Class of 2011: Goalies

Class of 2011: Goalies

Class of 2011: Goalies

Class of 2011: Goalies

by: Charlie Cornbrooks
Bobby Wardwell
Clifton Park, New York
  Conor Kelly
St. David's, Pennsylvania
Haverford School
  Rhody Heller
Denver, Colorado
Regis Jesuit
  Kyle Bernlohr
Akron, Ohio
Western Reserve Academy
Wardwell has registered an impressive 63.8 save percentage through the first three years of his varsity career. As a junior, he was named team captain and eventually All-American while leading a stout Shenendehowa defense that only gave up 75 goals on the year. Wardwell has committed to Syracuse University.   Throughout his junior season, Kelly has stepped up and played like the leader he is in Haverford’s most important games, like their 10-3 win over Episcopal Academy where he recorded 15 saves. Kelly was also a part of the 2010 Under Armour Philadelphia Underclassmen All-Star Team. He will be playing for Notre Dame in the fall of 2011.   Heller’s athleticism sets him apart from most other goalies in his class. He has been described as having not only great vision, but also quick hands and good footwork, which is the perfect recipe for a star goaltender. Heller has committed to play for Dom Starsia at the University of Virginia.   Bernlohr has been a nightmare to shooters ever since he stepped in between the pipes at Western Reserve Academy. In only his sophomore year, he was named All-MSLCA and MSLCA Tournament Defensive MVP. Bernlohr will be playing for the University of Maryland.
Jake Gambitsky
Wantagh, New York
  Chris Selva
Parkland, Florida
St. Thomas Aquinas
  Ryan LaPlante
Fort Collins, Colorado
Fort Collins Unified
Widely considered the best goalie in the 2011 class, Gambitsky has a unique trait that is key to being a championship goalie: poise. This confidence coupled with his athleticism has enabled him to make more than 200 saves in his junior season as well get named an All-American nominee. Gambitsky has committed to Harvard University.   Selva is a quick goaltender that has great positioning and a good feel for the game. He has been selected as a 2010 All-American and will play for Hofstra University starting in the fall of 2011.   LaPlante has been described as a “smooth” lefty who is not afraid of any offense he faces. He has an incredible talent that he continues to refine each time he steps out onto the field. LaPlante will be joining fellow senior Tyler Ekeroth at the University of Denver in 2011.    


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once again no "FIRST!" for you fagbags
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Chris Selva
    by (#252624) on 9/09/10 @12:58PM
Looks like a square.
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    by (#196296) on 9/09/10 @3:53PM
now before I make this comment I am not trying to say any of these kids are bad, or they suck or anything like that. I think though if you take a big risk when you recruit a goalie outside of the east coast. I think goalies in the east see far better shooters and shot selection every game. I know denver has good teams but how many bad teams do they have? I just think that when they get to these big programs some of these kids might get shelled and not live up to the hype
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    by (#225190) on 9/09/10 @9:44PM
I've scored on Rhody Heller. He was unreal though. Sick guy. His saves were effortless though. good guy too. i played him in the denver shootout. I was on the milwaukee team.
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Blah Blah Blah
    by (#252624) on 9/10/10 @11:22AM
Most of you are idiots.... I like some of you.

Every flippin lax game on TV you hear Quint Queernich mention one dude on every roster who, word for word, "not from a traditional hotbed area." Freaking sweet. You have one or two kids on your team who aren't from New England and let's make a point out of it.

The game is growing, yipee. Some kids in other regions can play some lax, yipee. But quit jerking off your region and name dropping the 5 good players who came out of CO or FL. There are HUNDREDS of players from New England constituting the vast majority of players in the DI level.

