#1 UVA Hammers Cornell 12-4

#1 UVA Hammers Cornell 12-4

#1 UVA Hammers Cornell 12-4

#1 UVA Hammers Cornell 12-4

ITHACA, N.Y. - No. 1 Virginia (6-0) traveled to Ithaca, N.Y., for the first time since 1974 to face the No. 8 Cornell Big Red (4-1) and came away with its first all-time victory at Schoellkopf Field on Saturday afternoon, 12-4. The Big Red entered the game with a 22-1 home record since the start of the 2007 season. Until today, the only loss during that span came against Ohio State in the 2008 NCAA Tournament.

The Cavaliers' only other previous trip to Cornell came during the 1974 NCAA Tournament. Cornell was victorious, 15-8, eliminating UVa from the tournament.

The Cavaliers won many of the team battles, edging the Big Red on shots (40-29), ground balls (30-24), face-offs (11-9) and saves (14-12) en route to Virginia's third victory over a Top 20 team this season.

I thought Ryan [Nizolek] and Ken [Clausen] did a nice job on their two big guns early, Rob Pannell and Ryan Hurley," said Virginia head coach Dom Starsia. "Adam [Ghitelman] did a nice job in goal and I though we were solid through out the game. We felt from very early on in the game that we could defend them and our effort was consistent there."

Virginia wasted no time scoring on its first possession, 2:33 into the game, when Matt White (Ridgefield, Conn.) scored on a Chris Bocklet (South Salem, N.Y.) pass. The Cavaliers then tallied back-to-back unassisted goals, first by Shamel Bratton (Huntington Station, N.Y.) with 11:00 left in the first quarter, followed by Bocklet at 10:46 on the ensuing faceoff.

Chris Langton put Cornell on the board with 3:16 remaining in the first quarter, cutting the UVa advantage to two goals, 3-1. Langton beat the UVa defense for the unassisted goal on a bounce shout.

Bocklet pushed UVa's lead back to three goals, 4-1, with his unassisted score with 1:35 left in the opening quarter, capping the first quarter scoring.

Shamel Bratton, who has played mostly extra-man opportunities the past few weeks because of an injury, scored his second goal of the game, unassisted with 12:30 left in the opening period.

Rhamel Bratton (Huntington Station, N.Y.) followed his brother's lead and tallied an unassisted goal with 4:11 left in the second quarter after faking a pass to the middle.

To start the second half Colin Briggs (Narragansett, R.I.) intercepted a Ross Gillum pass and ran two-thirds of the field and scored unassisted with 11:40 left in the third quarter. The goal pushed UVa's lead to six goals, 7-1.

Cornell answered right back with 9:57 left in the third quarter. After a causing a Cornell turnover and picking up the ground ball, Matt Lovejoy (Orford, N.H.) turned the ball back over to the Big Red allowing Rob Pannell to break lose for the unassisted score, cutting UVa's lead to five goals, 7-2.

Virginia then scored three straight goals to close out the third quarter scoring and giving UVa the 10-2 lead. Rhamel Bratton scored his second goal of the contest after Garett Ince (Oakville, Ont.) picked up the ground ball from his the faceoff he just won and registered the assist with 9:34 left in the period.

Briggs scored his second goal on a Steele Stanwick (Baltimore, Md.) helper at 4:56. After winning the ensuing faceoff, Stanwick found Chris LaPierre (Medford, N.J.) open for the score with 4:48 left in the third quarter, capping the scoring and handing the Cavaliers the 10-2 lead.

George Huguely (Chevy Chase, Md.) scored his second goal of the season on a Bocklet pass with 10:17 left to play, extending the UVa lead to nine goals, 11-2.

Cornell answered right back when an errant pass from Andrew MacDonald found Ryan Hurley wide open for the score with 10:02 remaining in the game. The goal brought the Cavaliers' advantage down to eight goals, 11-3.

Max Pomper fired home his first goal of the season from 15 yards out on a LaPierre pass with 7:33 left in the contest to give UVa the 12-3 lead and capping UVa's scoring for the day.

Cornell scored one more time via Austin Boykin's unassisted score with 27 seconds left, finishing the game's scoring and leaving UVa with the eight goal triumph, 12-4.

