Orange Crush Wahoos, 13-7

Orange Crush Wahoos, 13-7

Orange Crush Wahoos, 13-7

Orange Crush Wahoos, 13-7

It was the battle we expected last year in the NCAA Finals, but we had to wait almost a year to see Virginia and Syracuse meet up again. What a difference a year makes. Virginia wound up wilting much the way Princeton did in last years final as the much anticipated game turned out to be a blowout. In another battle between touted freshmen, Virginia goalie Tilman Johnson and Syracuse attacker Mike Powell, the results were much the same. Powell looked like a cagey veteran and Johnson was shakey at times. Virginia's Conor Gill re-established himself as the premier feeder in the game, only he lacks the finishers around him that graduated last year. Bottom line, Cuse's offense is downright nasty and it's going to take a bigtime defensive effort to slow them down.

10,496 people showed up in anticipation of one of the best games of the year. Instead they got to see an offensive juggernaut in the making. Leading the way for Syracuse in goals was the "stealth bomber", Mike Springer, but leading the way on the field was the latest of the Powell brothers. This frshmen is so quick that defenders rarely throw checks at him because they are so busy trying to keep their feet. The youngster also clearly has no fear as he took the ball to the cage time and time again even after being stripped a couple of times. Syracuse has so many weapons on offense that they might be a better team then they were last year. Kinda' scary. On the other side of the field, Virginia's Conor Gill was setting guys up all day, but asside from Rotelli there wasn't much finishing going on. Hanley Halcomb seemed to be the biggest threat for the Cavaliers at the midfield, but his refusal to take the stick out of his strong left hand makes him easy to defend.
,br> Timan Johnson was OK in goal for the Wahoos, but Mulligan out-played him for Syracuse making more big saves, not that it was entirely necessary.

Due to an incredibly poor parking system, I arrived late in the first quarter, but in time to see Mike Powell split dodge a defender leaving him still. Powell stepped inside towards the middle and blew one past Tillman Johnson through the legs. That made the score 2-1 in favor of Virginia. That would be the last time Virginia led as star attackmen Conor Gill was slapped with a 3 minute penalty for an illegal stick between quarters.

Special teams would turn out to be the difference all day as the Orangemen continually punished the Cavaliers for taking penalties. On the flip side, Virginia failed to do the same as Syracuse had their share of time in the box. During the three minute penalty, Syracuse was able to tally three goals. The first shot was from Josh Coffman who ripped an overhand shot from the upper righthanded crank position. It was from far out but the bounce landed in the upper right hand corner for a 2-2 tie. Brian Nee put the next one in when he was all alone to Johnson's left. The no angle shot went right by the young goalie's ear. Finally, Spencer Wright got his first of three with a shot that would make the "stealth bomber", Mike Springer happy. It was from just inside the restraining box from dead center, but with enough velocity to score low, 4-2. Syracuse would never look back. Actually, Virginia made it 4-3 on one of their few extra-man converts. Chris Rotelli cranked a right handed shot from about 12 yards out to Mulligan's (Syracuse goalie) right. It was perfect placement waist high off the far pipe. Not many goalies will get to that. Shortly after Virginia was man-up again, but Mulligan put an end to that by snagging Hanley Halcomb's lefty crank from outside. After a failed clear by Syracuse, Tillman Johnson wound up with the ball at his restraining line and allowed Liam Banks to get the jump on him. Banks got the upper hand, but the ref's called a completely bogus call on Banks to bail Johnson out. At this point it looked like the officials were trying to make up for Gill's three minute stick foul. No problem for the Orangemen. They scored man-down when Dan Stessen picked of a feed to the crease and ran the length of the field before beating Johnson for the 5-3 lead. The next two good plays were defensive. First, Mike Powell had a sweet over the head check to take the ball away. Then, the post picked off a shot from Virginia's Chris Rotelli. With 57 seconds left in the quarter Cuse's MikeSpringer got the ball from Josh Coffman in front of the crease. His angle was dwindling so he put it behind his back and behind Johnson, 6-3.

Virginia ended the half man-up and started with possession, but again Mulligan was sharp in turning away any opportunities. Mike Springer got the next two, which would be all Syracuse needed as they went up 8-3. Brian Nee netted another man-up goal for Cuse to make it 9-3. Rotelli got another goal for Virginia before the quarter ended when Gill hit him in traffic and he got a quick shot off, 9-4. Before the quarter was over Banks and Johnson met up again, but this time he deserved the box as he ran him over from behind.

#22 Mike Powell started the scoring and the penalties on the same play in the fourth. First he worked his man from behind and scored a goal, but his ensuing celebration was too much for the refs. They gave him a minute for excessive celebration. Perhaps Michael saw too much of his brothers in the MLL over the summer. The game wound down with many penalties resulting in a 4 on 4 at one point, but the game was all but over anyway.

