 @10:57AM
They are done
    by (#109373) on 5/26/08 @9:45PM
Hopkins is finished... Rabil leaving along with half of his team is a death sentence for hopkins. But i will give gvasden some major props. He really kept them in this game.
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Great Game
    by (#185297) on 5/26/08 @11:18PM
I was glad to see Syracuse win, cause Hopkins put down Duke, who was my favorite to win.

They played a lot better than the last game, and got more production from their entire team, with guys like Brooks and Hardy getting into the game.

It was an exciting game, more fast paced than expected at times. The Hop goalie played amazing,especially on stopping that dive shot. Rabil was a mad man keeping Hopkins in. His shots are just on the edges every time, and even though he'd hit the same place, the goalie just couldn't get there (or risk going early) every time.

My dad and I were a bit disappointed in Abott though. He was kind of the unsung hero of the UVA game, having I think 2 or 3 goals in a time where Syracuse got nothing from anyone else, and all the credit went to Leveille. Granted, he can clear, but we thought it was funny he couldn't find the goal today, cause he kept going for a low angle side arm, but oh well, just wanted to mention the "unsung hero" bit.

Either way, great game, ended how I wanted it to end (after the Duke defeat), and yeah, Hopkins is gonna have a major rebuilding period with the amount of guys graduating this year.
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    by (#76067) on 5/26/08 @11:51PM
As horribly disappointed as I am in the outcome of today's game, I would just like to commemorate the stellar play of Matt Bocklet. Aside from his errant pass that turned into a goal (in the end it made no difference), Bocklet should be mentioned with Gvozden and Rabil in terms of their level of play today. Ground ball after ground ball, takeaway check after takeaway check, and successful clear etc. etc. Bocklet owns and should have been a 1st team AA. He raped somebody behind the goal in the last 30 seconds or so, just showing he never gave up. Props to Bocklet and Hopkins on a valiant effort.
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   never by 5/27/08 @8:21AM
(no subject)
    by (#79702) on 5/27/08 @11:59AM
Very disappointed hop lost but it was a great, classic matchup of two great programs and it was a treat to watch anyone but duke win the 'ship this year, congrats orange.
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   Duke by 5/27/08 @1:53PM
      (no subject) by 5/28/08 @2:28AM
one big reason we lost
    by (#180020) on 5/27/08 @3:42PM
well ive watched teh game twice now (once during and once on the recorded on my DVR) and talked it over with several other lax guys on my team today and we all agreed to my point that hopkins was not sliding on D. after watching teh game a second time you really pick up on the lack of slides and 2nd slides to the ball when it was really needed, i think if hopkins wold have slid better gvoz wouldnt have had all that heat
well good job cuse and maybe next year jays, coming from a disapointed but always faithful JHU fan
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sperro24 again....
    by (#94442) on 5/28/08 @7:01PM
haven't heard much from him recently he's probably still too busy gloating over hopkins beating duke to notice this game and reply......
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anyone know
    by (#140423) on 5/28/08 @8:24PM
what shaft mike evans is using in this picture?? it says johns hopkins on it and on the top of the shaft it says STX i was just wondering its sweet...thanks guys
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Main reason the Cuse won...
    by (#48113) on 5/29/08 @9:39AM
Can't believe nobody is talking about the Hardy Handle Bar Mustache. Everybody knows that Handle Bar Stache = Intimidation!!!!

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for the love of lax
    by (#168668) on 5/29/08 @8:15PM
so much of what i'm reading makes me sick

this was a great game, a great final four

and what we're reading about is sperro, and lax0505
and who sucks, and who's the best
and on, and on, - bullshit

does anyone appreciate the game?

having played, i remember games when
i could never seem to see the ball,
but with good coaching, at least played position D
fought as hard as I could for ground balls

and games when that ball looked like a beach ball
anything I threw at the goal went in
once scored 7 goals, in a 7-6 win

think about another sport - baseball
how can the highest payroll teams,
the yankees, redsox, go on a losing streak

it happens

does it mean they suck?

come on - 44 national championships
ok - does pre - NCAA not count
then, cuse fans, guess we can't
talk about Jim Brown

this is sports; it's about people,
playing under pressure
everyone -everyone -
Kobe Bryant, Jim Brown, anyone
good days, bad days

Why insist on putting down accomplishments?

To 'cuse - it was your year, and a great team
Much, most, of the success truly earned
and do not - do not - read any 'diss' into that
simply that I've been around long enough
to see truly talented teams not have a good day
when it mattered most - and it's happened to 'cuse too

in this year's final, admitting my bias, I do think that the hop did not play up their capabilities in that championship game, but in no way do I want to take anything away from the game played by the Orange - simply a magnificent game. Hopkins looked tight, other than an exceptional performance by Gvovden and Rabil; :Syracuse just wasn't to be denied - absolutely to their credit.
Not going to 'diss' Duke, either - but I don't think that Danowski, or Greer, or anyone else on that team, could've shown the leadership, skills, determination of Rabil - to me, no question, Tewaarton.

I'm thinking that so many of these comments are from people who let others live their dreams - who've never tried, played, gave it their best. I believe that if you had, you'd appreciate the efforts of those who came on the winning side this year, who do deserve to relish their accomplishments, but also to appreciate the work, the efforts, the accomplishments of those who didn't win it all this year - give them the credit they deserve also.

To Syracuse - Congratulations - absolutely well done, players and coaches. To the Hop - the same - you have nothing further to prove. It's all in the dedication to the game, to being as good as you can be. To the trashtalkers -get a life, or at least learn something about the game before posting.
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