The Bratton twins and Bocklet led the way with two goals apiece. Stanwick and Bocklet each had two assists, while Adam Ghitelman (Syosset, N.Y.) had a game-high five ground balls and saved 14 shots in between the pipes.

The UVa defense registered a stellar outing, limiting Cornell's starting attack to two goals (Hurley and Pannell). Between the Cavaliers' starting defense and the goalie Ghitelman, UVa secured 18 of the team's 30 ground balls and caused six turnovers.

"When a spot opened up on our schedule a couple years ago I was looking to add one of the top teams in the country," said Starsia. "Cornell has been one of the best teams in the Ivy League over the last 10 years. My roots at Brown all those years I was there - my experiences with Cornell tell me this is one of the classiest programs in our sport. We are happy we were able to add them to the schedule and I hope this is the beginning of a great rivalry."

No. 1 Virginia returns to Klöckner Stadium on Tuesday for its final midweek game of the season when it hosts Vermont, who is coached by former UVa All-American defenseman Ryan Curtis, the 2000 National Defenseman of the Year. Faceoff is set for 7 p.m.

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Rhamel and Shamel
    by (#212596) on 3/13/10 @8:30PM
Who else thinks Rhamel and Shamel Bratton are going to make it to the MLL? They are sick!
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    by (#15285) on 3/13/10 @8:54PM
They're already better than half the fatties in the mll, based on their speed alone.
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(no subject)
    by (#225462) on 3/14/10 @10:03PM
honestly the MLL is so stupid. i dont look forward to that season at all. college is so much better to watch. the only MLL game i want to watch is MLL All-stars vs. Team USA
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(no subject)
    by (#219043) on 3/13/10 @9:06PM
thos gait gloves are ugly. what was uva thinking
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UVA Is The Best Team In The COUNTRY
    by (#136419) on 3/14/10 @8:57AM
Absolutely! They are the only team that is rock-solid in every area on the field.
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    by (#224361) on 3/14/10 @1:12PM
cuse is gettin solid at midi cuz amidon has a nice shot n thompson is pretty beast especially when he gets those 6 second goals n is also pretty fast then jovan miller is fast n great at d then u got joel white long pole midi just clears like boss
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    by (#147651) on 3/14/10 @5:09PM
uva still beat cuse so uva has a more solid squad
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(no subject)
    by (#224361) on 3/15/10 @3:41PM
they beat them by 1 goal on grass that cuse isnt use to at all n plus uva always folds in the post season anyway
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UVA will peak early...
    by (#219440) on 3/14/10 @6:00PM
and cuse will take the national championship. Though UVA is solid at every position they may not be as dimensional as cuse and therefore they will not give you the amount of the different looks the defending champs can. You can't really tell now with syracuse because they are improving game by game and just starting to figure things out. It will all come together in may when it matters the most. Mark my words UVA will not come to play for one of their playoff games and they will fold just like last year.
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this is true
    by (#165751) on 3/14/10 @7:50PM
happens every year. Perhaps it wont be cuse, but UVa will peak in late april like always. wouldnt be surprised if someone like unc made a run though
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(no subject)
    by (#139861) on 3/14/10 @8:06PM
I've got to disagree man. A lot of people have been saying that/giving a similar argument, but there's really no basis for it. Sure, last year Cornell had UVa's number and destroyed them and the Orange went on to win the title.

But the year before that Virginia lost in a great double-overtime game (where Ben Rubeor hit the pipe twice in OT) to Cuse in what was really the true championship game. It could've gone either way.

Two years before that, UVa dismantled the Cuse in both the regular season and the playoffs.

So I say Virginia takes the national championship this year. And they will get better. The attack is still young and will continue to improve. Brian Carroll and Ken Clausen are hungry for a title and will show up big in the tournament. Ghitelman finally had an impressive game this past Saturday, which will boost his confidence. Plus Benincasa has emerged as a competent face-off guy.

Like you said, UVa is solid at every position. But you don't need to be dimensional when your dimension is outrunning teams and dropping double digit goals on them every game. Go Hoos!
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(no subject)
    by (#219440) on 3/15/10 @9:24AM
"Like you said, UVa is solid at every position. But you don't need to be dimensional when your dimension is outrunning teams and dropping double digit goals on them every game. Go Hoos!"