Your handful of kids from "untraditional areas" don't mean jack.
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   listen here. by 9/11/10 @12:47AM
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Canadian Goalie
    by (#43092) on 9/10/10 @1:37PM
Warren Hill of Six Nations Ontario is an great goalie. Made the Iroquois U-19 team as a 15 yr old and will likely be the starter for them in 2012. He has won 4 straight ontario titles with Hagersville Secondary and will be playing a PG year at the Hill Academy this year. Just someone to look out for
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this is stupid
    by (#255394) on 9/10/10 @2:11PM
ok first of all i want to say i play defense, and not goalie cause apparently what you play is a big deal. second of all boston lax your stupid as sh#$. so what if these kids arent form "hotbed" lax areas, does the area you live automatically determine how good of a lax player you are? secondly I'm form AZ also not a lax "hotbed" and that doesnt mean shit. i've been offered multiple D1,D2, and academic scholarships for D3 and look at that, im not form a hotbed. what??? oh no how is that possibel??? maybe its because im good, so shut the hell up and let these kids that have strived so hard to be the best they can be enjoy the fact their moving on to better things than you ever had, you back up goalie to a mid range D1 team.
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   zaclax57 by 9/10/10 @2:55PM
    by (#186962) on 9/10/10 @9:01PM
guys, calm down, i think i can clear some stuff up
1)we can all agree that the frequency of top level players coming out of high school is MUCH greater in MD and NY, then PA, new england, NJ and so forth, mainly the northern half of the east coast
2) however, that does not exclude states like CO, FL, and CA from once and a while and producing a top tier athlete, for example, Ryan Hurley (he was pretty good right?) was from MN, which i have visited and had somebody actually say "that's a neat toy" referring to my lacrosse stick, so obviously its not a huge hotbed like a MD, but it did in fact produce a pretty stellar athlete and decent lacrosse player
now im not saying that the kids coming out of these somewhat untapped areas are world beaters, im just saying the geography no longer really counts toward logical judgment on a singular athlete
in conclusion, there are A FEW good players coming from out west and down south, but the majority of good players still come from traditional areas
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   Hurley a good example!!! by 9/12/10 @11:05AM
(no subject)
    by (#241150) on 9/11/10 @4:38AM
well maybe they have those camps where only they allow all players they think is good and then judge them from there
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Chris Selva
    by (#232966) on 9/11/10 @6:53PM
Chris Selva would actually come up to MD and play club lacrosse during the summer, so he is not just some "florida joke." He would come up to play for the Chesapeake Rock, who are a very good team. I have seen him play and he is one of the best goalies I have ever watched and he lives up to the hype. Most of you will not respect him because he is not from a traditional hotbed area, but why are you all bashing the kid if you have never seen him play?
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   (no subject) by 9/11/10 @9:15PM
   Chris sleva is a great player by 9/12/10 @11:34AM
   CherryBombs by 9/14/10 @11:28AM
Good for these guys
    by (#238225) on 9/11/10 @8:37PM
Congrats to all of these goalies for this accomplishment. And really, who cares where who is from and what geographical area produces more lacrosse players. The point is, we all take part in a kick ass sport with a long tradition that brings us together. Now ill say ahead of time that there are certain places where lacrosse is much more popular than others. (Wyoming being one. A guy asked me if we caught butterflies with them things when our team traveled there once). Quit beating eachother up over stupid sh!t alright. We all love this game and are passionate about it. who gives a rats a$$ where your from.
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Eric Sanschagrin?
    by (#222388) on 9/11/10 @10:16PM
How about Eric Sanschagrin from La Costa Canyon out West. He's a 2010 All-American as a Junior and is now committed to Princeton. On top of that, he helped captain arguably the top team in West to a 23-0 record. What more do you want from a kid?
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      Stupid Response by 9/13/10 @10:27PM
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    by (#233366) on 9/12/10 @10:28PM
just fyi....the picture of Chris Selva is not Chris Selva..just throwin that out there
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    by (#242764) on 9/12/10 @11:24PM
im sure all of these goalies are good... but i think its a questionable idea to recruit like towards the west like all there programs are newer... i think for now the east coast is the better side because theres better players over here just because of how lacrosse has been played longer than over there but its there choices
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    by (#252624) on 9/13/10 @10:13AM
^^ Horrid grammar.
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    by (#255527) on 9/13/10 @1:32PM
since when did new england become on par with new york, maryland or even pennsylvania?
you guys out of beantown oughta take some of your own advice.
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    by (#252624) on 9/14/10 @9:31PM
Quite the contrary Ravens. I have never once spoken that I am better than these people I was merely comparing regions not personal ability.

Additionally, I never once commented on Chris Selva's ability I merely commented on that he looks like a square.

Good try coming after me like that, but I am simply stating generalizations, and nothing about myself personally or my ability.
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   (no subject) by 9/20/10 @1:35AM