Cornell Pounds Virginia, 15-6

Cornell Pounds Virginia, 15-6

Cornell Pounds Virginia, 15-6

Cornell Pounds Virginia, 15-6

Photos by Joe Caulfield
Story by Zach Babo

While the first game’s blowout may have been a surprise to many, some could foresee a potentially lopsided affair in the afternoon’s second contest between Cornell and Virginia. With the big numbers Virginia hung up on its last two opponents, they had the potential for another big day offensively. But Cornell beat them to the punch.

“We knew we needed to get off to a strong start against Virginia,” Cornell Coach Jeff Tambroni said. “We talked a lot about believing with our guys. We heard a lot from the media about how we weren’t supposed to win this game, and I think by starting strong early our players could believe in themselves and play at such a high level. After our first few shots went in, I thought we settled in, and I felt that after the first 15 minutes were behind us, our guys had a positive look in their eyes. We carried the momentum from the first stanza into the next 45 minutes.”

Cornell got another big day out of goalie Jake Myers. Though he only posted eight saves, he stood tall in big spots, never giving up that bad goal that could suddenly swing the tied. He got it going early, eating up a nasty behind-the-back rip from Garrett Billings.

On Cornell’s ensuing possession, Ryan Hurley found fellow attackman Chris Finn for the quick shot. Cornell added an opportunistic one after that. Freshman phenom Rob Pannell tried to force a pass into Hurley who was handcuffed. The ball hit the turf, and the melee began. Jonathan Thomson grabbed the grounder as it squeaked out of the crowd and beat UVa goalie Adam Ghitelman one-on-one. Then, on a man-up, Pannell did connect with Hurley, this time on the doorstep for the 3-0 lead. <,p> Glading got Virginia on the board in his typical fashion. Charging from X, he got a step inside his defender and stuck a shot high. But Pannell would answer, turning the corner on his end and completely losing his defender, allowing him time to set up and shoot.

Over aggressive play and poor sliding plagued the Cavaliers all day. It became a double edged sword as Virginia needed to press more and more to get turnovers and generate offense, but were so often burned by extending and having no one home to help.

At the end of the first quarter Cornell held a 5-1 lead, not to mention all of the momentum and swagger. It almost seemed that the frustrating start coupled with getting punched in the nose early really sapped a lot of the energy out of the Cavaliers. They were generally out hustled all afternoon. Cornell seemed to make some plays on sheer will alone.

“We just seemed a little gassed early,” Virginia Coach Dom Starsia said. “Cornell was clearly carrying the play to us. The big rock started rolling down the hill a little bit, and we just couldn’t get our arms back around it.”

The second quarter was more of the same. Rocco Romero got scoring rolling with a jump shot from the wing. Then as Romero dodged again, the entire defense sucked up field, letting Hurley slip in behind for the quick dish and finish.

Shamel Bratton added a jump shot, slick-dodging goal of his own, but again, Cornell had the immediate answer. First Pannell finished some quick passing work in transition with Chris Lavidas hitting Pierce Durkac, to Austin Boykin, to Pannell for the finish. Pannell then added a helper when he charged from X and hit a cutting Hurley for the score.

UVa had a strong rush in the half’s waning moments, but Myers ate it up, sending the teams to the locker room with an 8-2 Cornell lead.

Johnny Glynn got his name into the scorer’s sheet with the second half’s opening goal. Glynn dodged and hit Chris Finn sitting on the crease for the easy finish. Glynn played valiantly all day, putting in a blue-collar effort between the lines, turning every loose ball and faceoff into a scrappy affair. His numbers were not great at the X, but the heart and hustle were a definite catalyst for his team.

Virginia began to put something together on offense in the third, but Cornell matched every goal. First Glading fed Steele Stanwick in tight for a quick score. But the Pannell to Hurley connection answered right back. Pannell tallied six points on a balanced 3,3 for the afternoon.