Outrunning teams and dropping double digit goals on them every game? Tell me who have they played so far besides Syracuse. Oh you mean Drexel, Mount Saint Mary's, Stony Brook, VMI, and a Cornell team who barely beat a 1-4 Army team. I would hope Virginia could beat these teams and while dropping double digits.

"But you don't need to be dimensional when your dimension is outrunning teams and dropping double digit goals on them every game."

That is exactly the attitude that will get you beat when you least expect it.

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um fake naptown fan??? (nt)
    by (#224361) on 3/15/10 @3:48PM
(no text)
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(no subject)
    by (#139861) on 3/15/10 @9:15PM
I made that comment to show you the error in yours. When someone stops UVa's offense, then I'll concede, but they just have too many weapons. Rhamel Bratton burned Joel White for four goals, and he's a great LSM.

Sure MSM's and VMI aren't quality wins, but Drexel is 5-1, SB is 3-1, they've got a win over Cuse, and a thrashing of Cornell (oh yeah, that 1-4 Army team has 3 one goal losses and the other one is to Cuse).

Who has Syracuse beat? Who has UNC beat? Who has Princeton beat? UVa is the best in the nation.
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What's Your Point
    by (#219440) on 3/16/10 @10:42AM
If I recall correctly Virginia was the best team in the country this time last year and the year before. What 12 straight wins in '09 and 9 in '08??? They can run all over teams they want in the beginning of the season. But do me a favor I try to remember Memorial day weekend because right now Cuse/UVA in March appears to be your NCAA championship.

You can win as many games you want but winning your last game is what matters.

I will be the first to admit Virginia brings in the best talent in division 1 year in and year out and that is great. What is not so great is that they fail to capitalize on it.

I would think the team with the best talent would be able to capture more than a fifth of the national championships in the last 10 years.

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    by (#219440) on 3/16/10 @11:09AM
I know it's hard for you but please have some composure and act like you've been there before for god sakes.

I mean I know you are going to come with the, "we went undefeated in '06 winning the championship while steam rolling teams the whole season." You did and that was great. But unfortunately you did it while:

Cuse ended up #12 in the nation
Hopkins ended up #7
and Princeton finished #6

Wow you crushed Syracuse's 2nd worst team in the last 25 years in the semi's and beat a number #9 ranked UMass in the national championship game. Not to mention that was probably your best team or tied for best with '03 (I don't know you're the Virginia fan you could tell me). If you didn't win it that year even I would have been surprised.

Either way you are probably going to read these comments, not say anything, and pretend this post is dead but don't worry I will be here until May 31st.
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(no subject)
    by (#139861) on 3/16/10 @4:17PM
"Either way you are probably going to read these comments, not say anything, and pretend this post is dead but don't worry I will be here until May 31st."

Haha, not at all man. I'm glad you continue to respond cause I love having a good lax debate. Though I'm not sure what you mean by "I know it's hard for you but please have some composure and act like you've been there before for god sakes."

Anyways, I already talked about the last couple years in my previous post so I'm just gonna ignore your inane comments on the 2006 season. Keep hating on the Cavs all you want, I personally don't mind the fact that recently we've posted a stellar record in the regular season.

Just like you, I'll be watching in May, and I'm putting my money on Virginia to take the championship. And if other teams come in with the attitude about UVa being a punk in the playoffs, they're in for a rude awakening.
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Wow UVA just beat Vermont
    by (#219440) on 3/16/10 @9:28PM
They must be the team of the decade.

If you love lacrosse debates then why wouldn't you defend your 2006 championship?

I thought you would come a little harder than that but just like Virginia you come on strong early and then lose it towards the end.

Doesn't surprise me a bit. I think you peaked a little too soon. Sound familiar?

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(no subject)
    by (#139861) on 3/17/10 @3:27AM
Haha, I'm untrollable man, so stop trying.

And I don't have to defend the '06 championship; it speaks for itself. 17-0. It's the best record for a college lax team ever.

But seriously, I already told you there's no basis for that argument. SU did nothing in the playoffs 05-07 (didn't even make it '07). And we know what they've done the past two years, proving that they can win without riding a Powell or Gait.

I'm not interested in debating history anyways, though I'd like to say thank you for pointing out the Vermont win. Fun fact: UVa is Top 10 in the nation in both scoring offense and defense.
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(no subject)
    by (#139861) on 5/17/11 @10:32PM
That's right, suck it bitch.
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