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What is that?
    by (#764) on 3/03/01 @6:53PM
What kind of pocket does that Syracuse guy in the first picture have? That looks like mesh, but with super huge holes and they are triangular.
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the mesh
    by (#7844) on 3/03/01 @9:08PM
i heard thats its a new kind of mesh made by brine. it has big diamonds. it suppose to act like traditional but be durable and maintainble like hard mesh. thats all i heard.
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that pocket
    by (#5482) on 3/03/01 @10:02PM
if anyone knows where to get that or how to doit e-mail me at
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that pocket
    by (#7128) on 3/05/01 @1:19PM
sweeny your an amature. also, what does impuddin mean? Some sort of sexual reference?
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spelling is so important
    by (#5482) on 3/05/01 @1:52PM
It's Sweeney.
Reeves Craig and John Summers of SMH in Texas are terrible.
Ask Reeves if you can borrow some weight John, he has got plenty
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Nice Fantasy Team
    by (#5482) on 3/05/01 @1:53PM
You two are braindead.
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that is a mix
    by (#7643) on 3/03/01 @9:18PM
it is a mix of traditional and mesh and it is ugly
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I've tried it
    by (#5971) on 3/03/01 @11:58PM
I tried the pocket. Casey Powell came to an open-gym night in my town. He brought a stick strung like that. He said that it was a new mesh that warrior was developing. It didnt throw well at all though because he said that the mesh was double-coated which made it extra hard and so the pocket was tiny. It's cool though.
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Monster Mesh
    by (#7379) on 3/05/01 @5:23PM
Check it out! It is just a wide hard mesh. Brine is calling it Monster Mesh. I believe the picture shows Liam Banks playing with it. Seems pretty freakin nice
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picture 1 stick stringing
    by (#4058) on 3/03/01 @7:17PM
Actually, it kinda looks like a really stretched out mesh.. unless it's some funky pocket the guy is trying out, but I doubt it. Seems like just a corner pocket, but it's been stretched a ton.
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    by (#6248) on 3/04/01 @1:23PM
I was at the same open-gym thing as ketelax22. It's not like stretched out or anything, its just a new mesh.
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Whats up with the sticks?
    by (#770) on 3/04/01 @3:27PM
First Gill gets a 3 minute penalty for what I would assume was stick length, and then today Maryland got the same penalty. Don't coaches stress this anyore, or is it all about breakin' the rules? If I were Edell or Starsia, I'd be bullsh#t if one of my players earned a 3 minute for trying to sneak one by. It's too costly if you get caught...! And, personally, I think its selfish because it may help you, but it definitely hurts your team. Thoughts?
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    by (#764) on 3/04/01 @6:17PM
You're right. If someone knows their stick is illegal, that's very selfish. You're right, it's harming the team and hurting the chances of winning in order to help yourself. But, sometimes players don't realize their sticks are illegal. A knot might come loose during the game and put the stick just over the edge. In that case, it isn't really their fault, but they should make their knots tighter. However, that's why you always check your equipment before the game.
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Stick check...
    by (#770) on 3/04/01 @8:11PM
I'm pretty sure the rule for a 3 minute is that you either bake/pinch the head (alter the construction) or have a stick that is shorter than the minimum. Either one is a conscious choice. I totally agree that a deep pocket is not always in your control, particularly on wet days, and I think thats why it is a one minute penalty. Whats your experience with coaches and punishment? Make the player run? Make the player watch as the team runs? Different philosophies for the same kind of situation...
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(no subject)
    by (#1635) on 3/05/01 @6:13PM
G town has to run a mile per minute of penalty. Hasn't happened too often.
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    by (#8110) on 3/05/01 @11:38PM
i know uva got their butts kicked but they are a very young team and i think they will be markedly better by the end of the season as long as gill has someone to pass the ball to. oh yeah i saw the princton hopkins game this week and was impressed by the second half of play which ended up being 4-4 (princeton won 8-4). hopkins BADLY needs a feeder as doneger and benson can score, and i dont know if mcdermott is ready or big enough to fill denihans large shoes on attack.
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    by (#764) on 3/06/01 @9:35AM
Yea, Petro probably gave the team a good "pep talk"! Anyway, you're right, the second half was a lot different than the first. You're also right that JHU needs a feeder. You can't stick a rookie in there to be the QB of the offense, although it worked for UVa a couple years ago with one special frosh... I'm sure that when May rolls around we'll see that McDermott has adapted and he'll be doing fine. What shocked me was that Hopkins couldn't score on 6 on 6 offense. They need a good middie threat like AJ was. A middie threat would draw the defense out and allow for the attack to have more room to work. I don't think Conor is that good of a mid. He's not fast enough. And Rob being out certainly doesn't help the Hop either.
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Mel Blankley
    by (#5479) on 3/07/01 @11:39AM
Did Mel Blankley get any run? I heard he was in Desko's dog house.
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    by (#271) on 3/07/01 @12:05PM
What happend to liam banks?
why was he shut out??
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liam Banks
    by (#4516) on 3/08/01 @2:52PM
It's because of that stupid little fairy dance he does after he scores. Pretty good player, lousy dancer!
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