“The teammates I have around me allow me to do the job that I do behind the cage,” Pannell said. “Knowing you have guys like Max Seibald, Johnny Glynn, and Rocco Romero at the midfield, and Chris Finn and Ryan Hurley at the attack, they draw a lot of attention as well. When things aren’t going well for me, they can handle the ball, handle the pressure as well. Coming into this game, I just took it like any other game”

Stanwick added another when his man slipped, leaving him alone with enough time to fake Myers out of position for the score. But a Romero blast off a pass from Max Seibald got the score to 11-4. Seibald’s numbers were fairly quite today, but his effort was quantified much like Glynn’s, in hustle, smart decision making, and consummate leadership.

Stanwick got the fourth quarter going, hitting a handcuffed Garrett Billings who somehow got the shot off for a score. But highlighting the over aggressive, poorly organized defensive play of Virginia was a goal by David Lau, who just beat Ken Clausen and then had a clear path to the goal as no one came near him.

Glading added another off a broken clear, as Billings forced a turnover and hit Glading sitting behind the defense on the crease. After about five fakes, Glading stuffed it past Myers. And again Cornell got it right back, this time when Roy Lang grabbed the ball off the ensuing faceoff and charged down field for an easy score when no one decided to play him.

Seibald got a goal of his own, just bulling his way to the middle of the field and muscling up to stick a shot. The goal was empathic of the effort Cornell gave all afternoon.

“We came into this game expecting to win from the get-go,” Seibald said. “Since that last time we played them at Virginia early on in the season, we came out in the first half of that game and played well. We came out kind of slow the second half. I think everyone on our team wanted another crack at them right after that game. We’ve been looking forward to another opportunity to compete against UVa since that day.”

Pannell provided the final footnote of the contest, finishing a David Lau assist for Cornell’s resounding nine-goal victory over Virginia, 15-6.

It will be an all Central New York final now as Cornell and Syracuse face off for the national championship on Monday at 1 p.m. While the Orange are looking for a repeat, Cornell will be playing in their first final since 1988, when they also played Syracuse. The Orange won that contest 13-8.

With both teams making emphatic statements in their semifinals wins, this has the making for an epic final. Much like the group that lead the Orange to a national championship last year, these Cornell seniors are on a mission.

“I’ve never made it through the semifinals before as a player or coach. We’ll rely on our seniors to get on our guys the next few days,” Tambroni said after the game. “We asked our guys to remain focused and to enjoy it for a little while when they see their families, but when we get back on the bus and get back to the hotel, I’m hoping that our staff and our team will get right back on board and prepare for Syracuse.”

Monday’s championship game will be at 1 p.m. and can be viewed on ESPN.

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Virginia Got.................
    by (#136419) on 5/23/09 @6:39PM
1. outplayed
2. outhustled
3. totally outcoached

by a team with way less talent, depth, and athleticism. It is always awesome when a team with less beats a team with more in such a huge game. So many people doubted Cornell going into the game. But Cornell was fired up to get revenge for an earlier season setback to UVA and to show people that they are for real and going to be a force for years.

Congrats, Big Red! You have a great program, and Jeff Tambroni may be the best coach in the country.
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Just Spoke To A Friend Who Lives Near UVA
    by (#136419) on 5/23/09 @7:05PM
And he said that the UVA people are stunned. They thought they had the title locked up and were calling the SU-Duke game the "Battle For The Runner-Up Trophy."
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Big Red & Orange Crush
    by (#142666) on 5/23/09 @10:01PM
Cornell has now beaten Duke and UVA, while Syracuse squashed the Terps and Duke. I'm beginning to think ACC lax is no longer what the people in Charlottesville think it is, because anyone who has watched the Big Red play in 2009 knows this was no fluke. Tambroni's team is for real and the Cavs offered no response today. None at all.
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(no subject)
    by (#72945) on 5/23/09 @7:44PM
shows you what happens when a team thinks there just going to get a cakewalk to the championship. cornell is no joke, as shown today, they absolutly spanked uva. who as you said had way more talent, uva didnt even show up for this game, they had no emotion or enthusiam, not even in warm ups

props to cornell.

