Bryant's Push To Division One: Part I

Bryant's Push To Division One: Part I

Bryant's Push To Division One: Part I

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    by (#208891) on 2/04/09 @9:40PM
this video s*ck becuse it would go 10 seconds then it would stop for a minute. I thought it was a good topic to use Bryant because this is there first year as divison 1.
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    by (#2) on 2/04/09 @9:46PM
the video is 22 minutes long. let the progress bar get some sort of a head start before you flip out.
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(no subject)
    by (#121741) on 2/04/09 @10:28PM
this website dominates insidelax and e-lacrosse, no unmitigated ego from quint unlike il, updates more than once a month unlike elax
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Video loading 101
    by (#118585) on 2/05/09 @7:00AM
When I see a 20 min video on a site, I play it right away, because I’m fully aware of letting something sit and load…

Another sick vid - keep them coming!
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(no subject)
    by (#208891) on 2/10/09 @3:05PM
it was great when it was working
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Coaching Philosophy
    by (#206404) on 2/04/09 @10:28PM
Even though I am a UVA fan, this video brought a new perspective to this sport. My hat is of to Coach Pressler because I do not know if put through a test like the entire scandal and the drama that ensued, if I would be able to come out on top, as well as do what he is doing at Bryant. All the best to Bryant and GO HOOS!!!!
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    by (#76664) on 2/04/09 @11:33PM
Great video. Can't wait for part 2!
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    by (#210175) on 2/04/09 @11:47PM
This video is amazing, it defines all sports. The ability to face adversity, new challenges, bettering yourself and the bond that is made on and off the field. I always had respect for Coach Pressler but this video made that respect go through the roof. Hes an amazing coach and it looks like hes an even better guy, im a Duke fan and all but what they did to him is something nobody should go through. I hope they have a great season and look forward to seeing how they compete in D1. Its just a shame they cant go to the tournament til 2011
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Duke Under The Bus
    by (#127752) on 2/05/09 @8:02AM
Those are some pretty unvarnished comments by Bryant's President regarding Duke's treatment of the lacrosse team and their coach. It's a damn disgrace that an institution with a predigree academic reputation like Duke (well maybe not) would rush so quickly to judgement on the matter, including their board, faculty, student body, the city of Durham, the district attorney's office, etc, etc. Nifong is certainly getting what he deserves that commie pinko.

However, the Duke players should've known better and Pressler did know better. It's only my opinion, but my guess is Mike didn't expect his players to represent the University both on & off the field in a matter befitting their backgrounds & education. Not unlike Brian Billick's approach when he coached the Baltimore Ravens: "Hey, I'm only responsible for them when they report to the locker room. What they do on their time is their responsibility." I think Coach P. was probably very cavelier about enforcing a code of conduct with the team that might've prevented this type of spectacle from occurring...
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    by (#81726) on 2/05/09 @8:25AM
A very good video that provides lots of insight and valuable lessons to succeed @ any program and any level. Shows that hard work and practice will not only make you a better player, but a better person in the long run.

Kudos to up the good work - this is the kind of material your site should be displaying. I hope you come out with more material like this.

Drop the Maverik videos - theyre garbage.
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    by (#80760) on 2/05/09 @11:50AM
I like the video alot. Just wonder why my school didnt get one when we went division one.
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Wonder If Pressler Will Return To The Top?
    by (#136419) on 2/08/09 @2:30AM
I am wondering if, after some more time at Bryant, and especially if they keep improving, a program at a much higher level would strongly look at Pressler if the head job became open. Such examples are:

even Penn State
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    by (#195129) on 2/08/09 @11:29AM
whos the starting goalie?
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Coach Pressler
    by (#211841) on 2/08/09 @11:36AM
Mike Pressler was/is a class act, on and off the field! He coached me at OWU in the late 80's and road me pretty hard, I believe it shaped me into who I am today! Any player that wants to learn more than lax should look into Bryant Univ. Thanks to schools like Bryant, a great coaching mind will NOT be wasted! Looking forward to seeing Bryant in the NCAA finals!!!
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(no subject)
    by (#67644) on 2/09/09 @9:16AM
Bryant cant even make the final four in D2 and yes i know only 4 teams make it and its a garbage divison. how are they going to go anywhere in D1?...Good Luck though anyways.
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(no subject)
    by (#112772) on 2/09/09 @9:26AM
Dude they were in the final four last year.
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Good Luck
    by (#127752) on 2/09/09 @4:01PM
The fastest way for Pressler to make it to the F4 is if he can keep top recruits from leaving New England for the UVa's and North Carolina's of the lax world to play for him. No one thought it could happen at Rutger's with their football program, but they've done a fair job of keeping local talent from leaving the Garbage State in recent years.

That said, the Scarlet Knights ain't exactly BCS material, but it's a start so I'm willing to give Pressler the benefit of the doubt - he's got the resume.
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one of the best lax videos out there
    by (#80714) on 2/12/09 @5:58PM
Phenomenal story. Insightful comments about the relationships between a coach and his players. Should be a must for all those starting to play the game as well as anybody headed to college to play lax.
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Lacrosse Mesh tail
    by (#211669) on 2/12/09 @8:22PM
How do you keep you lacrosse mesh tail curled up like the guy at 0:45
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Good Luck to Coach Pressler & the Bryant Bulldogs
    by (#212597) on 2/15/09 @12:10PM
The video is great, illustrating what I know about Coach Pressler as a true stand up guy. Thanks should go to the President of Bryant for saying what should be said about the Duke administration and faculty regarding their behavior during the Duke scandal - and raising the question about why some of them still have jobs. As a Bryant lax player's parent told me at a game early on in what I'm sure will be a long tenure for Coach Pressler at Bryant, they considered themselves and the Bryant men's lax team as the only winners in the scandal. For the school, students, fans and the game of lacrosse - we can all be happy that Coach Pressler didn't go through with that crazy career change idea. Good luck on the way to D1.
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are you serious about the curly mesh question? (nt)
    by (#4742) on 2/18/09 @10:59PM
(no text)
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get a new computer
    by (#4742) on 2/18/09 @10:39PM
mine works great, no delay. get yourself an updated computer maybe.
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(no subject)
    by (#189739) on 3/04/09 @10:49PM
shoot to get hot, shoot to stay hot, when in doubt shoot.. amazing advice lol
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bryant tournament
    by (#215736) on 7/22/09 @1:08AM
i met mike pressler at the bryant summer lax tourney very cool guy
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