oh and if anyone saw the first goal of the game, you knew it was over, uva's heads sunk, while cornells entire bench almost went onto the field. that is a team. good luck against cuse
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Great game
    by (#221335) on 5/23/09 @6:56PM
Great game...Cornell dominated upfront and continued to dominate for the rest of the game
great job Cornell
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    by (#222358) on 5/23/09 @7:35PM
as you can tell by my name I am a virginia fan...We should have won but we just didn't come out ready enough and Cornell came out fired up we just got outplayed and outcoached Congrats to the big red and I wish them luck
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(no subject)
    by (#221335) on 5/23/09 @11:42PM
i know...sometimes being under that much pressure is hard...i did like the new lids tho
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uva helmets
    by (#207098) on 5/24/09 @12:07AM
i am partially blaming this loss on UVA's new helmets. i mean those things looked ridiculous, and i know from experience that when you know you look ridiculous, it can get in your head big time. and as you may know a guy like adam ghitelman who is a bit of a pretty boy must have really been bothered by that, not to say that cornell wasnt taking high percentage shots of course.
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Big Red
    by (#157771) on 5/23/09 @7:07PM
Saw this coming personally, they came ready to win. Will they get the title? Probably, if the fire keeps burning and they dont get complacent. Cornell has the title in its sights and I feel its gonna take more than Galloway and Nimms to stop them!
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(no subject)
    by (#203708) on 5/23/09 @7:29PM
im so glad UVA lost i cant stand them.

natelax-your right thats why cuse' has hardy,keough,jameson,perritt,abbott,smith should be a good game, im just really happy UVA lost
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Dont forget
    by (#193736) on 5/23/09 @7:34PM
Joel White and Chris Daniello
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    by (#143077) on 5/23/09 @7:46PM
speaking as a cornell fan, i've seen them play a few times over the past couple years, and despite not being the most talented cornell team in recent history, they definatey played better than i've ever seen.

Cornell started pressing out to the borders late in the game, and that just opened up the center for one on ones, so i think that may have been a poor coaching decision which cost Virginia a few goals near the end. Also, i was surprised to see Timms get two calls for pushing from behind, hes a good player, but i think the game got the best of him today.

I think the only thing Cornell did wrong was they didn't go for the body enough in some situations. They were lookin for stick checks in two on one situations, and i think it will make the difference in the Syracuse game if they don't play just a little more physical
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What helmets are uva wearing?
    by (#173225) on 5/23/09 @8:33PM
Can't really tell but they lok weird anyone know?
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    by (#91657) on 5/23/09 @9:39PM
I thought.
Not as nice as CPX, but better than their old helmets.
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(no subject)
    by (#157324) on 5/23/09 @9:44PM
CPVs maybe? I dont have a clue hahaha just takin guesses
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(no subject)
    by (#216763) on 5/23/09 @10:00PM
not a cpv. my guess is a new gait helmet that hasn't been released yet. definitely CPX-influenced.
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Gait Helmet
    by (#207098) on 5/29/09 @8:53PM
these are the new gait helmets i saw them on an ad in the new inside lacrosse magazine, all i know is im never going to touch one of those things
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    by (#214324) on 5/23/09 @10:25PM
i have a pro 7 and the viser is part of the shell its not connected with the screw like the uva helmets are they look like cpvs but ik there not them i thinks its a helet that hasnt been realiseed yet gait most likely
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UVA's Helmets
    by (#38132) on 5/23/09 @10:40PM
Neither Pro7 nor CPV.
And if that's a new Gait Helmet, then Cascade needs to sue the crap out of Gait; everything about that helmet screams Cascade. If it is a Gait, they did absolutely no R&D of their own, they just ripped off the Pro7 design, tweaked the vent holes and facemask just enough and called it a day.
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New Gait's
    by (#60831) on 5/23/09 @11:52PM
The were wearing a new gait helmet called the flow
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re: Gait G-Flow
    by (#142666) on 5/24/09 @10:34AM
Cascade lawyers should be filing an infringement claim very soon.
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(no subject)
    by (#167739) on 5/23/09 @10:32PM
I think UVA plain and simple came out cocky and underestimated Cornell and for that, the Big Red outplayed them all day
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    by (#221075) on 5/23/09 @11:47PM
im a big UVA fan, always have been always will be.. but today we were beat in all aspects of the game..faceoofs killed us, the defense just didnt show up to play lacrosse today. wich is terrible timeing cuz the big red ffense was there all day,....offense just wasnt clicking. lots of dropped passes and flat out missed opportunities, kinda depressing end for those seniors..
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Everyone's an expert
    by (#72283) on 5/24/09 @12:54AM
So far we have:

"...a team with way less talent, depth, and athleticism."

"...ACC lax is no longer what the people in Charlottesville think it is"

"what happens when a team thinks there just going to get a cakewalk to the championship"

"UVA plain and simple came out cocky and underestimated Cornell"

First, did anyone pay any attention to the March 8th game? It was a close contest! Cornell is absolutely just as talented as this UVA team was. They've got the best freshman in the country, and some amazing seniors.

Second, how does this say anything about the strength of the ACC? ALL FOUR of the teams advanced in the playoffs, and you act like its some big secret that at least ten non-ACC teams in D1 are perennially talented. Anyone who follows college lacrosse knows that Cornell can hang with the best.

And third, yeah I bet all the UVA players were thinking, "well Cornell almost beat us 2 months ago, but they've probably only gotten worse since then, and they only have 16 seniors. This really ought to be a cakewalk"

As a UVA fan, my hat goes off to Cornell... They've played great all season and they really deserve a title as much as anyone. But stop crapping on a UVA team who also had a great season. This win is weighted much more on the great play of Cornell than on the mistakes of Virginia.
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(no subject)
    by (#211002) on 5/24/09 @2:51PM
as you pointed out, there's a lot of opinions on this forum. Seems to be a lot of people saying UVA didn't show up. I watched that game and I must say Cornell really picked UVA appart. a thourough dismantling.
as far as cornell being "less talented", I dont know, they looked pretty confident on the ball, banged it around in tight and threw perfect feeds to players who were barely open. They seemed entirely unphased by stall warnings, they made the box seem huge with great ball movement. sometimes poise and smarts are more valuble than talent. and Cornell's slowdown did a phenomenal job of handcuffing UVA's run and gun offense.
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    by (#167078) on 5/24/09 @11:08AM
That's why they still play the game

Congrats Big Red

Good luck against 'Cuse!
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Bold Prediction On Bratton Twins
    by (#136419) on 5/24/09 @12:41PM
The Bratton Twins have been very solid players so far at UVA. But next year, their junior year, I say they have a breakout year. I think they will be two of the best players in the country, put up huge points, lead UVA to an awesome season, and put people in awe. I think that they will work their tails off in this offseason, knowing that, since stars Danny Glading and Garrett Billings have graduated, they will have a larger load to carry next season.
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UVA's Players Are Better When It Comes To.........
    by (#136419) on 5/24/09 @3:59PM
rankings coming out of high school, only. If you look at the Inside Lacrosse Top 50 the past few seasons, UVA always has loads of players in the Top 50. In fact, UVA's class which were freshman in 2008 had SIX players in the Top 20 and four in the Top 10. And, last year, Steele Stanwick was the #1 player. Meanwhile, only a few of those players have gone to Cornell. This just shows that it isn't always just about rankings coming out of high school. It is about potential and developing talent.
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    by (#208881) on 5/24/09 @5:27PM
what type of helmet is virginia using now cause that doenst look anything like the gait helmet, looks more like a pro 7 knock off?
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    by (#172313) on 5/27/09 @7:56PM
Its' a shame Ghitelman played one of the worst games of his career during this game. He only stopped 5 out of 25 shots. Adam is much better than the performance he gave. Oh well... Cornell's goalie played great and they ended up winning. Bravo!
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